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>Pic related is Mackenzie Phillips (left), daughter of John Phillips (right) from the band The Mamas & The Papas. She had a consensual incestuous relationship with her father in her adulthood. Her Papa was gonna make her a mama.
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>>22067 (OP) 
Should have just made an incest thread since that's what this will turn into.
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Post cute girls or shut up faggot
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Why is this so erotic?
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>>22067 (OP) 
A read a biography or autobiography I forget which about Michelle Phillips of the Mamas and the Papas. She was screwing Denny Doherty of the Mamas and the Papas while married to John Phillips As a matter of fact she would screw any guy walking. She was one cutie 3.14 though.
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The wall waits for no one
Replies: >>22082
"The wall" thats just aging little fella, you will also age someday, you will be saggy and bald, your dick won't work anymore, your balls will be hitting your knees and your memory will fade away. "The wall" my hairy balls, fag.
Replies: >>22084 >>22085
t. angry toasty roastie
Replies: >>22086
I plan to live fast and die young. I've timed it perfectly so that I go out in a blaze of glory 10 seconds before I hit the wall. I have six months to live. That's why I'm not worried about the neck tattoo I got last week or the 8 unfiltered cigarettes I have before getting out of bed.
Replies: >>22087
I'm going to rape you
Replies: >>22088
Why do you have only six months to live do you have cancer or something. Good luck anyways i guess.
Replies: >>22089
I just looked over at my screen and read "I'm going to rape you" without really mentally registering the context and I actually had feelings of being threatened. Damn that's probably like 1/1000th of what it would be like to be raped.
No I'm going to kill myself 10 seconds before I hit the wall so that I never have to be old and ugly
Replies: >>22090 >>22111
killing yourself is gay. But it still your personal choice anyways. life isn't just getting saggy and old in the end and mourning the fact that you aren't hot and young anymore, thats such a woman thought.
Replies: >>22091
Yeah I plan to KYS myself in the gayest way possible, I haven't decided yet. What should I do?
Replies: >>22092 >>22093
Try to enjoy life as much as you can, thats what i would do, id just use a firearm that a family member has, but i wouldn't do it at home i would try to find some isolated place and do it. The gayest way is to do it is in front of people imo, it would ruin their day and lives and gays ruin other peoples days and lives.
Get gAIDS!
Make sure you don't survive at least, you can turn into a crippled creature unable to talk or move that needs nurses to clean your shit forever while other enjoy their life
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sounds comfy tbh
Replies: >>22103
I used to like sitting in those cars. Sometimes I feel ashamed of myself for having fun as a kid. I should have been masculine enough at 6 to know it was gay to sit in a plastic toy car and have fun.
Replies: >>22107
tbh if ur 6 years old and still doing that.... its a little concerning.
now if you were 2-4 years old, then hello young man, i need i ride and you look like youve got what it takes to get me to my destination
>>22067 (OP) 
We need to stop stigmatizing incest. 
Especially when it comes to incest between mothers and sons, brothers and sisters, aunts and nephews and to a lesser extent grandmothers and grandsons. As long as it's consentual what's the big deal. B...but it's wong, w...what if they get pregnant? That's what condoms and butt sex is for. Mind your own business, Karen. Love is love. I should point out incest between father and daughters, uncles and nieces and grandfathers and granddaughters is weird and fucked up and should stay stigmatized. Sorry not sorry.
Replies: >>22112 >>22118
woman moment
woman moment
This reminds me a lot of my babysitter and me. True story. My parents were always working and I was dumped with other relatives but they must've gotten  sick of me because they started making up excuses on why they couldn't babysit me. Thankfully a family friend stepped up to the plate and said their daughter who just finished college was looking for a job and this proved to be a perfect opportunity. She ended up basically becoming my second mother but was way more cool and fun and I soon developed a crush on her eventhough I was 5 or 6. I wanted to go everywhere and do everything with her. I didn't even want my parents to speak to me. I was totally infatuated with her. She ended up moving in next door into another house my parents owned and would rent out on occasion. This was great news. We spent even more time together. I ended up calling her my girlfriend or "gurlfwend" and we even had a fake wedding. I don't think she ever touched me inappropriately but I do remember her bathing me frequently, us cuddling together on the couch and having "kissy time" unfortunately after 3 years she moved on and I never saw her again. I still have pics and videos of together but can't even look them without tearing up.
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>Ashley says she doesn't like Japanese porn because the girls are too loud
What a fucking retard
Replies: >>22121
Even if they get pregnant, who cares? This is AMERICA. We'll bomb a school full of children in Yemen, but god forbid we engage in a little COUSIN LOVE without a condom.
Replies: >>22127
The girls are annoying as fuck in Japanese porn and everything is censored.
Replies: >>22194
> I still have pics and videos of together but can't even look them without tearing up.
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I have more pics in photo album. I keep this picture on my dresser to remind me of her.
Damn that bitch is HOT. She looks like a model. You absolute chad got to kiss that hot babe at 6 years old. Are you a chad later in life? Also what did "kissey time" entail? I'm guessing she was just taking on a motherly role with being affectionate (hugs, cuddling, playing pretend), but if she was making out with you during "kissey time" she wanted your 5yo boycock.
I would let her change my diaper if she was babysitting me.
>I still have pics and videos of together
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hi Jonathan!
uh oh, stinky!
Welp, time to kill myself.
God dammit. Whats up with every single faggot here lying about their life?
Replies: >>22149
YES. Nobody would believe them about being raped because we'd assume they're lying again. If I find out where one of you filthy liars live, consider my dick in your ass as soon as humanly possible. Don't worry. I'll bring some KY.
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you mother FUCK BITCH LIAR FUCKEERRRSSSSSSSS!!!! AEEEIGHGLHG how many times must you prey on our good nature and willingness to believe BITCH BLOODY FAGGOT FUCK i am seething i have been hoodwinked again by one of your sexy and slightly incestuous storys you FUCKERS I am going to shit my ass I WANT A REFUND fuck YOUUUUUUuu BITCH MOTHER. just once I want the story about the BOY or MAN being TOUCHED by the WOMAN OR GIRL to be FUCKING REAL REREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEREAAAAAA
Replies: >>22153
Speaking of which, what if Ashley never actually came back and it was just some psycho bitch pretending to be her this entire time since she "came back"? That could explain why some people are claiming she hit the wall.
Replies: >>22157
Bruh you fell for it twice? Hopefully you didn't jerk off to it this time
Replies: >>22154 >>22156
of course I jerked off to it. Who doesn't jerk off to /ss/? A fag, that's who.
Replies: >>22155
You should refund your load by swallowing it so it's back inside you, consider it a comeback.
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I did more than jerk off to it.
Replies: >>22158 >>22159
>some people are claiming she hit the wall
Who's saying that? Any examples? No one's saying that are they? ARE THEY?!?!?!??!
So you accidentally aimed a little too far to the left and missed... right?
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I cant believe someone would just go on the internet and lie like that!

