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Give Ashley a tattoo
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>>14764 (OP) 
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I know how much she LOVES Bill Gates and Microsoft* Windows so its only natural she would have old willy forever immortalized on her body

*Microsoft is named after his own penis dont forget
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is this real?
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>keep your distance
>the vag between the two interlinked female symbols 
>the pink scar across the eye
lul good one anon

also you can see the shape of her boob in this scene, HOT
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this is a lot like me and Ashley

>hatred for aggressive dominating mother
Holy crap, I'm a freakin' lesbian!
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you can tell that it's quite perky. nice.
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I think it was Norman Bates who said, "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery."
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which pornstar is that from?
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and is she a milf that does family RP PoV porn?
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tatoos are for slaves. 
I would use pastel colors and never black anyway if she ever got a job that is 
sorry for your english
She goes by Mary Kay. You've probably never heard of her. She says she's retired but you know how that goes.
She's a milf that abandoned her family for another family to raise three boys that aren't even hers. Family RP PoV porn is the only logical choice now unless she just plans on getting old. It's not like she has any other talent. At least Ashley has VCR repair to fall back on.
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>>14764 (OP) 
I gave Ash a tat and I got mine on my leg when my enlistment was up. It's said that tats are like potato chips, you can't just have one but so far I've managed to buck the trend, don't really want another.
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hot af
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That's pretty cool, Anon, something like infinite zoom.
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I am beyond pleased that you of all people approve of my work. Thank you and TYFYS.
2 deep 4 me
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are those stink lines?
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self harm scars
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another one
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can't sleep
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Derrick's tat
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why am I awake
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it was a mistake to show me GIMP, AJ
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this one is shit but i can't be assed
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nvm i fixed it
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Ayyy that's a classic
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I never knew he got arrested. There was a rumor that I read that he punctured one ear drum to avoid the draft but I don't know how true it is.
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He did have a punctured eardrum, but it was due to complications at birth. That's the official story, anyway. Basically he wasn't coming out, so the doctors yanked him out with forceps (or maybe a pizza cutter, being Italian and all). They ended up injuring him which is how he got his facial scar, which was harder to see when he got older but is pretty visible in the pictures above when he was young. You can actually see part of his earlobe missing too. Apparently his nickname as a kid was "scarface", which makes me wonder if that was at least partial inspiration for the movie/character Scarface, which isn't technically an Italian mobster movie, but might as well be considered as such in spirit thanks to Pacino.

Fun fact, Al Pacino, at 83 years old, recently spunked up a semi-attractive 29 year old and is now paying her $30,000 per month in child support. Unfathomably based.
Replies: >>15075 >>15082
>isn't echnically an Italian mobster movie
the original(1932) one was
Replies: >>15077
Did not know there was an original, interesting. I guess my scarface-sinatra theory can go out the window!
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Speaking of Al Pacino, I don't know if you're a fan of "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" but Charle Day did an episode where he plays Al Pacino's Serpico. Funny stuff and he was spot on.

I used to like this song but then I realized it was Satanic
Replies: >>15085
yeah that song's gay but Frank makes it sound good many such cases
Replies: >>15086
I like Sinatra a lot, I just don't listen to that song.
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I'm just going to come out and say it, Sinatra's music was terrible, probably because he was mobbed up and used for money laundering. The only people who like him nowadays are cringe psuedointellectual redditfags
You're a cringe psuedointellectual reddit fag and I'm not but I agree with the exception of Markicorehe is based, you are cringe
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>He music bad cuz he corrupt
Yeah ok bud and my cock is massive because I watch Ashley Jones videos
Replies: >>15092
>I'm just going to come out
gay nigga
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Kek this post triggered all the limp-writsted children who think liking Sinatra makes them classy and suave. Sinatra is terrible and now that I know his fame was forged due to the mob laundering money through his career, his fame versus lack of talent suddenly makes sense.

Don't forget your hat on the way out.
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>I'm just going to come
Stopped reading right there, if you've already failed NNN then I'm not taking your opinions seriously, you're a woman now.
Replies: >>15096 >>15106
If you think he is terrible and lacks talent you're objectively wrong kid.
I don't listen to his music but he clearly is a talented vocalist, this is not an opinion, this is a fact. You're either acting out of bad faith or you're deaf.
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>part of the anti-masturbation cult
What next? Isn't there a katana you should be sharpening right now?

