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>Pic related is Mackenzie Phillips (left), daughter of John Phillips (right) from the band The Mamas & The Papas. She had a consensual incestuous relationship with her father in her adulthood. Her Papa was gonna make her a mama.
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>>22067 (OP) 
Should have just made an incest thread since that's what this will turn into.
Replies: >>22069
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Post cute girls or shut up faggot
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Why is this so erotic?
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>>22067 (OP) 
A read a biography or autobiography I forget which about Michelle Phillips of the Mamas and the Papas. She was screwing Denny Doherty of the Mamas and the Papas while married to John Phillips As a matter of fact she would screw any guy walking. She was one cutie 3.14 though.
Replies: >>22081
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The wall waits for no one
Replies: >>22082
"The wall" thats just aging little fella, you will also age someday, you will be saggy and bald, your dick won't work anymore, your balls will be hitting your knees and your memory will fade away. "The wall" my hairy balls, fag.
Replies: >>22084 >>22085
t. angry toasty roastie
Replies: >>22086
I plan to live fast and die young. I've timed it perfectly so that I go out in a blaze of glory 10 seconds before I hit the wall. I have six months to live. That's why I'm not worried about the neck tattoo I got last week or the 8 unfiltered cigarettes I have before getting out of bed.
Replies: >>22087
I'm going to rape you
Replies: >>22088
Why do you have only six months to live do you have cancer or something. Good luck anyways i guess.
Replies: >>22089
I just looked over at my screen and read "I'm going to rape you" without really mentally registering the context and I actually had feelings of being threatened. Damn that's probably like 1/1000th of what it would be like to be raped.
No I'm going to kill myself 10 seconds before I hit the wall so that I never have to be old and ugly
Replies: >>22090 >>22111
killing yourself is gay. But it still your personal choice anyways. life isn't just getting saggy and old in the end and mourning the fact that you aren't hot and young anymore, thats such a woman thought.
Replies: >>22091
Yeah I plan to KYS myself in the gayest way possible, I haven't decided yet. What should I do?
Replies: >>22092 >>22093
Try to enjoy life as much as you can, thats what i would do, id just use a firearm that a family member has, but i wouldn't do it at home i would try to find some isolated place and do it. The gayest way is to do it is in front of people imo, it would ruin their day and lives and gays ruin other peoples days and lives.
Get gAIDS!
Make sure you don't survive at least, you can turn into a crippled creature unable to talk or move that needs nurses to clean your shit forever while other enjoy their life
Replies: >>22101
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sounds comfy tbh
Replies: >>22103
I used to like sitting in those cars. Sometimes I feel ashamed of myself for having fun as a kid. I should have been masculine enough at 6 to know it was gay to sit in a plastic toy car and have fun.
Replies: >>22107
tbh if ur 6 years old and still doing that.... its a little concerning.
now if you were 2-4 years old, then hello young man, i need i ride and you look like youve got what it takes to get me to my destination
>>22067 (OP) 
We need to stop stigmatizing incest. 
Especially when it comes to incest between mothers and sons, brothers and sisters, aunts and nephews and to a lesser extent grandmothers and grandsons. As long as it's consentual what's the big deal. B...but it's wong, w...what if they get pregnant? That's what condoms and butt sex is for. Mind your own business, Karen. Love is love. I should point out incest between father and daughters, uncles and nieces and grandfathers and granddaughters is weird and fucked up and should stay stigmatized. Sorry not sorry.
Replies: >>22112 >>22118
woman moment
woman moment
