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haha funni
>>6969 (OP) 

canceled for being.png
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Why are they cancelling the doughboy? Has science go too far? 

Is the bus driver now an Uber driver and this is why he’s always masturbating in his car now? Sick fuck
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>good sized feet
very true ;_;
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Shud up we love your whacky feet.  We just don’t want you to post them because we don’t want to objectify you. Keep the feet discreet.
Please post your feet i love you
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>>6666 GET
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WOW!  >>6666 (OP)  GET SO METAL!
yeah what this guy said. sorry derrick but im gonna have to RAVAGE YOUR CUTE BOY PUSSY
>>6666 (OP) 
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>>6666 (OP) 
Another get for big D. See you at 7k... if I don't get there first
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daaaaaaamn, pity Minecraft isnt real life cause Derrick got sum serious Minecraft drip, yo

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Hey there,
thought about you today and was happy to see you're back, sharing your smile with us.
Wish you well! bye
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>>6373 (OP) 
>>6373 (OP) 
Just kidding anon. Good drawing you made there.
>>6373 (OP) 
this deserves to be on the fan art page I like the ladybug
>>6373 (OP) 
I really enjoy the butterfly in the corner
>>6373 (OP) 
theres something nice about the simplicity of this.

 keep going youre hilarious and awesome thank you so much for coming back! Great fucking work!
Now clean it up.
@janny hey

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Hey big bro, let me give you a hand. 

Also, we did it boyos, we have our own imageboard. Things *should* run pretty well, but post in this thread or on the official meta board >>>/horselovers/ if you have feedback/suggestions. This was possible thanks to those who may or may not have donated the untraceable cryptocurrency Monero. As you know, for legal purposes, I must state that I have sadly never once received a donation.

Also the thing on my eye is a fake scar. I found out how to make them sans razor. Oh what, it's weird? Meanwhile, it's socially acceptable that women can put on pounds of makeup, COMPLETELY altering their appearance? Using filters in which change not only their entire face, but also their body shape? And I'm the weird one for having a fake bad ass scar?
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yea dawgie, had to constantly replay a 5 second clip before she started talking about gay shit. I got the job done though.
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>he actually admitted it
you know what to do
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Aww man... that's fair. Forgot about the cum jar. You silly billy.
it was just a prank bro
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>tfw you've been stealing out of the cum jar and ashley has no idea

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Grown up derrick
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For some reason I get the feeling Barry wouldn't totally mind that...
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Doing us all a favor and covering those feet
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yet another talent of ashley's, she can measure 1 foot with her actual foot
god bless
That's adult Derrick hallucinating young Derrick who mocks him constantly for not transitioning when he was younger.

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Just came across a Mandela Effect nobody else has noticed.

Bomb-omb or Bob-omb?

I've always known it to be bomb-omb, bob-omb makes no sense. If you write out Bomb-omb it's bomb twice, which makes more sense than Bob-omb. What do you remember? Also, post more Mandela Effects.
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ya if you watch the history channel shows about the pentagon and WTC they both talk about people flying airplanes into the buildings. One would be suspicious but both. Also anyone notice that Quija boards are now spelled Ouiga. Everyone knows next to Z and X, Q is the most evil letter.
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>Quija boards are now spelled Ouiga
I looked it up and didn't find what you're talking about.
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reminds me of when me and my brother played Ace Combat 4 right after 9/11 happened and we tried recreating it by flying jets into buildings.
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Barry and Linda S1E2.png
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After a brief 8 year hiatus, Barry and Linda are back for their second episode. Follow the day-to-day life of a loving, wholesome, and airhead husband, Barry, and his smart, sexy wife, Linda.

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we need to spread "purple people" to a larger audience, like how "jogger" took off. I want to see nogs being referred to as purple people randomly in the wild
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https://youtube.com/watch?v=5jV-E09efRE [Embed]
Fun Fact: ashley used to post under the nick purple ape. also, I call giganiggas grape apes. Nothing new.
I sure hope her bum doesn't get raped by a bum.

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The past few years, I've noticed a phenomena on the internet. The Boomer to Zoomer pipeline. Boomers and Zoomers alike are arrogant, ignorant, clueless consumers who have played large parts in ruining the internet. I don't typically want to rant or be overtly negative, but here we are. Of course, this is a stereotype that not every Boomer/Zoomer fits into. Many Gen X/Millenials are just as bad, but I see this correlation mostly among Boomers and Zoomers.

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You aren't tricking me, I know Seabee hands typed this post
Dont listen to this horsefag Ashley, everyone here actively hays you, myself neighclded. We are all horsin' you down and gangwalking you and will totally kiss your ass with raw, unfiltered, neighitive energy. I will personally choke exam you with a fluorescent light tube this is not a game there is no escape you will contract mesothelema and go to your pen forever
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That anger was delicious, when is there going to be another rent?
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>there going to be another rent?
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Ashley, you can't control what boomers and zoomers do. You're not the federal gov't. You can control me, though. I know you think I'm bad but I'm good in bed. All I wanna do is zoom-a-zoom-zoom in your boom-boom.

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