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Post dreams of odd or unusual qualities - especially lewd ones.
>>20677 (OP) 
I had a dream once and Ash was in it, she was giving me her stripped emo gloves (the ones she uses on TikTok Tranny) she was giving it to me to wear and bait trannies on the web, i remember saying "i have some gay emo clothes" (i do) it was fun. (Not sexual)
>>20677 (OP) 
please... anon... please wake up... we miss you...
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>>20677 (OP) 
OP here. I will detail a dream last night which spurred me to make this thread. It involved a slim girl of Chinese or perhaps Vietnamese descent. She had wheat colored skin with a slightly yellow tinge, and brown nipples, with black eyes - like obsidian; she had a double epicanthic fold, like picrel, with straight black hair of an indeterminable length (I cannot recall, but it was at least shoulder-length). She wore no makeup. The dream itself varied in terms of destination, at one point being in a health food store check out line, and then in a large courtyard with steps that led to some kind of stone structure. It was reminiscent of an abandoned nuclear reactor, or abandoned industrial building. Greenery and vines, moss and whatnot, all covered a rather drab concrete landscape. At the health food store, I remember staring at the girl as described before, and feeling aroused. Then, I moved to the courtyard space, and there seemed to be a weird ritual. It's all very hazy, but it was sort of like the scene of the ark of covenant in Indian Jones. There were several people there besides myself, maybe 3 or 4 others. Their appearance was obscured to me, but they might have been wearing cloaks. There was a strange man with a beard who looked like a Jewish professor, and he wore a strange pendant. His eyes were framed by thick glasses, and  I remember him having a rather pretentious and perturbing air about him. He had a book, which he held slightly opened. The other individuals chased me through a passageway adjoining the courtyard, and I came upon the creepy Jewish professor man. He said something, and I felt awkward, and then there was a weird feeling. If I had to compare it to something, it was like getting electrocuted, and there was a slight acrid smell which permeated the landscape. In terms of bodily sensation, I was extremely uncomfortable, and it seemed as if I was vibrating. Next thing I knew I was seeing my own body from the third person as the creepy Jewish professor and me has our faces ripped off. Not in a gruesome slasher-film way, but as if our faces were being "pulled" layer by layer by a beam of light from above. I could see the muscle give way to bone as the beam began to grow across the rest of my body, certainly annihilating me. There was a profound sense of anxiety, and then I found myself in a weird space that had no coherent visual reality, and my mind intimated the details of the girl from earlier, and I remember having a odd kind of intercourse with this beautiful woman. There was no visual sensation per se, it was as if I were visualizing her as I would a mental image of a person, and it phased into and out of reality. It was something like limbo, and our intercourse was very hazy. The feeling of sexual pleasure was immediate and extreme. I obsessed over the model of her, and of her skin in particular, which was extremely alluring to me. It had a tallow complexion and I remembered feeling as if I were running my mental conception of my own tongue over her breast within this exercise in lurid visualization. The feeling of the bump right when the areola meets the nipple was most pleasant. She had very small nipples, with small breasts. It dragged across my tongue satisfyingly. Her nipples, her slim shoulders, and her eyes... these are what totally captivated me. Interestingly, not once did I visualize her vagina. In any case, I eventually reached the brink of a violent climax. At this point, my fixation came to rest on my own penis. and I felt a sensation of needing to urinate before having my orgasm. This woke me up, and I had came in my underwear while I was asleep. I then laid there in bed languidly, and it felt very surreal. 

Other dreams, of a less sexual nature, are documented in a device which I broke. So I lost most of my dreams that I had recorded. I really need to get back into recording my dreams. Recently, they've begun to bleed into reality as my psychosis begins to worsen.
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tawny* not tallow. I don't know why I typed tallow.
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When I dream I usually only wake up and remember small parts of the dream.
for example, and since OP wanted something lewd, the other night for some reason I woke up from a dream and the only section i remember was a girl in a red "rockabilly"* style dress, in the (leather) back seat of a car masturbating.
I think my dreams, atleast the parts that I remember are very, very short.

also, my dreams that occur more later in the morning, I have more control over them and I can dictate, not completely of course, the direction they go in. Its like Im semi conscious/awake

