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Whether you're an artist with talent or a mere shartist, you don't have to have talent to post your art in this thread. As long as it's creative, you're welcome to post it here. It can be fan art or general art, as long as you tried.

Requests are also good.
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I've been getting into Stable Diffusion lately. By lately, I mean the last 4 days when I forgot to pay my hosting bill because I was too busy generating naked pictures of my husbando.

I always despised people's use of proprietary AI generated pictures. It's extremely limiting (by design) and why would someone be comfortable sending all their entries to some company? Stable Diffusion is open source and runs locally on your machine and on your own hardware and best of all - offline. It doesn't replace the relaxation and talent required to make actual art, it's just a way for me to see my husbando more and I surely don't think I'm "creating" anything or being artistic. Though I guess it fits in here since I'm technically stealing actual artist's and photographer's work :3

Anyways, I was using a fairly pornographic checkpoint because it was quick to download, but it works for regular non-porn stuff. When I, in a non-horny mindset, wrote a simple prompt for "Duke Nukem sitting on a couch facing the camera", this was NOT what I expected, but I bursted out laughing (which is rare and made me feel a little retarded).
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Daddy Duke cooked me dinner, later it gave him a tummy ache and a boner (•‿•)
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He thought he was an ape and wanted to go back to the swamps because it made him tremendously sad to have to live in this world.
He died last year. May he rest in peace.
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Good. Have fun ash.
I prefer drawings. I think they have more imperfections or can be more imaginative and that's more fun I guess.
This one made me laugh a lot a while ago.
Loads of fun!!! ^o^
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>>20777 (OP) 
Been playin some doom very fun very nice
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I want that in my mouth and I'm NOT talking about the food.
You did these?
Replies: >>20794
lookin good, cant wait to see what you come up with
In case you havent, you need to get these 2 extensions, they are must haves

Adetailer to help improve faces and hands.

ControlNet to give you more control over poses

immediately made me think of Derrick, which scared me and made a bit of white stuff come out of my pee pee
Replies: >>20793 >>20915
oh and after youre done wiping up the pussy juice from your keyboard, make sure to regularly go into your output folder and clean up and delete all the bad outputs you will never use. Its very easy to forgot and then you have a whole bunch of folders filled with literally hundreds of images you gotta sort thru :S
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No. I have no talent for drawing. I just like them.
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Ashley, besides the penis, what's your favorite muscle group on men do you find most attractive?
Replies: >>20797
Ugh I always have to edit two sentences together and it makes me retarted sound everytime
Replies: >>20798
I mean retarded. Fuck okay I'm retarded. Whatever, what's your favorite muscle group on guys that gives you a lady boner?
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>>20777 (OP) 
I made these special for you guys. No need to thank me.
Replies: >>20811 >>20821
This thread is for posting art you made
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>lady boner
Reddit is that way, around these parts we say any of the following instead:
- proper slimy
- gettin' goopy
- greasing the ooze tube
- sloppy schlick zone
- hard clitty
- cunt status: ready to fuck
- moist minge
- soggy snatch
- "I'm soaked"
- cleanup on aisle pussy
ngl lowkey, Bill Gates do be kinda lookin fire doe fr fr
Replies: >>20818
No cap
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Spoiler File
(648.3KB, 720x720, 00:14)
You sick monster. You queered him up.
Bill is turning my microsoft into a microhard
That candy is awful.
>Sweet Bandit ooze tube
Is that what ashley calls her dogs dick? What flavor do you think Bandit's ooze tube tastes like? I'm guessing cherry.
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Replies: >>20842
Keepin those bitches toesies warm
Spoiler File
(303.5KB, 1000x1353)
I love this drawing. It speaks to me in so many ways, makes me emotional.
Replies: >>20878
Ohh is lady boner a thing on reddit? I didn't even know they raped and pillaged that word so fucks like you would get triggered. Fantastic. Okay well >>20781
 Ashley what part of the male anatomy turns you on the most?
Replies: >>20866
>Ashley what part of the male anatomy turns you on the most?
The mouth. I especially like when it's closed.
Replies: >>20869 >>20870
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>The mouth.
Same. Been looking at those lips in OP's post all day. They'd look good closed in around my dick.
Replies: >>20886
I wonde if ash will jerk off to this >>20862
His beard might tickle your balls though
Replies: >>20908
I bet she would. It's not like she's tickling his balls.
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Doodling in MSpaint, thought it looked decent enough to post on here. Might do a "remake" in the future, we'll see...
Replies: >>20915 >>20923
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WOW METAL! *puts upper lip back into its normal position* I never considered a world where Doomguy is Doomgay, I just hope that blood isn't aids blood. Now draw Doomgoy :3 Doomgoy isn't actually a goy, he hunts goys. His weapons are circumcision knives. It's doom for the goys.

