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Ash, here's a pic and info of the Mons Veneris that you asked me about.

  And again, thanks for your cool vid and a fun night.
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The mons veneris (the mountain of venus) refers to the Roman Goddess of love, also known as  Aphrodite in Greek mythology. I will make mention of it in the erotic short story of the Ash that I'm working on.

I agree with you that scallops taste better than sex, especially with a little tartar sauce or vaginal secretions brought about by hot sex.

Yeah, when she does that dance it sends me into catatonic ecstasy or something like that.
post more pussy
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post more, pussy
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This is one of my favorite pictures ever, if there is a reason to post it, then I take this opportunity.
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Its a nice looking pussy but all that overgrowth around it is kind of a turn off

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I updated my video website's look to have some soul. You will probably have to hard refresh to see the changes. Doing a hard refresh is different depending on the browser you're using.

Firefox: Ctrl shift and r
Chromium based browsers: Ctrl shift and r
Microsoft Edge: Hold ctrl shift and kill yourself this will hard reset your life. for legal purposes this is just a joke.

What do you think of the changes? There's still a few things I need to fix, but I want to spend my time filming a new video :3
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Yes, its pride month afterall.
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ashley when her dogs are at the vet
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That's what she does while we're gone?
girls scare me tbh
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Which is why I chose to become a horse lover since they're not degenerate like women are.

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>>9000 GET
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Im just letting Derrick get all thees gets so he builds up confidence thinking he will get the prized 1k get, but I will crush his spirit when I get the 1k get
you'll see derrick, you'll all see
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>>9000 (OP) 
Thank you for revealing your current location Derrick. I will come for you, and no one will stop me when I kidnap you, because child molestation is encouraged and approved by society in june. Get ready to go with me to the pride parade.
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it all makes sense now
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Nobody can stop Derrick Da Beast!!
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holy shit, the lore deepens

except for Derricks mum, where is she in all these gets??? is derrick allowed to just browse the internet uncircumcised- I mean unsupervised? 
Ashley was, and look how she turned out... shaking my head smh smh

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In this thread we say happy birthday to the Fuhrer and talk all things Hitler.
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>>7488 (OP) 
>>7488 (OP) 
I enjoy his movies
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.nerdlihc etihw rof erutuf a dna elpoep ruo fo ecnetsixe eht eruces tsum eW
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This is how Hitler celebrates pride month according to Netflix.

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Hey, in the years you've been gone, have you kept up with playing guitar?
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Familiarize yourself with dick and fart jokes? Is that some sort of gay thing?
In my experience she's got the sizes pretty accurate.
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I-I mean th-that's only because of porn I've seen. Porn with women!
ashley jones.png
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>In my experience
So there's either a gay man or another female here apart from ashley AND they both burn coal. What a day
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what the fuck?
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I knew a Korean (I honestly don't know, all Asians look alike) in high school who made a similar face whenever she smiled. Scary stuff.
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Sorry about the bad news, but my hidden toilet camera captured the moment Ashley found out she was adopted ;_;
Is that Santa clause looking for elves out in the woods? Or is that just some homeless boomer?
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Just an old British man walking through the woods looking for a pixies. Great content, I recommend you check it out - https://www.youtube.com/@erwinsaunders
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Seems like he hasn’t made a video since last year. I hope he is ok

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This video contains random things such as a Dollar Tree haul, thrift store and yard sale finds, ramblings, reviews, testing out more vintage technology. This video was a much needed excuse to test out a new camcorder and another old device. I actually recorded this on a tape and digitized the tape. It's a fun analog process, but I had about 30 different rca cables in my room to achieve this video, along with my laptop, an old 2000's LCD TV I used as a monitor, a VCR, camcorder, and another mystery vintage device. I should've showed the set up and how/why I did things.

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Kudos, Ash, compliments are in order. You are a true anomaly. On the one hand you have the appearance of a girl half your age yet on the other hand you articulate your point of view (like a girl with worldly experience that is twice your age) with the precision of a lazer and the accuracy of a M14 DMR sniper rifle.
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The man clearly raised his daughter to be a good mother who got divorced at only 29, then traveled the world and slept around while being a single mother until she found another man to temporarily marry until she gets bored.
wash your penis
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>bag of babies

I think those are aborted fetuses from all the abortion pills that are above her toilet seat.
She keeps them in there and uses them as a "Facial cream" to keep her youthful looks

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How many of you guys wake up in the morning with a boner?

I just saw a thread on 4chan where some 22 year old guy said he never gets them. Sometimes the concept of morning wood comes up in conversation (as part of a joke or whatever) and I've had multiple young men tell me they don't have that happen, ever. I'm like, dude, you need to see a fucking doctor because it's a sign of poor health when you don't have a boner at least sometimes when you wake up.

I wake up with a massive, throbbing clit almost every single morning. I even asked a 68 year old, "Hey pops, do you still pitch a tent every morning?" And he's like, "Yeah, like clockwork." And the dude isn't even that healthy.

Is this a vaxx thing? What the fuck is going on?
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I wake up with morning wood about 50% of the time. They're the hardest and biggest erections too.
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I get evening wood. It's like my dick knows it needs to be milked before bed
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It's because each morning you wake up to complimentary thai, vietnamese, or any brown exotic poor child beating you off.
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wtf when did ashley send out this lewd?
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fapping before bed helps me to sleep, but morning wood usually brings a stronger orgasms.
How about you guys?

Tahiti is learry rivin the rife we all dream...
Its old and is from her earlier days
There a megaupload archive of her older photos out there somewhere

Besides Ciara Horan, rose, Ashley Jones, who are the other 4chan girls
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kek good times
this bitch looks like she put a dry plant on her head and called it hair
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greta is a 4chan girl
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I would change the climate in her bedroom provided she wore this over her head.

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Why the fuck didn't anyone tell me about this place sooner? I've never been more in love than I am right now. I kneel to Ashley Jones, and pledge complete and total allegiance.
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>she didn't hit the wall as hard as other girls after turning 18
Bruh Ashley's one of those girls that they'd put you in prison for liking in Australia. There's a lot of pedophiles on /ashleyj/ and we all still think she's cute
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you know im finna be that REAR admiral
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>I still sound like a child when I sing
so you still sound like this?
Damn, if only Shane had have video replied to you he could have given you some advice on singing
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Ashley sounds really cute when she sings, she may not be a good singer but her voice sounds really cute.🐱
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