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Post newspaper funnies, or comics in general. Garfield is a must, but I also like Peanuts.
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wow what an amazing piece of fan art!
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Todays Garfield + Peanuts and a bonus
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C&H for seabees
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I gotta get a drawing pad so I can make these.
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Looks like someone is really into Calvin and Hobbes.

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We're taking a look at the true crime story of Chester. How has one seemingly normal and caring man betrayed the trust of everyone, including the Minnetonka Police Department? Find out as I unravel Chester's lies.

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>ywn be this sigma
why even try
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r8 my new gf
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I am thankful for this scene, its given me a new fetish "distressed Mexican housekeepers who walk in on something unexpected"
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Yes. You can rightfully assume that I was watching tranny porn for laughs and that's how I came across these videos in the first place.

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Lily's also short for Lilith haha...
>>11726 (OP) 
>watching tranny porn for laughs
I believe this fully and non ironically
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yo wtf turns out this kid is kinda BASED
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ayy lmao nvm...

I frickin love this video m8

Hello Mama Ashley. You are the Mother of BELLGAB! and ART BELL is our Daddy! Thank you for coming on the Richard Groyper show on Youtube to help defeat the terrible, awful, and gay "Enemy Camp!" You are our favorite Mommy!
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What video though, caller? WHAT VIDEO?
Thanks, I will spend my time going through every recent video and skimming through the transcripts until I see Ashley's name mentioned.
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I already did this for 3 videos and she isn't in them
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yeah I think OP was having a stroke

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When Barry finds himself with no more income source, he has to find a solution – and fast. Luckily, he knows just the guy to help him make some quick cash. Will things go perfectly as planned?

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take a trip down south, Ive heard
of a crazy little place
where the pumpkin seedz are ripe
in a feed n seed
down in mehico
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I genuinely felt bad for Linda at the end of this video.
Barry just yells at her for buying things, probably to fill the empty void in her life. Then he storms out of the room, leaving her to spend the night alone, as usual.
Linda gives out this sad little sigh at around 16:02 of the video that breaks my heart
Then if that wasnt enough, she tries to make herself feel better by watching some TV, only for her to be disappointed to discover the new CRT television she got yelled out for buying, doesnt even work. The way she says "broken?" is the proverbial icing on the cake of sadness.

They say some of the best cinema is the one tugs at your heart strings, and my friends, watching this scene, my heart strings were a tugging, they were truly a tugging :(
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did you edit Linda to look like she is on the horse dildo???
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lmao nope

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idk post some literally me webms or somethin
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some conspiracy / feels stuff. rip
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That’s a lot like me and Ashley.
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He’s just like me fr

Can anyone tell me where the best place to find a racist girlfriend would be? I thought walmart would be a good place to look but they all seem to be on meth
Theyre full of racist middle class white women.
they think there too good for a place like Walmart, so Target is your best bet
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If you want to travel, there's a little town in Washington State called Beaner Lake.
Or you might try pic related towns that were named as a slur to blacks. I'm sure you'll find some toothless room temp IQ girls there.

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Post what you're thankful for, friends.

I'm thankful for the roof over my head and my family.

I'm also thankful for God and those men and women who made this country and this civilization.
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Had this as my wallpaper all day, but now Thanksgiving is over. Would you please make some Fatshley nudes for Christmas?
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Great idea, will try some out.
might even try get Santa in on the action.
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I was hoping for a solo set where mommy fatshley is getting into the milk and cookies
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THIS PLEASE. Like her fat ass and back is facing the camera, but she's looking behind her shoulder at you while eating a cookie. Please get some side boob in there if you can. Please anon please please please
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Another idea. Make fatshley Santa. Naked. Sitting on her big chair waiting for you to get on her lap.

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Give Ashley a tattoo
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coincidentally so, these posts were made during a perigee, which is the opposite of what 3D Realms' original name was

SVNTV out, the voices are getting louder
I'm thankful that I get cum tributes. You gave me more than your load, it looks like you gave me Vitiligo.

Not joking, for the past 3 weeks I have been trying to dream that Duke Nukem and I have a family together or in some way he loves me, but it has yet to happen. The fact that Duke Nukem found my board and posts on it has made my day immeasurably amazing and unforgettable.

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Post what you're resentful or hateful about, friends. Also Thanksgiving food thread, which if we're being honest, is the only part that anyone gives a shit about.

I'm resentful that people still celebrate a dumb holiday based around grotesque lies. If the pilgrims and the injuns were such great pals, how come all those smelly Europeans ended up killing them all?

I'm also resentful about the last time I was at an Indian casino and got completely fucked. I wish the pilgrims could come back and finish the job starting with Chief Runs-With-My-Money at that neon hellhole.

I do look forward to making my signature homemade skin-on garlic mashed potatoes, though.
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>muh huwhites
latinas are the future, honkey
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I see no compassion in killing 60000000 natives and taking away their land. On the contrary.

As a native, I only thank my parents because they have given me the best they could, no one else. 

In all the time of my life I have always seen that the strong subdue the weaker. The whites were more advanced and had better technology than the natives and they screwed them over. It's as simple as that. Sad for us but true.
Replies: >>15360
Losers? They have the United States, they are going to replace whites and the same goes to other countries that whites colonized. A lot of the fighting wasn’t even necessary we should have just invited you over to help us build our countries. I’m thankful for the humanitarian effort and achieving independence. With the help of whites we made our countries even better than European countries.
Sorry for what those cunts did to your people anon
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It all boils down to the U.S.government's belief in the 1800s  called Manifest Destiny. It was the belief that the expansion of the U,S.all the way to the west coast was devinely ordained and inevitable. Rightly or wrongly it was used to rationalize the removal of Native Americans from their native homelands.

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