I was only familiar with Controlnet but haven't had a chance to download and use it yet, even though I'd really like to. I hadn't heard of Adetailer yet, I actually just tried that one out thanks to your suggestion and it makes a very noticeable difference, thanks for the tips. I probably won't spam this thread with AI stuff, I like to keep my relationship with Duke and I private. I also don't want Jon to find out what I'm doing. He'd be toЯn.

Usually it's the dogs who want a bone, but here I am wanting their bone.

This style is really awesome, I always really like the look of black and white sketches. The dots on the walls sort of reminds me as to how shading was sometimes done in the days of DOS (picrel). This picture has an older look to it for some reason, I guess you just don't really see sketches I know it's digital, but it looks photoscanned that much anymore since people don't use pens and paper, so I associate sketches as an older style. I love the look of this and the picture overall. I dont know how you people can effortlessly make really cool drawings.
Replies: >>20939
Looks great
Spoiler File
(40.6KB, 338x450)
Replies: >>20939
They still do police sketches. You should probably get one of me and hang it over your bed.

That's me and ashley's baby, bandit 4. She likes to leave poop on the porch. She's a sly pooper.
Spoiler File
(112.6KB, 887x758)
I asked AI for a photorealistic image of Duke Nukem after saving the universe and being married to Ashley for 7 years and this is what I got.
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Cheese sticks cannot sleep again
Heh, nice one, cheesy!  (/◕ヮ◕)/
I collect all of these, much love cheese
sorry I have to confess... Ive been sliding caffeine suppositories up ya butt when you werent looking so you cant sleep and instead draw some more cool art.

no i wont stop

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some more shArt, enjoy.
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I fricken love this set, especially the Duke ones and Taz one. Taz looks so masculine while embracing his feminine side, it's almost scary. Like you know he could strangle you since he's got all the strength of a man with the emotions of a woman. Imagine the damage an angry guy wearing high heels could do to someone. Also, I just realized that Taz should always wear a dark red colored shirt. Why? Because he's always killing people in car "accidents", he's staining all this clothes... Unless he uses Billy's Backdoor Blocker to get rid of the stains.
Replies: >>21173
She looks so cute in that wedding dress.
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me on the left but more like picrel

wtf have u trained a Duke TTS??????
Replies: >>21263
No, that's the actual voice actor who posts basically daily on TikTok doing his Duke voice.
Replies: >>21268
He also charges $200 on Cameo. Maybe it's for that best that AI is taking these people's jobs.
Replies: >>21269
AI taking jobs isn't a reality for a lot of positions. Voice acting being one of them, it's not there yet and not currently able replace voice actors who have to scream or make certain strange noises AI can't pin down yet. Plus companies need excuses to spend lump sums of cash for tax write offs, which is a good enough reason to hire a VA rather than using AI.
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No sleep. Taz upgrade + TazMz.
I like this version of Taz, i have no art style so every fanart will look different always. Enjoy :3
Replies: >>21389 >>21521
Heh. Made my day, cheesy. Nice one, especially the angle on Barry’s face
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some of my better stable diffusion outputs, feedback/advice appreciated I get bored generating anything other than cute girls

Taz tweaking his nipples is a nice touch, no pun intended
Replies: >>21523 >>23172
Porn addict.
Replies: >>21525 >>21527
I'm sorry that the female form offends you. What can I say, I'm attracted to women. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Replies: >>21526
>the female form
>fake women generated by a machine
reddit ass nigga
Replies: >>21527
A porn addict would be generating images of femboys with smooth assholes and smooth ballsacks, pink asshole, cock in cock cake, dribble of cum coming out of cock, BBC up ass, highly realistic, blemishes, photorealistic

Nta but that is objectively the female form and trained off of real pictures of women. A highly realistic painting is "fake" but can be highly realistic and true to life. Sort of a dumb take but this is /ashleyj/.
Replies: >>21528
Its fine you can go back to your ai and  feed the tech antichrist and generate more fake women to post here
Replies: >>21529
Stable Diffusion (I assume he's using that since the results are actually good) is open source and runs offline, so you're not feeding anything by using it.
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kek, we've all been there. I'd send her a double penny vid but I only have one hole. inb4 butthole and mouth, that's a spitroast, doesn't technically qualify as DP
Replies: >>21748
Those eyes and collarbones drive me crazy.
Nice one, cheesy!  ∩(·ω·)∩
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Just put 2 dildos in your ass
[Hide] (329.9KB, 1140x1612)
Looks nothing like her.
[Hide] (62KB, 680x538)
i didnt notice that!
I always wondered why Wesker kept a photo of Taz in his desk.
What does RPD mean???
Raccoon City Police Department
Replies: >>21786
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Really Poopy Diaper

I'd like by a vowel, Alex, A.


I'd like to buy another vowel, Alex, E.


