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Hello. Welcome to Ashley Jones' imageboard. 

Who is Ashley Jones? She is a globally recognized, world renowned, no longer underage, female comedienne, technology enthusiast, free software advocate. She made her debut in 2014 after upsetting 2+ million purple people on WorldStarHipHop.

Watch my videos: https://videos.icum.to
Go to my website: https://icum.to

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Rose and Ashley go together like peanut butter and jelly
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does rose have a website?
Replies: >>27394
Or are you talking about her job's website?
Replies: >>27398
i thought she was cool like ashley :(
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>her job's website?
gee guys I don't understand why Rose left
Replies: >>27403
job's website? i dont know rose at all
that was what i was asking about


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This board is very interesting to me.

Filth, degeneracy and completely unfiltered thoughts rallied around a 20-something internet mind-poisoned zillennial.

How did you find this place? What keeps you here? And what do you do in your day to day? Are you all NEETs? Do you have day jobs? Careers? Anything resembling normalcy? How connected or disconnected are you from "society"?

I am deeply curious, and after having to scroll through the entirety of this board to find the most relevant thread to post this due to new thread creation being locked, I am even more keenly aware of the inane nature of this place.

Please reply to this thread with your answers, thank you.
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Meet you match. The Ash gives no quarter
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>>24985 (OP) 
> How did you find this place?
> What keeps you here?
quality material, looks like the only sane place on the internet, genuinely entertaining videos, no ads, sincere, sane and non-toxic opinions of Ashley
> And what do you do in your day to day?
programming, reading, masturbating, trying to learn new things
> Are you all NEETs? Do you have day jobs? Careers? Anything resembling normalcy? How connected or disconnected are you from "society"?
starting to live inawoods, degree in compsci but not working in IT else I'd have to KYS myself, I do jobs like cleaning toilets and distributing leaflets but currently on "sick leave" so I can program more, scared of people so I'm a wizard
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Based, same. So many of our fellow tubsisters have fallen prey to the nofap psyop.
Replies: >>27402
Nofap allplap

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They're making new distractions every day. Left wing, right wing, sex swing. It's all gay.

Post news stories, happenings, current events, and whatever else the reptiles are getting up to.
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She reminds me a bit of of an older looking Ashley. Its probably just the hair though 

oh and her being a pedofile
Do people like her face? I wouldn't not whip and spank her until she was a puddle of tears but she isn't that special looking
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After surviving an assassination attempt, I think Trump is going to be the only male US presidential candidate in history to face-off not one but TWO female US presidential candidates in SEPARATE elections.

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Discussions of movies and TV shows shall be posted here. Anyone hosting streams can share their link here also.
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I used to occasionally post bonbi updates and leaks on this board but it just got too depressing. I find myself curious now though, if you're up to date, can you recap how he's been doing in 2024 so far? Pics would also be appreciated.
Replies: >>27384
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same old, same old. 
Still got cat shit on her carpet but looks like she may have some new cutting scars on her arms atleast
Replies: >>27385 >>27391
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Her tits used to be so small and perky. I don't get it bros. At what point will she stop? Even if she's raking in 20k a month, what does that possibly buy her? South Park toys to fill the void? A new cat to compensate for her lack of friends? You know she hates doing this and she hates her life. She could have taken a completely different path, saved her dignity, and probably have a decent husband and lots of fans who respect her. Instead she has dwindled into obscurity and even the most dedicated fans have dropped her. Was it worth it? All for your South Park toys and your cat shit litter box you call a house?
Replies: >>27388
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>Even if she's raking in 20k a month, what does that possibly buy her?
more food, thats what! 
need to get them milkers even bigger, thicker mmmmm yes
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hollllyyyyy shittttt. Tbh I think chubby girls are cute, I'm into that shit. But she's well into "gross bbw" territory now. What an absolute shame. Imagine having the world in the palm of your hand and fucking up so badly that by just 22 years old you're an obese, unhygienic cat lady selling pictures of your rapidly sagging tits for $8/month. Absolutely depressing, tubsisters.

