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Post what you're resentful or hateful about, friends. Also Thanksgiving food thread, which if we're being honest, is the only part that anyone gives a shit about.

I'm resentful that people still celebrate a dumb holiday based around grotesque lies. If the pilgrims and the injuns were such great pals, how come all those smelly Europeans ended up killing them all?

I'm also resentful about the last time I was at an Indian casino and got completely fucked. I wish the pilgrims could come back and finish the job starting with Chief Runs-With-My-Money at that neon hellhole.

I do look forward to making my signature homemade skin-on garlic mashed potatoes, though.
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>>15274 (OP) 
Im resentful I wont get to taste those signature homemade skin-on garlic mashed potatoes because they sound tasty af
post pics of them if you do make some, so I can be even more resentful when i see how tasty they look
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Thoughts on yams?
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They’re good but they’re called sweet potatoes, chucklehead
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you're called sweet potatoes
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;) thanks baby

>Although the terms sweet potatoes and yams are often used interchangeably in the U.S., they are not the same thing. When it comes to yams vs sweet potatoes, the main differences are:
>Yams and sweet potatoes are completely different, botanically speaking. A yam comes from the Dioscoreaceae family, and sweet potatoes come from the Convolvulaceae family (aka the family of morning glories). 
>True yams have rougher skin that’s typically brown, almost tree bark-like. Sweet potatoes have a thinner skin that’s reddish-brown, although it can vary.
>Yams have a starchier texture and sweet potatoes have a softer texture when cooked.
>In the U.S. you are most likely to find yams in international markets or specialty grocery stores. So, even if it’s marketed as a yam at an American grocery store, it’s usually a sweet potato. 

silly americans.

Im resentful for America bringing their stupid black friday (more like black friGAY) bullshit mindless consumerism bullshit over to my country.
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Today the U.S. Department of Agriculture requires labels with the term ‘yam’ to be accompanied by the term ‘sweet potato.’ Unless you specifically search for yams, which are usually found in an international market, you are probably eating sweet potatoes.

Because Thanksgiving is an American holiday, sweet potatoes are what's eaten at Thanksgiving. Also what was pictured is orange, which is clearly a sweet potato, not a yam.
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kys argumentative faggot they're yams
I didn't even know yams wuz a fruit nigga I though it wuz jus money nigga broke ass bitch
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you're a fruit
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No. I am a nigger.
Only us Europeans could be so compassionate to leave any trace of the huge L the natives took, any other ethnic group would have left no trace of the losers. Indians should be thankful they still live on to be the victim, savages only got what they deserved. 
I don't resent anything btw, everything is exactly as it should be.
Your name says "anonymous" but I think its actually "Mr. Edgy"
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>muh huwhites
latinas are the future, honkey
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I see no compassion in killing 60000000 natives and taking away their land. On the contrary.

As a native, I only thank my parents because they have given me the best they could, no one else. 

In all the time of my life I have always seen that the strong subdue the weaker. The whites were more advanced and had better technology than the natives and they screwed them over. It's as simple as that. Sad for us but true.
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Losers? They have the United States, they are going to replace whites and the same goes to other countries that whites colonized. A lot of the fighting wasn’t even necessary we should have just invited you over to help us build our countries. I’m thankful for the humanitarian effort and achieving independence. With the help of whites we made our countries even better than European countries.
Sorry for what those cunts did to your people anon
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It all boils down to the U.S.government's belief in the 1800s  called Manifest Destiny. It was the belief that the expansion of the U,S.all the way to the west coast was devinely ordained and inevitable. Rightly or wrongly it was used to rationalize the removal of Native Americans from their native homelands.
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