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Hello. Welcome to Ashley Jones' imageboard. 

Who is Ashley Jones? She is a globally recognized, world renowned, no longer underage, female comedienne, technology enthusiast, free software advocate. She made her debut in 2014 after upsetting 2+ million purple people on WorldStarHipHop.

Watch my videos: https://videos.icum.to
Go to my website: https://icum.to

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Pour yourself a cold drink, sit in front of a fan, and relax. It's summertime. Discuss what you're doing this time of year, what you like, what you loathe, etc.
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Only 3 times? I gotta do at least 9-10 times
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You're gonna get a bloody asshole🩸+💩
thats because ozempic you fat fuck
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thats so nasty, just wash your ass after you shit
because of what?

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Hey guys, let's have a Cytube get together this Tuesday night. I have a new video I put a lot of effort into, it's pretty funny (to me at least), so I think it'd be fun to watch it all together before I put it on my site. Before my new video we'll watch some random Youtube videos together for about 2 hours.

Post links to videos you'd like to watch together. Try to keep them shorter-ish (roughly 15 minutes and under if possible), just so we have a nice variety. I'll pick which ones are of interest.

TIME MY NEW VIDEO WILL SHOW ON CYTUBE: 6pm Pacific | 7pm Mountain | 8pm Central | 9pm Eastern | I'm not a clock so if you're from some third world country like Britain or Hogwarts, figure it out :3

The above time is when my new video will play. Arrive 2 hours early if you want to watch the Youtube videos and chat with me and other anons. Cytube link: https://cytu.be/r/ashleyjones
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Sounds fun ash, I'll go
>You can join me in watching a Tubi TV movie called "The Lost Sex Tape".
tfw you'll never be a cool young black guy making shitty Tubi movies with your friends for pocket change and opportunities to get laid
omahgosh yaayy i’ll totes be there! See y’all tuesday!!!
Would you also appear on the Ashley Tracker during the whole session?
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Ohhh~~~ i missing u gaiz so mach! ME, Tahiti, za Tsubgurru dotto .COM #1 namefaggotó is bakku!

I wirru be there foru this speciaru evento!!! BAZAI!!!

Collect memories, not possessions.
Who You?: I am Tahiti. I rove vacation! 🗿🍹
<Ristening to: 凛として時雨 『Who What Who What(full ver.)』
<Rink: https://vid.puffyan.us/watch?v=V14W9d2sMTE 🎵🕺
>Location: Bimini, Bahamas 🌏✈️
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Hey Ashley, what happened to your left eye?

I'm kind of a newb to image boards.
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*knocks on door* hi I'd like to talk to you about not jacking off.
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Hey Ashley,

i've just watched your introductional-video and have a question:
Do you really, actually think that, apart from maybe like 5 ppl, care about you looking, like, young?

Cause that's definitelly not what made me come back again those past years.
Quite the actual opposite.

But i guess that's also what makes you so fascinating: You idulge into those topics with the same (mature) honesty that you just live your life with.

P.S.: Now that i think about it, this is probably also why you attract so meny weirdoes - you give them security in their vice. Normalizing/excusing it for them.
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>>6436 (OP) 
>Hey Ashley, what happened to your left eye?

she is just using her lazy eye to keep one eye on the cue card and the other on the camera.
genius really
Hello again Ashley,

could you please delete this?
i did not mean to insult anyone.

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Ashley isn't the world's best cook. And that's exactly why she's the world's best cooking teacher.

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those studies were all funded by BIG HAIRY and are biased and cant be trusted
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Life is all about priorities. I may not know how to clean, cook, drive, or swim, but I did just repair this broken 1996 VHS-C tape that has a 10 year old girl's slumber party on it. What have you accomplished today? Drive to the gay meat 'n greet, then swam naked with the gays before cooking them dinner and cleaning up after them? Sounds gay. I'll be watching my priceless vintage relic. I might be hungry and immobile, but at least I'm dry, which is more than I can say for you (the gays camed on you).
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You wont be dry after watching that tape ;)
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heh, heh
Aren't you a guy though? Are you saying that if she could do those things, you would want to be her?

