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I promised a surprise on January 1st. Here it is. I'd like to formally announce the 1st annual 2023 Cuckies Awards™®©. This is an hour-ish long Grammys-style awards ceremony intended to honor the biggest cucks, buffoons, weirdos and their victims, weirdness, stupidity, examples of societal decay, and general fuck ups of the year.

In this thread we gather together to share pictures, news stories, webms, and videos as submissions for the annual Cuckies Awards™®© show. All formal submissions for the cuckies will go here.

Examples from 2022: 1) The entire Canadian public watching the Canadian Shop teacher with juicy fake tits give his students wood. 2) Anyone who invested in LUNA or thought it was a good idea to trust a centralized exchange ran by a curly haired jew sex pervert. 3) The owner of the suitcase that was stolen by that bald government tranny. 4) All the guys in my movie who thought I had a penis.

The ceremony will be airing pre-recorded but live in early December 2023, date TBA. Formal attire to attend The Cuckies is required. I will be wearing a swanky black dress, gloves, and any costume jewelry I find while thrifting this year. I need your help with this one guys, if we want a fantastic show, submit your best stuff. A panel of experts (me) will be picking. Taking suggestions for categories, ideas for the show, etc. It's going to be well produced. We will even have "commercials" (by me), "musical guests" (by me), and more.
So the announcement is we’ll do a thing in 12 months.  Lel well I got trolled. Thanks everyone. See you in 300 days-ish.
Replies: >>4329 >>4355
I assume as 2023 rolls on and shit happens, Anons would note the worthy candidates they come accross.
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Something tells me 2023 is going to be a great year for the Cuckies.
No shortage of nominees if 2022 was anything to go by.
Replies: >>4343
Neat. Looking forward to seeing you in a swanky black dress. Will you give us a red carpet pic pp?

Ngl, kind of disappointed that the announcement wasn't about doing something sooner. I thought you'd be doing something today. I don't know what I expected. At least we know you aren't leaving again anytime soon.
Replies: >>4355
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ok what do we do in the meantime fellow retards
Hmmm I guess we just look out for clown world cuckoldry. Vaxxies I guess are kind of a default entry.
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So all we have to do is find fucked up people on the internet and post it here?
Replies: >>4347
Was expecting a video or at least sexy pics, oh well.
Replies: >>4355
agreed, the world is getting worst so it should be a good show!

Some category ideas could be:
>Biggest fuckup
>biggest wtf moment
>most improved poster (this will be tough to prove though. BUT its going to me. Yep, tonights my year lads. Im finally getting a gf, even if i have to settle for a short one with a hunchback)

I cant afford a black tuxedo so does blackface count as formal attire?

Bad idea. With one school shooting this site is fucked up.
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No cuckie would be complete without the category "Political". That category is target rich for stupidity.

To make the Cuckie awards more realistic, every time a Cuckie is awarded pan to a webm of an audience clapping.
>ashley is back
>confirmed to be around for another year
>making 1 hour long video
>anons get to contribute
My submission for the cuckies is the /ashIeyj/ board
I nominate Australia: >>>/ausneets/651755
Replies: >>4357
Australia is always cucked. The people are normal but the world government makes Australia the poster child for the NWO. I'm a virgin coomer and recall Australia banning porn involving women with small tits because that's too close to pedophilia. I think they banned the small sex dolls and hentai. Australia essentially is banning virgins and fun.
Replies: >>4358
Forgot to add: I nominate myself for being blueballed
We should come up with the design for the award (Unless Ashley already has one in mind)
But what would a Cuckie look like? (and dont say just look in the mirror!)
Replies: >>4368 >>4369 >>4380
butt baby.jpg
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Spray paint a butt baby dildo gold. There you go.
Replies: >>4380
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Or perhaps this as a Cuckie
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I have the design planned out, >>4368 is similar to the award. I'm using the fake penis from TikTok Tranny, putting it in a cock cage, spray painting it gold, then mounting it on a trophy stand. Winners of categories will be awarded the Cuckie Award. I was learning Blender to make a digital recreation of it to display spinning at the intro and throughout the award show, but my penis looked like when you microwave a hot dog for too long and it starts to explode. If anyone is skilled in Blender, wanna give it a try?

