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Post what you're thankful for, friends.

I'm thankful for the roof over my head and my family.

I'm also thankful for God and those men and women who made this country and this civilization.
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>>15273 (OP) 

Thanks are given to the whites who brought their more advanced civilization? I didn't know. Thank you.
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I am thankful for
>non stop nutting November
>my fleshlight and vr porn setup
>my un-mutilated but small cock
>duct tape, rope and sound proof walls
>not having to celebrate a dumb holiday like thanksgiving so close to Christmas (seriously wtf)
>Ashley's videos
>Ashley's phone number*
*(even though i havent called in a while) Now i can say have a girls number in my phone.
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I'm thank
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me t
Im hank
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>Ashley's phone number
w-whats she like on the phone?
Am thenk 4 domestic abuse from father. Thenks dade. I'm now homeless with LB
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What's LB?
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It's like talking to a child.
lil bitchass
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Yes, Thanks to those whites who colonized and developed advanced civilizations in the countries they colonized. Now us non whites will take their place as whites start to become a minority in the countries that they colonized. I thank them for helping in building other countries and make them more advanced than their own countries of origin. 
Gaining independence from them was really worth it.
Your mom's a linebacker
You wish I was a bottom
She is pretty easy to talk to, even if youre terrible at conversations.
have a list of things you want to talk about also helps.
If you start hearing queefing noises whatever you do DO NOT ACKNOWLEDGE them, just ignore them and keep the conversation going about whatever else but I repeat DO NOT ACKNOWLEDGE
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>She is pretty easy to talk to, even if youre terrible at conversations.
I tried to call her and since Im blind she couldnt hear me :(
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I tried to call her and since Im retarded she said she didnt speak retard and hung up on me :(
which to be Hank was surprising because if anyone could understand retard it would be her 

anyways, bought a turkey for thanksgiving picrel
Im going to coat this turkey with my special GLAZE then STUFF its hole nice and good. its gonna be soooo good bros.
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>w-whats she like on the phone?

She's witty, intelligent, articulate. Back in the day, 2014, she said that she relies on the other person on the phone to carry the conversation but such is not the case. Ash holds up her end of the conversation quite well. It was a very interesting half hour or so.

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thankful for this community
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>you hear a voice calling you to get off the computer and come down for dinner
>Anon, stop playing EDuke32 and come down here this minute young man! Its Thanksgiving, now come down and eat your turkey with your loving mother!
>walk down the stairs
>see picrelated

how do you react?

ps. happy turkey day u turkeys!
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BONUS: more wholesome photo of mummy Ashley, click this second or ELSE UR IN BIG TROUBLE MISTER
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As an unironic Fatshley appreciator, this gives me a rock-solid erection. I can assure you that I'll be masturbating myself to these pictures soon. Best Thanksgiving ever, thanks anon.
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>ain't celebrating with no assault commander
>jetpack my way back upstairs
Had this as my wallpaper all day, but now Thanksgiving is over. Would you please make some Fatshley nudes for Christmas?
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Great idea, will try some out.
might even try get Santa in on the action.
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I was hoping for a solo set where mommy fatshley is getting into the milk and cookies
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THIS PLEASE. Like her fat ass and back is facing the camera, but she's looking behind her shoulder at you while eating a cookie. Please get some side boob in there if you can. Please anon please please please
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Another idea. Make fatshley Santa. Naked. Sitting on her big chair waiting for you to get on her lap.
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