>he is terrible and lacks talent
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>Board Owner
>she is terrible and lacks talent
I don't think it's cultish to suggest people shouldn't give into their base sexual desires
Replies: >>15100
based ash
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You sound a lot like my wife.
how the hell did Barry land such a hot piece of ass like that? Was it the $200k a year he makes as a contractor?
a woman would think self control is cult-like
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Women are very good at self control you retard.
you're female self control is too abstract for you to comprehend
nofap/nnn etc are all totally cult like, look at how the topic had to be injected it into a completely unrelated topic (see >>15094) and then you had to jump on the bandwagon too, now we're talking about jerking off.

You people are constantly thinking about and talking about masturbation. Maybe you have to constantly think about it because you're incapable of just beating off real quick and getting it off your mind. Or, you know, getting a girlfriend...

I think you weirdos are the ones who lack self control, because apparently cranking one out every now and then is a "slippery slope" to becoming addicted to porn and having it ruin your life. It's not like that for the rest of us. 5-10 minutes spent using some sexy video of a girl to get off, then you can get on with the rest of your day without discussing masturbating with other men on the internet all day.
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hehe garfield
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Wow. Never thought I'd live to see the day that tits enrage spergs as much as shitting on Sinatra.
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Replies: >>15121
Ashley tries to hide a birthmark

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forgot to attack file kms
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I turned on my cell phone and it was with this wallpaper.
What does it mean?
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[Hide] (110.7KB, 1216x1856)

Mmmm not so much…
I give up
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So do I.
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Sorry pal, this is now a clussy thread.
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>walk into the bank
>hey what's up GABE I need to make a withdrawal
>I-it's Gabriella
>whatever dude just give me my money
>I'm a women
>Have a nice day, sir
Replies: >>15127
>5-10 minutes spent using some sexy video
faggot i can cum right now in 5 seconds on command no video no imagination just send the blood into my cock and cum it out
I can lucid dream whatever i fucking want whenever i want and cum im not going to strangle the nerves in my foreskin to some busted roastie with a blown out asshole like you ashley
Replies: >>15124
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this is my cum sock
>tfw no cum socks featuring her characters (and her) to buy on https://icum.to/shop/

you gave up NNN? good on you man, way to go!
now tell the class what did you rub one out to?
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I haven't looked at this page in forever. What a cutie patootie god damn
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PS this book is actually real and she will send it to you (eventually). While I agree with the notion that circumcision is wrong it's some top tire schizo stream of consciousness shit even for her. Would recommend
Replies: >>15128 >>15129
Wow, this guy is a badass. Sorry that your mom figured out how to block porn websites with her pihole.
Replies: >>15126
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by popping them them into my mouth usually. MMmmm YES *suck suck* thank you MOMMY for the MILK *slurp* so yummy Mmmm tastes like tacos *gulp*
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Dont waste your time in that.
Enlarge your penis is the way to go.
Replies: >>15130 >>15131
I want to read it someday so I can post a review about it on GoodReads.
>Enlarge your penis is the way to go.
Ashley self published jelqing guidebook when?
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Replies: >>15132 >>15175
*in chester voice* Tahiti's twitter account is disturbing... disturbingly ACCURATE!!!!!
Replies: >>15133
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uuwwaaahh sankyuu!! (✦ ‿ ✦)

Travel far, travel wide, and travel without regrets.
Who You?: I am Tahiti. I rove vacation! 🗿🍹
<Ristening to: Stereopony - Stand By Me
<Rink: https://vid.puffyan.us/watch?v=B9gMJsvgzg4 🎵🕺
>Location: Grande-Anse, Martinique 🌏✈️
I personally don't see the point in foreskin restoration. My cock works fine without it and I don't need foreskin to feel any pleasure. I am who I am and I don't need to enlarge my penis or stretch my foreskin to feel better about myself.
Replies: >>15135
Sorry to hear that you were genitally mutilated as an infant.
>I don't need foreskin to feel any pleasure.
I'm sure you can feel something, but as an intact man I promise you'll never really know what actual pleasure feels like. I'm not saying this to belittle you, it's just a fact. This, naturally, should upset you, or at the very least motivate you to never perpetuate similar barbaric cruelties against your own offspring.
Replies: >>15136
how do you know what it's like to be circumsized?
Replies: >>15138
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Thank goodness, I don't. But I can infer what it would be like much more accurately than you can infer what it would be like to have an intact penis.