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video games and stuff yeah yeah

DOOM 64 is underrated gem play plz

Also Super Mario Bros. 3 is goot

feel free to GIMP tanooki mario into something super wholesome and not disgusting at all.
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This is a good game and I like it.
Replies: >>27355
I have that game on steam
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This game will be remembered as one of the great works of our epoch. 
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Shortly after I made this post, I discovered an HD texture mod with add-ons from the game's beta version (gun skins, sound effects, bodies don't disappear, etc.) and now everything looks 10x better.


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Let's play some tunes.
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It was for Ashley but I thought you'd like that, Seabee. I've never heard this version of the song before but apparently, it's the original. I've only ever heard the version in the movie. The song lyrics remind me of Ashley. I had the urge to watch Casablanca earlier for some odd reason. Maybe it's because I recently invaded Morocco with das Afrika Korps in a game I'm playing. Men used to speak to one another with conviction. They seemed to be more sentimental back then. I mean just read old letters sent home during wartime. I think this all began to change when they started school integration. It suddenly wasn't cool to speak from the heart because kpop fans in the back of the classroom might start calling you gay. Is that what happened? Tell us, old man.

 I looked up Dr. Hook because I remember my dad mentioning them. I know their song Sylvia's Mother because Bon Jovi did a cover of it.

Bored Owner, I have a suggestion. Add a 🤘 (devil horns) flag but make it the 🤟 (i love you) gesture in sign language and call it "dude_thats_metal"
Replies: >>27370
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I posted a story on this board some time ago. It was a takeoff on Casablanca where I played Rick and Ashley was Ilsa. And yea, you're right, true sentimentality and romance is just about dead in this day and age. And just for the record, I'm not an old man although I do have a tendency to gravitate towards times when things were simpler but I guess to each his/her own.
Thanks for the the Casablanca movie site, I'll enjoy watching it again.

The song that reminds me of Ashley is Marty Robbins "El Paso"  and his love for a young Mexican girl named Feleena. 

Well, I guess we reminisced enough for now, heh, heh.
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>>25511 (OP) 
I just made this, not sure why.  Enjoy!
Replies: >>27373
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M.C. Hammer always cracked me up with los pantolones he always wore. Can't touch this, yea I don't think I'd want to, heh,heh.
really nice anon! got my head a boppin a lil bit
and my knob a throbbin to

>I do have a tendency to gravitate towards times when things were simpler

like when there were no blacks? me too, amen brother!

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Post your custom banners and I will upload them (if they are good enough) to this board. They must be this size: 466 width x 190 height
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the anon's chair picture is funny but it might make it hard to read so here's a blacked version
Replies: >>24189
Wow, thank you for immortalizing my post, I meant every word I said.
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VHS tape banner. I can redo the text if anyone has any better suggestions.

I also thought of doing a bigger version, with a stack of 4 or 5 VHS tapes with each label having a name of a video of she made.

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Replies: >>27382
10/10 needs to be a banner or else

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It's time you fags learned how to dress.
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I like to sit in my car and jack off to the kids at my local park, I can say with confidence that this style of footwear is pretty popular with 7-10 year olds
These shoes are every shade of autistic.
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rate my moms outfit
Replies: >>26731
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>ywn be a young hotshot Wall St. banker during the 1980s.

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Your post is unworthy of going in any other thread. Thus, it is now going into Derrick's tiny little mouth, where he will run his soft tongue over it before chewing it up and swallowing it. Your post will land in his dark, warm little tummy, before being extracted of its nutrients and turned into waste. Derrick will then shit out your post from his brown little butthole. This thread is where it lands.

This thread is for posts unworthy of any other location.
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this is the most homosexual futanari porn scene Ive ever scene, and I've seen a lot!

if your going to do Futa, ya best futa do it right and get some subway sized slongs on them sluts
That was my favorite Ashley video. Too bad no one still has it.
cry dyke die. CRY DYKE CRY. you're going to the breeding chamber. you're going to the stockade. the #Trump2020 reich will breed ALL DYKES. Trump is führer, Trump is GOD.

I breed dykes sieg heil the #Trump2020 reich.

Do you breed dykes sieg heil the #Trump2020 reich in your country?

If you're reading this, I closed the tab as soon as I made this thread. If you reply to this post, I will never see it. Stay mad.
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Replies: >>27375
What a strange looking doorknob

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