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Discussions of movies and TV shows shall be posted here. Anyone hosting streams can share their link here also.
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You can always go with the fake aquarium fish if you want to remain in her good graces but that's like having a stuffed animal and pretending it's real

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That son of a sponge stole Ashley's pocket watch
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I love our supreme leader. 
I'm just surprised she gets mad at spongebob like that.
I like spongebob, some episodes are super good (I remember one where Squidward leaves the Krusty crab in charge of spongebob while he goes home to rest, but when he's home he can never relax and goes back to the krusty crab over and over again. In the end no one goes to the restaurant the whole shift and squidward's nose falls off and his head deflates. Very funny....).
I don't understand why Ash would look down on something so fun. 
Maybe she lacks a man like me to caress her and make love to her every day.
We could also smoke pot and drink some sweet juice.
You want me to evict them from their home and sentence them to a life on the street just to replace them with mannequins? Can you fucking imagine actually doing that to people? Lmao, those fake fish look awful. They look like the TV show that Ed, Edd n Eddy watch. 
No its ok, dont worry about that. Ashley has been up for 67hrs straight researching McDonaldland, so she was bound to crack eventually, thats all.
Now show the the class your aquarium with your Spongebob tank ornaments. Sounds cool!

watched the Virgin Suicides (1999, Sofia Coppola). it was ok, kind of overrated though. Kirsten Dunst is cute af though. 3.8/5 pveralls

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image board autist dating app just droopped 
yall niggas need bitches go pull some
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Squidward lookin' ass
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Literally all women dress like whores even in hijab there is no acceptions
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>man: 47800
>woman: 3085
>agender: 240
>intersex: 36
>nonbinary: 2011
>other: 553
>transman: 262
>transwoman: 1710
>transgender: 147
>Sometimes I choose quality of life or accomplishing goals over being totally privacy conscious.

>Maybe you need to get your testosterone levels checked?

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I need medical advice and some of you guys probably need advice too.

There are small black spots between some of my teeth. It almost looks like when you have a small piece of pepper stuck between your teeth. I've tried brushing a lot and flossing, nothing is happening. I thought it was something stuck to the teeth, but the more I mess with it I'm starting to think it's on the gums. No matter what I do it won't leave. I'm not going to the dentist because they're going to inject me with fluoride and probably circumcise me while they're at it. What do?
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>I'm pretty sure my parents wouldn't care about you. They aren't proud of faggots
You found that out the hard way.
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No, I was never left alone with your uncle. I mean that I was brought up in a Christian home. Has nothing to do with your butt spelunking.
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I just learned I'm probably injected with Graphene Oxide and god knows what else at my dental appointment last week when I went to get my wisdom tooth removed. They pulled another one for good measure so I got jabbed plently. Am I dun goofed? Or is there a way to flush these nanobots out of my system. Other than antioxidants I've found no conclusive fix.
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sue them for billions of dollars and live the rest of your life on a tropical island
Replies: >>24039
Sadly suing isn't even really a thing here.

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This is a technology thread for all you nerdy niggas out there. Windows users and phone users are not allowed, you niggas post in the gay thread >>10719
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Not interested in gaming. I think another anon chimed in giving that impression. Thanks for the insight.
Looking to upgrade my RAM. Is there a go to brand of RAM you dorks like?
I currently have G.Skill Ripjaws V (2x16gb) installed. Watching gay porn and playing Minecraft has never been better!
i heard muslims are really into RAMadam, hope this helps
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This will probably do the trick

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Post your favorite nature being, plants, animals, bugs, dinos, anything. Its pretty dead here.
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its that time of the year

late autumn

When theres still enough red and yellow leaves left on the branches of trees, but the grounds are covered with fallen leaves too.

Seeing them hanging overhead on tree branches as Im in my car, driving down some road or hearing them crunch beneath my shoes as I walk down a footpath.
Its the best time of my favourite season of the year.

You guys got a favourite time or season of the year?
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It's Spring right now you dumb nigger.
My favorite time of the year has got to be summer. All the kids out of school playing in the water... MMMMMM AHA ;)

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I show you how to make an old analog phone (and answering machine) work with no landline - just a VoIP.
Written tutorial: https://icum.to/how-to-make-vintage-analog-phone-work-with-voip-on-computer/

 Also, I added a number of things to my website: https://icum.to/horsecock/ 

If you have questions about setting up your analog VoIP phone, ask in this thread and I will answer.
Please also discuss my website changes, I worked two whole days on it.
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Just use OMEMO it's another encryption method people use with XMPP, very trusted https://conversations.im/omemo/. All you do is click the lock icon and select OMEMO, then you're set.