The foreskin protects the glans and frenulum, which are extremely sensitive. If I retract my foreskin and, say, rub it across something dry like cloth (maybe against a blanket in bed or something), it's painful, or at the least, very, very uncomfortable. If my foreskin gets pulled back and rubs against my underwear, it's uncomfortable. Basically, anything dry is very uncomfortable.

Your dick head is supposed to be protected and moist. So, I can imagine how dulled the sensations must be after a lifetime of having it never protected. You never feel any discomfort when your penis touches your underwear, right? An intact man would, if the foreskin was retracted.

All this sensitivity, of course, results in not "heightened", but normal sexual pleasure. Pussy feels absolutely mind blowing. This is why intact men tend to be able to enjoy slow, sensual sex, and mutilated men have to jackhammer to be able to cum. Intercourse is better for the female as well, since the foreskin helps to reduce friction in the vagina.

I'm sorry for what happened to you, but I would advise you to face the reality of it. It's incredibly painful to accept that your most intimate part was violated before you could even speak, walk, etc., and that it was done to you by the people who are supposed to love and protect you. But most importantly, coming to this realization will ensure that if you ever have children of your own and one or all of them are male, you'll know that slicing up their penis when they're 7 or 8 days (DAYS) old is beyond fucked up.
Replies: >>15139
I respect your opinion, however I think "mutilation" is a loaded term.

Also, studies done on male populations refute you claims about sexual satisfaction.



You can enjoy your uncircumcised penis, but I don't lose any sleep over my missing foreskin, and I'm not alone.
Replies: >>15140 >>15143
>I respect your opinion, however I think "mutilation" is a loaded term.
What about cutting off a part of a week old infant's genitals isn't mutilation? I think the term describes it perfectly adequately. 

>studies done on male populations refute you claims about sexual satisfaction.
Dude... use your brain here.
>circumcised at birth
>never know any different
>uhhh yeah I'm satisfied

If you want to play the studies game, how about this one?


tl;dr, over 100 baby boys die every year from botched genital mutilation. This obviously doesn't account for all the ones that do survive but forever have scarred up frankencocks.

>You can enjoy your uncircumcised penis
I will, thanks
Replies: >>15144
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bros I gave Ashley a tattoo :3
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I think its strange we refer to female circumcision as female mutilation, but forcibly removing a babys sensitive penis skin when its barely a newborn is considered ethical and not mutilation. The practice is text book mutilation.

If you were to say a female to male tranny took off her arm skin and sewed it to her pelvis, you would say she mutilated herself. If a grown adult who is supposed to look after and care for the well being of his newborn baby boy forcibly straps down his child on a board and unnecessarily slices up his baby's penis, it is also mutilation. Just because it was done to us and we can't remember the pain doesn't mean it was ok. Here's one of those boards they strap the babies in. It hurts so bad and they don't allow the baby to fight back, it shits itself, it passes out, is cries and screams in pain. Its horrifying. My dad said he could hear me screaming when I got circumcised. We have plenty of soap and water, the hygiene argument is not acceptable. God made us perfect, why are we messing with his creation?
Replies: >>15144
you didn't read the studies I sent, the studies were done on men who voluntarily had their foreskins removed to cut down on the spread of HIV in the community.

>Between February 2002 and September 2005, 2,784 participants were randomized, including the 100 excluded from this analysis because they crossed over, were not circumcised within 30 days of randomization, did not complete baseline interviews, or were outside the age range. For the circumcision and control groups, respectively, rates of any reported sexual dysfunction decreased from 23.6% and 25.9% at baseline to 6.2% and 5.8% at month 24. Changes over time were not associated with circumcision status. Compared to before they were circumcised, 64.0% of circumcised men reported their penis was “much more sensitive,” and 54.5% rated their ease of reaching orgasm as “much more” at month 24. Adult male circumcision was not associated with sexual dysfunction. Circumcised men reported increased penile sensitivity and enhanced ease of reaching orgasm. These data indicate that integration of male circumcision into programs to reduce HIV risk is unlikely to adversely effect male sexual function.

The second study is a meta analysis I recommend you look into. 

I looked at your study, and it admits that it's rare for boys to die directly from circumcision, and they more often die from anesthesia. Obviously a baby boy dying is a tragedy, but to count anesthesia deaths as circumcision deaths is disingenuous.

