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ITT we gripe about regrets we have.

>I will never date a 12 year old Ashley
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tell me about it... lets just say she emulated her infamous brown wood wall paneling except without the wood paneling...
So I went to one of those speed date thingos...
At one point during the day (they are hosted during the daytime which in all honesty makes it low key kinda depressing) I got matched with the host of the event Ashley Jones.
things were going really well between us. so well in fact I suspected she wanted the D 
however, we were in the midst of a deep discussion regarding the abstract social commentary about the morality of marijuana use and its impact on society in the 2009 avant-garde film "Sex Pot" starring Sam Cassel and directed by Eric ForsBERG.
When I pulled out my brand new Google Pixel 7 Pro to look something up and holy shit bros... did she blow a fucking gasket!
She started ranting and raving about how Google partners with the government to promote agendas and how they favour corporate websites and they destroyed the "fun" of the internet (she air quoted the "fun" btw... SUPER cringe, yikes even). Plus something about SEO?

At one point she was so irate that she accidentally let rip a massive fart. 
This didnt stop her however, in fact it seemed to fuel her anger even more!

If that wasn't already embarrassing enough, she ended her rant by throwing the free soda water we all got (which was yellow and had this strange taste btw) in my face and declaring at the top of her lungs "MAYBE YOU SHOULD STICK THAT GOOGLE PIXEL PHONE UP YOUR ASSHOLE SO IT CAN MAP THE WALLS OF YOUR COLON AND THAT WAY GOOGLE CAN KNOW HOW TO FUCK YOU EVEN BETTER"

Needless to say, this whole thing left me super embarrassed and I had run out and didnt go back.
I never ended up paying my entry fee for the event though, so jokes on her. I got the last laugh.

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Omegle got shutdown after 14 years...

>I regret never going on it, finding and then cooming to Ashley back in the day

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>>12022 (OP) 
Жили-были два китайца - сунь хуй в чай и вынь сухим.
Сань хуй соси
>>12022 (OP) 
 叮咚 ((( diddly ))) 福米鞋
>>12022 (OP) 
-500 與墨西哥女性互動的社交積分


ps OP 台灣第一
yooooo chinese
Ching Chong

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Welcome to the /ashleyj/ hypotheticals and "Would You Rather" (WYR) game thread.

ITT we'll pose and answer hypothetical questions. You are welcome to pose a scenario and/or answer those posted by other Tubbies.

You know how these go: "If you HAD to choose, would you rather have 1 billion dollars or the ability to become invisible whenever you wanted?"

That's just an example. Scenarios do not have to posed in the "Would You Rather" format. You can simply describe a situation and ask what people would do. Your scenarios can be funny, serious, sexual, disgusting, or whatever you want.

The only "rule" is that, while answering, you must answer the hypothetical as posed. "I'd rather DIE than choose between sucking the dick of either William Shatner or Richard Simmons" is not an acceptable answer; it's just a game and answers like this only serve to spoil the fun. (Besides, in reality, most people would, in fact, rather suck the cock of an effeminate fitness guru than be slowly tortured to death.) You're also encouraged but not required to explain the logic behind your answers in detail.

In the following posts, I'll present a few starter scenarios. Enjoy!
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dibs on left half plus schizo
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Whats the name of this film?
I wish I could put all of them in a gas chamber.
for me its Dont give a fuck girl.

just the idea of having sex with her and she says stuff "I mean I guess" or a unenthusiastic "haha nice"
plus the "intimidating when mad" part?...BOING! (thats the sound of me getting a boner)
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What do you think? Post photos of all the wild animals you have let into your home.
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brb growing scales
Let my son go. Or elsssssssssssss
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And blessings to you also, bro.
that is a lot like you and me, ashley
So this is the guy who runs the show huh?
You gotta admint he looks way more swagged out than the avrage ashcel

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                    COUNTDOWN TO HALLOWEEN

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Please stop posting this tranny
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Classic Mode
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I can't resist her charms
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Make the board the color of ice 'cause you're so cool.
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I wonder what she does for money
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I wish
that be kind hot desu
Ashcels BTFO
I regret missing the 3AM Ashley livestreams back in the day.
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I regret not backing up my HDD that had this video  >>14072 I recorded saved on it :(
https://youtu.be/lVSWmcWCdbY WHY WOULD SHE DO THIS? lol jk.

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Hola. ¿Algún otro hispanoparlante seguidor de Ashley? 
pd: no soy mexicano
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Hello welcome to GETS, what can I GET you?

Yes hi, I would like a GET please.

Fine.... which number would you like?

I'll take 13000 thank you

Fine... would you like any (You)'s with that?

Yes please.

Fine... That will be.... umm hold on.... that will be $8.69

I think you mean $10.98
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Sorry, I can't regale you with tales of unbridled sex with Afghan women because:

1)   Islamic culture forbids unmarried Afghan women to partake in sex as well as married women other than with their husband. It's ingrained in them. It's extremely rare but if it happens and the woman is found out she will probably be stoned to death.

2) It's illegal for a serviceman to be intimate with the locals and the serviceman could face a few years in the brig.

3) Afghan women didn't do it for me, 2/10 on a good day. They're very far from being Ashley tier to name just one

4)  Even if I was horny enough and knew I could get away with it I'd be too tired. Up at 05:00 travel to the job site and work 'till 17:30, back to the base camp, dinner then fill sand bags to replace damaged sand bags around base camp fortifications, then base camp perimeter security duty to make sure no Taliban psychos try an incursion into the camp. Security duty lasted "till the next morning but at least if you pulled security duty you got to go back to bed after breakfast and sleep "till around noon and then go back to work.

   Like the saying goes, "It's not just a job, it's an adventure."     Heh, heh
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Sure, stable girls are a staple of our society.
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this is my favourite staple girl 🤣🤣🤣
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Heh. heh, then I guess we won't need one of these
The post that saved /ashleyj/

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>>10578 (OP) 
That's not Ashley with Sam, it's this girl. Apparently, they both have a thing for Egg Foo Young.
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reminder that ash wants to fuck this thing
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webp is evil.

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Anyone else here doing Pride Event 2023 in RuneScape Classic? Check out my character. I'm a level 69 courtesan. I've been sucking dick at the Blue Moon Inn for coin so I can get one of those nice jumpers like Ashton has for my son, Derrick.
Btw, I'm not really Derrick's mom. I'm just roleplaying. It's my favorite thing to do in the bedroom.
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also dont gib blizard money
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whoa seems cool. info on website is a little scant though, I'm guessing this is a private server? Do they have custom features? Pirated version of the game OK? Gimmie the QRD anon, I don't use discord because mommy ashley said not to and she's right
Replies: >>9393
Torrent a copy of d4 (or if you want their launcher will actually torrent it for you I think). Install the game then install the reflection launcher and they basically facilitate the all the server/network stuff that battlenet does. So you load up the game through the reflection launcher. Make sure battlenet isn't running. Full disclosure I haven't tried it yet but I have everything installed. Going to try it later tonight when I'm not busy. Let me know if you try it maybe we can play together.
Replies: >>9395 >>14334
>or if you want their launcher will actually torrent it for you I think
Unfathomably based. I had a feeling it would be good when I saw the trailer was hosted on VK heh.
It'll probably be a while before I have a chance to get set up but I would be very interested in hearing about your experience, plz report back anon.
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With the benefit of 4 months later, from what Ive read about Diablo 4. Its probably not worth the effort.

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