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>>6000 (OP) 
Congrats my friend. We've all come a long way together so I got a special gift for you.  Here's to the next 6000 posts.
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>>6000 (OP) 
fuck you Derrick, I hope you get bullied in school forever!
those looks delicious...
Is cum cheese vegan?

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And you won’t BELIEVE what happens!
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>>5961 (OP) 
>yeah just like that
>use more tongue baby boy
>I'm so glad we got rid of my wife
>I'm finna nut
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>use more tongue baby boy
jesus christ i laughed like a retard at this

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If you want to do something about the hunch, here's the video. I'm going to try this myself.
oh I guess you'll need the link 

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Here's my in-depth review/synopsis of the 2010 movie, Harriet the Spy: Blog Wars. More videos to come, I look forward to your appraisal in this drastic change in content style.

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Who want's some dog meat?
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Oh yeah I remember this thread. Made me wonder about how many animals died to make a single film. Not sure if it counts but there was a tiger movie or documentary in the 70s where they abused and killed a ton of them. Can’t put my finger on what it was called and I’m too lazy to look it up. Good night.
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hoOooOh YES!! tigah and spicy dog dick nuders is Ashwrilly Jones favorite Panda Express mearl!!! Makah my tiny penis ah so big!!!
Makes sense that the faggot posting gore can't use proper grammar.
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Do you wana hat dag made from dag?

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Time Stamps matter:
12:02 =33
March 21 = 33
2023 =223
Barron Trump turned 17
Pops is 76
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Svb bank with their arrow pointing to the symbol identifying our Hidden Hand Overlords (Knights Templar) 
Wuhan Lab sign in China. Their logo looks very similar to the Resident Evil, Raccoon City logo. 
George H.W. Bush visiting Malta - Knights of Malta 🇲🇹

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March 22, 2023 = 322 223 
Skull & Bones = 322
How long since the Japan 9.1 EQ?
12 years and 11 days
1+2=3 - 311
144 months and 11 days
1+4+4= 9 - 911
Tsunami = 311 in gematria
On 3/22 how many days since the Queen died? 183
Cumbre Vieja = 183 in gematria
Tsunami = 183 in reverse FB gematria
On 3/22 how many days till the second Great American Eclipse? 383
Cumbre Vieja = 383 in Fibonacci gematria...
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cute! is this before she transitioned?
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>That would make Ash 30something
Why? She's mexican, so her family couldn't afford a playstation 3 so she got hand-me-down nintendo games

PS you can spoiler using two pipes, these | things. See https://tubgurl.com/faq.html#post-styling

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she is tex mex dumb ass.
sure her parents have money to live decently.
Isn't today the big day?
A nigger just flew over my house!

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So I've always wanted to run my own site since at least a decade ago but I've been a lazy POS. I really enjoy browsing retro sites, the ones that look like they've been running unchanged since the 90's and not some bland wordpress one.

So I stumbled upon Ashley through Rose fandoms online, and found this amazing site. I can't tell how much is serious and how much is satire but I love it.

So what kinds of technologies would I need to build something like icum.to? I'd like to have a site like hers (except it'd probably be more normie, definitely minus the epstein stuff)
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Some hosting providers give one with the service, some not. Use Let's Encrypt and Certbot.
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OP, I'll visit your site. What kind of stuff do you want to put on there?
Bump. Whatever happened to OP? Did he make a site?
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Wow ash thanks so much for the info. Deleting my rose folder ASAP.

I've been busy with work so I haven't had time to reply. Still need time to think of a proper response (this isn't it).
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>I've been busy with work so I haven't had time to reply

Don't lie, you haven't been busy with work, you been busy making out with dudes!

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What happens when JonesTown residents get lonely? They go to the annual Valentine's Day Speed Dating event.

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this is a good idea
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According to the Christian bible the fallen angels, those who rebelled against God and followed Lucifer were expelled from heaven and cast to earth. God sent the great deluge to purge the earth of these creatures destroying their bodies yet their souls survived roaming the earth as demons and still with us to the present day. Similar writings can be found in the book of Jubilees, an ancient Jewish work. It is also mentioned in the Babylonian Talmud, also in the Kabbalah and in the Quran.

The elitists have strived for years for a one world government. What better way to frighten the sheeple or as you put it, the livestock, us, to unite the world with one government by faking an invasion by aliens.
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Seabeee, you have inadvertently given me a great deal of entertainment today. I wanted to respond to your post with a funny image. You said "the Christian bible", so I wanted to humorously respond with an image of a book cover with a stupid or raunchy title and say, "The Christian Bible? This is MY bible." Pretty standard image board fare.

So I searched (no, Ashley, not on Google) for a few keywords, not really finding much, but then, thinking that I might be able to make my little joke while expressing my supposed prowess at attracting women, I made the following search: "pussy bible". I figured there would be some cheapo pickup artist books I could use.

But no. Oh, no. I found something so much better. Pic extremely related.

I shit you not, the following url was in the list of results for "pussy bible" as a search: https://biblicalsexology.com/2021/01/01/is-it-wrong-for-christians-to-use-the-f-word-p-word-and-c-words-in-the-context-of-sex/

I thought it was a parody website. I'm 99.9% sure it's real. If you've ever wanted to see "a Christian husband and father in his 40's" write about how, biblically speaking, it's perfectly OK to say things like:

>Please fill my pussy wi
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Good to know these things, except my wife would never say "Your cock is so big!"
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Really? Huh. She loves it when I say MY COCK IS ABOUT TO EXPLODE IN YOUR PUSSY! so maybe try that?

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Please i can fix her....... P:EASEE DM ME ASHERY
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What do you want to fix? Her bunions?
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I was so excited at first to see the url of a website perfectly matching my interests but it doesn't work
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Don't do it Ashley it's a trap!
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she already succummed to the reptillians by doing gay...its all downhill from here, brother...abandon all hope...
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The damage is done. There's no fixing this t-infused body.

women think.png
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Is Ashley a high T alpha male or just autistic?
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Ashley autistic traits: Doesn't shave, NEET, watches children's movies, uses Linux, uses free open source software, weird dietary restrictions, writes like Richard Stallman

Ashley male traits: hairy, short hair, NEET, uses Linux, uses free open source software, intelligent, actually funny, cross dresses, likes women, takes huge shits, big hands, big feet, probably big penis

Ashley female traits: has tits kind of?
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something tells me this is a pretty accurate sexual representation of ashley (she's bateman, obvs)
Autistic or Artistic?

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