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Gather 'round everyone, I made a Cytube channel for us to hang out in, watch movies, shows, and videos.

I know you guys want to do movie night, but I personally cannot host pirated movies (it's the law). That being said, I will stream anything from Youtube or Peetube, including movies or shows that happen to be on there.

Our first get together will be on February 14th. I have a new Valentine's video I'll be streaming on my Cytube at 6pm PST | 7pm GMT | 8pm CST | 9pm EST.

We'll warm up for an hour before the Valentine's video, so come an hour early if you can. During that hour, we can watch whatever, possibly some of my old videos. Maybe some *le sigh* adult movies (not porn but shows like the Honeymooners or something), or Heathcliff. Post videos in this thread as your suggestion, I'll possibly add them into the rotation.

We can work out our first movie in this thread. What day/time works best for you? As a NEET I can do anytime, but I know some of you are wageslaves. I figure the 6pm-9pm range works best for you guys.
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I dont mind what we watch, regardless if its a movie or random videos, it will be fun hanging out and chatting with everyone

oh they have This Is Spinal Tap (1h22m)
https://youtube.com/watch?v=jmA8srScph8 [Embed]

This next one is region locked, so it may not display for some, idk how Cytube works with that.

Videodrome -1983 directed by DAvid Cronenberg 88mins
>As the president of a trashy TV channel, Max Renn is desperate for new programming to attract viewers. When he happens upon “Videodrome,” a TV show dedicated to gratuitous torture and punishment, Max sees a potential hit and broadcasts the show on his channel. However, after his girlfriend auditions for the show and never returns, Max investigates the truth behind Videodrome and discovers that the graphic violence may not be as fake as he thought.

https://youtube.com/watch?v=3tNnmsUVfq8 [Embed]

from the same director as CYBERMUTT (2003)
>When Rex, a good-natured Golden Retriever, is given bionic super powers by an eccentric scientist, he becomes the target of an evil genius determined to
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Oh crap should we be making suggestions for a playlist?
Replies: >>5183
>Post videos in this thread as your suggestion, I'll possibly add them into the rotation.

I believe so
Here's a veritable collection of non-movie random youtube vids for people who said they were more into that idea. I tried to pick videos around 20 minutes or less. The Garfield one is 30ish. Just putting some ideas out there. Enjoy

>Marie Callender's $4 Turkey Meal
https://youtube.com/watch?v=jVJZrpJ9m4c [Embed]

>New episode of wife murderer featuring crazy gaybor
https://youtube.com/watch?v=4bPFnZJgLU4 [Embed]

>Big Bear Bald Eagle Nest Live
https://youtube.com/watch?v=B4-L2nfGcuE [Embed]

https://youtube.com/watch?v=N6yTE-sjhz8 [Embed]

>A Place of Nightmares : Super Creepy Abandoned Children's Asylum
https://youtube.com/watch?v=t76bRgvvIVc [Embed]

>The Universal S
https://youtube.com/watch?v=RQdxHi4_Pvc [
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one of my favourites

https://youtube.com/watch?v=doqFTXrWr4c [Embed]

pugs n kisses.jpg
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Post your Valentines Day cards here! 

Let's make this one special, friends. Remember we're all her valentines this year.

Love you, Ashley
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love that chicken at Popeyes.jpg
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Bawk bawk, chickenhead. What you lookin at? My Valentine this year is that chicken at Popeyes.
https://youtube.com/watch?v=yFEE8BIHV54 [Embed]
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you're my main squeeze.jpg
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Stop drinking NWO juice and start drinking NWA juice. (Natural Water by Ashley (Not to be confused with the hiphop group Niggers With Attitude juice (Nigga juice (cum)))).

This originally showed live on https://cytu.be/r/endcorner before Endchan's monthly movie >>4346.
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I love Dr. Pepper but dear Lord is it awful for you. How can I make my own with this? I know I could buy the syrup, but that's where everything unhealthy is, not the water itself. I guess the 42 tastes or whatever of Dr. Pepper are supposed to be secret but any way to replicate them?
Mix Almond, Amaretto, Black Licorice, Blackberry, Caramel, Carrot, Cherry, Clove, Cola, Ginger, Juniper, Lemon, Molasses, Nutmeg, Orange, Pepper, Plum, Prune, Raspberry, Root Beer, Rum, Tomato, and Vanilla. You’ll be able to to find liquid flavoring for a lot of those.
Replies: >>4998
Thank you. Would you happen to be able to point me to a resource with the amounts of these liquids I would need to add to get a close taste? If not, I'll probably just wing it and write about it on my blog.
Nah I just copied that from the first thing that came when I searched dr pepper ingredients. You’re on your own from there
My mom says I can only drink Pedialyte because my diarrhea is so bad, that I could die...but I haven't died yet.

