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Just noticed this new ashley jones subreddit was created.
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Thanks daddy
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im too retarded to read that
>The point of Monero is that it's literally untraceable.
Yes, it is untraceable in its current form, that's why more crypto exchanges are requesting KYC from their clients. And now even Kraken is delisting Monero in some countries. Smh.


I know there are other ways of acquiring Monero as detailed in this reply:
Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.

William Shakespeare

Great men never make bad use of their superiority; they see it, and feel it, and are not less modest. The more they have, the more they know their own deficiencies. 

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

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Can we get a fan art thread going? Artwork, filtered pics, banner ideas, AI-generated stuff, etc

Anything Ash related old or new
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Barry looks like Tom Sizemore
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yes i know it says lap dance and not lap ride. I am retarded and did not slept or paid attention. Ignore it. Right now. You did not saw the typo.
heh, this is great. I like the splash of color added to it.
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Whether you're an artist with talent or a mere shartist, you don't have to have talent to post your art in this thread. As long as it's creative, you're welcome to post it here. It can be fan art or general art, as long as you tried.

Requests are also good.
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Dunno. Found a image of 4chan, so I didn't ask.
My mistake this post lol: 
Spoiler File
(3.2MB, 01:09)
Ashley pokemon vaperon copypasta. Soz.
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I don't care what anyone says, im going to paint myself black if this is whats in store for me

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23,000 posts?! OMYGOT
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kind of amazing that we're up to that many posts
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>>23000 (OP) 
Its also amazing and related that this guy has probably stuck 23,000 vegetables in his ass over the years
I feel violated. :p

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Forgive me tubbies, for I have sinned...

Well, what did you do? Confess.
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I love computers!
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I'm the same way with your mom. I make her wear a bag over her head and look the other way
I love cumputers that give me a virus :3
I confess that i do not understand why people idolize and act like Elon Musk is the king and god of freedom of speech and is "based" just because he owns twitter now, and ruined it (even more) i don't even need to talk about the teslas and the cyber truck, they are cars for retarded sheeps. Why do people idolize this rich autistic redditor so much? What causes someone to do that? Actually, why do people idolize celebrities and rich people? They aren't even that cool they just exist and do things like everyone else they just have more money. These people are retarded and gay.
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James Corbett (Ashley's Japanese teacher) did an excellent report on Musk a couple years ago. It should be required watching for anyone who worships this retarded welfare queen.


I've tried telling normies that Musk is a piece of shit grifter, but if they're right-leaning they just stare at you with glassy eyes and mutter, "b-based flamethrowers" or "muh twitter" etc. If they're left-leaning, they might agree with you, but for all the wrong reasons. It's a losing game trying to talk to these "people." They're actual NPCs.

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We need to talk about incest. What happened to me is not okay.

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seeing as ashleyjones icum.to is down here is an archive of her peertube videos
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Until next time bros
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This whole thing was insane,  I always miss everything
see you tomorrow >>20776

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Post, discuss hot males, your type
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Oh okay. You’re bi. Now it makes sense.
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No, he's gay. His relationships with women involve him destroying them so the men have only one option: to sleep with Duke Nukem
I came to kick ass and chew cum and fuck ass and chew ass and fuck cum
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Post dreams of odd or unusual qualities - especially lewd ones.
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>>20677 (OP) 
I've never dreamt about Ash except for this one time. She was doing a live stream from a Church basement and was sitting at this long table which had various objects all over it like a hammer, a lighter etc and was asking us how she should hurt herself. We all thought it was it was a joke so we said smash your hand with the hammer which she did while making jokes. She theb held up her broken mangled hand and was how would you like a HJ with this. Most of us were like wtf while others were encouraging her to torture herself with the other objects. We then tried find where she was located to get soneone there to stop her but couldn't find anything. I then woke up. This dream was several months ago and it has stuck with me since.
I sometimes dream that I’m fighting with my mom which almost never happens in real life. It’s very stressful and when I wake up I have an air of hostility towards her. I still dream of my female cousins on my father’s side. Sometimes they’re friendly and warm, other times they’re cold and neglectful. I haven’t seen most of them for a decade now. After dad died I cut ties with most of my paternal relatives. I sometimes dream that dad is alive and has beaten cancer and I take that in stride. I’m convinced that he beat cancer and I see him living with us again which is weird yet joyous. I still dream of women and I’m about to do them but something always comes up that spoils the opportunity. Last wet dream that I dream vividly was about Coby Smulders. I fucked her on my parents’ bed.
>>20677 (OP) 
I had a dream after taking a sleep supplement where I shot myself in the head and felt myself fading out of existence. I then woke up, still in a dream and thought about how strange/concerning it was that I was having suicidal dreams. I was thinking about killing myself alot at this time so it's not all that suprising.

I also recently had a wet dream and then woke up confused by the lack of mess until I pulled back my foreskin. Just another perk of not being mutilated I guess.
I had a dream I started kissing my male friend. I'm a flaming heterosexual with zero tolerance for gays. Why did I dream about smooching my friend who has a penis? Am I gay now? I liked it in the dream but I woke up disgusted. I woke up with morning wood which makes this matter more complicated. I hope the boner was from the usual morning wake up, but it's possible my boner was from the dream and I would know no different.
Had a dream flip flops didnt exist.

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How do we feel about stolen valor? Personally I think it's cringe no matter how you look at it. It's gay to larp as a mindless bootlicker. It's gay to get triggered about someone larping as a mindless bootlicker.
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The "disgruntled trained solder holding a rifle" brought back a great memory. I was a pte. and I would walk in to a command tent rifle in hand to talk with the Lt. Got pulled aside later and was 
 told to leave it unloaded in the rack outside (it makes the officers nervous).

I find stolen valour hilarious. Imagine the mental illness you'd have to pretend you were in the military. Like a woman bragging about having been a stripper.
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I'm not familiar with the term pte

If you want to piss off an officer who comes up to you and you're in a combat zone, salute him.

Yea, stolen valor guys can be hilarious with some of the mixed bag of military garb they wear. Maybe we should feel sorry for them, I don't know,
There is nothing unusual about that. Most western militaries do this. You're not supposed to be armed when you enter a command post or any officers quarters unless you're a sentry. Officers can sometimes still carry their sidearms but even they may be confiscated upon entry.
Only in aussieland we stole abo's generation lol. And properly their black wimmen.
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Is that why white australians are quickly becoming a minority in Australia?

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video games and stuff yeah yeah

DOOM 64 is underrated gem play plz

Also Super Mario Bros. 3 is goot

feel free to GIMP tanooki mario into something super wholesome and not disgusting at all.
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go back to school nigga
>This new virtually infinite timesink skinner box labirith is better than the previous one
>No the old dopamine juicer was better your a zoomer
Get laid sick fucks
Replies: >>22589
Get educated sick fucks
Why are all gta fans such retarded apes?
Replies: >>22960
It's a franchise that hasn't had a decent game in 20 years. At that point all that's left are children who haven't grown up playing the good GTA games, only the awful ones. They are insufferable.

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