This reminds me a lot of my babysitter and me. True story. My parents were always working and I was dumped with other relatives but they must've gotten  sick of me because they started making up excuses on why they couldn't babysit me. Thankfully a family friend stepped up to the plate and said their daughter who just finished college was looking for a job and this proved to be a perfect opportunity. She ended up basically becoming my second mother but was way more cool and fun and I soon developed a crush on her eventhough I was 5 or 6. I wanted to go everywhere and do everything with her. I didn't even want my parents to speak to me. I was totally infatuated with her. She ended up moving in next door into another house my parents owned and would rent out on occasion. This was great news. We spent even more time together. I ended up calling her my girlfriend or "gurlfwend" and we even had a fake wedding. I don't think she ever touched me inappropriately but I do remember her bathing me frequently, us cuddling together on the couch and having "kissy time" unfortunately after 3 years she moved on and I never saw her again. I still have pics and videos of together but can't even look them without tearing up.
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>Ashley says she doesn't like Japanese porn because the girls are too loud
What a fucking retard
Replies: >>22121
Even if they get pregnant, who cares? This is AMERICA. We'll bomb a school full of children in Yemen, but god forbid we engage in a little COUSIN LOVE without a condom.
Replies: >>22127
The girls are annoying as fuck in Japanese porn and everything is censored.
Replies: >>22194
> I still have pics and videos of together but can't even look them without tearing up.
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I have more pics in photo album. I keep this picture on my dresser to remind me of her.
Damn that bitch is HOT. She looks like a model. You absolute chad got to kiss that hot babe at 6 years old. Are you a chad later in life? Also what did "kissey time" entail? I'm guessing she was just taking on a motherly role with being affectionate (hugs, cuddling, playing pretend), but if she was making out with you during "kissey time" she wanted your 5yo boycock.
I would let her change my diaper if she was babysitting me.
>I still have pics and videos of together
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hi Jonathan!
uh oh, stinky!
Welp, time to kill myself.
God dammit. Whats up with every single faggot here lying about their life?
Replies: >>22149
YES. Nobody would believe them about being raped because we'd assume they're lying again. If I find out where one of you filthy liars live, consider my dick in your ass as soon as humanly possible. Don't worry. I'll bring some KY.
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you mother FUCK BITCH LIAR FUCKEERRRSSSSSSSS!!!! AEEEIGHGLHG how many times must you prey on our good nature and willingness to believe BITCH BLOODY FAGGOT FUCK i am seething i have been hoodwinked again by one of your sexy and slightly incestuous storys you FUCKERS I am going to shit my ass I WANT A REFUND fuck YOUUUUUUuu BITCH MOTHER. just once I want the story about the BOY or MAN being TOUCHED by the WOMAN OR GIRL to be FUCKING REAL REREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEREAAAAAA
Replies: >>22153
Speaking of which, what if Ashley never actually came back and it was just some psycho bitch pretending to be her this entire time since she "came back"? That could explain why some people are claiming she hit the wall.
Replies: >>22157
Bruh you fell for it twice? Hopefully you didn't jerk off to it this time
Replies: >>22154 >>22156
of course I jerked off to it. Who doesn't jerk off to /ss/? A fag, that's who.
Replies: >>22155
You should refund your load by swallowing it so it's back inside you, consider it a comeback.
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I did more than jerk off to it.
Replies: >>22158 >>22159
>some people are claiming she hit the wall
Who's saying that? Any examples? No one's saying that are they? ARE THEY?!?!?!??!
So you accidentally aimed a little too far to the left and missed... right?
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I cant believe someone would just go on the internet and lie like that!