I'd like to solve the puzzle, Alex.
Replies: >>21866
I just realized I typed Alex instead of Pat.
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Pissing in jars. 
is it an art or a disgusting habit? OR perhaps a handy convenience?
Replies: >>22365
I sometimes piss into jars and then throw the piss out the window so that I don't have to leave my room
Replies: >>22380 >>22388
I sell mine from a lemonade stand.
Replies: >>22388
nice strat!
Its a shame im not allowed near windows because thats a great idea.
I tried having a larger bucket so i only had to empty it every few days but the smell got too much my neighbors were complaining 

Taz selling his "lemonade" is a good idea for an art piece
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Art block
Replies: >>22498
requesting the drill sergeant from her latest video
[Hide] (198.9KB, 331x575)
Replies: >>22533 >>22535
Need this in good quality for reasons
Replies: >>22536
Looks like a femboy. What did you do to her face?
Replies: >>22536 >>22538
>>22535 thx
>>22533 accident, inpainting the body, not sure why the face looked weird. Better to faceswap to another one of her faces.
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Replies: >>22540
Uh oh sexy downie asian snuck into her room. Not gonna lie, some asian downies are kinda cute.
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Replies: >>22602
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kek sounds like my prompts
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[Hide] (19.5KB, 197x256)
[Hide] (207.1KB, 518x633)
[Hide] (280.3KB, 1280x904)
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Mammals invented gayness 
don't (You) me
Replies: >>22661
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[Hide] (445.8KB, 1200x1050)
Replies: >>22664
Lockheed Martin employee spotted
Spoiler File
(307.8KB, 500x668)
[Hide] (63.3KB, 541x481)
Replies: >>22788 >>22789
Its beautiful
btw what video is that from
Replies: >>22800 >>22801
Dunno. Found a image of 4chan, so I didn't ask.
My mistake this post lol: 
Spoiler File
(3.2MB, 01:09)
Ashley pokemon vaperon copypasta. Soz.
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Replies: >>23041
I don't care what anyone says, im going to paint myself black if this is whats in store for me
these images look fine from a technical PoV, but otherwise they are super generic. From their boring poses to the fact they dont look like Ashley JOI photos. 
Go get yourself an extension for SD like ReActor
Because, no offense, how else am I supposed to get the motivation to go the local library, awkwardly ask the old lady at the desk to print out these images from my USB stick, then go to a laminating service 20 mins away, find a park, pay waaaay to much for parking and then 10x more embarrassingly ask to get said images laminated because the dude behind the counter that works there knows EXACTLY what I plan to do with my newly lamented images as soon as i fucking get home?

After all that, after all that hard work, how can you expect me to cum tribute these images if they dont look like Ashley? Isnt that the entire point of AI images? for dudes to create artificial images that slightly resemble their waifus to desperately wank to?


The answer is ... its fucking YES what else were you thinking.
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[Hide] (201.1KB, 559x851)
Since the OP said even mere shartists with no talent are allowed to post, Im here to bring down the quality of the art in this thread (Im so sorry cheese_sticks <3).
Its been about 2 years since ive picked up the PENcil and sketchbook and drawn anything so Im extremely awful rusty.
The first image was "ok-ish" for like baseline point, but I wanted to go further and add some shading to develop it more, which... if you have a functioning set of eyeballs was a very clear mistake.

Oh well, I kinda almost maybe sort of had fun drawing it. even if I was bleeding out a crime on paper against my muse armed with just a cheap sketchbook and a 2b pencil.
This is really cool. You should keep going. It's nowhere near as bad as you think, and I bet if you kept practicing it would look better. Portraits are incredibly difficult (I wouldn't dare to even try).

If you want constructive criticism: I never thought I would say this, but I think her eyes are too far apart.
Replies: >>23250
[Hide] (3.5KB, 55x55)
Coming from someone who can't even draw a straight line, don't denigrate yourself. Your sketches show a lot of talent and skill. Those 2 sketches look pretty damn good.
Replies: >>23250
[Hide] (19.3KB, 180x320)
Spoiler File
(173.8KB, 1280x600)
Spoiler File
(69.8KB, 1280x720)
Looks better than anything I can do. Picrel. The face shape looks too solid. Faces are softer and aren't firmly outlined like hair strands or eye shapes are. I'd soften out the face shape and rely more on shading for that area. The eye iris looks too solid as one color which gives it an unnatural look. Try to make the middle of the iris whiter, slowly darkening on the outside. Aside from those small things it looks good.
Replies: >>23250
Thanks and yeah your right, even for the Ash, those eyes are too far apart
>Portraits are incredibly difficult (I wouldn't dare to even try).
you should, its pretty fun, just keep in mind thats the whole point. Well for me it is, just have fun drawing and try not to get frustrated if it isnt looking like how you want it to.
idk some gay shit about its the journey and not the destination...

Thank You For Your Support Seabee
>Coming from someone who can't even draw a straight line
damn your THAT gay you cant even draw straight!
heh heh heh 

Thanks for the constructive feedback, I will keep that in mind. especially the eye stuff, that seems like a pretty simple thing to do to improve the eyes
Replies: >>23254
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>you're that gay you can't even draw straight

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