Also new video coming out within the next few days.
2 more weeks ashlings
>If anyone is skilled in Blender, wanna give it a try?
Wouldn't say I'm "skilled" but could manage it if the timeframe we're talking about is the end of the year
>hi excuse me sir, I cant quite reach the top shelf, could you please get the can of gold spray paint for me, please?
>sure, you doing an art project?
>yes, I am spray painting this fake penis thats in a cock cage
>oh... thats... interesting, anyway here you go
>Thankyou sir, Im going to mount it on a stand as well, its for the Cuckies
>huh... well... umm have a nice day young lady
>y-y-you t-too, sir.

But in all seriousness.
You could try taking still shots of it and rotating it around, taking new shots. Then compile them into a gif

>Also new video coming out within the next few days.
sweet! its like finding out theres an extra christmas present to be unwrapped after christmas is over!
https://youtube.com/watch?v=oi_fq7rjxAo [Embed]
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>Four Nashville cops fired for having sex on duty with female officer, also fired, who hosted 'Girls Gone Wild' hot tub party with colleagues and their wives where she took off her top and drank heavily


this is a good one. from what I've gathered the entries for the cuckies don't actually have to be for "cucks" exclusively, but I think this one would qualify. Because if you think about it, the guys are all cucking each other with the one girl. And the black guys with their big fat black nigger dicks are cucking the two crackers there with their average sized or perhaps even small sized dicks. So this is a cuckies entry with cucks, is what I'm saying.
Replies: >>4525
the mexican looking guy has a ring on his ring finger. his wife got cucked by this bitch who looks like the pillsbury doughboy dipped in shellac. i need sunglasses when looking at this bitches forehead
This is proof black guys will fuck anything
[Hide] (16.1KB, 300x244)
>hosted 'Girls Gone Wild' hot tub party with colleagues
for some reason this cracks me up

also the middle dude, Powell looks CGI
>black guys with their big fat black nigger dicks
Is there something you'd like to tell us?
Replies: >>4528
Replies: >>4531 >>4536
blackanon here. so I have a shot with her? I thought she was racist? sheeeeiiit dis gun b gud

btw I learned about what cursive is, fuck you cracker ass mayo whiteys
Replies: >>4534
Statistically speaking, the only shot you'll get will be from a gun.
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Replies: >>4541
Last straight man desperately fends off mob trying to inject him with the gay (2019).jpg
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I've seen BBC cuck porn opened on two of my friend's pcs now. I don't understand the appeal. One of my friends is married and claims he is bi and is always hanging out with this black guy he works with. They are both married to attractive white women. We were drinking one time and someone let it slip that they may have done some gay stuff with one another one time but their wives didn't say anything about it, like they were totally cool with it. It was like they knew their husbands were secretly gay. I don't understand why all my friends are gay now? It used to not be like this. All these guys I went to school with have been coming out lately. Not all of them went to college. I had one friend that moved to Florida and came back gay. I found out because my friend said he saw him at the pride parade. It's gross. Like, okay, so you're gay but you're going to make it even worse and go be gay with black guys?
Replies: >>4544 >>4546
thats ashley when she stands outside for more than 5 minutes
Replies: >>4549
>I've seen BBC cuck porn
that's as far as I read
>I've seen BBC cuck porn opened on two of my friend's pcs now
Nobody openly has porn on their computer, that's something you're very conscious about. They were hoping you'd notice and fishing to strike a conversation about cucking, hoping to lure you into some sexual act with them. Cucking is undeniably gay. I'll explain why in a future video.

>I had one friend that moved to Florida and came back gay
wtf im never going to florida now
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Anything that isn’t a monogamous relationship between a man and a woman is gay and being gay is going to put flames in your butthole.
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this is Ashley when she stands outside and next to someone for more than 5 minutes

A potential nominee for biggest cucks... American WWE fans!
The WWE was rumored to be being sold to the Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund.
It would be some pretty large cuckery for redneck American wrestling fans to have give their money to a country that funded 9/11 so they can watch their pro wrestling.
It is only a rumor so it may not even happen.
Replies: >>4552
That would probably check out since wrestling is gay
Replies: >>4677
Everything in WWE since 2005 is basically cuck porn
Replies: >>4686
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There was a time when it wasn't.
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[Hide] (791.0KB, 900x506)
WWE Becky Lynch, a fine Irish Colleen, is my fave. And yes I know it's all orchestrated but you have to admit these girls are great athletes.
Replies: >>4952
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and the award goes to...