Female circumcision has no health benefits and can completely remove sexual pleasure, while male circumcision has proven health benefits and does not inhibit reproduction or sexual pleasure.
Replies: >>15145 >>15146
Yeah bro you win, enjoy your sliced up cock and have fun doing the same to your kids

fucking retard
Male circumcision has no health benefits. Those benefits are like throwing shit at a wall to see what sticks. Health care providers make big money in producers, circumcision being one of them. Circumcision was brought to the US in the early 1900s and always advertised for its ability to desensitize the penis and reduce masturbation in young boys, not for the so called cleanliness. These quotes are by the people who pioneered circumcision in the US.

>Circumcision should always be practiced. It may be necessary to make the genitals so sore by blistering fluids that pain results from attempts to rub the parts. Angel Money, Treatment of Disease in Children. Philadelphia: P. Blakiston. 1887, p. 421.

>A remedy [for masturbation] which is almost always successful in small boys is circumcision. The operation should be performed by a surgeon without administering an anesthetic, as the pain attending the operation will have a salutary effect upon the mind, especially if it be connected with the idea of punishment. John Harvey Kellogg [the breakfast cereal tycoon], Treatment for Self-Abuse and Its Effects, Plain Facts for Old and Young, Burlington, Iowa: P. Segner & Co. 1888, p. 295.
This one is really disturbing. Kellogg was a massive spearhead in popularizing circumcision. He wants infants to be traumatized and in brutal pain to associate sexual pleasure with being traumatic and wrong.

>Another advantage of circumcision ... is the lessened liability to masturbation. A long foreskin is irritating per se, as it necessitates more manipulation of the parts in bathing ... This leads the child to handle the parts, and as a rule, pleasurable sensations are elicited from the extremely sensitive mucous membrane, with resultant manipulation and masturbation. 
>The exposure of the glans penis following circumcision ... lessens the sensitiveness of the organ ... It therefore lies with the physician, the family adviser in affairs hygienic and medical, to urge its acceptance.  Ernest G. Mark, Circumcision, American Practitioner and News, vol. 31 (1901): pp. 121-126.

>Boys ought to be circumcised -- the permanent and tempting invitation to masturbation in the form of the foreskin being removed in their early infancy, before sexual feelings are experienced, and the vicious counsel of other boys is received... There is some reason, then, and excuse as well, why boys should be boys, endowed as they are with anatomical conditions, as well as traits, calculated to lead them astray.  Brandsford Lewis. A Plain Talk on Matters Pertaining to Genito-Urinary Anatomy, Physiology and Diseases (Part 1). American Journal of Dermatology and Genito-Urinary Diseases 1903;7:201-209.

These are barely scraping the surface. Being circumcised does not prevent STDs. Practicing safe sex prevents STDs. Ever hear of condoms? Doesn't involve a newborn baby screaming bloody murder. A foreskin takes a few seconds to clean in the shower just as any other part of the body. We don't remove toenails because they could be prone to a fungus. Proper hygiene is common sense for any body part. It's wrong to torture poor newborn babies for something which is not logical.
Replies: >>15148
[Hide] (3.5KB, 55x55)
Circumcision is a money making scam. The hospitals charge for the procedure and then turn around and sell the foreskin. The foreskin has skin cells called fibroblast and when processed is used in anti aging creme. It's a win win for the hospitals.
Replies: >>15149 >>15150
Claiming there are no health benefits to circumcision is wild, five minutes of research refutes this claim. 

Yes, I admit that early proponents of circumcision made the argument that it reduces or eliminates masturbation. Obviously this is the weakest of the arguments.

The only safe sex is sex done in wedlock. Also condoms are pretty gay.
Replies: >>15151 >>15153
Yeah youre right on the money. Celebrities even talk about injecting baby foreskin into their face on national TV. We are cattle for the elites... even our babys foreskins.
Replies: >>15150

Obviously disgusting and should be condemned totally.
Replies: >>15151 >>15153
Imagine arguing in favor of cutting up a baby's dick. What an absolute kike you are.

