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You guys have waited years for this. You finally get to watch Ashley screw on camera. I might do more of these videos. I like watching and falling asleep to teardown videos, specifically ones involving vintage technology, so I wanted to make some for anyone else who likes these types of videos. I have quite the catalog of vintage teardown/modifications videos I could make in the future. They aren't particularly interesting, but fun to do nonetheless.

>>13877 (OP) 
There is something comfy about these sort of videos. Just yesterday I happened upon a youtube channel that was about repairing wrist watches which had me hooked for hours.
I really enjoy watching someone take something apart, showing how something works while looking for the problem and managing to fix it and put it all back together in working order. 
Would watch more repair videos.
even your hands are expressive!
>13:40 me when Ashley posts a new video
okies finished watching, overall this is is really impressive and fr really fascinating for reasons i will get exzpand upon and put into in my comment.
Im gonna compose my thoughts a bit more and post them in the comments later on
agreed. this kinda makes me wish i was born earlier in world were we had more like physical tings(?) if that makes sense.
Ive grown up with just like everything being accessed largely thru a computer or worse a "smart" device that are powered and controlled by apps
videos like these make feel more introspective of the times ive grown up in.
I dont want to drift OT but it also brings up a resentment towards my generation, in that no one knows how to repair anything (admittedly myself included). Some of that lies with "right to repair" being illegal in some countries, or like those warrenty void if removed" stickers. but i know ppl that have a hole in a fucking tshirt and they throw the entire tshirt in the bin, like dude just sew that shit up, and we end up consuming so much more finite resources 
anyways Im rambling
reallly liked this video for reasons its hard rn to put into letters on a fucking screen,

ps. those are magnetic screwheads ur sing yes pls?
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>There is something comfy about these sort of videos.
Yessss. I like Ashley's more produced stuff but these kinds of videos are pure comfy kino. Single-take or mostly single-take videos of people just talking, and not about politics, used to be easy to find but now they're incredibly rare. everything has this ultra clean commercial feeling to it. I guess because it is commercial, almost nobody starts youtube channels just for fun anymore, it's all about the money. And the people who do make channels for fun, you'll never find them because they're not "relevant results" like Linus Tech Tips or CNN.

Millenial here, your generation really did get fucked, ashley's boomer/zoomer video hit the nail on the head. When I was a kid people my age were vastly superior at using technology than their parents (boomers), so I used to worry that as I got older I would "fall behind" or something. It seemed like the natural order of things that the stuff I knew about would fall by the wayside and that new tech would come along and most older people wouldn't get it. Boy was I wrong. Zoomers are seriously almost as bad as old people with tech.

I think a lot of the reason behind it is some of the things you pointed out, we live in a throw away and replacement consumer culture. If you never have to fix anything, it's much harder to learn anything about it. Also computers/smartphones now are designed to be operable by even the dumbest people, so even if you're not a stupid person, you're using something designed for a stupid person. The companies designing these products view you as a resource to be harvested. (again and again, because you have to buy new shit every year or two).

The biggest and most important difference however is that zoomers have a chance to become aware of these problems and solve them, unlike boomers who have zero interest in bettering themselves (they're already the best in their own minds so why bother). Be the change, zoomer-anon.
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Yes. youtube is loaded with how to do and repair things. Also if you'd like to learn plumbing, flooring, tile  etc and want actual hands on, Home Depot sometimes holds classes. I don't know if it is every store's policy but I know the one in my area does.
Replies: >>14015
>we never see what the gay porn tape was

should have showed your home made porn! now im going to have to dislike the video.
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ok i take that back
so aside from this moment being adorably funny, showing off your hairy arm is someones fetish, so that sorta counts as showing home made porn, therefore in conclusion I reverse my dislike and turn it into a like
>>13877 (OP) 
Was this your first time taking a VCR apart or did you practice off camera?
Replies: >>14015
I find them relaxing, too. It's not about some stressful topic where someone's angry or spouting a stupid opinion. A lot of people try to be too high energy. "HHHHHWHATS UP YOUTUBE". I prefer these more relaxed teardown type videos. They lean towards being more factual, slow paced, and long. Those three things are what make it relaxing to watch. I'm still in the process of repairing that old camcorder I showed in the video, so I have half of that repair video filmed. I think it'll be around an hour or more. Aside from that, eventually I'd like to make dedicated videos talking about the things I've collected over the years. I'd like to provide information about the item (such as its origins) as well as a demonstration of the item.

