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Fascinating that this exists again. How is everyone? Tell us a bit about what happened to you guys these past years.

I started reading the quran recently, great topic of conversation with taxi drivers. Also, I gained and lost a really great girlfriend, got a pretty cool job and am slowly turning into a workaholic.
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>Fascinating that this exists again.
Are you saying that you recently rediscovered Ashley or are you referring to the memories of a previous incarnation in the yuga cycle?
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Well, I mostly meant that there's a somewhat active imageboard again. Brings back memories of early twenties obsession, talking to other ashlings and laughing about the more ridiculous ones.

If this happened in an earlier cycle, all memories of it have been erased. So a strictly mundane rediscovery.

How about your memories friend?
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I didn't browse the old board as much back in the day, I'd watch Ashley's YouTube videos and see /pol/ threads about her, I still remember the WorldStarHipHop drama, good times. It's too bad I missed out on the livestreams, they seemed like fun. I might have messaged her on Google+ one time but can't remember if she responded to me.

After Ashley left, I worked a few shit jobs until I found a good one in another city, moved out of my parent's house, planted roots, travelled, mostly relaxing now, maybe a little too much. These past few years flew by pretty quick. Oh well, I'm just glad it's officially Autumn season now.
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Sounds like you had a few good or at least mostly good years. Happy to hear that! I definitely get what you mean about years flying by. It's the same for me - actually, I think there was a Rose vYou short about exactly that topic. Probably a universal notion.

If things ever get too relaxing, just remember the chaotic energy and dynamism that I'm sure is still in you somewhere.
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