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Ashley does asmr
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>>11670 (OP) 
tfw no Ashley's older, Python coding sister to help me with my Ai TTS/voice cloning problem.
I have all the other modules setup working, but the voice cloner one just prints an error about "RuntimeError: PytorchStreamReader failed reading zip archive: failed finding central directory"
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oh and heres an example of one of the better outputs of just a basic Text-to-Speech. The results seem to vary quite a lot but its pretty funny.

This was the prompt (ignore the Man: part)
MAN: [clears throat] Hello, Ashley Jones and my fellow tubbies. This text to speech is an example of how bad my generated outputs are. [laughs] Though I haven't really done much research into it to be honest [laughter].
>asmr + deepfake

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Derrick's birthday is a special occasion that only comes once a year - until a life changing event that only happens once in a lifetime also happens on Derrick's birthday. How will two important events play out at once? Will Derrick still feel special?

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Im not gay or anything, but for some reason Derek is really cute.
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Yes, Derrick is really cute. It always amazed me (perhaps I amaze too easily) how Ashley can go from a cute naturally looking girl to looking like a little boy.
He really is
christ I'd like to pull a Tim Tom and get in her casket

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post your this is a lot like me and ashley's here
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I love smoking DICK!!!!
Get me a mute button for this broad and I'd french kiss her taint for so long she'd need a boat
same, a lot of my family are smokers, in fact i took my first drag when i was like 7 or 8. They taste disgusting I just dont understand how someone can be like wow this tastes even slightly ok. Perhaps its a social pressure thing amongst their friends?
Good thing I have no friends WOOOOOOOO!

Ive only seen this meme part of that
but apparently she ad-libbed that whole thing during a live stream. which is honestly pretty impressive

not sure if serious but going to the gym and lifting/exercising can become a healthy addiction... so Ive heard. the only heavy thing Ive lifted up is my ass off of my DX Racer chair after a long night of Fortnite and triple Big Macs with extra cheese and pickles
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>the only heavy thing Ive lifted up is my ass off of my DX Racer chair after a long night of Fortnite and triple Big Macs with extra cheese and pickles
god that sounds so comfy
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This is a lot like us and Ashley.

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For me, it's the Get. The best post on the board. I even ask for extra (you)'s and the other posters are so friendly and more than willing to oblige.

One time, I asked for meme pictures and they gave me three. I said, "Wow, three for free!" and the nice friendly posters laughed and said, "We're going to call you 3-for-free!".

Now the posters greet me with "hey it's 3-for-free!" and ALWAYS give me three memes. It's such a fun and cool atmosphere at my local TubGurl.com image board, I go there at least 3 times a week for shitposting and a video with Ashley instead of Rose, 1-2 times for online arguments on the weekend, and maybe once for a quick fap when I'm in a rush but want a great nut that is affordable, fast, and can match my daily jacking off needs.

I even sometimes post on /horselovers/, it's awesome! What a great image board.
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It doesnt cost that much for just a basic message. Youre limited to 250 characters but for like $15 USD you can double that which his what i did so I could fit everything into it

The GET game is ruthless! I went to bed and the board was at about 11973 posts, I figured if I wake up early in a few hours and check I might be able to get it. But alas, I woke up, went to the board list and saw 12000 posts 11 minutes ago! oh well, its no big deal, Im just not a GETTER

Im so glad you like it! I remember a lil while back in cytube you said that he makes Cameo's so I made a mental note of it since I know how much of a fan of his you are. I cant buy American gift cards, so this a way of showing thanks for all the great videos youve entertained us with and community you've built here. Love ya work!... mophead!
I didnt write the song, just gave him some instructions like to say "sorry you didnt get teh get, heres a song for you" then I just listed a bunch of your qualities and interests of yours like being creative, your sense of humour, how much you like horse dildos vintage tech, etc etc
He really did an amazing job of arranging it all into a song that flows well.
oh and fun fact: this was actually the second time I submitted something to him. A while back i 
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>>12000 (OP) 
🎶I knew right from the beginning
That you would end up winning
I knew right from the start
You'd put an arrow through my heart🎶

Say, those aren't Panda Express sauce packets. You do eat at Stinky Chink's. You're going to get me food from there next. I'm gonna rape that buffet like a Mongolian. You'll just have to wait your turn.