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Only real females can post in this thread!
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>I'm sure he wouldn't mind you calling her.
Ashley helped me through some of my darkest times. Remember that post in some other thread about the guy that shoved methamphetamine up his asshole and masturbated for three days straight? Yeah, that was me. I mean, the post wasn't me, but I was definitely that guy, except not him, but myself. What I'm saying is that I buttchugged meth regularly but Ashley saved me. I was able to be successful with my rock band only because of her. So, no, I certainly wouldn't mind if she used the phone. As long as the callers don't mind hearing me practice my songs sometimes in the background. So if you call my wife and hear me grunting something like, DUBBUMMPA DABUMMBA BA IMAH GO!!!! DADDY!!!! it's all fine, you can just ignore it and go about your conversation. Unless I need Ash to iron my kilts, in which case you might have to cut things off a little short (like my kilts). I like a nicely fresh-pressed kilt. Have you ever seen a guy in a wrinkly kilt before? Well, you would have, if you had known me when I smoked meth, which as we've established I no longer do.

t. Jon
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you cried during the recording of 'Daddy' and again when you performed it live 20 years later lmao
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>you cried during
You're about to cry now
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To clarify in case my wife reads this, I am not implying that you will cry from pleasure due fisting (from my fist). I am implying I will punch you (your face) and thus you will cry. I have to make this clear because there have been misunderstandings about my sexuality. I am not gay. I only shove rock hard crystal meth up my ass, not cock. I mean maybe unless the cock had meth on it and it was the only way to get the meth up my ass, but that's different. Also I put my name in the subject field in my previous post because my name is a subject of discussion for millions of fans, you might recognize the band Korn. I am in the rock band Korn. I shove meth up my Kornhole.
Call Ashley, you must.

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Post music. Bonus points for PMVs (ノ•‿•)ノ♬
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Retard, he's calling you a zoomer since you used the phrase "watch jpop" instead of "listening". Now reread >>24919 again.
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>I liked a lot of jpop because it was different and had cute girls. 
Guys he watches the cute girls, no one listens to cute jav girls for their singing abillities
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https://youtu.be/WcZWSfKJ--8 lol found your boyfriend, Ashley.
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Discuss food, post your meals, recipes, coupons, etc.
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We're finally getting a Jack in the box where I live so I can't wait to see what's in those burritos. Maybe I can synthesize it and inject it directly into Ashley like heroin to make her addicted to me instead of just being a dick to me.
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This was a tasty sandwich.
Replies: >>25342
What's that sauce on the bread? Can't tell if it's some sort of butter but whatever it is, it looks good on that toasted bread.
Replies: >>25348 >>25353
Grainy mustard mixed with mayo.
Cum mixed with cum

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ITT post funny pictures, webms, stories, or anything funny.
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LOL !!
We're all retarded:
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dang ol ninja turtle, man talkin bout a cow bunghole, man
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Brilliant. This is the comic that made the Far Side The Far Side that we love.
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About the Ashley tracker: https://icum.to/about-the-ashley-tracker/
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That's retarded. Just take a screenshot with your phone.
You are right. I initially wanted it to be something multiple tubbies could just leave running 24/7, to make sure we really not miss anything, but could not even figure out how to not constantly reconnect. I also just realized >>25234 has even more mistakes and would only download every 20th image or so, if the whole if-condition was not completely wrong either, because I confused minutes with seconds for a moment.. This was all so useless, KEK.
Replies: >>25329
>You are right.
This is the first time anyone has ever said this on tubgurl.com. What an absolutely historical moment. God bless.
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>open in MS Paint
>crop image
Replies: >>25339
>copy image
>open in MS Paint

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