>ps. those are magnetic screwheads ur sing yes pls?
Yeah, they are. I find the magnet isn't that strong (which is probably for the best, sometimes magnets can screw with things), so I just end up using my hand to manually pull out the screw sometimes. I have spider legs as fingers, which makes it easy to reach.

Given how many times I've broken my toilet after attending a chili festival, I should take that plumbing class.

I recall saying in the video that I took it apart once before to fix the problem initially, then I took it apart again for the video to show what I did. I originally fixed it because it needed to be fixed, not for practice. It wasn't until after that, that I thought it might be useful to anyone interested in VCRs. 

My next repair video is... how else do I say this? I knew nothing about camcorders, so I'm rawdogging it so-to-say. As I'm recording, it's the first time I'm seeing everything. Some things are easier to do off camera, it can be quicker to diagnose a problem off camera because I can reference old repair manuals or schematics (search engines are largely useless for researching this stuff - I could rant about that). Off camera is also easier to repair because I don't have to worry about covering the camera or being in a weird position as to not cover the camera.
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In other news, someone reported Tom Cruise's and Clint's comments on my Peertube for this video. I sometimes get reports about sexism or racism from people who don't understand it's actually just autism. These reports usually come from tranny-filled Mastodon instances who don't understand I like being bullied.
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Greetings fellow humans,
As a professional actor working in Hollywood for over 40 years, accusations of sexist remarks are something that i do not take lightly.
In light of living in the post #MeToo movement, want to make myself absolutely and unequivocally, perfectly clear...
I hate women.
They are whiny, cant do stunt work, bleed every 30 days and make for terrible box office draws. Their list of deficiencies are as long as the list of my various impressive achievements and accolades in film.
Regardless if you're my co..."star" or a lowly assistant, on each new project that I work on, I make sure to go out of my way to be as unpleasant as humanly possible towards the lesser sex. 
If I find out they make even so much as 1/6th of my pay i WILL make a scene on set until that problem is rectified.

Furthermore, none of my comments are because of the 'tism. 
I take my comments very serious and its especially troubling that readers would blame my rampant sexism on "autism" (which isnt real btw) during the month of October, as here in the greatest country on earth, the United States of America, the month of October is Learning Disability Awareness Month. 

Miss Jones, due to your tomboyish bravado and large amounts of thick unsightly body hair, I almost consider you an equal, so I can say thankyou for bringing this to my attention and once again, wish to congratulate and encourage you on your continued stellar work
I look forward to our annual baby drinking blood meetup (it helps keep our ageless appearance) at the next Masonic Ritual on [REDACTED] at [REDACTED].
 Your pal, Tom Cruise.

ps. please find attached a personally autographed 8x10 glossy. 
pps. Try not to get goon juice all over it. You wont be getting a second one.
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>Given how many times I've broken my toilet after attending a chili festival I should take the plumbing class

If that's the case may I suggest pic related. It has no moving parts (save the privacy door) or delicate porcelain to shatter due to explosive diarrhea. You might also consider the mild chili as opposed to the type that makes the top of your head sweat. 

