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Im on vacation. So i spend a lot of time under the sun Doing fun stuff.
Sorry ash but thats the eBay it is.
True, but it's not necessarily always that. The so called "powers that be" also need a constant cycle of "distractions" done via news stories, internet celebrity drama, Hollywood celebrity drama, etc. Anything to keep your mind occupied with meaningless and ultimately net-negative distractions. These stories will have no impact on people's futures, it's not like it gives you any useful long term knowledge or impacts you positively. Distractions keep the cattle busy and stops them from naval gazing about more important matters, such as the nature of reality.
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alternatively its just the 24hr news cycle thats designed to grab your attention with sensationalist headlines, clickbait, etc etc all designed to grab eyes so they can sell ad space.
>>9575 (OP) 
Body parts belonging to the Titan submersible crew are Presumed to have been found.


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I think Ashley is the embodiment of Plebchan, the mascot for Plebbit.

Let me shill Plebbit a moment. I think Ashley might like it. Plebbit is a Free Software replacement for Reddit. It is a distributed platform aiming to support Free Speech and make Reddit the way it should have been.

Plebbit uses some cool tech:  
IPFS (Inter Planetary File System) https://ipfs.io

ENS (Ethereum Name System)  
The Plebbit protocol is about completed and Plebbit itself already has some clients (one that looks like Reddit, another like 4Chan) and a web interface.

It is still beta and hasn't yet officially launched, but you can try the Subs there. (Make sure the green light is on for the Sub you want to use.)

If anybody has questions, I would be happy to try and answer them, or better still, ask Esteban on Telegram.
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Heh I'll admit I sometimes don't bother talking about technology, FOSS, privacy, etc. because I think most people have "yeah buts" or get weirdly aggressive if you mention how proprietary software, services, etc. are harmful for the consumers. It can be tiresome to talk about when you're just trying to have a conversation, most people don't get it. I'm glad that there's more people here who care about FOSS. Never feel ashamed or embarrassed to ask questions, it's how we learn. I might ask for some help with something I'm trying to do, specifically with trying to make a screensaver. I'm a little retarded but maybe we can learn together, do a project together or something.
Very cool to have different GUIs to pick from, comparing the two, I'm far more drawn to the imageboard style, for some reason conversation seems to flow better on it. But I think having the Reddit layout is beneficial for Plebbit, the IB style might bleed too much into the million dead IBs we have already on the internet.

>"lemmy has instances that block each other, it's even more censorious than reddit, it's not an alternative. also blocking is literally the only way to stop malicious instances. on plebbit each community sets the own challenges to prevent spam, there's no need to block entire instances."
When it comes to federation, this is a "problem" on any service. I actually don't think this is necessarily a bad thing. One is still able to access an instance, it is not completely wiped from the internet. I notice some instances on things like Mastodon or Pleroma are rampant with "nigger nigger nigger xDDD" and discussing 6 year old's vaginas in great detail; so if you're running a mild instance, it doesn't seem too far out of line to block an instance that doesn't align with your audience. As I said, the instance is still able to be found, whereas on a centralized platform, you're completely banished. I don't think it's fair to say that Lemmy censors more than Reddit, it's dependent on who'
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>>9816 (OP) 
>water weight
wtf is this thread
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pure unfiltered autism, just like all the other threads

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raiding ashley jones even though she is a shining glistening gemerald thoughbeit
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How much you Pay for both sites?
Replies: >>9722
>How much you Pay for both sites?
define "Pay"...
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give something in exchange for something.
a thing, money or a service, etc.
Server owners are greedy harpies. so you must pay them in some monetary unit, right?
Replies: >>9733
This >>9722 wasn't me, but it's around $50-$60 per month. The price can vary if I need to buy other things for videos, but just the virtual stuff is at around $50+ a month. 

I had to buy a bunch of specific converters for my 7 different monitors I need to use for the live show. All my equipment for the show (camcorder, analog editing devices, VCRs) use RCA cables, and I need converters to convert RCA to VGA to use on my monitors. I have two small TVs I've found, which obviously have RCA input, but it's hard to find those, so I'm just using monitors. This wasn't cheap, and perhaps that's why not so many people do things the way I do them. It's taxing in terms of learning and money. For most it's easier to use a monetarily free service but get F'd in the A by Google or Facebook/Meta. Making my videos and having my website gives me an excuse to utilize the things I'm interested in.
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>ashley has spent $600+ just so we can shitpost
thank u mommy

And thanks too for running Free Software like a PeerTube instance. 