I dont know whats real and what isnt anymore
Replies: >>22161 >>22169
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Spoiler File
(175.1KB, 500x374)
I cant believe Ashley started her live streams in secret and didnt tell us!
Replies: >>22172
Nice shot!
Does this guy want to fuck him mom or something? Or has he. Why would you post pictures of your mom online and brag about how hot she is. Weird af i bet he's like hey guys check out my hot mom don't you want to fuck her? Mmmmmm yeahhhhhh. I bet you're jerking off to her ohhhhh mmmmmmmm end me videos of you jerking to her mmmmmmm. Weird dude. What kind of son does that.
Replies: >>22191
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Replies: >>22178 >>22179
Not cute
Replies: >>22185
I guarantee you shes never seen Pulp Fiction
Replies: >>22185
very gay
very probable
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Quiz: For you guys that have been around since 2014, what does that shadow on the outside wall remind you of?
Replies: >>22189 >>22191
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derickdabeastxX doing cool poses?
[Hide] (126.4KB, 761x701)
He is pimping her out for the eventual OF drop

umm... does anyone else see it?

oh, I mean... it reminds me of umm Derrick and his skinny long arms and legs and the sound of crushed ice under shoes
and also nervously looking around hoping no one sees him filming.

I really like that rape at the end of the video
Replies: >>22195
I forgot that if it is censored faggots like you can't stare at cocks to get off.
Replies: >>22197
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That's exactly what I had in mind. Thanks for playing, guys.
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The introduction reminds me of “the day of retribution”.
Replies: >>22198
I only watch porn without cocks in it because I'm not a faggot. Japanese women are annoying and why would I beat off to censored shit? I'm not 12 watching scramble channels in the 90's.
Replies: >>22205
I always wonder what he'd be doing if he was still with us. Would he have ever had sex or would be have trooned out and started fucking guys.
Replies: >>22200
I’m not sure if he would have had it or not. He does look kinda gay so I wouldn’t be surprised if turned out be a homo.
Total nonsense. The fact that you desperately feel the need to only watch lesbian porn to prove how not gay you are makes me think you are just in denial.
Replies: >>22206
I dislike seeing cocks when I'm trying to beat off to an attractive woman. I'm not sure what mental gymnastics you're trying to do to make me gay for beating off to women.
Replies: >>22210
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Only total fucking faggots "beat off to women". Heterosexuality is about chicks getting penetrated by massive cocks. That is the whole point.

You are either anti-heterosexual-sex, and hence a faggot, or a faggot. Oh wait, you "beat off to women".. TOTAL FUCKING FAGGOT
I remember when the brony movement started back in like 2010-2011, maybe later, and thought it was just people pretending to enjoy a kid's TV show but it turned out that there really were autists who got off to cartoon horse pussy. I've only seen one My Little Pony fanatic IRL and it was some fat depressed girl with a Rainbow Dash backpack. She looked like Ciara Horan but 175lbs heavier.
Replies: >>22215 >>22219
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[Hide] (291.1KB, 1280x1341)
>it turned out that there really were autists who got off to cartoon horse pussy
Has nothing to do with autism, you just need an open mind. It's not "horse" either. It's pony.

I dare you to simply scroll through https://derpibooru.org/search?q=anatomically+correct+AND+butt+AND+vulva+AND+ponut&sf=score&sd=desc, with all filters diabled (https://derpibooru.org/filters), for 10 minutes. Then try to tell me you didn't get horny once.
Ashley pls
Horse pussy looks like black chick pussy.
Funnily enough I'm pretty sure Ciara went to bronycons
I still remember seeing a brony get his ass kicked by some chad dad because he shoved his daughter out of the day to get to a toy. The dad like grabbed by his collar and body slammed him to the ground. I really wish I had filmed it but it just sort of happened. The sound it made when he hit the ground was loud too I bet it hurt lol.
Yeah MY cock not another man's cock. That's cuck porn.
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22222 GET
Replies: >>22224
Replies: >>22227
Don't bother. She trooned out.
Replies: >>22229
lol can you imagine? She could never ever make it as a dude 
it would have be funny if that Hollywood bih didn't do the exact same thing a few years ago
>esl moment
Replies: >>22230 >>22232
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She could try to be her idol Michael J Fox. She's already got the haircut and height down.
Replies: >>22244
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My love
shes jew
Replies: >>22242
I don't care
I'm already like Michael J. Fox except I'm fat and don't vibrate as much.

Ngl, I think she is qt sometimes, I just don't like that she seems so sickly all the time and I don't want any Zuckerberg kids. She's bi, we should hook her up with Ashley. They both have not shaving in common.
Replies: >>22245
Shes a lesbian
Replies: >>22247 >>22248
She's dating a tranny now. She's a "lesbian"
Replies: >>22251
I'm not here to argue with a retard. Agatha told me she likes guys. All these young lesbians just haven't met the right guy but they almost always end up with one.
She also got piercings and started a band with said tranny, i like to pretend that it didnt happen. Trannies taking advantage of vulnerable autists like always.
Replies: >>22285
Sarah Silverman really isn't that funny I'd maybe date her for some insider investment tips though
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>>22067 (OP) 
Please rate my workout routine, yes this is me.
[Hide] (4MB, 480x864, 00:14)
>>22067 (OP) 
[Hide] (45.8KB, 645x773)
oh my
Bbl jelly butt thats disgusting
[Hide] (69.4KB, 680x373)
Replies: >>22318
>Trannies taking advantage of vulnerable autists like always.
>started a band with said tranny
omfg Ashley needs to perform a crotch check on Craigslist Lady (filmed AND posted to the board  for public video evidence of course) ASAP. Just get right up in there and check what kinda heat she has got cookin good lookin 
We've all heard Ashley singing, the last thing we want is "her" joining a band
Why do women do this?
Replies: >>22296 >>22297
Replies: >>22297
Would ashley do this if she had tits?
Replies: >>22327
Me in the blue shirt lol
How does she  use a toilet. There's no way she can properly wipe herself.
Fake body they have feminine penis yes
yes she need big booba butthole for hors
Only negroes like exaggerated asses like that
Replies: >>22346
How could white women do this to us...
Spoiler File
(3.5MB, 576x836, 00:18)
Spoiler File
(3.7MB, 576x1024, 00:19)

