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How do we feel about stolen valor? Personally I think it's cringe no matter how you look at it. It's gay to larp as a mindless bootlicker. It's gay to get triggered about someone larping as a mindless bootlicker.
>>22516 (OP) 
Who cares
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>>22516 (OP) 
I pride myself on being the only one on this board that likes stolen valor content so this post is stolen valor. You're literally larping as me just to get back at me? Pathetic. Into the void.
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It's a discussion board faggot
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Well, i dont care nigger, im still discussing it by saying that nobody cares about that
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>>22516 (OP) 
they arent larping as a bootlicker, they arent going around shouting about being pro military or telling ppl to enlist, etc. 
From what i understand the whole point of stolen valor is to reap the benefits of serving their country, without the actual serving of their country (TYFYS Seabee fr fr).
as someone whose had family members who have served in conflicts past, one whom came home never the same, it is incredibly fucking disgraceful to falsely claim to serve when u havent.
 It doesnt matter if you agree/disagree about what conflict they are claiming to have served in or how you feel about bootlicking, its mentally deranged behavior like being a transsexual or installing wooden floor boards because you hate carpet that much
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>>22516 (OP) 
I had a neighbor who enlisted in the military but got discharged like a week later. He never actually did anything but still called himself a veteran. He had the hat, bumper stickers and would tell everyone about his service so he could get out of tickets or get free breakfast. He even would attend vereran day services and would try and get recognition there too but he got caught multiple times but still didn't give up. He was a retard.
Clearly you're wrong because we're discussing it. I think it's an interesting topic.
>they arent larping as a bootlicker
I see where you're coming from in your post but there definitely ARE men like this. There are these guys who get the buzzcut haircut, wear military-esque or "tactical" clothing, spend all their time watching youtube videos about war, etc. These are the same dudes who make their kids call them "sir" and drive around in hummers with thin blue line bumper stickers. They never were in the military or police force but want to seem "hard" and pretend to be big tough guys but they'd be the first to piss their pants in any actual conflict.
>>22516 (OP) 
Anyone who does this should be forced info military service and if they refuse should be publically executed.
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TYFTMFMS (thank you for thanking me for my service)
I read an article reprinted from the Air Force Times requesting Air Force retirees to return to active duty. Seems that all branches of the military are having problems meeting their monthly recruiting quotas. I mentioned in a previous post that I wouldn't be surprised that within a few years due to conditions with China and the middle east Congress reinstates the draft for 18-35 year old males that haven't served.

Wouldn't  it be funny, Karma's a bitch, if the guys pretending to be serving or pretending to have served (stolen valor) actually get drafted. That would be the perfect definition of irony, heh, heh.
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If I was drafted into the war I would go rogue and commit as many war crimes as possible and kill anyone who tries to arrest me all while LARPing as Solid Snake.
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>>22516 (OP) 
There's a special place in HELL for people people like this. If I EVER see anyone pretending to be a soldier I WILL NOT hesitate to fuck them up the ASS.
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you ain't gon do sheit cracka
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Seeing a lot of support for the military in this thread (i.e., bootlickers). Why is serving the interests of corporations and governments so important to you? What about it, exactly, do you find so honorable?
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>>22516 (OP) 
Just remember that the us military is gay.

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The us military is becoming gayer and gayer and theirs nothing that can be done about it. Being gay and having a large penis and a high pitch voice is more desirable if you want be in the military, that way the drill sergeants along with the government can subdue you and dominate you. 

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Tell me you want it!
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I've seen the video from this pic
I think Ashley brought the fact that the US is sending them to their grave in her latest vid which I didn't take into account before. Thank you Ashley.
Kek holy shit you people act like killing children or more likely, sitting in a base for 4 years with their thumb at their ass then being send back home for tax payer money is some holy god sent benevolent act. Fuck war, fuck the people who participate. Good for the poorfags scamming the system with no harm done who trigger you boot lickers.
Since we're all here, I'm sure the majority that frequent Ashley's board are well aware of how corrupt and intertwined the US's economic system, government, and media is. I think there'll be no shortage of men wanting to sign up because they'll just manufacture the problem and provide the solution. 

Most of the time stuff like this is modern day fear mongering perpetuating itself for clicks and views to line investor's pockets, BUT it's entirely possible that it's already been decided behind closed doors to print the US dollar until a financial collapse occurs and sweep it all under the rug by insighting a false flag event. Perhaps a solar flare?* fake alien invasion?** Dunno anything is on the table with this fucking shit show.
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As having enlisted in the Seabees shortly after graduating high school in 2010 I can reluctantly say that at that time there were guys that we called "lifers" (guys that remain in the military as long as possible) by us guys that decided to do our 4 years and get out, which I did. A lot of "lifers" confided to me that they couldn't make it on the outside, they enlisted for the benefits, housing. medical care etc for them and their family. There were some "lifers" that needed a structured life, someone to tell them what to do, when to do it, what to wear, when to eat etc. There were even some alcoholic "lifers" who wouldn't be able to hold down a job on the outside. But let's give the devil its due, they were /are brave men and there were "lifers" who originally enlisted for purely altruistic reasons.

