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Hello. Welcome to Ashley Jones' imageboard. 

Who is Ashley Jones? She is a globally recognized, world renowned, no longer underage, female comedienne, technology enthusiast, free software advocate. She made her debut in 2014 after upsetting 2+ million purple people on WorldStarHipHop.

Watch my videos: https://videos.icum.to
Go to my website: https://icum.to

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What are you stupid bitches doing, and how many of you are fucking Jewish? Shut the fuck up, I don't want to hear anything you've got to say.

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I'm surprised too, there's actual porn displayed on her computer in the Let's Play Club Penguin video and foreskin balloons in the Mordecai infomercial. BTW, does anyone have the Patriotic Crisis Line livestream? It's muted on YouTube and it's the only livestream I haven't watched yet :(
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I have no interest in monetary gain. I do this purely because it's fun. The internet should be reserved for a place of leisure, monetary interest has ruined the internet. Even if I wanted revenue from those videos, it would be scraps. I wouldn't ever put my information into Google's services in exchange for money, either. 

>inb4 Monero
I accept Monero as a way to pay for my servers, none of this has been even close to profitable. If I wanted my website to be a job, I would approach things drastically different. This is purely just for fun.

I have that stream with the sound. I'm making an archive of all my old videos, streams, pictures, etc. It's almost done, it will be a torrent. I have been a little lazy on finishing it, I'll aim to get it done by next month.
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>I'm making an archive of all my old videos, streams, pictures, etc
Nice! I'm going to print out every photo and pin them to my wall similar to what Robin Williams did in the movie One Hour Photo.
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You should sort the pictures so when youre far away the pictures form one huge picture
True fans already did this.10 years ago.

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post them
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similar boob shape too
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Bros, I'm not a virgin or anything believe it or not, but I've never porked out a girl with truly BIG tits. I'm talking straight up GAZONGAS.

What is it like to tittyfuck a milk truck like this? Is it as soft and amazing as it looks, or is it more the visual appeal? What am I missing out on by exclusively sleeping with bony waifs like Ashley? Any stories or generally thoughts about big fat milky titties wrapped around your wiener?
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God damn she could start an earthquake with those things. Is this how a chocolate milkshake is made?
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I worked a little magic on this clip.
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Jesus christ it looks like she's feeding an exotic animal

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Forgive me tubbies, for I have sinned...

Well, what did you do? Confess.
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As a black person, I think this is hilarious.
Well... yes.
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and then they flip the fuck out? Hilarious.
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special message for you
I forgot today was Mother's Day.

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This is a technology thread for all you nerdy niggas out there. Windows users and phone users are not allowed, you niggas post in the gay thread >>10719
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AI bros and privacy bros, thoughts on the "Fawkes" tool?

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Thank you for using invidious. This is the first time I've heard of that tool so take this with a grain of salt, but my immediate impressions are:

- don't upload images of yourself to the internet to begin with if you're concerned about people reverse image searching them
- don't allow people you don't know and trust to take photographs of you
- this tool does nothing to prevent currently existing tools like pimeyes from "indexing" your likeness, it's only for (theoretical) "future proofing"
- see https://sandlab.cs.uchicago.edu/fawkes/#limits
- If you've uploaded images/videos of yourself to the internet, your biometrics have already been scraped, period
- Never trust an experimental tool like this to protect your privacy. Remember the pedo they busted years ago who was using the photoshop "swirl" effect to obscure his face in abuse imagery? The swirl effect was reversed by law enforcement.
- His wikipedia page explains it, and also has a hilarious "known for" section https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christopher_Paul_Neil
- Obviously it's good this cunt got arrested but there's a valuable lesson in the story

So yeah, don't rely on this tool to prot
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this guy fawkes
The fact that it took years for the autorities to just put his pic on photoshop or something and undo the swirl effect and identify him..
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If they don't draw things out for years, then how else are they going to waste hundreds of thousands of tax payer dollars?

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Post music. Bonus points for PMVs (ノ•‿•)ノ♬
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Yeah, steph, you must had fun getting into prostitution too.
The intro was Hey Joe by Jimi Hendrix but at like 25% speed because Im shit.

Unrelated, but we are going to go all the waaaaaaaaaaaay back baby! to 1971 from the album Maggot Brain, here is Super Stupid by the Funkadelic's and youre listening to 109.5 tubgurl FM

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Oh yeah
I heard the movie version first
Kek, it reminded me of a sketch where Key and Peele were singing funk 

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ITT post funny pictures, webms, stories, or anything funny.
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Dating Ashley be like:
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My creation. I call him Mr. Applebee.
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Me calling Ashley be like:
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If Ashley was in the Mafia her name would’ve been Ashley “half-cock” Jones
Spoiler File
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Post Ashley look alikes
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based ashley
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Not anymore. :p
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Ashley on testosterone

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Here lies posts or threads that deserve to be moved into the void. It's a dark, black (or brown... sometimes even pink), stinky abyss. This thread is for posts unworthy of any other location.
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>she may also fuck dogs and horses, but Im not sure

How do they think Bandit 2 and Bandit 3 were made?
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My own Kiwifarms thread - they just can't keep their hands off of mocking us trans sisters. Guys, nobody tell them about the estrogen pills I was mailing you. 

The OP is pretty decent, but I'll help clarify some things for the OP or anyone new here:

<Origin Story
>According to herself, she "made her debut in 2014 after upsetting 2+ million purple people on WorldStarHipHop," something I cannot verify.
This actually did happen. After I was posted to /pol/ in 2014, one of my videos where I talk about wanting to be black because they're more privileged was posted to WSHH. It got a large amount of views in the span of a day. It was also posted to Facebook (technically this is where it got 2 million views), but originally was posted to WSHH, then Facebook. The WSHH page has since been deleted, but you can still find the comments.

This resulted in a number of channels reacting to me. Including Tyrone Magnus, Amazing Athiest, and a Youtube channel called "Phils Crib Advise Show". I have these archived and plan on having a torrent comprised of all my old videos, including these reaction videos.

>Original /pol/ thread https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/37935560/
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I have a few char and we came while laughing at you
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Holy shit Ashley you are so autistic and I love you for it.

Someone needs to get this important message to the investigative journalists over at Kiwi Farms immediately.

Hurry, before any more indians clog up the internet. Like 5 more of them got here in the time it took you to read this.
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Only real females can post in this thread!
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Omg yass pls i have all the (first 3) albums yass
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Hello from thailand !!
Im a girl and ive only had sex with other girls. am i a virgin?
Replies: >>16770
Yes Ashley
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