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This thread is dedicated to the legally recognized digital nation state of Ashley Jones that we are registering on Aragon - https://aragon.org/

As per her laws webpage ( https://icum.to/dogvids/ ), the legal age of consent is 15, bras are illegal, women cannot purchase or use razors, shaving is illegal, you can have sex with any animal larger than yourself, prostitution is legal but women are not allowed to work and can't have money (prostitution is work for money so idk how Ashley will define the laws here).

Our founding city will be called Jonestown and our currency will be called Fuck Bucks (or Jones Bones, other name suggestions welcome). What other things should be included in the new nation? What legal/governance structure do we want to set up for the DAO? Do women have rights and will there be state-issued gfs? Will linux be the official state operating system? 

Post your ideas, suggest things to add to our new nation, and above all, hail supreme leader Ashley Jones.
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Buddy, a DAO's governance structure is whatever you want it to be when you set it up. If we make Ashley supreme dictator, then she gets the private keys and she controls everything. If we make it a flat democracy, then everyone gets equal votes on everything.

This is an opportunity to build something, and build it however we want. Why squander the potential?

Also take a joke lol. Use this as a launching pad for proposing funny laws and to make Ashley-themed puns.
THIS. Just let this newfag spin his wheels until he gets bored and fucks off, no more (you)'s from me in this thread
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>If we make Ashley supreme dictator
She already is? What you suggest is treason.
we should never do anything fun here okay glad you speak for everyone
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I'm going to build my own decentralized autonomous organization with blackjack and hookers!

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I've been getting majorly prepared for livestreaming. The thing is, I don't necessarily look at it as a traditional modern livestream. I'm going to have my livestream be like a classic 90's public access show.

You guys will get to interact with me, the shows will involve a lot more than me just sitting and talking about the chat. I'm going to plan things out and execute them like it's an actual pubic access show. 

Soon I'm going to need help testing livestreaming to make sure it all works fine. I may do a few 5-10 minute tests in the near future, some of you guys can join me and let me know how the quality is.

That being said, I'll post my ideas and get your feedback in this thread.
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You had enough time Derrick to get that quads. Next time spend less time on video games and tranny porn
Hey guys its derrick. Im pissed off I didnt get my get. Nothing ever fucking goes my way.
>not heggs
>that get
c'mon anon

If Ashley leaves again, we'll know who to blame.

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ashley fix your peertube instance, videos.icum.to does not work
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>>6266 (OP) 
literally unusable, ashley update your links now
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Thanks Doc
Use your VPN and change to a non-EU cuck country like the US. Bitchute videos are censored in many EU countries. Your fault for being a dumb faggot.
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Wow, Eurofaggots are living the communist dream, huh? What a fucking shithole.
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More like communist nightmare.

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Naked yoga is next, but only after my top surgery and FtM sex change is complete.

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murderous and blood filled raged initiated by gods long dead
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Is a hobby actually a thing? I can't find anything on it. I will accept Ashley for being a hobby if she will accept me for being a hobgoblin.
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Nah I just made that word up special for Ashley. It's a word now and if you look it up in the dictionary, you'll see Ashleys picture.
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I would unironically buy a framed print of this and display it in my living room

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What is everyone planning on doing for Friday the 13th?
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Update: Things got better. Went out to eat with some coworkers for lunch. Closed a deal. Left one of the mstab8 cards on a vending machine. TBH though my old job would get me pissed off like in that skit. A combination of putting up with a ton of stress and not feeling adequately compensated for it. My new job is more of a fight but I work on my own terms and the money is way better. People put up with shitty jobs without realizing they could do better and be happier.
A fucking leaf.
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We survived to see the 14th but life will never be the same as it was on the 12th. Now this thread is going to stink up the front page for a month.
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Sorry anon, I would delete it but I forgot the password for it.
Also, Im the biggest retard here.
You see when i posted this I got Friday the 13th mixed up with Halloween. I thought it was a special occasion like Halloween and wanted to know what ppl had planned for it.
Yes Im that retarded
I was born friday the 13th. Its going real neet.

