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You're really racist? Just curious.
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I hate everyone.
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>>9799 (OP) 
I'm not actually racist, I genuinely don't dislike or hate certain races. I make off-colored jokes and some brainwashed people would equate jokes to genuine hatred, but any normal person can realize a joke versus a genuine vendetta. Some of my viewers might hold grudges against certain races, and while I don't personally agree with it, I don't delete those posts because this is a place of discussion. It's not constructive to delete posts that are discussing a topic, even if that topic is taboo, and even if people disagree with their statement.

As for trannies. I think people should be able to do what they want, so long as those choices don't harm those around them. It might harm my eyes but who cares what some dude wants to wear? So in that line of thought, I think trannies should be able to dress however they want. I reserve the right to think it's weird, but I won't go out and harass some fruitcake.

I do get bothered with the hyper-politicizing of everything. I don't mind trannies being weirdos and dressing as they want. I do mind that it gets turned political, as everything else does these days. We're past the days of a guy wearing a dress. Transgender means something completely different. Now it's an ideology and not just some lipstick. People take it too seriously, and I think they like being persistent victims. I remember in the 2000's there was some guy that was an OBVIO
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Bring back smug Hitler
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Hey Thad, you were awesome on the new year's show. And congrats for winning the ashley award. I hope you and ash do more content together tbh!

And just to stay on topic, don't worry, nobody here is actually racist. nigger

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House Of The Rising Cum, Funny stuff  Maybe we can get Eric Burdon and The Animals to sing your version. Sure to be a hit.
We need to say this as a prayer everyday, lord ashley
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Buona Befana
>make new years resolution
>never shit in a public bathroom ever again
>goes good for first few days
>start getting nervous about maintaining goal
>anxiety gives me IBS
>trying to hold in shit during my 8 hour shift
>farts keep slipping their way out on accident
>sweating bullets now
>flexing ass muscles so much to keep shit in that my ass looks like 1980s peak Arnold Schwarzenegger
>shit reabsorbs into my body
>shit stress goes away for another few hours
>now I have a nice muscley ass
Happy new year bros
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>trying to hold in shit during my 8 hour shift
dude u need to harness the power of your IBS and get out all your shit before your 8 hr shit, i mean shift

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Ash, as promised, an erotic short story about you.

            THE ENCOUNTER

I came home and took a shower and dried myself off. It was warm in the house so I didn't bother getting dressed.I laid down on the bed. A short time later I heard a cute little voice say, "Hi". I recognized the voice and looked up and it was her. I reached for a blanket to cover myself but she said, "Don't cover yourself on my account." She sat on the edge of the bed and removed her black ankle length boots.

She stood up and removed her tee shirt revealing the most impecably small perfect breasts that emphasized her perfect little pink nipples. I began to feel a tingle you know where. She turned away from me. She began to slowly remove her jeans and gave a few wiggles with her cute little butt. She turned facing me revealing the most faultless camel toe pushing against her white cotton panties. She began to remove her panties but I told her to cease and desist since I wanted to savor the view of that enchanting little camel toe. She gave me that look, the patented smirk that only she can pull off. After about a half minute I relinquished and she slowly removed her panties revealing her "happy trail" as she called it which started at her mons veneris and ended at a perfectly manicured vulva. I became hard as dimonds. 

She threw her panties at me and I caught them and pressed it close to my face. Her panties were warm from her body heat as if the panties were just ironed. The scent was a treat for my olfactory glands. The scent was like fresh strawberries with just the slightest hint of musk. 

She walked towards me with the over exagerated walk and facial glare of an anorexic runway model. She was toying with me and I was willing to play.

She got on the bed looking at me seductively and sat on my stiff horizontal member. She began sliding her little butt back and forth and sometimes bending forward to stimulate her clitoris all the time staring at me like the seductive little imp that she is. Involuntarily my seed sprayed over my face and chest while she and I gave out a mutual orgasmic moan.

She bent forward to lick and clean my chest and face and I noticed a cute little blue hair ribbon that she was wearing to tie  tie up her little pony tail that she is famous for.
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maybe thats what alien anons encounter was like when they took him.
Lots of probing, poking and prodding.
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>So are you guys just gonna stand there or are you gonna help me continue humping the shit out of my mom's pillow?
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Like in the case of Whitley Strieber?