>ok to cut the child dick
>but not for beauty creams
orrrr you could just leave the kids the fuck alone
[Hide] (1.3MB, 524x276)
>You sound a lot like my wife.
When she's being violated by a purp.
A quick shower is an alternative to circumcision. You may only think this awful act is acceptable because it happened to you as an infant; you never knew any different nor remember it being done to you, so naturally as you grow up in your formative years, you're conditioned to think your penis looked that way naturally. Only to learn later that this wasn't the case, but it's painful to accept such a brutal reality, so we tend to rationalize to ward away the painful facts. The reality is, circumcision is not necessary at all and I'm shocked after being exposed to the truly awful reality of circumcision, one would continue to even entertain the idea that it's okay to do to an infant who cannot say no, who cannot fight for itself. Much like... abortion. Babies should not be abused. They should be showered with love and showered with care. We have soap and water, we have condoms. No need for torture. Please watch this with an open mind. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ceht-3xu84I

You agree that the commercial use of baby's foreskin is wrong. I think you should really entertain the idea of watching this video. He talks more about it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ceht-3xu84I
Replies: >>15156
[Hide] (48.6KB, 137x448)
Who wore it better?
Can't tell if tranny or just Jewish.
I do not know if I would get my offspring circumcised, perhaps not. I stand by my original statement however- that I don't lose sleep over my circumcision. I watched your video, and I'm turned off by the professors constant appeal to emotion, and that these emotional arguments are far more prevalent in his talk than actual studies cited. He seems to want to change the language of the conversation to suit his position and it comes off as disingenuous.
[Hide] (70.8KB, 700x693)
>muh studies
Vaxxed and triple boosted for sure
Replies: >>15158
On the contrary, many studies show that the covid vaccine is pretty useless, and I'm not vaccinated for covid.

I think you're having an argument with a made up person in your head.
Replies: >>15161
The guy is presenting that it's yeah, of course it is ethically immoral given that circumcision offers no benefits compared to the harm it harnesses. Keep in mind the "studies" you find promoting benefits of circumcision play in the hands of the medical industry who greatly benefits financially from circumcision. I can't convince you. It's all about statistics and numbers when you should look in front of you and think with common sense. Torturing baby=bad. Basic hygiene=good. Simple as. Whatever, I wasted my time.
Replies: >>15160
>Torturing baby=bad.
I'm not convinced. Do you have a source for that?
Replies: >>15162 >>15165
Yeah... about that. You think that SAME American medical industry is looking out for you with your genitals?
[Hide] (33.3KB, 719x445)
nice try
Replies: >>15163
Guys don't believe this impostor. Anyone can use dev tools to fake a screenshot like this. Babies should have their penises cut up. Also, I suck cocks.
I'll pray for your unborn sons, hopefully you will see what is so obvious to anyone with common sense before you bring them to permanent harm.
Ikr. Prioritizing the baby's emotions is gay and emotional thinking. I value statistics and rationality. Here's a statistic: I'm 100% a homo.
I have no dog in this fight but I just want to say I've really enjoyed this Markicore vs the Anons debate and have learned a little bit from both sides of the argument.
Replies: >>15169
TTT fags
Idk why people assume things are always an argument. This isnt an argument. its a matter of what is right and wrong morally... not some high school debate.
Replies: >>15170 >>15182
do high schools not have debates on what's morally right and wrong? I was never part of the high school debate club.
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i didn't know that tahiti glows so bright in the dark. but it makes sense to me.
Replies: >>15180
[Hide] (3.3KB, 55x55)
why dó yu say this?? the onry taim i've ever growed was unnuderu the neon rightsu of cambodia where i purchased severaru dericious roris.

Collect memories, not possessions.
Who You?: I am Tahiti. I rove vacation! 🗿🍹
<Ristening to: Aira Mitsuki (アイラミツキ)/ ロボットハニー [MV]
<Rink: https://vid.puffyan.us/watch?v=iC3yRNfQuVA 🎵🕺
>Location: Maldives 🌏✈️
Replies: >>15182 >>15199
anon pls, an argument can mean a "a reason or set of reasons given in support of an idea, action or theory."
in this case people were presenting their set of reasons in either support or opposition regarding circumcision, I just want to point out that I had enjoy reading them and learned a bit as well.

I didnt mean argument like how your parents yell at one another when your dad finds your mother fucking the neighbor's dog for the 5th time in 2 weeks.

Tahiti-chan since this is a tattoo thread, I just want to let you know I would let you tattoo your balls across my face if you know what i meanu
Replies: >>15183 >>15200
No, retard, it's not an "argument" of ANY kind. Circumcision is senseless cruelty and no amount of "arguing" in favor of it will ever change the mind of someone who recognizes this basic, self-evident FACT.

Imagine that a mother brought her 7 day old baby to the hospital and asked them to amputate the infant's leg. "Well doc, it's just so much cleaner, plus his dad is missing his leg, so let's just chop it off, shall we?"