This is the first time anyone's mentioned using the phone tutorial, let me know if you run into any issues. Just curious -- are you using a physical phone or using a headset?
Replies: >>23963
Both parties must be using the chosen encryption method. JMP's bot doesn't use encryption (presumably to make it usable for non-neckbeards or autistic people like ashley). As far as I know anyway, you can check with JMP support. This isn't a big deal as you probably aren't discussing anything particularly sensitive about your love life with the automated system. The message you're getting about "Not Trusted there was no trusted and active key found" is because you don't have the public key stored for the other party. Stick with it because JMP is actually great and is one of the only VOIP services that doesn't require you to provide a blood, hair, and stool sample to use. I'm glad Ashley brought it to my attention because previously I had to jump through a lot of hoops to get a non-privacy-invasive voip number. Or rather, they wanted to invade my privacy, but I managed to get in with fake info, which wasn't as easy as it sounds.
Replies: >>22676
>autistic people like ashley
Sorry just to be clear I meant NON-autistic people UNlike ashley
>Just curious -- are you using a physical phone or using a headset?
Headset for now, but I have plans to go through with your physical phone tutorial in the future. I'm excited to choose my own novelty phone.

This might be a dumb question or need more context, but how do I actually make a call without a physical phone using Gajim?
Replies: >>23967
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See Q3 and Q4. You have to add the phone number you want to call as a contact. When adding them as a contact, add the phone number and "@cheogram.com" at the end, such as "+14169938000@cheogram.com". (Make sure to include the country code +1 or whatever their country code is). Now they will appear in your contacts list. Go back to your messages. Press the blue plus icon and select "start chat". Find the contact you added and double click to have them appear in your message list. This won't actually send a message. Then click the icon (picrel) and select start voice chat. I assume this will work with a headset if it's configured with Gajim in the preferences. Try test calling major stores so you won't feel shame trying to call someone important in case it messes up.

FYI you might want to adjust your privacy settings before adding contacts. Click on your icon, then select the wrench icon that says "Account settings", then select the privacy section. By default it does things such as share if you received/read a message among more, which is unnecessary.

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In this thread we roleplay as the character in our flag.

All out of character discussion must be tagged with /OOC at the end of the post
NO OOC posts allowed in this thread.
Use of creativity via audio, images, drawings, etc. in your post encouraged but not strictly required.
Violence is permitted, but defensive items must be obtained in game.
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yes sweetie.

In unrelated news, I've been playing the new Gran Tourismo racing game. It's like soooo realistic, I can drive in the game the same way I drive in real life! yaaayy!
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sheds a tear
I miss you Mom
gets back on her knees
well, no time for tears. Back to work.
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Spoiler File
(299.2KB, 612x816)
Wait Mom!
here you go, I made you a special Mothers day card with my ant food.
looks down at the ground and softly mumbles
hope it makes you feel better...
Replies: >>23955
Thank you Derrick! 
kisses Derrick on the mouth
This makes Mommy feel much, much better!
kisses Derrick on the mouth again

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Racism is bad. Sexism is bad. Homophobia is bad. I detest all forms of bigotry. I read Karl Popper and John Rawls, and I agree with them.

In all earnestness, if it's over then politeness becomes the only proper modus vivendi,
and the is manifested as the liberal values documented above. There is nothing left apart from stoic, cultured self-aufhebung. Life is a mistake and, as Schopenhauer said, a prison; to properly adjust one's expectations, one must treat it as such.
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North Korean Propaganda Shows How Americans Supposedly Live
Replies: >>23899
Hezbollah Has a Brutal Message for 'Queers for Palestine' Protesters
Replies: >>23899
Islamist Has MELTDOWN Over ‘Queers For Palestine’ 😂
Replies: >>23899
You're not white.
Replies: >>23941
How did you know that??? Is it because the things I posted are things a white person would disagree with me?

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Hello from 🇷🇺
Replies: >>22901
Hello from 🏳️‍🌈
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>>22887 (OP) 
ОООооо ну наконец-то братишка из ВСЖ пожаловал сюда. Так ведь? Или я до сих пор здесь один как аутист буду сидеть?
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товарищи здравствуйте
Putin Says LGBTQ Community Is Part of Russian Society

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Showing my recently acquired items from thrift stores. Also showcasing my highly recommended items from the Dollar (twenty five) Tree -- of course with a million tangents between talking about each item I show. Then I answer questions people asked me, and also talk about weird things I do.

Watch the video: https://videos.icum.to/w/4ZzwU5K2LBnU3eJ9tFHKJ6

Also I'm working on updating my website.
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So what if Ashley doesn’t want to be very sexual. Are you desperate or something.
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You dropped this.
Replies: >>23864
Replies: >>23866
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Replies: >>23869
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