*when doing an image search for rockabilly red dress, the second result was "red rockabilly dress plus size"
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>Recently, they've begun to bleed into reality as my psychosis begins to worsen.
thats happened to me only one time after one particular bad nightmare which imo was brought on by some meds that i was briefly on at the time.
wouldnt wish that on my worse enemy

ok maybe i would a lil bit

look after yourself anon.... and also, if youre willing maybe even describe some of the DETS a little more? u dont have to if you dont want to
>>20677 (OP) 
I've never dreamt about Ash except for this one time. She was doing a live stream from a Church basement and was sitting at this long table which had various objects all over it like a hammer, a lighter etc and was asking us how she should hurt herself. We all thought it was it was a joke so we said smash your hand with the hammer which she did while making jokes. She theb held up her broken mangled hand and was how would you like a HJ with this. Most of us were like wtf while others were encouraging her to torture herself with the other objects. We then tried find where she was located to get soneone there to stop her but couldn't find anything. I then woke up. This dream was several months ago and it has stuck with me since.
I sometimes dream that I’m fighting with my mom which almost never happens in real life. It’s very stressful and when I wake up I have an air of hostility towards her. I still dream of my female cousins on my father’s side. Sometimes they’re friendly and warm, other times they’re cold and neglectful. I haven’t seen most of them for a decade now. After dad died I cut ties with most of my paternal relatives. I sometimes dream that dad is alive and has beaten cancer and I take that in stride. I’m convinced that he beat cancer and I see him living with us again which is weird yet joyous. I still dream of women and I’m about to do them but something always comes up that spoils the opportunity. Last wet dream that I dream vividly was about Coby Smulders. I fucked her on my parents’ bed.
>>20677 (OP) 
I had a dream after taking a sleep supplement where I shot myself in the head and felt myself fading out of existence. I then woke up, still in a dream and thought about how strange/concerning it was that I was having suicidal dreams. I was thinking about killing myself alot at this time so it's not all that suprising.

I also recently had a wet dream and then woke up confused by the lack of mess until I pulled back my foreskin. Just another perk of not being mutilated I guess.
I had a dream I started kissing my male friend. I'm a flaming heterosexual with zero tolerance for gays. Why did I dream about smooching my friend who has a penis? Am I gay now? I liked it in the dream but I woke up disgusted. I woke up with morning wood which makes this matter more complicated. I hope the boner was from the usual morning wake up, but it's possible my boner was from the dream and I would know no different.
Had a dream flip flops didnt exist.
Alr this one's going to be long one
To give you a little >Backstory >Backshots
I Live in Iran and as you know it's a Muslim country and so my family is Muslim, but I'm not religious, and I think a lot like Ashley how she described in her manifesto.

I've encountered many weird spiritual things in my life since I was 8 ( now I'm 19) such as weird visions and dreams and more so
This thing is in our bloodline (maybe we are all just retarded people)

One of the weirdest thing I saw was this
I was sleeping in my room, and I was alone in our house, it was afternoon, and I was fully asleep then I was awakened by a huge force and pressure on my body like if THOR himself put his balls on my body just to die, I couldn't move or do shit just to witness what's happening (this happened to me a lot I wasn't scared I was waiting to see what happens next)

There was a purple orb in front of my vision and I saw a 3m dark entity spinning in a circle around me fast as fuck then I heard this ancient looking ass voice

>16 years of being slave or 16 years of beaing a sinner
At that time I was 17 and half.

And then the pressure went away, and I got back the control of my body, still I can't figure out what's the meaning of that line, what was that entity etc.

I don't know how to work with this board format thingy like even replying or so, but I try my best to share my point with you.
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I had this dream where I walked into this girl's bedroom and she was holding a giant marshmallow. She dared me to eat the marshmallow and said that if I didn't eat the whole thing that I was a sissy. I ate the whole thing. When I woke up I couldn't find my pillow and I had this horrific stomach ache.
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I skimmed your post quickly without really reading it and only picked up
>I had this dream
>I was a sissy
>I ate the whole thing
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Be careful, my boys failed to see the humor in your post and you don't want to get on their bad side. Matter of fact, they don't have a good side..
>I was awakened by a huge force and pressure on my body like if THOR himself put his balls on my body just to die

>I don't know how to work with this board format thingy like even replying or so, but I try my best to share my point with you.
you did fine

as for your dream well Im retarded but my interpretation is that its something to do with you not being religious but the rest of your family is.
the pressure you felt on your chest was maybe about pressure into following your families religious values
but youre conflicted because you dont want to be a slave to it, hence the "16years of being a slave" but you also dont want to live a sinner (16 years of being a sinner) for not believing in your families religion.

anyways thats just my take on it

shalom! or whatever muslims say
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Thank you so much for taking your time reading my bazinga
I really am amazed by your point of view, like how I didn't think of that
because now I'm really thinking of it and I haven't made my mind yet, so I'm still in between ... and maybe this is why I'm having troubles in the past 3 years ...

And now if you ask me, I would rather be a 

Jewish people say Shalom! I think it's Hi but with a bit taste of money
Muslims say Salam, you see it's same 

I made this picture, it's my favorite Persian snack with another snack, and I'm going to use the picture for the rest of my life.
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