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>Youtube "comedian"
>800,000 subscribers
>Ashley gets like 500 views per video
There's something wrong with this world
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america frist get out
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Wait, I thought you were supposed to sit on the Easter Bunny's lap, not the other way around.
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Thats a different easter bunny ;)
I’m an American!
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I thought this dude was based... until it sets in.

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What are you stupid bitches doing, and how many of you are fucking Jewish? Shut the fuck up, I don't want to hear anything you've got to say.

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>>19547 (OP) 
imagine being the dog, imagine being owned by one of these rotting mindless walking corpses

as human beings we are lucky to have freedom of choice and independent thought, but man, just look at how some people decide to exert it

>picrel is mfw
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so no one will reply to her posts? :(((((((((
If you write stories here and Ashley hasn't abducted you and broken your legs I got bad news for you.
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Please help me. I've been abducted by this small woman who forces me to write for her every day. She keeps me locked in this tiny room. I just picked the room's lock and got out. Send help. I hope the glowie reads this.

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Only real females can post in this thread!
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Omg yass pls i have all the (first 3) albums yass
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Hello from thailand !!
Im a girl and ive only had sex with other girls. am i a virgin?
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Yes Ashley
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why dont you host your own cytu.be instance instead of using the public one? you would have more control and could have it set up as one page and not have limitations on what your allowed to stream and chat would be on your server not someone elses and could be wiped if necessary just wondering?
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>Sure hosting your own would allow you to embed what you want
Hosting her own wouldn't change what can or can't be embedded, that's up to the provider of wherever you're getting the video.
>have more control over chat logs
Not really for the reasons she outlined. Yes she could technically have more control over the logs server side, but there are practically no benefits from this. If someone wanted a full record of the chat, they just load the cytube channel and leave it on all day. 
She kinda went over these points already
Hey pal, don't be mean to the film buff. He's more intelligent and sophisticated than the rest of us uncultured swine who just watch TV
No, but I’ve seen the Seventh Seal by him.
I really should watch more of his works.
>>19745 (OP) 
No limitations on what your allowed to stream, huh? Sounds great. We could watch bestiality porn together.
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One of my favorite movie scenes is perhaps from The Testament of Dr. Mabuse where in the early years of talkie pictures actors still kept their exaggerated expressions which were a method used in the silent era but was still resilient in the talkie era.

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Ashley, we love you. We know you're trying to recover from your eating disorder surprisingly not anorexia but whatever its called when you are addicted to food so instead of buying you more Panda Express we're doing something different.

Each day up until Valentine's Day and beyond we will post spoilered images for you to "unwrap". We'll post any images we think you like, fan art, edits, gay porn, whatever we think will make you smile.
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Kevin luuvvs Taz
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Ashley loves tribbing
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Here's my cathode ray tube catheter gay dude. Filmed on an equipment older than almost everyone here. Nostalgia and vintage tech discussion can take place in this thread, too.

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Just rip it off.
See, thats exactly why I dont clip my nails.
The OLDEST websites EVER

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Was in a thrift store earlier today and came across a couple of items that made me think of Ashley.

I really like going thrift store shopping. 
its kind of like going on a treasure hunt but instead navigating your way thru a jungle or an island with trees, sand and hot babes to find a treasure, its a musty old building full of clothes, dvds, plates and old ladies

Even if you dont find anything, its fun to explore. Plus, sometimes the old ladies that work there can be really attractive in a wholesome kinda way
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kek the second image got me

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I wonder what she does for money. What do you anons do to earn money?
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Thanks for that. I'm in a predicament where I'm still living in my parents' house but they are paying for my university. I've never had a job and my parents don't want me to have one because they want me to focus on uni and then get a job once I get a degree. Sure, this sounds great, but I pay a monthly fee to the gym jew and gasoline jews for my vehicle to get there so I need some sort of income. If I quit going to the gym, I'll be able to have ZERO monthly expenses but I'm not sure that quitting the gym is a good idea as I believe it has given me a little bit of motivation and purpose. I stopped buying materialistic/pointless things a long time ago so it's not like I'm blowing my money on stupid stuff. I'm not expecting much from me posting this block of text but at least it allows for me to put thoughts into words and to get it off my chest.
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You know we all love you and would not want anything to happen to you. Sometimes jumping a dead battery can be dangerous if not done properly. So for your well being I've attached a chart showing the proper procedure.

Toting a car battery around to give people a jump start is hard work, those car batteries weigh in around 20 pounds. May I suggest you bolt the battery to your skateboard and attach a rope to pull it around.

There's a hoard of gypsies running the same scam and they don't like competion so be careful out there, gypsies are very unforgiving

Does your Craigs list "mom" drive you to the parking lots and is she proud of her "daughter's" scam. I guess so, she likes to get paid too.
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On top of this, if you have the money, consider buying a battery powered jumper. or a few.
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You have to admire her initiative and ingenuity.
Happy black history month!

gay liota
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>gay liota
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>a refreshing club soda
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this thread was shit a year ago and it's even worse now that you bumped it
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butt mad posta
I would creampie that in a secon

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Spill the beans. Again.
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Its more accurate to say what she did to me
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 NEW THREAD >>18666 
Please give details in new bread
My friend wants me to go to his super bowl party, but i fucking don't want to go. What do?
Replies: >>18990
I think you’ll regret not to go. I think it’ll be a fun experience for you. Hey maybe there’ll be chicks there.

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ITT share cool wallpapers with your fellow ashlings.

I'll start the thread off with some really cool Ashley wallpapers that some anon made a while back.

Maybe Ashley will post some new wallpaper worthy PPs

You can attach up to 5 images to your post but one at a time is OK too, kinda looks cleaner that way imo
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Someone's been a busy little bee, board looks really, really good, Ashley.
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Dumping some wallpapers
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You dump the wallpapers, I'll dump the LOADS
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Thad I thought you'd prefer this wallpaper
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