Replies: >>4690
Agree. Because that’s when you were a kid which is the only appropriate time to be into wrestling
Replies: >>4688
Watch out Guys, we're dealing with an adult over here >>4686
Replies: >>4692
I know we're only a few weeks into January but this is a VERY strong contender. If this is any indication of what 2023 holds in store for us, the cuckies will be a fantastic show. I fear for the fabric of our society, bros.
I would like to nominate Hogwarts Legacy for Game of the Year. Its so good you should buy 3 copies... (it also makes trannies mad as heck)
Lel you’re right. I still live the life of a booze swilling pizza inhaling video game playing college student ten years younger than I am. Who am I to talk about arrested development. Enjoy your wrasslin’
Replies: >>4693
what's arrested development?
Replies: >>4694 >>4698
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[Hide] (3.5KB, 55x55)
[Hide] (22.6KB, 315x500)
This is a rested development
[Hide] (1.3MB, 202x196)
Replies: >>4700
Is this real???
Replies: >>4701 >>4702
I dunno I've never seen a pussy IRL so I cant tell
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Yes, and like father, like son

https://youtube.com/watch?v=vHgh_DVl-TU [Embed]
[Hide] (3.5KB, 55x55)
I hereby nominate this screwball, former VP Al Gore, for his fake phony and fraudulent rant about "climate change" at Davos a few days ago where the elite meet to see how they can screw us telling us to eat bugs while they flew in  on private jets eating their filet mignon that put out more polution than was coming out of their mouths. 

Skip to 5:26 and end at 6:14 to save yourself some time.
https://youtube.com/watch?v=4-br-n9xTOc [Embed]

Ash, do you think you should make your Cuckie header a sticky before it eventually gets buried with new threads and then out of sight out of mind?
Replies: >>4859 >>4969
I feel like we should be nominated for a Cuckies for this.
These elites get to destroy our planet whilst getting filthy rich and living extravagant lifestyles.
Meanwhile Im told to eat insects, walk everywhere and shower in less than 2 minutes.
And you just know they have bunkers ready to go hide in when shit really starts to hit the fan.
Thats hilarious and deserved for using Tik Tok
Good nomination
She's probably a cunt anyways.
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>Jordan Walker, the Director of Research & Development Strategic Operations at Pfizer, was seen assaulting a journalist on camera after being caught on camera saying that the pharma giant is working on “mutating” the Covid-19 virus strains for the development of new vaccines.

Replies: >>4868 >>4879
makes you wonder what they're really doing considering that covid doesn't actually exist
Replies: >>4874
team player.jpg
[Hide] (46.3KB, 680x639)
I keep seeing this being said. I don't deny the plausibility of that, but what evidence is there that it doesn't actually exist? My opinion is that it does exist, it was deadly when it was first released in China but fizzled out as viruses tend to do naturally, perhaps unintentionally or by design and they used the opportunity to pretend that it was a threat to scare the populace for political reasons. I think this could be an explanation as to why they don't seem to have the virus in labs in western countries. I think the virus has always only been deadly to those with compromised immune systems which is why you saw so many dead chicos. I am not an expert and there is so much conflicting evidence now that I don't know what to believe. Perhaps we should start a COVID thread so we can investigate it ourselves. Is that okay with you, Ashley? Are you a team player?
Replies: >>4923
I haven't read that article because I cannot be assed, but I assume they mutated it to try and get ahead of any new mutations so they would have data for new/improving vaccines?
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Replies: >>4938 >>4939 >>4951
disney adaptation.jpg
[Hide] (35.5KB, 720x391)
That's going to be Ashley soon
Replies: >>4947
That thousand yard gooogly eyed nigger cock loving stare.
I went to high school with a girl like her. She was average looking but really nice and she would actually sit with us. No one ever suspected she was a whore until one time at a party she came from a bedroom with a few other dudes and it wasn't their house and tried to play it off like nothing had happened but the black light gave her away. It was like the first black pill about women for me. None of us knew she was like that. We were only there to play video games. The next big black pill about women for me was while one of our friends was at work, his wife got gangbanged by all my friends and they all got gonorrhea from her. We were all nerds and I never would have suspected anything like this from them. She was always flirting with me but I was never interested because I already knew she was nasty. She came over to my house a few times after dropping her husband off at work and I'd be like why are you here? I think my friend thinks I slept with her because he no longer wants anything to do with me and I've never done anything to him. They eventually divorced and she's an actual whore now.  She has a fetlife account and had a backpage. My friend was dating a girl in high school and he thought she actually liked him. She went on vacation with family and got dp'd by two guys while there.
[Hide] (366.4KB, 750x767)
Replies: >>4951
[Hide] (164.3KB, 463x350)
heh, she's even wearing one of Ashley's shirts
have you heard her give a real interview? she's dumb as a fucking rock with down syndrome
How many interviews have you watched?
rocks are neither dumb nor smart, and they cannot have down syndrome.