In this case you wouldn't "argue" the merits of whether or not a parent should amputate their baby's leg for cultural purposes. There's absolutely no need to debate about it, because it's FUCKING INSANE.

You people are brainwashed beyond repair.
Replies: >>15184 >>15200

"a reason or set of reasons given in support of an idea, action or theory.
"there is a strong argument for submitting a formal appeal"

Replies: >>15189 >>15200
smoking meth with my WHITE children rn
Replies: >>15188
[Hide] (254KB, 846x709)
Im not that or the other anon but theyre trying to say that circumcision shouldnt be considered a debate because its morally very wrong. Like how rape isnt a point of debate because everyone knows its wrong. You wouldnt debate the ethics of rape that would just be crazy. The origins and reasons to circumcise are really paper thin and morally its really awful and it shouldnt even be debated because its self evident how messed up it is. hope i explained that alright.
[Hide] (3.5KB, 55x55)
[Hide] (18.8KB, 480x489)
[Hide] (1.9MB, 280x202)

Take it easy Tahiti. Just chill. You are not the only one. ;)
[Hide] (133.5KB, 640x681)
Dunno.  Depends on the circumcision.  The Rabbi hack and slash is kinda - yeah, I agree with you.  The ring thing that pops off - I'm glad my parents did that when I was little, and give reverse consent.  Meh.  The reality of rape seems to be just as precarious.  Some women, actually, like it and fantasize about it constantly.  What can you do?
Replies: >>15220
All circumcision is hack and slash. If you're talking about the Rabbi version, well they literally bite the foreskin off with their teeth and even at times pass on STDs to the baby in the process. I wish I was joking.

>I'm glad my parents did that when I was little, and give reverse consent.
Your parents gave you no consent. Your body parts should be yours, and not for your parents to forcibly remove when you're too young to decide for yourself.

>The reality of rape seems to be just as precarious.  Some women, actually, like it and fantasize about it constantly.
So that must mean rape should be allowed and done to anyone, right? Of course not, it isn't moral. That's why the morals of rape and circumcision are similar. Something morally wrong, painful, and awful done to someone who cannot consent.

>What can you do?
Hmm. Maybe the parents could allow the child to consent to undergo what is essentially a cosmetic when the child is old enough to decide for themselves.

>What can you do?
Be the change and realize this practice is highly unnecessary and wrong, and don't do it if you have a child.
You, obviously, have comprehension problems.  I said I retroactively give my parents consent to circumcize me.  I don't require or give 2 shits about your consent or opinion in the matter.
Replies: >>15232
In fact, I hugely resent you trying to force your idiotic garbage on my genetals.  That's wrong, creepy, and pretty disgusting.
Also, the procedure is much more complicated, risky, and painful when older.  I'm very happy about the way things were done.  Thank you.  Please try to spend more time being concerned about yourself, and less time thinking about other people's genitals, it's not a very healthy way to live.
Replies: >>15232 >>15237
>I said I retroactively give my parents consent to circumcize me.
You may be okay with it now, but it is not possible to give consent to something that has already happened to you. It happened to you and you are living with the consequences of the procedure and are okay with it. But in no way were you given any choice in the matter, and even with being okay with it, it was in no part a choice no matter how much you agree with that choice that was made for you.

>I don't require or give 2 shits about your consent or opinion in the matter.
You don't have to. We are on a discussion board, so I'm just utilizing the reason we're here.

All I'm advocating is for the body to be left in its natural state when the Americanized procedure itself originates from bizarre reasonings and is not necessary.

>Also, the procedure is much more complicated, risky, and painful when older. 
The majority of botched circumcisions happen to newborns. A baby is squirming as its undergoing the most pain its felt in its very short life, and despite the baby's limbs being held down with straps, it squirms in pain and the result is a botched circumcision. By the way, the results of botched circumcisions are gruesome. 

Also the wound from the surgery can easily become infected. The wound is trapped in a diaper with pee and feces, something which typically sound be nowhere near a wound. Ironically, its much easier for the penis to *now* get an infection due to the surgery than if it were just left alone and washed regularly. Also, roughly 100 infant deaths resulting from circumcision happen every year, and these numbers are assumed by many to be low because they often classify the death under something else, because they try to control "studies", as they need to continue the idea that circumcision is necessary, beneficial, and totally safe.