I dont know whats real and what isnt anymore
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Spoiler File
(175.1KB, 500x374)
I cant believe Ashley started her live streams in secret and didnt tell us!
Replies: >>22172
Nice shot!
Does this guy want to fuck him mom or something? Or has he. Why would you post pictures of your mom online and brag about how hot she is. Weird af i bet he's like hey guys check out my hot mom don't you want to fuck her? Mmmmmm yeahhhhhh. I bet you're jerking off to her ohhhhh mmmmmmmm end me videos of you jerking to her mmmmmmm. Weird dude. What kind of son does that.
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Replies: >>22178 >>22179
Not cute
Replies: >>22185
I guarantee you shes never seen Pulp Fiction
Replies: >>22185
very gay
very probable
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Quiz: For you guys that have been around since 2014, what does that shadow on the outside wall remind you of?
Replies: >>22189 >>22191
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derickdabeastxX doing cool poses?
[Hide] (126.4KB, 761x701)
He is pimping her out for the eventual OF drop

umm... does anyone else see it?

oh, I mean... it reminds me of umm Derrick and his skinny long arms and legs and the sound of crushed ice under shoes
and also nervously looking around hoping no one sees him filming.

I really like that rape at the end of the video
Replies: >>22195
I forgot that if it is censored faggots like you can't stare at cocks to get off.
Replies: >>22197
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That's exactly what I had in mind. Thanks for playing, guys.
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The introduction reminds me of “the day of retribution”.
Replies: >>22198
I only watch porn without cocks in it because I'm not a faggot. Japanese women are annoying and why would I beat off to censored shit? I'm not 12 watching scramble channels in the 90's.
Replies: >>22205
I always wonder what he'd be doing if he was still with us. Would he have ever had sex or would be have trooned out and started fucking guys.
Replies: >>22200
I’m not sure if he would have had it or not. He does look kinda gay so I wouldn’t be surprised if turned out be a homo.
Total nonsense. The fact that you desperately feel the need to only watch lesbian porn to prove how not gay you are makes me think you are just in denial.
Replies: >>22206
I dislike seeing cocks when I'm trying to beat off to an attractive woman. I'm not sure what mental gymnastics you're trying to do to make me gay for beating off to women.
Replies: >>22210
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[Hide] (5.1MB, 469x450)
Only total fucking faggots "beat off to women". Heterosexuality is about chicks getting penetrated by massive cocks. That is the whole point.

You are either anti-heterosexual-sex, and hence a faggot, or a faggot. Oh wait, you "beat off to women".. TOTAL FUCKING FAGGOT
I remember when the brony movement started back in like 2010-2011, maybe later, and thought it was just people pretending to enjoy a kid's TV show but it turned out that there really were autists who got off to cartoon horse pussy. I've only seen one My Little Pony fanatic IRL and it was some fat depressed girl with a Rainbow Dash backpack. She looked like Ciara Horan but 175lbs heavier.
Replies: >>22215 >>22219
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[Hide] (207.3KB, 1500x1500)
[Hide] (463.4KB, 1280x1119)
[Hide] (291.1KB, 1280x1341)
>it turned out that there really were autists who got off to cartoon horse pussy
Has nothing to do with autism, you just need an open mind. It's not "horse" either. It's pony.

I dare you to simply scroll through https://derpibooru.org/search?q=anatomically+correct+AND+butt+AND+vulva+AND+ponut&sf=score&sd=desc, with all filters diabled (https://derpibooru.org/filters), for 10 minutes. Then try to tell me you didn't get horny once.
Ashley pls
Horse pussy looks like black chick pussy.
Funnily enough I'm pretty sure Ciara went to bronycons
I still remember seeing a brony get his ass kicked by some chad dad because he shoved his daughter out of the day to get to a toy. The dad like grabbed by his collar and body slammed him to the ground. I really wish I had filmed it but it just sort of happened. The sound it made when he hit the ground was loud too I bet it hurt lol.
Yeah MY cock not another man's cock. That's cuck porn.
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22222 GET
Replies: >>22224
Replies: >>22227
Don't bother. She trooned out.
Replies: >>22229
lol can you imagine? She could never ever make it as a dude 
it would have be funny if that Hollywood bih didn't do the exact same thing a few years ago
>esl moment
Replies: >>22230 >>22232
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She could try to be her idol Michael J Fox. She's already got the haircut and height down.
Replies: >>22244
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[Hide] (63.2KB, 917x950)
My love
shes jew
Replies: >>22242
I don't care
I'm already like Michael J. Fox except I'm fat and don't vibrate as much.