>>8308 (OP) 
BTW, SeaBee, I didn't know you wrote stories before. Nice! I'm new in this neck of the woods and I stumbled upon your stories by chance. Good job, sir.
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Yeah, I've written a few stories about Ashley and I. I'm glad you enjoyed them. I haven't written one in a while the latest being Casablanca. I enjoyed your story about Ashley being the singer and I'm looking forward to part 2 of your latest story.

I figured you were new here by the name you're using. Welcome aboard.

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Happy New Year, Ash and Ashlings.
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2022 has been nothing but a constant struggle for me. The only good thing to come out of it was Ashley and my kittens.

I had two dreams about Ashley last night.

I woke up in a bed in a dark room and there was someone in the bed with me. So I turn the light on my phone and it was Ashley sleeping next to me. Then I heard a noise. So I try to wake Ashley up but she won't get up. I get out of bed and went towards the bedroom door to open it and I was in this house with an open plan where the kitchen, living room and dining room where all the same room. All the lights were turned on. The TV was on and the dishwasher was running because I could hear it humming. There were Christmas decorations still up and aluminum trays of food and half empty bottles of alcohol and soda on the counter. I felt like someone was in the room with me but I didn't see anyone and began walking down a hallway towards a door left ajar with blue light coming from the room at the end of the hallway. Then a door opens on the left side of the hallway and a light turns off and Ashley walks out and goes into the room with the blue light and shuts the door behind her. It freaked me out because I knew Ashley was in the room with me and I turned around to go back to that room and Ashley was standing there behind me and she said it was only Ashley. And that's when I realized that it wasn't Ashley. It was another Ashley because Ashley's name isn't actually Ashley. The Ashley in the hallway was her daugh
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Happy new year to everyone!
lets hope our lives can get just that lil bit better, not expecting much, but a slight improvement would suffice
We made it another year everyone!


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I promised a surprise on January 1st. Here it is. I'd like to formally announce the 1st annual 2023 Cuckies Awards™®©. This is an hour-ish long Grammys-style awards ceremony intended to honor the biggest cucks, buffoons, weirdos and their victims, weirdness, stupidity, examples of societal decay, and general fuck ups of the year.

In this thread we gather together to share pictures, news stories, webms, and videos as submissions for the annual Cuckies Awards™®© show. All formal submissions for the cuckies will go here.

Examples from 2022: 1) The entire Canadian public watching the Canadian Shop teacher with juicy fake tits give his students wood. 2) Anyone who invested in LUNA or thought it was a good idea to trust a centralized exchange ran by a curly haired jew sex pervert. 3) The owner of the suitcase that was stolen by that bald government tranny. 4) All the guys in my movie who thought I had a penis.

The ceremony will be airing pre-recorded but live in early December 2023, date TBA. Formal attire to attend The Cuckies is required. I will be wearing a swanky black dress, gloves, and any costume jewelry I find while thrifting this year. I need your help with this one guys, if we want a fantastic show, submit your best stuff. A panel of experts (me) will be picking. Taking suggestions for categories, ideas for the show, etc. It's going to be well produced. We will even have "commercials" (by me), "musical guests" (by me), and more.
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>Revels-Glick claimed it only took her 20 seconds to finish the raunchy act.

god damn, i thought i was fast, but 20 seconds?
is that normal for a woman?
Can Ashley beat that time?
Apparently she committed suicide shortly after the arrest footage went viral.

Damn this bitch talked her way into being arrested. Had she just kept her mouth shut, she probably would have been able to walk away.
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>An electrician who had sex with more than 100 corpses over a 15-year period was able to do so without being detected due to serious failures of "management, governance, regulation and processes, and a persistent lack of curiosity," a new 300-plus page inquiry report found.