[Hide] (27.0KB, 440x217)
The best interviews are with Nascar drivers.

Speaking of Nascar, you know what would look sexy? Ashley wearing an oversized Nascar jacket and denim hot pants so that it looks like she's wearing nothing at all. Too bad they never made a jacket for David Ragan when he was driving the Farmrich Ford.
her womb is a "fucking rock" after all the abortions she's had, typical (((white))) woman
[Hide] (1016.9KB, 1284x1084)
Yup. Ashley had to be a Farm Rich bitch when she could have been a Giorgio ho.
Replies: >>4962
I've never even heard of this brand.
Replies: >>4969
Yeah when I was looking up brands to make this joke the only one I recognized was TGI Fridays and fuck them and also couldn’t think of a rhyme with fridays
Replies: >>4968
more like fried gays lol
pfffft, that's because its Italian breaded cheese sticks, and not some Walmart brand, feces filled factory farmed produced crumbed "cheese" sticks to stuff your pie hole you call a mouth with.

Seabee you haven't posted since this.... did THEY get to you?!?!?! blink twice if youre in trouble! (Im a black belt in karate btw)
Replies: >>4975
You’ll notice Seabee and Ashley disappear at the same time. He is either in contact with her or he is a character she made up
Replies: >>4976
Yeah, they do look good. They look like the breadstick appetizers restaurants used to offer.
Actually, Ashley is married to Uncut. He was the one helping her film.
Actually Uncut went into a diabetic coma and died at the hospital during covid. They counted it as a covid death for the insurance but it was obesity that killed him.
[Hide] (296.3KB, 1523x853)
I nominate Ashley for being a vegetarian who wears leather boots.
[Hide] (1.7MB, 1342x1034)
I nominate myself for not getting to give her the pounding of her life while she's wearing them.
i love you.jpg
[Hide] (106.6KB, 1280x720)
I nominate myself for falling for a girl on the internet.
[Hide] (123.0KB, 404x361)
Everyone here gets a cuckie obviously
I would like to nominate myself for the biggest tech retard award.
I bought a laptop and a VR headset without knowing that VR headsets NEED a Display Port to work. Now despite my $2k+ "gaming laptop" it doesn't have a Display Port, and so my VR headset wont work and I am left a several grand in the hole.
Replies: >>4992 >>5322
This is a good example of a Boomlennial. Finally got the money to blow on dumb shit you wanted when you were younger but now you’re too out of touch to do it right.
Replies: >>5322
[Hide] (115.2KB, 625x515)
>An Ontario detransitioning woman who had her breasts and womb removed to change her gender to male is suing medical and health practitioners for failing to consider alternate treatments during her mental health crisis before ushering her on an irreversible journey she regrets.

Replies: >>5312
I have no sympathy for these people. They aggressively demand instant treatment, "validity" and pandering at every corner of their life. Then when their fragile mind decides they aren't a freak of nature tranny, they are still a constant victim and everything is everyone else's fault. Why didn't this dumb cunt do a basic search on her life altering surgeries? They can never take self responsibility.
tbh really excited for the end of the year to watch the cuckies
Replies: >>5322
just btw (no one cares) Ive since fixed this by getting a laptop with a mini DP and using a DP to mini DP adapter and now you laugh but now you cry because I can enjoy VR porn and its fucking great
heh same
Replies: >>5328
I care, anon. What have you been jacking off to?
Replies: >>5364
Hello, hi.
So firstly the 3D aspect, it looks very good and immersive, particularly POV with roleplay videos. Although Ive never had sex before I imagine it must look pretty similar sexperience to the real thing. Though, dont bother with anything below 2k, it just not high definition enough to get that immersiveness going.
I like the scenes where the girl makes use of the 3d audio as well, like she leans over and whispers lewd stuff into your ear.