Ngl, I think she is qt sometimes, I just don't like that she seems so sickly all the time and I don't want any Zuckerberg kids. She's bi, we should hook her up with Ashley. They both have not shaving in common.
Replies: >>22245
Shes a lesbian
Replies: >>22247 >>22248
She's dating a tranny now. She's a "lesbian"
Replies: >>22251
I'm not here to argue with a retard. Agatha told me she likes guys. All these young lesbians just haven't met the right guy but they almost always end up with one.
She also got piercings and started a band with said tranny, i like to pretend that it didnt happen. Trannies taking advantage of vulnerable autists like always.
Replies: >>22285
Sarah Silverman really isn't that funny I'd maybe date her for some insider investment tips though
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>>22067 (OP) 
Please rate my workout routine, yes this is me.
[Hide] (4MB, 480x864, 00:14)
>>22067 (OP) 
[Hide] (45.8KB, 645x773)
oh my
Bbl jelly butt thats disgusting
[Hide] (69.4KB, 680x373)
Replies: >>22318
>Trannies taking advantage of vulnerable autists like always.
>started a band with said tranny
omfg Ashley needs to perform a crotch check on Craigslist Lady (filmed AND posted to the board  for public video evidence of course) ASAP. Just get right up in there and check what kinda heat she has got cookin good lookin 
We've all heard Ashley singing, the last thing we want is "her" joining a band
Why do women do this?
Replies: >>22296 >>22297
Replies: >>22297
Would ashley do this if she had tits?
Replies: >>22327
Me in the blue shirt lol
How does she  use a toilet. There's no way she can properly wipe herself.
Fake body they have feminine penis yes
yes she need big booba butthole for hors
Only negroes like exaggerated asses like that
Replies: >>22346
How could white women do this to us...
Spoiler File
(3.5MB, 576x836, 00:18)
Spoiler File
(3.7MB, 576x1024, 00:19)

Replies: >>22364
god what a shame. Absolutely stellar bodies with the butteryest of butterfaces

I usually select files from the upload window of my file browser but occasionally drag n drop. Maybe 10-15% of the time I drag and drop.
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[Hide] (629.4KB, 594x593)
[Hide] (7.6KB, 224x224)
Replies: >>22491 >>22499
Cringe. Putting pussy on a pedestal that will never be yours is pathetic.
Replies: >>22494
It is fine i dont really need her vagina, she is way too autistic and queer for me i just find her pretty
damn girl is you a phoenix? u look like anne frank raised from the ashes
Replies: >>22500
[Hide] (170.5KB, 960x1280)
left or right?

there is no wrong answer

except saying neither
Right is cuter, these fake tits look terrible.
would have to see them asses to make an accurate choice

either way it's the left one for me right one subtly looks like tranny bill gates?
Left is a whore. One sneeze and her nipples are popping out. Looks like a pain in the ass and like she constantly wants to start fights. Right looks a little weird, maybe if she got rid of the glasses she would be cute. She looks like she would molest (only for a few seconds) a little boy at her optometrist job. I'll stay a virgin in this scenario.
[Hide] (697.2KB, 2448x3264)
[Hide] (1.1MB, 640x1136)
Replies: >>22545 >>22709
I probably shouldn't say this but Ciara is indeed alive. I know someone who's in close contact with her and they told me this about a year ago. Ciara has been living in a group home for the last 3 years and is happy and healthy. I wouldn't expect her to ever come back so don't get your hopes up.
Never before have I seen 2 women who were handcrafted for BBC. Especially the one of the left.
[Hide] (3.7MB, 1080x1920, 00:17)
both at the same time

I want picrel to sit on my face and crush my skull into a powdery dust
Replies: >>22690 >>22695
I was waiting for her to unleash an ear shattering fart, crap her pants or for anus to prolapse. Sadly none of this happened and I had to put my cock away.
She has the body of a gorilla, or should I say "gorirra"
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[Hide] (129.9KB, 1200x798)
[Hide] (46.1KB, 640x400)
Is this Jodi Arias?
Replies: >>22700
No its my waifu
I wouldn't be shocked if that's one of his shirts in the far right image.
I'm not a pedophile so I was never attracted to her but did feel bad for her because it was obviously she was never right in the head and needed help. I'm going to go out on a limb and blame her parents for her death since they pretty much ignored her. z04
Replies: >>22714
[Hide] (74.2KB, 600x600)
>I'm not a pedophile
something about her eyes look very lifeless
[Hide] (331.7KB, 1536x2048)
Disgusting looking tranny
>trying to look like little girl
>probably anorexic
all thats needed is the self harm scars and you got an egirl
Replies: >>23287
>LA is for lovers
oh that explains why it looks like hes living in a homeless encampment
[Hide] (39.5KB, 454x605)
[Hide] (55.5KB, 615x737)
[Hide] (156.5KB, 800x1200)
[Hide] (266KB, 1200x800)
Jodi again
Replies: >>22938 >>22942
apartment hallway aroma in this pic is real. apartment hallway aroma in this pic ISREAL
the eyebrows on this hoochie get thinner and lighter each time you post her
Her nipples in the brown shirt look weird. Way too close together. Do es she have fake boobs?
Replies: >>22945
Someone edited hard nips
[Hide] (624.3KB, 2744x1800)
[Hide] (25.4KB, 456x464)
[Hide] (335.5KB, 1124x1500)
<Barely legal girl

if you boyos ever wondered what fresh, brand new, delicious, young, 18 y/o pussy looks like, here you go.


1. She's had a child
2. She used to be fat
3. She's lying to get those sweet OF bucks and isn't actually 18
BONUS: Things really are this grim for 18 year old girls
Your thoughts?
Her tit texture looks like when you pull a marshmallow apart and look at the inside.
Replies: >>23297
[Hide] (549.2KB, 2000x1598)
>1. She's had a child
>2. She used to be fat
>3. She's lying to get those sweet OF bucks and isn't actually 18
>BONUS: Things really are this grim for 18 year old girls
>Your thoughts?