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I'm sure you are surprised (again) but we all came together to make you a special Christmas card for our special needs girl.
Merry Christmas and lots of love Ashley!
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kek yeah that was actually pretty funny and unexpected, I caught it the first time I watched the video but I could easily see how you'd miss it
Merry Christmas.
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No, I didn't and I'm not going to re re visit the vid to find out
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Dangerous blizzard conditions hit Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas. Stay safe, stay cozy, Ashley.
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Auguri yall 🥂

no ashley zone.jpg
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We mean it Ash, STAY OUT.
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Woah Metal
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bamp for any last signatures
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uuuuaaahhhhh i was armost tū rate 彡໒(⊙ᴗ⊙)७彡
Merii Kurisumasu Ashrey-chan!!! So pretty desu as arrways!!!!

⊹⋛⋋( ՞ਊ ՞)⋌⋚⊹ have many fun vacations in new yearu prease!! 

i see you arr at new yearu party desu!!

The ocean is calling, and I must go.
Who You?: I am Tahiti. I rove vacation! 🎅❄️
<Ristening to: 浜崎あゆみ:JEWEL [ HAPPY Xmas SHOW 聖夜にあの名曲が蘇る ] 2006.12.24 #ayumihamasaki #濱崎步
<Rink: https://vid.puffyan.us/watch?v=HNDPkKn54N4 🎵🕺
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I knew something was missing from this card, this was it

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Post one of your favorite Christmas songs that put you in the seasonal mood.
Here's mine  https://youtu.be/vP46Hgy7H7A
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when I was a kid I had an uncle who really loved me
when the spoon left I heard it really broke the plate into a million pieces ;(
The HANDLE of the fork is plastic, the fork itself is metal. Are you blind??

Yeah I prefer cutlery with a handle too, it feels weird and bare without it

The plate isn't plastic either

Some of you people are actually retarded
Spoiler File
(2.4MB, 640x368, 00:59)
I'm leaking Rose's 2023 Christmas video.

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Ho! Ho! Ho!

You've all been such naughty little boys, but thats ok. Mommy dearest still loves you!
Merry Getmas sweeties.
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>>16000 (OP) 
I know what I want for Getmas. Get me and you a hotel room so we can get room service and then I'll service you and you can thank me for it.
>>16000 (OP) 
Derricks mom is like Cartmans mom and Derrick is like an emaciated Cartman
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Replies: >>16364
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I am using Mixtral gguf 4.0 quant
32GB Ram 

want t.png
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The modern web is garbage, why try to spread Ashley online when we should all want to spread Ashley in real life? This is the Spread Ashley Campaign.

Do your part to share her videos with the world. There are many ways you can do this. Let us discuss how we would spread Ashley.

I will be contributing to the Spread Ashley Campaign. I've made a few fliers for the cause.

All fliers these would be ideal inside toilet stalls, by bus stops, on lamp posts, a communal billboard. (That is, if you get consent from the property owner of these places.) You could also put these on people's cars (with their consent. Ask the owner of the car if you have their permission to put the flier on their car).

Challenge mode: Take a picture of the flier where you posted it. You will gain extra internet points.
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>However, the good news is I found a similarly sized black and white photo that suits me. All will be revealed at a time in the future. You'll see. You'll all see.
>You'll see. You'll all see.
Ashley scares me when she says that line

please dont be a blown up photo of Ambatukam's blown out asshole
please dont be a blown up photo of Ambatukam's blown out asshole
please dont be a blown up photo of Ambatukam's blown out asshole
please dont be a blown up photo of Ambatukam's blown out asshole
please dont be a blown up photo of Ambatukam's blown out asshole
please dont be a blown up photo of Ambatukam's blown out asshole
Replies: >>16202
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[Hide] (129.1KB, 320x240, 00:04)
Don't be scared, bro, you'll see.
>Seth Autismo Rollins
thats gimmick infringement boi
Replies: >>16326
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Ive been watching a lot of pro wrestling promos lately.
I dont watch WWE or AEW or anything like that, wrestling is kinda gay tbh. Just for some odd reason I got into watching all the best promos on youtube.
I wrote that post after watching MJF and CM Punk. Its a fun creative writing exercise to write posts like that.

As for Seth Rollins, last week I had a very brief NON SEXUAL crush on him, specifically the time when he was a part of the Shield, not the metro sexual looking version he is now.
He just looks so cool, I wanted to be like him, idk its hard to explain.
Replies: >>16331
I like the flippy beaners

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