Replies: >>22364
god what a shame. Absolutely stellar bodies with the butteryest of butterfaces

I usually select files from the upload window of my file browser but occasionally drag n drop. Maybe 10-15% of the time I drag and drop.
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[Hide] (629.4KB, 594x593)
[Hide] (7.6KB, 224x224)
Replies: >>22491 >>22499
Cringe. Putting pussy on a pedestal that will never be yours is pathetic.
Replies: >>22494
It is fine i dont really need her vagina, she is way too autistic and queer for me i just find her pretty
damn girl is you a phoenix? u look like anne frank raised from the ashes
Replies: >>22500
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left or right?

there is no wrong answer

except saying neither
Right is cuter, these fake tits look terrible.
would have to see them asses to make an accurate choice

either way it's the left one for me right one subtly looks like tranny bill gates?
Left is a whore. One sneeze and her nipples are popping out. Looks like a pain in the ass and like she constantly wants to start fights. Right looks a little weird, maybe if she got rid of the glasses she would be cute. She looks like she would molest (only for a few seconds) a little boy at her optometrist job. I'll stay a virgin in this scenario.
[Hide] (697.2KB, 2448x3264)
[Hide] (1.1MB, 640x1136)
Replies: >>22545 >>22709
I probably shouldn't say this but Ciara is indeed alive. I know someone who's in close contact with her and they told me this about a year ago. Ciara has been living in a group home for the last 3 years and is happy and healthy. I wouldn't expect her to ever come back so don't get your hopes up.
Never before have I seen 2 women who were handcrafted for BBC. Especially the one of the left.
[Hide] (3.7MB, 1080x1920, 00:17)
both at the same time

I want picrel to sit on my face and crush my skull into a powdery dust
Replies: >>22690 >>22695
I was waiting for her to unleash an ear shattering fart, crap her pants or for anus to prolapse. Sadly none of this happened and I had to put my cock away.
She has the body of a gorilla, or should I say "gorirra"
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[Hide] (129.9KB, 1200x798)
[Hide] (46.1KB, 640x400)
Is this Jodi Arias?
Replies: >>22700
No its my waifu
I wouldn't be shocked if that's one of his shirts in the far right image.
I'm not a pedophile so I was never attracted to her but did feel bad for her because it was obviously she was never right in the head and needed help. I'm going to go out on a limb and blame her parents for her death since they pretty much ignored her. z04
Replies: >>22714
[Hide] (74.2KB, 600x600)
>I'm not a pedophile
something about her eyes look very lifeless
[Hide] (331.7KB, 1536x2048)
Disgusting looking tranny
>trying to look like little girl
>probably anorexic
all thats needed is the self harm scars and you got an egirl
>LA is for lovers
oh that explains why it looks like hes living in a homeless encampment
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[Hide] (55.5KB, 615x737)
[Hide] (156.5KB, 800x1200)
[Hide] (266KB, 1200x800)
Jodi again
Replies: >>22938 >>22942
apartment hallway aroma in this pic is real. apartment hallway aroma in this pic ISREAL
the eyebrows on this hoochie get thinner and lighter each time you post her
Her nipples in the brown shirt look weird. Way too close together. Do es she have fake boobs?
Replies: >>22945
Someone edited hard nips
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