Im going option 4: Youre a virgin whose never seen a girl naked irl
apart from kinda odd shaped areola, she looks like a pretty normal young woman. Is she just turned 18? probably not but she doesnt look much older then that.
Replies: >>23295
>Is she just turned 18? probably not
That would be option 3 then you fucking inbred.
>3. She's lying to get those sweet OF bucks and isn't actually 18
FYI, I've had sex with an 18 year old girl (back when I was 30) and she looked nothing like that. Get higher standards nigger
You just ruined both tits and marshmallows for me, thanks dude.
Her nipple texture reminds of the texture of those foam balls from gym class. You know the ones.
Replies: >>23302
I played with a lot of balls in gym class but none of them looked like a pair of tits. Yuckie.
[Hide] (25.7KB, 131x499)
[Hide] (30.8KB, 185x499)
[Hide] (36.7KB, 281x499)
I was at Dollar Tree today loading up on some snacks when I unexpectedly saw this snack I'm gonna drop a load to later. Got as many caps as I could from the chips aisle. Don't think she noticed me but she was BEGGING for it. Sadly no VPL up her TC but def gonna JO to this later. Wish she would hold my bone in her hand.
[Hide] (3.5KB, 55x55)
You're beginning to scare me.
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1140x1425)
What a fucking whore, it's reasons like this why we need the Shariah Law. ALALALALAAAAAA!
[Hide] (89.5KB, 1280x720)
>>22067 (OP) 
Did you use your spy glasses to take these?
You should've introduced yourself and given her a link to your website.
Replies: >>23420
>catches ashley taking creepshots
>confronts her
>ashley spergs nervously trying to deny creepshot accusations
>b-by the w-way... heres a piece of paper with a link to my w-website
>reaches into her pocket for the paper
>pulls out and gives her a paper with her pancake recipe on it on accident
I love gay sex
[Hide] (941.8KB, 2177x3000)
I see you've managed the art of fapping to still picures. She's giving me Michelle Rodriguez vibes. 
Does this mean we're going to get our first squirt tribby?
I thought she looked a lot like Michelle Rodriguez, too. I guess it's not a creepshot anymore and rather a paparazzi candid. It's not wrong if I just continually confuse these women for celebrities and am an aspiring paparazzi, right? Also, good news, Michelle Rodriguez is bisexual.
That could be a pretty good excuse actually. If you were caught taking a creepshot just go "Oh I'm sorry, I thought you were [insert celebrities name]" defusing the situation, saying it was an honest mistake while giving them a compliment in the process. Though I imagine it could only work on simpletons that actually vaguely resemble said celebrity.  If they don't believe you, you could always go the "I'm sorry, I'm autistic and faceblind" route I guess.

>Also, good news, Michelle Rodriguez is bisexual.
Noice, makes the fantasy even better. Happy fapping!
[Hide] (65.6KB, 630x422)
>Michelle Rodriguez is bisexual.
Happy tribbing!
[Hide] (582.5KB, 360x640, 00:14)
Michelle Rodriguez is based because even though I'm sure she's financially very well off, she seems like someone you actually could encounter at a dollar tree. Like she wouldn't see herself as above going into a blue collar discount store. She also makes my pp hard.
Ayo that's my girl. She tell me that some weird ass nigga was creepin on her at DT. Lucky I wasnt there or you have your ass beat.
>Sadly no VPL up her TC but def gonna JO to this later.
So I guess we're all just going to pretend like we know what the fuck Ashley is talking about here?
Replies: >>23434
>Sadly no visible panty lines up her turd cutter but def gonna jerk off to this later.
ngl despite it being a little bit too much, i would still lick that midriff until my soul run outta saliva and i died from dehydration.

also post cum squirtee or no balls
[Hide] (2.3MB, 3264x2448)
I want to believe but why is she holding Halloween merchandise. Why is there a Christmas box on the floor? These items should have already been packed away. Why didn't you get her number? I would have gotten it for you. I just got another number. Clearly I've been rubbing off on you and not in the way I would like to. Now you're the Dollar Tree Stalker.
[Hide] (41.6KB, 760x881)
She does look like Michelle Rodriguez.
Replies: >>23440
delicious bush
[Hide] (3.5KB, 55x55)
[Hide] (27.8KB, 1280x720)
I have to agree with you on this one though, vpl's are hot. Unfortunately the object of your affection is probably wearing a thong or possibly no panties at all. Thongs are a mistake, they contribute to yeast infections and should be avoided. There is nothing sexier than a girl wearing pure cotton panties which also help in avoiding yeast infections. I'm not a doctor nor do I play one on TV.
[Hide] (59.7KB, 1000x1000)
Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, guys?
five head lookin' ass send that bitch a discount code for keeps
Replies: >>23446
[Hide] (2.5MB, 740x412, 00:23)
can we get back to posting cute girls please
Replies: >>23454
flounder from the little mermaid head lookin' ass bitch face be lookin' like will smith in shark tale Ashley really do be about that sea life
[Hide] (113.3KB, 614x960)
>>22067 (OP) 
Choose which woman will rape you, True story.  There was one in my neighborhood and when I was 13 me and a kid I hung out with tried to get raped by her. Sadly nothing ever happened which was too bad. she was a solid 7.8 out of 10.
Replies: >>23452 >>23453
Would: 1, 3, 6, 10, 12, 14