>Please try to spend more time being concerned about yourself, and less time thinking about other people's genitals, it's not a very healthy way to live.
You mean like how the American medical industry should do when concerning newborn infants? They are the ones making full on industries and beauty products, newborn baby boys are their cash cow and it's completely wrong - especially when this procedure is essentially cosmetic. I'm sorry, but had you been left intact, you would be able to look at this issue with a clearer mind. Men who were wrongly forced to undergo this procedure don't realize how awful it is because the grew up thinking they were born this way, that their penis is normal and functions as it should. But we know this to not be true.
Replies: >>15235
>All circumcision is hack and slash. If you're talking about the Rabbi version, well they literally bite the foreskin off with their teeth and even at times pass on STDs to the baby in the process. I wish I was joking.

This version of circumcision is known as Metzitzah B'Peh and is only performed by the most Ultra-Orthodox of Jews. It is not done by the vast majority of Jews.
Replies: >>15236
So, does that mean that our citizenship shouldn't be determined by where we are born, but by where we would like to have been born when we get older?  So many choices are taken from us naturally that it's a ridiculous argument.  Now, for circumcision deaths, I'd like to see a breakdown by method used.  I doubt more modern methods are anything like what you say.

Also, yeah, I get the overlap with this and trans surgery.  Which is completely retarded at a young age.  It's, just, a very poor line to draw.  It doesn't affect sexual function or fertility.  Especially fertility.  And it doesn't overlap with gender dysphoria, and the fact that it's tremendously easy to confuse children about gender.  Adults, too.  Permanent, gross, disfigurement and infertility are on a completely different level than circumcision.
And this does get into freedom of religion and religious observance very, very quickly.  It's a very different fight, and out of scope for where I would want to go right now.
>Please try to spend more time being concerned about yourself, and less time thinking about other people's genitals, it's not a very healthy way to live.
Dude you're the one arguing in favor of slicing up a baby's penis lol, I'm thinking you should take your own advice
Replies: >>15240
>So, does that mean that our citizenship shouldn't be determined by where we are born, but by where we would like to have been born when we get older?  
Citizenship is an idea whereas an infants body is a physical reality. You can't compare a concept, an idea, to a human right of a body part. So your analogy doesn't work. You shouldn't make the decision to do a cosmetic surgery for a newborn infant. The infant has no way of consenting - and by the way, many circumcised men heavily resent their parents for the decision made FOR them. It's very sad to see. So while you're okay with the decision made about your body, many men aren't. That roll-of-the-dice decision shouldn't be made for a baby who can't consent. In fact, maybe their screaming in pain is enough of a signal that they don't consent, that they don't like it.

>It doesn't affect sexual function
It absolutely does. The foreskin harbors a ton of nerve endings and is sensitive, sexually pleasurable. It also protects the penis head, which is to be covered and slightly moist like our tongue or eyeballs. When unprotected, the head dries and is constantly exposed to being rubbed against fabrics, greatly reducing the sensitivity in the head. Thus, the head is less sensitive and you feel less when compared to having the original nerve sensitivity with the foreskin and when properly protected. As for fertility, I don't think cut vs intact has much impact on fertility, and I never said that it did.
Replies: >>15242
No, I'm not.  I'm arguing that I don't mind at all that it was done to me.  And that in my case, it's a good thing.  You're the one arguing ethics, morality, law and governance based on this.  Allowing big government and the police to intervene where they have no business being.
Replies: >>15257
Also, they only resent, because they are lied to and convinced to resent.  This is a bigger problem.  The analogy works perfectly.  We don't get to decide many circumstances of our own births.