I have found that VR porn does lack variety.
Since its POV its either blowjobs (either sitting or standing), riding and reverse cowgirl positions, with some slight variations here and there.
They mustn't be able to move the camera around whilst filming so that probably has a lot to do with the limited positions.
Another thing is sometimes the girl looks 8 feet tall, probably filmed to close to the camera perhaps. Its not a big deal but it breaks a bit of immersiveness, unless you pretend your having sex with a giantess.... which is kinda hot, but you dont get to climb all over them either.

Despite a lack of variety, all in all VR porn is terrific and slightly fills that crippling hole in my life that is being a virgin loser who shall probably never have actual sex with an actual woman.
[Hide] (83.5KB, 749x548)
>Tennessee sex cop Maegan Hall claims she was ‘sexually groomed’ in new lawsuit

Replies: >>5441
This is exactly why I'm still a virgin. I've had women throw themselves at me. Not even trying to boast about that. I've never taken an opportunity because I don't want some cum dumpster to say I grommed or raped her lat on down the road if something good happens for me. Women need to stop because they've always been the one to persue me. The only girl I ever chased actually chose my friend over me because his daddy bought him a house and she recently left him after a ten year relationship, lol.
[Hide] (298.9KB, 622x506)
[Hide] (74.7KB, 846x376)
[Hide] (29.4KB, 1200x300)
[Hide] (72.8KB, 1190x494)
Well, this didn't end like the movie her.
Cucked by ai.
A child has more sense then this "man". He was one of those earth worshiping libtards. This is how dumb the left is, They actually believe that they can alter the earths climate. In this case ai leftest propaganda was being used to further an agenda.
Replies: >>6708
>they believe that they can alter the earths climate
Are you telling me you don't hold in your farts?
Replies: >>6712
[Hide] (3.5KB, 55x55)
[Hide] (258KB, 1300x857)
Climate wacos are advocating that cows wear diapers to trap cow farts that contain methane which they claim is partly responsible for climate change.
Replies: >>6715
No, it's not good for you climate activists are dangerous.
[Hide] (52.5KB, 491x521)
It's all a joke

>If I had a daughter in the same position, we wouldn't even be here.
Wow... Imagine being bullied SO HARD by an AI, that you kys over CLIMATE CHANGE, of all things! LMFAO.

Nah man, this isn't how I pictured Skynet destroying humanity.
[Hide] (395.8KB, 651x505)
>A Mississippi woman has been arrested and could face up to ten years in a prison cell after a video posted to social media allegedly showed her having sexual intercourse with a dog.

Replies: >>13723
[Hide] (511.5KB, 1242x1216)
[Hide] (88.5KB, 00:05)
[Hide] (8.8KB, 183x275)
Replies: >>7660
they pulled the plug on this psyop so suddenly
[Hide] (1.1MB, 626x1924)
I would like to nominate the NSW (A state in Australia) Police officer for needing to taser a 95-year old lady with dementia, in order to disarm a steak knife from her. 
She sustained critical injuries because of the tasering, including a fractured skull and died in hospital as a result.

Apparently she also needed a walking frame to walk and only weighs 43kg

Like just throw a towel over her head so she cant see or something. Hell, just close the door on her and wait for her to get tired...
Replies: >>8836
jesus christ. I nominate Australia. The entire place I mean
[Hide] (97.8KB, 579x1024)
Built for BBE
You are a cuckie nominee for being here. You waste years of your life posting on her imageboard, making your memes,  writing your fanfiction, reading her "website", circlejerking in her "cytube", sending her cum tributes, gooning to her fart/rambling "videos", emailing her the deepest contents of your soul, wallet, and ID, sacrificing your privacy in the hope that she might one day send you a gift card, while Ashley's HUSBAND gets to shoot thick holy grail of cum loads into her every single night.
[Hide] (3.7MB, 640x360, 00:29)
Replies: >>9325 >>14371
All the MEN shooting loads on her in that video ravaged her busted holes that night, YOU will never have that displeasure, you're just an attention ATM
Replies: >>9353
[Hide] (250.8KB, 478x537)
>You are a cuckie nominee for being here. 
I never thought of it that way, that just makes me even more excited for the award show!
Here's your (you). I've arguably contributed more time than anyone else here making memes and other content for the community, shitposting up the board, and emailing Ashley (until recently because I've been busy btw, Ashely) BUT I never cared if she was off the market irl. It's not a waste of my time as long as some people got some entertainment out of what I made. Honestly I think there's only one of us who cares that she has a HUSBAND and she already sent him free food which is just as good as a gift card really.
>while Ashley's HUSBAND gets to shoot thick holy grail of cum loads into her every single night
If you think about it, the kind of guy willing to seek out and actually consume this kind of thing probably fucks. I mean capital F-U-C-K fucks. Because who cares about your load size if you're just wanking off? I know I've had my fair share of dribblers in front of the computer, and who cares? It's just me wiping it up with an old shirt. But if you're the kind of guy who fucks, you want a big ropey load to splash your victim with. That's the kind of guy we're dealing with here.
[Hide] (567.2KB, 1685x944)
>ravaged her busted holes that night