especially 12. what I wouldn't give to be raped in the face by her pussy and ass. I would let her brap on me, no joke. I'd pretend to struggle a little and then she'd just fart right in my mouth. FUCK. THIS WILL NEVER BE ME. WHY CAN'T I EVER HAVE ANYTHING GOOD
[Hide] (11.1KB, 214x228)
Damn. My mom used to give me this face all the time when she caught me doing something bad like gluing my foreskin to a model airplane or shaving my little sister's head and making fake beards and mustaches out of her hair. Really brings me back. RIP mom 🙏
Replies: >>23466
My mom gave me that face too but usually only when she caught me taste testing my dad and uncles assholes
[Hide] (2.8MB, 3264x2448)
Sister fucker here. I know it’s been awhile but I have exciting news. My sister has been washing her clothes at my house “her washer died last week” and Sunday night I found these between the washer and dryer “unwashed” hopefully she doesn’t notice they’re missing because she’s not getting them back.
Replies: >>23507 >>23515
>Sister fucker here.
You never had sex with your sister though. Ashley made an entire video dedicated to your betrayal of our trust.
Liar. I know what used panties look like. That isn't it.
Replies: >>23723
[Hide] (205.3KB, 960x1280)
Replies: >>23688
This is a man
Just because they're not full of holes and e crusted with bodily fluids doesn't mean they aren't used. Anyways. I've since returned them because I'm a nice guy.
[Hide] (260.1KB, 1240x827)
tomboys are so sexy bros
As an LGBT allyferocious consumer of mtf pornI can confirm this is a male
[Hide] (29.6KB, 674x414)
Why is she getting geode train'd by a man in a big suit?
[Hide] (47.8KB, 640x1160)
[Hide] (56.3KB, 640x853)
[Hide] (132.9KB, 602x794)
How about some femboys bros?
Replies: >>23823
I've no joke seen four trannies out in the wild in the past two days. They all looked like mongoloids in some sort of lab experiment gone wrong. I don't hate them as human beings, but it's so unsettling and disgusting. I want to scream at them "you're not a woman!" but I know it won't do anything other than further the polarization. I can't put my finger on it, but it makes me angry and I'm forced to push it down because I'm in public. I'm sure they're good people on a fundamental level, but I hate their presence. I think it's the fact that we're being conditioned to act like it's a normal thing when it's not.
[Hide] (986.3KB, 1078x1073)
>I don't hate them as human beings
You don't have to play pretend here, it's OK to be honest. They're gross weirdos and your feelings of revulsion are normal.
>I'm sure they're good people on a fundamental level
At best they're mentally ill, at worst they're actively trying to subvert your rights.
Replies: >>23830
I saw a woman with a masculine frame and an and androgynous face and I was legitimately unsure what they were until I heard their voice.
Afterwards I just felt disgusted that I even had to go down that line of questioning due to the zeitgeist we're in
I really don't hate them. I joke about hating them, but I don't actually because on a metaphysical level we're one n' the same experiencing life and to deny them that is to deny myself. I want them to be able to experience life away from me far far far away where my daily tasks are not disrupted and I don't have to explain to my nonexistent child why that fat is wearing a dress.

They've still got redeeming qualities that make them good like I'm sure some of them have a decent sense of humor or can dunk really high but I agree that they're mentally ill.
The vast majority are actually young white guys who like to look and behave feminine. At least they are more feminine than the average “Karen”. I say we should replace “Karens” with femboys.
I saw on yesterday, too. I feel weird being around them because it's basically fact that watching degenerate porn is what leads to these guys becoming women. Essentially I know the guy standing next to me wearing ballet flats beats off to tranny porn. I shouldn't know that about someone just by looking at them. I feel bad for them, but at the end of the day it's a choice they made. Young people in general are very lost, it will be weird in 20 years seeing the future generations and how mangled the society will get. You can't help these people though. I've tried talking to these people and asking why they feel like men/women. When you try to logically point out certain things, they can't see what you and I see. They have a goal in mind and any logical thinking can't compute with them. People should be free to do what they want to do, but it doesn't mean their choices are always in their best interests.
What I don't understand is how these cute young girls are getting such big penises? I was told it was the pills they take but all they've done for me is make my tits bigger and sometimes I cum when I take a shit.
Replies: >>23837 >>23839
The pills make their dicks shrink. It seems the Brazilians are the only ones immune to that side effect.
They're at the apex or T and E
[Hide] (310.7KB, 1704x2523)
The Chinese perfected the pussy.
[Hide] (52.4KB, 720x720)
Replies: >>24072
That's a Japanese whore pussy.

Wood cream - check
Pussy2pussy dildo - check

hey thats like 95% of my passwords to my accounts
Replies: >>24092
[Hide] (1.3MB, 498x329)

Try changing your passwords to Pussy2Ass or Ass2Pussy sometimes.
Replies: >>24118
Looks like she has a little boy's ballsack
Replies: >>24108 >>24118
Too bad it's attached to an adult woman, gross.
Dude, she is Chinese, look it up.


Get your eyes checked.
Replies: >>24124 >>24177
[Hide] (64.6KB, 768x1024)
[Hide] (255.7KB, 1365x2048)
[Hide] (56.5KB, 768x1024)
[Hide] (443.7KB, 1536x2048)
[Hide] (1.2MB, 3010x4014)
Some more Chinese pussy study material if anyone else should care.
Replies: >>24448
[Hide] (13.2MB, 416x720, 00:45)
[Hide] (17.6MB, 336x720, 01:01)
Chinese girls are just awesome in general..
[Hide] (1.1MB, 2316x3088)
[Hide] (200.5KB, 1400x2048)
[Hide] (254.5KB, 1525x2048)
[Hide] (165.8KB, 1440x1920)
[Hide] (210.1KB, 1365x2048)
Some Chinese vanilla-awesomeness if anyone else should care.
[Hide] (52.7KB, 1080x1080)
>>22067 (OP) 
Hey guys if you need something new to goon to I suggest Mondragon Chiropractic on YouTube or wherever. I've been busin' to it for a whil
Replies: >>24137
You will never fuck their chinky pussy, fag
Replies: >>24125
[Hide] (51.4KB, 680x680)
Cope and seethe white hag.
Spoiler File
(602.6KB, 220x180)
god im so lonely
Replies: >>24136
[Hide] (57KB, 255x236)
LOL, that shit is driving me insane. You know what I was thinking lately? Minecraft Beta 1.7.3 Anarchy Survival Multiplayer over I2P. I would try to backport the Friend Code Mod [1] for the noobs and then make a post with a step-by-step guide on how to download, decompile and deobfuscate the official Minecraft JAR and so on.. Of course, Ashley the little Dwarf Fortigger would try to ignore it at first, but I bet that after I managed to get some others on board and we begin happily and _independently_ playing on our little world, she would start experiencing FOMO and eventually give in and open up her mind a little once more. It would be so fricking cool..