You are a great example to womankind.

Also, you really are incredibly cute.
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'A Day In The Life Of A Gook' because it starts off comfy then gradually turns dark and ends with loud music startling the listener. I also deal with these parasites on a daily basis whilst driving which always reminds me of this video.
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I struggle with setting up the 2FA for this website. If only Ashley were here to help me! She would explain it in a kind way. I don't want to use the Qr Code, instead the secret password and use it with bitwarden...
Replies: >>9776
you mean for tubgurl? there's not really any point to making an account because she made it so you can't create new boards. we're stuck with ashleyj and horselovers unless ash allows anyone to make boards. but I hope she doesn't because then we'd just have a bunch of dead spammy boards
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It's too difficult for me to choose a favorite. I chose the original Barry and Linda made back in 3/23/15 not as a favorite but as her breakout video because of the camera cuts and videography work. It portends to the professional videography work presently being done by her. I remember telling her back in 2015 that the vid was very professionally done as far as camera cuts, videography etc. The vid resembles her present stuff so I guess you can say that she was ahead of her time back in the day.

OK, Ash and Ashlings have an enjoyable Independence Day and stay safe out there.
From her new ones, this is actually a hard question to answer and thats a testicle i mean testimony to the level of work she is producing,
I love her comedy videos but her more serious videos broach interesting topics to watch as well.
Spooky Searchers is def the most under viewed videos of hers tbh

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There is no P in my OOL.
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>going to a piss pool party and borrowing a "loaner hood"
is there a lower low?
Now that Gay Homo Sex Month is over and done with, can we revert the board back to its original theme? These colours are hurting my eyes whenever I browse this place. kthnxbai
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>These colours are hurting my eyes whenever I browse this place

same, especially when you scroll down fast, it gives me a seizure and i cannot afford another trip to the ER (i live in America where a aspirin from the hospital costs $900)

stop giving me seizures outside of your videos Ashley Jones...

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whos the owner?
i only trust in ashley chan.
Replies: >>9676 >>9677
Ashley is
The owner of this board is Ashton.
No the owner is Chinese_Guy
thats why he has his own flag, forced her to do it.
Ashley chan is de facto better.
Dont trust in those mossad chans.

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hey ashley i know you like pepe but do you like... le wojak??
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The real question is, does she like the black sun??
Replies: >>560
pepsi blue.jpg
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Yes, she loves her black son.

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when is ashley dropping her discord so we can teach her the ways of der Gooner (the aryan spirit lives on through #blacked posters)
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>>9554 (OP) 
>when is ashley dropping her discord
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>they dont know about the secret discord
Replies: >>9564
>newfag thinks this is convincing bait
you are a homo
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>OP is a retard
>OP uses discord
yeah that tracks
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>>9554 (OP) 

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Generations of people have been, and continue to be, inspired by pervasive violence: namely anorectal violence. Many perpetrators of this violence against one or more others especially in public pornography have not faced severe criminal punishment despite both 1) the high likelihood of anorectal injury to a receptive person due to anorectal fragility, and 2) the significance and potential severity (even lethality) of resultant traumatic consequences. What should easily be considered incriminating evidence worldwide not only proliferates unchecked, but also serves as an example to be copied in far too many cases. This situation is both one of the greatest injustices and one of the greatest contributors to societal decadence in the modern era. Facilitating factors include prevalent (willful) ignorance, apathy, and misinformation about anorectal topics, which are enabling people with (self-)destructive tendencies to have a field day with anorectal violence and to spread disinformation quite effectively.
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>No, I reuse the baby wipes to take off my eye liner afterwards. Unrelated, but I keep getting pink eye.

You didn't learn your lesson from your UTI?
>thread derailed
I guess that's what I get for posting on a site named after what was originally a fairly well-known scat image.


Ah well. Shitpost (poop-post) on.
Replies: >>9535 >>9536
Tbh I didn't really get what the thread was about since it was 2,000 words long in images. Something about assholes?

Here I'll help it stay on topic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JF5R0S0Fgrc
>I dont particularly care what clothes you choose to wear
Ive changed my mind, I went to see you wear a  nice summer dress. No more baggy clothes.

all our assholes are clean and well looked after, dont worry 
see >>95635
I couldn't figure out who the last pic was so I reverse image searched it and Google said it's British actor Burn Gorman.

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