Some studies say that's wrong, and that it's more sensitive and less painful.  I'm completely ok with how sensitive my hot throbbing monster cock is, thank you.
>Now, for circumcision deaths, I'd like to see a breakdown by method used.  I doubt more modern methods are anything like what you say.
Here. Modern numbers, modern technology, even admission of skewing death numbers for liability's sake. It's hard to pin down an exact number because they try to classify the death under something such as "infection", etc. Much like how in 2020 deaths were wrongfully classified under "Covid" to skew numbers.
Replies: >>15245
Replies: >>15247
I'll look at it later.  Infant deaths aren't good, but accurate numbers are nearly impossible - either way.  Statistics get used by both sides in some pretty horrific ways.  Less police, less government, less bullshit.  Sorry, but advokating more police and government interference in people's personal lives right now is more retarded than any of it.  People here say they don't like government, or Google, etc. - but, they are begging for it hand over fist.
Replies: >>15257
You don't need to rely on a study to determine the morality of the issue when considering that the so-called benefits are close to none. Regarding the sexual stimulation aspect, anecdotal evidence is sometimes all you need. While we can without a shadow of a doubt determine that there are more nerve endings packed into the foreskin, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that removing said nerve endings and drying a sensitive area would reduce sensitivity. For example, have you ever woken up with your mouth opened? And you touch your tongue? It feels really weird and dry, and you have no feeling on your tongue. That is similar to what the penis head, which is supposed to be slightly moist and covered, experiences.
Replies: >>15249 >>15251
I'm, really, thinking the evidence is pointing the other way, when it comes to who is brainwashed.  You seem to want a world full of police, all arresting each other for random crimes.  Everything is a problem the state must solve.  Individual authority and responsibility are completely non existent in your world.  This is sad, brainwashed, and at this point - fully retarded.
Replies: >>15248 >>15257
You seem to confuse another anon for my posts. I've been mostly the one posting about circumcision today and at no point have I advocated more more police or governing. I have no clue where you got that idea, or is that just an assumption? Because you assume wrong, I don't care for the governments interference in the people's lives at all and do my best to interact with the government as little as possible. Plus, this issue has nothing to do with circumcision. I think the government should get their hands off of the people, as well as the medical industry who sees foreskins as a quick buck.
Replies: >>15250 >>15252
I'll smack my hot throbbing knob in a jar of honey, and let her lick it off.  See if it feels different.  Honestly, I don't like lube.  Natural wetness is enough, or it just feels like a canyon with no walls - no matter how wet she is.
Replies: >>15253
Now we CAN agree on the medical industry.  Sick, murdering bastards with god complexes.  Sure.  I'm 100% behind wrecking that whole industry.  Pharmaceutical salesmen.  Nothing ethical about them, can be replaced by a good pharmacy and the search engine of your choice.
I meant, no matter how tight she is.
But be careful how you phrase your arguments.  You're bracketing them in legal argument.  Very different terminologies should be used.  Doctors are a much different industry.  And, yes, they should be done away with, almost, entirely.  At least from a diagnostic standpoint.  They are, absolutely, horrifically bad at diagnosis by an overwhelming majority.
Replies: >>15253
If you're implying honey can increase sensitivity into a circumcised penis, this wouldn't work. As they say, "the damage has been done", and experiments to get the original feeling back in the head won't work due to the head being exposed for a prolonged period of time. I'm not saying a circumcised man can't feel anything - he most certainly can. However, there is a difference between an intact and circumcised penis when it comes to sensitivity. Circumcision results in reduced sensitivity, which is originally exactly why it was initially popularized in the US - as a means to reduce masturbation in young boys. It's weird.

>You're bracketing them in legal argument. 
Huh? You mean how I say the "medial industry" should leave newborns natural body parts alone? I use that term because it is the medical industry as a whole, doctors are the ones participating in said industry. The insurance are the ones who pay doctor big bucks for circumcision procedures - it is a industry which is medical. The semantics seem really unnecessary here. Maybe I misunderstood.
Replies: >>15254
Sorry I had a few typos, but you get what I mean. Medical* an industry*. Fml.
>The analogy works perfectly
Nah brah thats like shipping your baby off to France because you assume for him that he'd like to be French some day. Thats a physical decision made for a baby and people would call you crazy.. same logic when we cut up the babys healthy parts because we assume he would like how it looks better. Let the people decide for themselves.
Nobody here is talking about the government or police, what the fuck are you on about, boomer?

People are just saying gee whiz maybe we as a society shouldn't normalize chopping up baby dicks for profit. No need for the government when this should be obvious to anyone with half a working brain.
This might be a new record for how off topic we've allowed a thread on /ashleyj/ to get, boys
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You're welcome
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I'm thankful for Markicore.
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and I'm thankful for you, anon
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>>14764 (OP) 
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coincidentally so, these posts were made during a perigee, which is the opposite of what 3D Realms' original name was

SVNTV out, the voices are getting louder
I'm thankful that I get cum tributes. You gave me more than your load, it looks like you gave me Vitiligo.

Not joking, for the past 3 weeks I have been trying to dream that Duke Nukem and I have a family together or in some way he loves me, but it has yet to happen. The fact that Duke Nukem found my board and posts on it has made my day immeasurably amazing and unforgettable.
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