1: https://soniex2.autistic.space/git-repos/friendcode.git/browse/
This reminds me of the people who watch pimple popping videos. Are you supposed to beat off to it or it supposed to be relaxing? Both?
[Hide] (386KB, 940x1371)
>>22067 (OP) 
Ashley inspired me to take voyeur shots of women in public and I managed to get one of this cutie yesterday.
Replies: >>24144 >>24178
Replies: >>24167
Damn, u r right... she's...
Nekokoyoshi (爆机少女喵小吉) MiaoXiaoJi, and she is a Ninja(小吉忍法帖)! 🥷🏻
Replies: >>24179
[Hide] (52.9KB, 512x512)
All you faggots desire to stick your ding dongs in ching chongs but no love for butch dream girls
Has anyone tried Ashley's at home carbonated beverage yet? Sweet Ashlita's piss water can't taste better than Zak's.
Replies: >>24273 >>24281
[Hide] (4.8MB, 3000x1688)
Not yet, but I just bought two cans of carbonated energy drink for our Monster girl Ashley.
holy shit im having a heart attack
Replies: >>24281
[Hide] (11KB, 838x249)
I like reading the comment section on porn videos and trying to imagine what person leaving the most unintentionally funniest comment looks like.
Most of the time I imagine they are probably Indian.

same but only because she looks so fucking hot in that video
[Hide] (41.2KB, 500x500)
Take it from a caffeine addict. Monster is 666 coca cola shit tier. Ghost however is S tier. Literally no crash, no sugar,  and a sense of mental clarity. Yes, I'm aware I'll find out some random ingredient gives me super graphene aids in a decade.
Does she drink monster?
Replies: >>24290
Do you drink it for the taste or for the benefits of caffeine? Wouldnt a high dose of caffeine pills be healthier?
Replies: >>24291
[Hide] (36KB, 700x560)
Of course she drinks monster. Why else would she wear monster clothing? Are you suggesting she doesn't drink monster? That would make Ashley a poser. You can't just represent something and not actually use it.
Replies: >>24294
She drinks it for the taste. It tastes just like piss. She drinks so much of it that her face turned green. It's true. That's why I don't drink monster. Really comes through your pores. And I don't drink piss. Except for that one time to see what monster tastes like.
Does Ghost give you wiiings???
Replies: >>24293
Redbull makes you want to rape birds?
Probably got it at the thrift store.
[Hide] (769.2KB, 3631x2986)
If something has "no sugar" but tastes sweet, which I'm assuming your Swedish Fish goyslop does, it probably has aspartame, which is terrible for you. Literally just take 200mg time-release caffeine pills for the same benefits you described without all the bullshit. People for some reason think the caffeine in an energy drink or cup of coffee is different from the caffeine in a pill, but it's the exact same chemical compound (except not swimming in a sticky pool of cancer). You'll also save a lot of money since consuming caffeine by itself in pill form costs around $5 or less per month, and I'm guessing your zoomer syrup costs considerably more than that.
Replies: >>24306 >>24307
I used to take the Ghost pre-workout stuff when going to the gym and it worked pretty good.
Is that Ashley? Those look like her swollen tits.
>I'm assuming your Swedish Fish goyslop does
It doesn't
>it's the exact same chemical compound
It's not. Ghost derrives their caffeine from coffee beans and isn't synthetic. 
I bet you run your mouth without thinking in real life too kek
Replies: >>24309 >>24313
[Hide] (44.2KB, 530x255)
NTA but anytime something says "zero sugar" is either means aspartame or sucralose, both of which are fucking horrible for you. I looked up the Ghost Swedish Fish goyslop and it contains sucralose. That's what's giving you the sweet flavor and cancer.

>Ghost derrives their caffeine from coffee beans and isn't synthetic.
It doesn't matter if caffeine is derived from a coffee bean or synthetic, a caffeine molecule is a caffeine molecule. As the anon said, it's the exact same chemical compound.

>I bet you run your mouth without thinking in real life too kek
All it takes is two seconds of research. It's not a stretch to assume a Swedish Fish energy drink has a ton of shitty ingredients in it that could be obtained elsewhere with none of the preservatives and artificial sweeteners.
Replies: >>24313 >>24314
[Hide] (414KB, 1920x1080)
kek, thank you
>I bet you run your mouth without thinking in real life too kek
No, but I'm quite sure that you do, you fucking moron. Synthetic caffeine IS caffeine. It has the exact same molecular structure as caffeine derived from coffee beans, tea leaves, guarana seeds, etc. If your goal is to consume caffeine, lab-produced synthetic caffeine is the purest form you can get.

People don't understand what the word synthetic means. Synthetic just means that something has been created by chemical SYNTHesis. The vitamin C in your vitamins is synthetic. Sorry to break it to you, but nobody is sitting around refining it from lemons and selling it at scale. It would be pointless to do so, because the compound is still ascorbic acid, chemically the exact same as what you'd find in a fucking lemon.

Why don't you drop the bros at Ghost a line and find out how they're sourcing their pyridoxal-5-phosphate. Do you even know what that is?

Enjoy falling for marketing tricks and slurping down your sucralose and preservatives. At least the caffeine isn't SYNTHETIC!!!
Replies: >>24317
Yeah it has sucralose, but the other anon was assuming it had aspertame. If you can show me the actual evidence of Sucralose causing cancer, I'm open to educated. You're right, it's the same on a molecular level, but there's a probably a unforseen logistic reason behind it being derived from coffee beans and not synthetically. Perhaps China isn't the most reliable when it comes to sourcing synthetic caffiene or something like that I dunno.
Replies: >>24318 >>24322
>Why don't you drop the bros at Ghost a line and find out how they're sourcing their pyridoxal-5-phosphate. Do you even know what that is?

I know it helps in marketing it WOW ZOMG NATURAL CAFFIENE and guess what? I don't care because Ghost is the better alternative to Monster, Redbull, etc. which has worse shit in it
>there's a probably a unforseen logistic reason behind it being derived from coffee beans and not synthetically.
Yeah, the logistic reason is that the marketing team said, "Hey, in our tests designed to earn the company more money, we discovered that people are stupid and will buy more of the product if we put on the can that the caffeine is sourced from coffee beans."