The military has changed rapidly in the past 15 or so years. No one wants to enlist nowadays since the military seems to be catering to the LGBQ crowd. Just look at that fat transgender who has the title of Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services and and has the title of Admiral and wears a uniform and also the Federal government has become so corrupt, more so than in years past so that clear thinking individuals just shy away from enlisting.

But let's not throw the baby out with the bath water. I must reiterate, there are brave men that sacrifice unselfishly and enlist because they feel an obligation to serve their country regardless what others may think.

If the draft is reinstated and in my opinion it most probably will if things keep going the way things are going and the draftees perceive that they are being forced to serve a corrupt government then there might be someone even more dangerous than the supposed enemy, and that would be a disgruntled well trained soldier holding a rifle.
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50 years? Try longer than that. The United States either creates its enemies or gets involved in someone else's fight to make sure they can pay us back our loans. We haven't had a real enemy since we were at war with the British over our sovereignty.
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Becomming a pawn for corporate interest and bankers is not bravery, but ignorance.
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You're either 10 years old or a retard. You're like a bobble headed doll regurgitating your verbal diarrhea that you happened to read on the internet. Suggestion, get a life and a few more birthdays.
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>>22516 (OP) 
$20 is twenty bucks, bigot
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They like licking a looot more than just boots
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War is a faggot
>>22516 (OP) 
The guy in OP isn't only larping as a marine, he's larping as Stevie Wonder
Where is he wrong, though? Joining the military in the modern era certainly is the best way to support corporations, banks, and big government. I appreciate your contributions and unique perspective (being one of the few, if not the only person here to have actually been in the military) but I think your ego is clouding your judgment on this one. I could just as easily say that you're a "bobble headed doll" regurgitating the propaganda and brainwashing fed to you by an establishment that viewed you as little more than a warm body fit to serve their ends.
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In retrospect perhaps I was a little harsh with Anon and for that I apologize. It's not in my nature to criticize anyone on this board and perhaps it's just semantics but I feel that he could have used a less defining word than "ignorant". When one serves in a war zone one develops a camaraderie with the men one serves with and the term he used just triggered me.

I'll be the first to admit that the U.S. is a warrior nation. I've watched old videos of former president Eisenhower who was the top general in WW2 warning the American people of the military industrial complex and how it will drag us into wars.

I'm watching the U,S. support for Israel in the war with Hamas. I shudder to think of our military men fighting shoulder to shoulder with Israeli soldiers. In my opinion Israel would sell out the U.S. for a lousy shekel. As long as the U.S. continues supporting Israel with billions of dollars every year Israel will pretend to be our friend.

In conclusion, is any war the U,S. has entered into justified? Well, opinions are like ass holes, everybody has one, but let's not vehemently criticize brave men who choose rightly or wrongly to serve this country. Put the blame where it should lay, at the feet of the U.S. shadow government and the ilk that run and support it.
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They like to lick everything.
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Aside from the obvious men tonguing each other's esophagus', something about this image is super fucking gay. That black guy could give you aids just by looking at him. I would be scared if I were that gay black guy and wore white pants. Your loose butthole could leak out poop visible to everyone at any moment and you'd never know because:
A. you're brown
B. you have a loose asshole
you are so right. gay bottoms think that wearing white clothing is a way to one up women (they can't wear white because they'll get period blood all over it) but what they don't anticipate is the poop dripping out of their loose rectums and staining their nice white pants.
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Exactly, except with gays with white pants it's almost worse than women because gay men might be prone to anal phishers which means that theyll have blood AND poop staining their nice white pants.
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An anal phisher tried to get my Grindr password once
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holy shit kek
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Picrel is a dude, right?
>thin dry hair
>wearing a skirt
>protecting asshole against leakage
Is he with his dad? Is he touching his tail to make sure the buttplug didn't fall out?
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dude looks like a lady. I can tell because of the broad shoulders and big hands and having seen quite a few ladies in my time
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Finally, someone who understands.
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Then and Now
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The one in the dress has a penis. Not much has changed.
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don't they all?
Replies: >>22673
The ones I date do
captcha: joi2md
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imagine having a rug made out of that
The "disgruntled trained solder holding a rifle" brought back a great memory. I was a pte. and I would walk in to a command tent rifle in hand to talk with the Lt. Got pulled aside later and was 
 told to leave it unloaded in the rack outside (it makes the officers nervous).

I find stolen valour hilarious. Imagine the mental illness you'd have to pretend you were in the military. Like a woman bragging about having been a stripper.
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I'm not familiar with the term pte

If you want to piss off an officer who comes up to you and you're in a combat zone, salute him.

Yea, stolen valor guys can be hilarious with some of the mixed bag of military garb they wear. Maybe we should feel sorry for them, I don't know,
There is nothing unusual about that. Most western militaries do this. You're not supposed to be armed when you enter a command post or any officers quarters unless you're a sentry. Officers can sometimes still carry their sidearms but even they may be confiscated upon entry.
Only in aussieland we stole abo's generation lol. And properly their black wimmen.
Replies: >>22968
Is that why white australians are quickly becoming a minority in Australia?
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