I'd be happy to construct one for you but you'll have to dig the hole ;)
Replies: >>14035
Ai? More like gai hehefheh
Replies: >>14026
gay eye? pink eye?
if this is too complicated for you to construct Ash, I gladly submit my open mouth as a substitute toilet for you to use
>>13877 (OP) 
Cool video, i am impressed
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Ash, there's something really hot about a girl doing car stuff. Would be great if you could do a vid of you rebuilding a Holley 780CFM dual feed carburetor or any carb for that matter, 1bbl,2 bbl or 4 bbl. Just go to a junkyard pick up old carb for cheap, buy a rebuild kit and Bob's your uncle.
For what purpose, she would need to have a  specific kind of car to put it in.
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After the rebuild she can sell it and make a nice profit. She makes a vid and makes a profit, win, win.
>>13877 (OP) 
I wish I was mechanically inclined as Ashley, I still struggle assembling the Kinder Surprise toys.
Replies: >>14084 >>14091
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If you're a collector of these toys you can find them already assembled on e bay.
>dual feed carburetor
Don't forget your New Balances
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>1bbl,2 bbl or 4 bbl

hehe bbl

Those are banned in the US. Fat American kids would eat the whole egg in one mouthful not realizing theres a toy inside
Replies: >>14094 >>14096
Same thing happened with the Pokemon balls from the McDonalds kids meals many years ago, Americans are retarded.
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reed bbl evrydey
A few years back, I managed to repair a problem with my ps4 by accidentally breaking it.
the problem was, that for some reason the disc would eject randomly when the system was on. Incredibly frustrating to have the disc eject in the middle of a game you can imagine,

I tried a few things suggested online, like taking off the little rubber thing below the eject button, adjusting the manual eject screw and just cleaning out the dust since it might have been static fucking with the eject sensor. Lastly, I disconnect and then reconnected the ribbon cable for the disc drive.
pretty thorough i thought, surely this would help...........

and it did!
started up, I think it was MGS V and played it for a few hours and not a single random ejection! Awesome!

except now my eject button doesnt work at all!
So now Ive gone from a ps4 with an randomly ejecting eject button, to a ps4 with an impotent eject button...
HOWEVER that sounds bad but i can still eject a disc, I just need to do it thru the system menu.
no idea how I broke the eject button, butt problem solved at the end of the day

Now if i could just solve my own problem of randomly ejaculating :(
Replies: >>14101 >>14102
Proud of you son. You're the best and I love you. Keep going!
Replies: >>14109
To fix ps4 eject button you must first firmly grasp your device along the edges, hold ps4 over garbage bin and drop, keep ps4 controller, then buy computer and pirate all game.
Replies: >>14109
thanks Dad!... I miss you :( pls cum home and repair our broken home :( :( :(

yikes lmao
Imagine being such a piss poor baby bitch boy u cant even afford 1 console and 1 PC for gayming ROFL XD
tbh ps4 didnt have that great a library of games compared to ps3... I have no idea why outside of DeS and GoW4 anyone wood buy a ps5 holy shit
DeS is Demon Souls and GoW4 is God of War 4 btw
Replies: >>15174
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dead thread I know but
Replies: >>15173
>dead thread I know but
on slower boards like this it's totally fine to bump older threads so don't worry about it

Ii want a ps5 but i still find them a bit pricey and the hardware doesn't seem that amazing. if they release the ps5 pro i'll get one for sure.
Replies: >>15187
I dont think theyre worth the high price tag.
There just isnt enough exclusives outside of Demon Souls that are worth justifying paying that much.
I'd rather spend that money on something like upgrading a PC or some meth to smoke with my WHITE children
Replies: >>15197

I just have all the Playstations and I can't resist not having the ps5 pro.
The good thing about Sony consoles is that to date they can all be pirated and that's too cool.
Bad idea to smoke meth with your child.
Replies: >>15216
Well, PC is multipurpose.  That's the thing.  The being pirated bit is nice, but it's a single tasker.  There, just, aren't enough good games out to justify buying any system that's only for games.  Plus, emulators run better on PC and it supports more controllers/configs.  Also, it upconverts graphics a lot better.
Replies: >>15270
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I think consoles have their appeal. They're small and you just plug them in, turn them on and you're playing. It's ignorant-proof.
Whereas on the pc there's almost always something extra to configure. Sometimes something doesn't work right and that sort of thing.
In the pre steam era pc gaming was horrible as I remember. At that time a console was better if you wanted to play games. Now pc gaming is much better (thanks to steam). Even so I think a console is still more comfortable if you just want to play.
also with the power of the ps5 pro it will probably be able to emulate almost everything.
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