I know how you feel. I felt the same way when this egirl I stalk surprised me with McDonald's.

I prefer your hair when it's a mess. I liked how your hair was in the my adventure video. If you get it cut, go with the style you had in the tubgurl video.

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sound quarity*
What are the chords he plays?

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I don't usually make serious videos, so doing this feels weird to me. However, I do think this is an important topic to talk about and I have yet to see someone else mention certain things I bring up in this video. I'm sure some of this is "preaching to the choir", but you may find that there's things you never realized. I cover a few different topics in this video, but it all ties together.

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But do they accept Monero?
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If you are Ashley, and tried and liked Plebbit, when it has improved some and is more reliable, might you consider shilling Plebbit? Maybe you could give it an official launch like a ship with a bottle of champagne. In return, some Monero for you?
I miss Patrice.
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To be fair I would strongly agree with the notion that it's a better use of our collective resources to, say, feed the hungry than pour untold billions into something like the LHC. And the first caller is right that Michio Kaku is cringe, like most public mainstream science popularizers. Take for example picrel, his take on UFOs, where he shares a complete nothing opinion that I could get from any random person on the street. And yet Redditors cum themselves whenever these people speak (the same people, might I remind you, that begged/bribed/threatened you to get the clot shot).

His normie takes aside, I also loved Patrice. If you've never listened to the black phillip show, you're in for a treat:

I'm actually not big into O&A, but here you go anon:
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O&A was best when everyone was involved on the show and they bantered between eachother while Opie basically steered the ship since he wasn't funny. Patrice's chemistry with Anthony was great, especially when discussing conspiracy theories and race. The bit on Wesley Snipes going to prison is another one of my favourites.

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Ashley mentioned
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What language are you typing in again? Also, Mr Bond is Austrian.
"Winning" as in fighting against Ahura Mazda in the name of Mammonic greed? Indeed, Anglos, as a fellow reptile breed, are the second biggest losers of all, following only the jews.
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Subject: Ashley "Ahriman" Jones.
Species: Iguana.
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What about Mu Ahmed?
thats Mu Ahmed, emphasis on the MEEEED part.
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beware the eternal anglo

jewish heaven.webm
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Post Ashley clips or OC new or old
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new ashley video

This is the kind of thread that got /qa/ permanently locked because the glowies got scared
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this too
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TIP: Watch Ashley's videos at 0.5 speed so the enjoyment lasts longer
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Half speed and muted is my go-to.

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any other spacehey users?
cool privacy respecting myspace clone
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ashley abandoned spaceghey :(((((
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too many catfish
Nah, she is probably balls deep DM'ing the cute emo girls on her friends space.

Tahiti has almost 2x as many friends as Ashley btw, dat Tahiti rizz
ashley pls come back to spaceghey the little boygirls miss u
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I think Tahiti, her new bf, got jealous of all the emo poontang she was pulling and has forbidden her from using it

either that or her hair got caught in her fan since she was taking photos of herself in the dark RIP

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guys I think it's time we revaluated our strategy... maybe it's time we start negging ashely
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>t. seething poornigger goycattle
That's just like, your opinion, man.
Every modern ideaology is gay. There will never be anything new under the sun
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Ashley sent me a pp of her pussy.
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Thats from 2014

Hey ash can you sell me your panties after you've been wearing them for 3 days without showering while ovulating?
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>>10751 (OP) 
Only 3 days? The Ash can go longer than that before getting clean panties.
come on you gotta get more stink for your dollar!
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>>10751 (OP) 
OP this will never be you ;_;
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I love teh sound of her voice
Whores will fuck dogs but not supreme gentlemen
Replies: >>11506
Dog is fo food! NOT SEXU!!!

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