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Has anyone here bothered to read any of the spelling-error-ridden, half-baked, easily refutable ramblings on the icum.to site? I can't tell if it's parody larp or the real thoughts of an autistic retard.
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Is this like a HOI4 thing? If so I'm going to be the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
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No, DAOs are legally recognized organizations and have the capacity for independent governance. I'm creating a real government for a nation dedicated to Ashley Jones.

If we had lawyers on this forum then we could get sovereignty recognized faster but with GPT4 api hooks we can probably automate most of the legal discourse.
Replies: >>7678
nobody cares
Replies: >>7703
ur on a website dedicated to ashley and you don't care that kid is making a government where ashley is supreme leader?
damn bro, ur negativity is bringing us down, you should probably leave
Replies: >>7705
We already have a gov't. This is a matriarchy and Ashley is queen.

All these niggas and all these hoes in here somebody here gon fuck
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>>7651 (OP) 
>>7651 (OP) 
Any high iq girls in new jersey?
Replies: >>7659
great album
all these years and still no tomboi gf
there are plenty of high girls in new jersey

wtf is this thread

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>7000 GET down, biatch
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I just let it dribble out and stain my briefs
Good boy, take all those sticks in your mouth for me, okay?
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A calzone is like a cheese stick's cool uncle that goes on "business trips" a lot.
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It's also half the pizza a hand tossed could ever be. Getting double stuffed on those business trips I see.
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business trippu so sad.... travel for vacation, not work!!
Carzones dericious though. Itsu one of those foods that when you get it, you wonderu why you don't have them more often.
hot pocketsu are the retards of the carzone worldo.

Let the waves wash away your worries.
Who You?: I am Tahiti. I rove vacation! πŸ—ΏπŸΉ
<Ristening to: https://yt.funami.tech/watch?v=Dr-ti8MEnTk πŸŽ΅πŸ•Ί
>Location: Phuket, Thailand 🌏✈️

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You know what this board needs.. besides an abortion. A music thread. And right now, it's time to share the jams that make you laugh... the tunes that make you cry... and the songs that you keep groovin'.

https://youtube.com/watch?v=jUP-x4dZIgI [Embed]
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Oh nigger
Replies: >>7218
That song was for you, did you like it?
Replies: >>7220 >>7221
I had a flashback of dancing to this song at an anime convention in one of those small hotel conference rooms with like 20 other girls who knew the whole dance and my friend just looked at me and shook his head. Idgaf it was so fun. Some asian qt was laughing and kept smiling at me after. Too bad I was too autistic to make a move. Still kinda am fuck.
And yes I love it, it's still so catchy

Hey Ashley, what happened to your left eye?

I'm kind of a newb to image boards.
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What is that?
Replies: >>6957 >>6958 >>7039
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I don't know.
Umatrix (a plugin) detecting trackers on a site called he visited called jewtu.be. Umatrix will block trackers it detects.
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This is an older video about umatrix but the concepts should be largely the same: https://vid.puffyan.us/watch?v=TVozpo3zUBk

note that The Hated One, while a lot of his work is fantastic (like his investigation of Kurzgesagt or the video "The Internet Is Running Out Of Water"), has some absolutely shit takes from time to time, such as his general support of smartphones, so don't take everything he says as gospel. the umatrix vid should be fine though.
Ye, it's the uMatrix plugin, an uBlock Origin on steroids developed by the same guy.

I misspelled yewtu.be for jewtu.be and the page scared my boomer ass a bit. Particularly the blocked "mirc.ninja" media...

But I just visited it again and unblocked the mirc.ninja media and it's just a bunch of random hacking themed videos lol...

I'm assuming my boomer fear of magic viruses in this cases was unfounded, but... who knows?

Is anyone familiar with that mirc.ninja site? What's up with that?

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