You're acting like a woman who wants a "real" diamond ring instead of a synthetic diamond ring. Synthetic diamonds are chemically and physically the exact same thing, the only difference being that some little kid in Sierra Leone didn't have to work himself to death in a hole so that you can feel pretty.
Replies: >>24319
I'm honestly not fixated on it being synthetic or not kek but you seem to be. My whole point was just that Ghost is better than Monster
Replies: >>24321
[Hide] (194.8KB, 959x1280)
Dumbass you're the one who keeps going on about how it must be better because it's from a coffee bean. Btw my whole point was to HELP you by saying hey bro I like caffeine too here's the optimal way to enjoy it that's healthier and cheaper. But like I said, enjoy your liquefied candy bar, because you're clearly not actually "open to educated" or you wouldn't be fighting tooth and nail to protect your addiction.
Replies: >>24323 >>24324
[Hide] (24.8KB, 700x685)
To be fair aspartame and sucralose are in the same ballpark, tomato tomata. There's plenty of studies showing the effects of long term sucralose consumption. You'll have these co-opted "studies" funded by Coca Cola or Pepsi downplaying the effects because the less consumers who know/care about the effects, the better. While sucralose is technically "safe" to consume (it won't kill you right after consuming), the long term effects are concerning. Scroll down on this page to see what the studies say:

>I don't care because Ghost is the better alternative to Monster, Redbull, etc. which has worse shit in it
Better, I'm not so sure. It's all cancer in a can. I looked and Ghost and Monster share a lot of the same ingredients. I think the point the other anon was initially trying to make is that if you're searching for a caffeine boost, there's a much healthier way to get it with the bonus of no crash. Time released caffeine pills. But if you like how the drink tastes and don't care about the health that's your call. Anne frankly I don't care.
Replies: >>24323 >>24326
dang kid you are so butthurt kek relax I'm not claiming to be the know it all here. It's just the lesser of two evils in my eyes. 
So if I keep drinking it I-I-I'm really gunna be a. . . GHOST!!! bazinga

Who is this snow bunny?
Replies: >>24325
It's Jackie, she's a streamer if you know what I'm sayin'
[Hide] (41.4KB, 570x486)
Anyone who drinks Monster, wears Monster apparel or has Monster decals in their back windows are low class trailer trash. Yes, that includes Ashley.
[Hide] (61.4KB, 749x612)
She only wears it because her husband wears it

               MAKE LOVE

                 NOT WAR
[Hide] (4.5MB, 640x368, 02:13)
and also as this Christian MILF so eloquently explains in her perfect presentation, Monster Energy is satanic and breaks God's heart.
[Hide] (48.9KB, 1080x562)
Nothing to see here
Replies: >>24378
Ashley doesn't mind bearing the mark of the beast
Replies: >>24379

Do girls like sucking very hairy penis? Asking for an friend
Replies: >>24382
I do but I'm not a girl
Replies: >>24384
So does Duke Nukem
[Hide] (115.8KB, 1080x1055)
I also am obsessed with Chinese pussy. However, >>24060 has terrible taste. The best Asian girls are ~25-35 years old, 6 or 7 out of 10, and work dead end jobs. Attractive to westerners, but don't get a lot of male attention. They have hairy pussies (if you want them to), and will probably smoke with you in bed. If you are assertive, they will put out and are secret degenerates. The moe shit gets old. If you like that for some reason, just go fuck a girl in a soapland in nippon. Also, these pussies >>24119 are disgusting and look fake.
Replies: >>24450 >>24454
[Hide] (12.9KB, 244x133)
Based chink lover. Alien looking over-filtered chinks are disgusting. It's always low IQ faggots who either don't understand or don't care that they have 15 different filters on and a pile of makeup on their face.