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>>5000 GET
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this is a lot like me and ashley.webm
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I still reserve the right to ban LB for any reason at any time, I really get off on the power *pulls nipples with joy*.
She loathes me... she loathes me not
Replies: >>5139
holy shit LB has reached its final form
Replies: >>5143
I think it's learning. Shut it down ash before it's too late.

I think I know what happened in the webm. Ash caught him using a proprietary mobile platform.
Replies: >>5144
Nigger faggot splash of pee

1ce58215111eee05f69a3c00f310b260bd6c2d72f50600a34aee8ddff8bb0f0f (1).jpg
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8ch 2.0
new folder (3).jpg
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Likely, another clever attempt by an anon in the Ashley Jones Discord server to doxx you, Ash. I wouldn't join. Be weary of clicking links here and joining websites that someone may have root access to. This was discussed before by some of (((them))). Ain't it funny how you don't see this thread on other endchan boards?

Babylonian space magic.jpg
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Post your sign and vaccination status.

>The Salt Lake County Health Department in Utah ranked the COVID-19 vaccination rates of the different star signs, and found that scorpions — despite having a stinger — don’t like to get pricked.

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it was just a 'rasslin reference

3:16 for Steven Austin

and 619 for Ashley's father, Ray Mysteriano
Replies: >>4401
So you're telling me Ashley and I should settle down in Wichita. What's in Wichita besides a based area code and prefix?
Replies: >>4406
dirt patch.png
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Seems kind of depressing but I'd move there for ash.
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Ahhh Wichita. I spent a week there one night.

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Happy New Year, Ash and Ashlings.
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Happy new year for all, Specially Ashley.
2022 has been nothing but a constant struggle for me. The only good thing to come out of it was Ashley and my kittens.

I had two dreams about Ashley last night.

I woke up in a bed in a dark room and there was someone in the bed with me. So I turn the light on my phone and it was Ashley sleeping next to me. Then I heard a noise. So I try to wake Ashley up but she won't get up. I get out of bed and went towards the bedroom door to open it and I was in this house with an open plan where the kitchen, living room and dining room where all the same room. All the lights were turned on. The TV was on and the dishwasher was running because I could hear it humming. There were Christmas decorations still up and aluminum trays of food and half empty bottles of alcohol and soda on the counter. I felt like someone was in the room with me but I didn't see anyone and began walking down a hallway towards a door left ajar with blue light coming from the room at the end of the hallway. Then a door opens on the left side of the hallway and a light turns off and Ashley walks out and goes into the room with the blue light and shuts the door behind her. It freaked me out because I knew Ashley was in the room with me and I turned around to go back to that room and Ashley was standing there behind me and she said it was only Ashley. And that's when I realized that it wasn't Ashley. It was another Ashley because Ashley's name isn't actually Ashley. The Ashley in the hallway was her daugh
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Happy new year to everyone!
lets hope our lives can get just that lil bit better, not expecting much, but a slight improvement would suffice

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May an individual submit more than one entry over the year for the Cuckies?

gay liota
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>gay liota
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Forgot to post this.
https://youtube.com/watch?v=1ciuvcF6jWY [Embed]
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>play ingdota

asian pagoda
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>girl I'd love to show ya (show ya)
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>a refreshing club soda

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Guess who just made her annual Christmas video. Also link to 2 songs she just made. Damn, she's like Ash, she doesn't age.

https://youtube.com/watch?v=wO2hesJd7k4 [Embed]
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Ashley is the best 4chan queen. Fuck everyone else.
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taylor foreskin extreme coming in hot with a fichtean synthesis - blue eyed beaner.
Replies: >>4240
I'm pretty sure that's Jessica Alba in Fantastic Four.
a lot like me and rose.jpg
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I wonder why Ashley and Rose are always discussed together. Why is that?
Replies: >>4243
I wasn't aware this was a thing? I thought it was Ashley and Andy Milonakis always being discussed together.

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