Pussies like picrel never look right. I can only see Homer Simpson's mouth or a fishes mouth.
Replies: >>24455
[Hide] (2.8MB, 404x720, 01:00)
>25-35 years old
Replies: >>24456
[Hide] (3.5MB, 480x318)
Kek, reminds me of that one girl who got a tattoo of Homer Simpson on her pussy. One of my biggest problems dating Chinese girls is that I grew up on hong kong movies from the 80/90s, and so I like the older Chinese aesthetic. Chinese girls look worse when they try to draw on that silkworm shit and use filters. One of the things I can't fucking stand about modern Chinese culture is that they seem to hate being Chinese despite having this weird hive brain mentality. They hate having wheat colored skin, they having monolids. Normalfag Chinese girls remind me of backpill incels with how much they obsess over this shit. It's a massive turn-off for me. When I was a teenager I used to fap to Joan Chen all the time. But, you know, you like girls like this, and people in China say, "Those movies are so old!" Meanwhile, they go and watch whatever bullshit gets produced now that is all carbon copies of Netflix Kdramas. The east has fallen, surely. I blame smartphones, and the disastrous effect they have caused on China. I mean, smartphones have somehow single-handedly destroyed the dignity and freedom of the Chinese people more than Mao ever could have ever done during the cultural revolution.
Replies: >>24461 >>24492
Nigger, 25-35 is a perfectly reasonable age. Most girls younger than 25 in China are in college, and won't marry or settle down. They certainly won't with a westerner. Younger asian girls are obnoxious, and most of the girls you think are "le so kawaii and moe" (whether they are gravure models, idols, JAV actress etc.) are like at least 25 anyway. At this age they are also less dependent on their parents, and can at least attempt to be semi-independent.
Replies: >>24457
Bro I'm a pedophile
>They hate having wheat colored skin, they having monolids
Yup, they even have surgeries to get rid of their monolids. I heard its a common enough to be a birthday gift for young asian women. Being born an Asian female is the jackpot of all jackpots, and they want to throw it away to look like a slutty western woman. The extent some young Asian women change themselves reaches mental illness levels. Are you an American Chinese?
Replies: >>24477
>Yup, they even have surgeries to get rid of their monolids. I heard its a common enough to be a birthday gift for young asian women. Being born an Asian female is the jackpot of all jackpots, and they want to throw it away to look like a slutty western woman.
I wouldn't say they necessarily want to look like a white woman, but they definitely hate their natural appearance and lack self-respect. The ones who want to look like white women end up in some weird fusion of ABG shit and Chinese beauty standards, are extremely mentally ill, and often fetishize foreigners (usually westerners, but sometimes black people too). I would avoid these types like a plague.
>The extent some young Asian women change themselves reaches mental illness levels
What's worse is that they all complain about being "made" to dress or look this way, but do absolutely nothing about it. As if they aren't adults. The CCP is certainly repressive, but it is not in the business of throwing them in prison for not looking like a whore. I feel bad for Chinese men. 
>Are you an American Chinese?
God no, I'm as white as it gets. But I can look at Chinese culture and see that it's clearly fucked in the head. Maybe I'd benefit from that if I was more cynical, but I just feel disgusted.
[Hide] (30.9KB, 474x355)
[Hide] (542KB, 853x480)
Yep. I told Ashley I live in a trailer and she said, "I don't mind living in a trailer." I was like dang girl, I ain't even gotta give you a hit of meth or knock you up in the back of my pickup to get you through the door. My sister would absolutely love you.
Replies: >>24498
She says she's not dangerous but that hand gesture says otherwise.
Replies: >>24508
>call public phone number that anyone can call
>tell ashley that you're an impoverished slob
>she's polite
>must mean she's my girlfriend now
Replies: >>24500
I had to Google that word on my phone. Son, she wishes she had access to my snap benefit. Don't you come in here telling me I don't treat her. My baby gets a great value. We shop at the Walmart.
Replies: >>24503 >>24914
>I had to Google that word on my phone.
Yeah that sounds about right
Replies: >>24505
Hows about you shut yo butt and go play with your weiner some more, yankee
I had to Google "snap benefits".
Ashley Danger Jones
Can't wait to see Ashley get raped by Bill Gates in a few years!
Replies: >>24510 >>24512
You can't rape the willing
2 in the pink
Replies: >>24513 >>24514
she wishes
10 in the stink none in the pink
[Hide] (163.1KB, 1280x672)
[Hide] (3.7MB, 1080x1918, 00:30)
mmm i would like to make her an Oreo 
black on the outside with white filling on the inside
referring to "The Walmart" like there is one of them is funny
[Hide] (73.5KB, 646x594)
Ashley show back
[Hide] (584KB, 1220x1080)
Tayleigh from fishtank!
[Hide] (102.4KB, 1080x1328)
You found the impostor, lmao
Holy shit that is a wrecked 22 year old.
Replies: >>26074 >>26077
wait wait wait
are you seriously telling me that bitch is 22?
Would. She's not that bad. I was gonna say it's like a Dollar Store version of Ashley, but Ashley actually goes to the dollar store.
Replies: >>26080
she's a hardened Texan
get higher standards, she looks like the world's youngest wine aunt
I wish she was my mom
Replies: >>26095
>looks like the world's youngest wine aunt
>implying that isn't my kink
Spoiler File
(319.4KB, 519x720)
I wish this was my mom
[Hide] (883.9KB, 2160x3840)
Im a k-pop fan
[Hide] (337.8KB, 500x441)
[Hide] (42.9KB, 640x480)
[Hide] (34.9KB, 500x675)
I would lick every inch of her including asshole
Replies: >>26553
[Hide] (363.5KB, 920x853)
Tiffani ain't got nothing on Queen Latifah. She's like Ashley's mom if Ashley's mom was a black queen.
Replies: >>26556 >>26573
Das Ashley’s mom as a black woman.
Replies: >>26559
[Hide] (14.6KB, 377x389)
Ashley's mom is way cooler than Ashley. While Ashley is all like "I don't like food, I eat shit." and going back and forth to spit out sips of her Pepsi in the bathroom sink, Ashley's mom is like "Fuck it we're having pizza for Thanksgiving this year!" and me and Ashley's brother are like "Fuck yeah mom!. Let's ruin another holiday!" Ashley's mom is forty-eight and still looks sexyteen... I mean sixteen unlike Ashley who looks twenty-five going on thirty. I wouldn't lick Ashley's butthole even if she was wearing pork chop panties and that's coming from a morbidly obese Minecraft player. Picrel is Ashley when she was a baby. She weighed 7 pounds and 3 ounces. Biggest dump her mom ever took. Ashley so dumb that when it gets cold she stands in the corner because it's always 90 degrees.
Cuter than Ashley https://www.youtube.com/shorts/q2iENficFzQ
Replies: >>26569
[Hide] (3.5KB, 55x55)
[Hide] (32.5KB, 652x367)
Magic 8 Ball, who's cuter than Ashley?
More like Queen LaQUEEFa
[Hide] (140.5KB, 760x1080)
Who is this cute little piggy? I wanna dig into her juicy behind like a bowl of spicy ramen. Need an ID on this meatpocket ASAP. One of you coomers has to know.
Replies: >>27115 >>27126
[Hide] (455.8KB, 1115x1600)
[Hide] (203.5KB, 1000x715)
Replies: >>27117
[Hide] (139.2KB, 760x1080)
Thank you based coomer.

Instead of Amazon, I recommend you try V2PH HD Beauty Picture Network. It's a great site that share the joy brings to us.

asians chicks are disgusting unless they have a fat ace like dis or nice tits like this one here.
Replies: >>27155
nah theyre cute until you put your dick into them and they start making moaning sounds that resemble a retarded cat in heat
Replies: >>27159
[Hide] (24.8MB, 720x416, 01:05)
I know one of you will get off to this. Don't lie.
Replies: >>27162 >>27191
Yeah, man, you're exactly right. I think I've had enough internet for tonight.
Spoiler File
(960.8KB, 1920x1088, 00:01)
[Hide] (187.7KB, 1000x1000)
Chocolate Cream Nutella
[Hide] (540.3KB, 1280x720, 00:04)
Replies: >>27334
I know you're supposed to think this girl is beautiful or whatever but all I can see is what a pain in the ass she is. I also suspect that she's a kike. Just doesn't do it for me.
[Hide] (314.6KB, 1920x1080)
Replies: >>27341 >>27359
I know you're supposed to think this girl is beautiful or whatever but all I can see is what a pain in the ass she is. I also suspect that she's a kike. Just doesn't do it for me.
What a beautiful beautiful girl
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