so that is what the ending scene was about! it WAS (one) of her ravaged holes all along...
Replies: >>9364 >>9365 >>9366
>Did I want to see ashley's gross pooper fart cum?
>Am I happy that ashley is constantly being dicked to downtown and back by another man?
>Is it a consolation that at least he has a giant cock that destroyed her butthole and isn't a babydick soyboy?
Somewhat. She deserves a real man that will prolapse her out at the end of the day.
>Did I want to see ashley's gross pooper fart cum?
Yes, I watched it and will continue to watch like a good little cuckold
>Am I happy that ashley is constantly being dicked to downtown and back by another man?
Yes, that's why I'm still here
>Is it a consolation that at least he has a giant cock that destroyed her butthole and isn't a babydick soyboy?
No, I'm jealous that he's not ramaging my asshole instead
this has been debunked
[Hide] (72.2KB, 400x400)
>A State College man is facing charges after authorities say he was caught on video performing various lewd acts with his dog at Rothrock State Forest, according to news sources.

But his bitch was literally begging for it?
good lord...

>Professor of chemical engineering at Penn State University
>earned an undergraduate degree from the National Technical University of Athens, Greece, and his PhD from the University of Michigan, both in chemical engineering
>taught graduate and undergraduate courses in chemical thermodynamics for over 20 years
>won several awards for teaching including the George W. Atherton Award for excellence in Teaching and the Outstanding Teaching Award from the Penn State Engineering Society
>has had dozens of articles published

and according to 

>According to the complaint, Matsoukas was "visibly nervous" and repeatedly told the rangers "I'm done, I'm dead, you don't understand, I do it to blow off steam." He allegedly begged the rangers to shoot him at one point, saying "I need to die," the charging documents state.

god damn, normally you go out to a forest to blow a dogs head off, not blow a dog, get caught and then beg for your own head to be blown off.
[Hide] (33.6KB, 600x600)
>Professor of chemical engineering at Penn State University
He went from Penn State to state pen.
[Hide] (269.2KB, 600x600)
wtf! you're allowed to go out and shoot innocent forest animals, but heaven forbid you and your furry friend cant go out to the forest for a quick shaq to blow off some steam?

wtf America, land of the free my ass...
Replies: >>9446 >>9462
[Hide] (79.2KB, 1280x640)
That guy should've moved to Canada.
Replies: >>9721
I mean if you kinda think about it if you were an animal you'd probably rather get dicked down by your pervert owner than shot in the face and ground up into hamburger
maybe ashley's on to something with her bestiality legislative ideas
Thanks to this faggot now everyone will look at me sideways when I wear a ski mask, bring my iPad, and my dog next to the national park bathrooms.
They should send him to a prison in china and force feed him dog meat, with him knowing that it’s dog meat. 🐶🥩
Maybe not a good nominee but Im going to post this anyway.
I have no idea who this Youtuber is but she was pretty big.

>33 year old youtuber Colleen Ballinger aka Miranda Sings, her Brother Trent and friend Kory accused of grooming children for labour and pedophila
>including such things as inviting under age audience members on stage during her live shows, to grab treats (possibly cheese balls) that were down her pants
>PMing her fans if they are virgins and what their favourite sex positions were, when they first got their periods,
>convincing underage fans in a group chat to take photos of tampons in their mouths
>In April 2020, a 17-year-old fan accused Ballinger of "[enlisting] his unpaid help" for her social media content and of sending him lingerie when he was 13 years old. A month later she would admit, it had been a mistake in judgment to send the underwear to the fan
>her brother Trent, also 33, told a 13 year old trans girl in PMs that "You would look good preg if you ever want children one day"

this video does a decent qrd 

no one really cared or knew that much about the above until she put out this apology video thats so bad it caught a lot of attention and now a lot more people know what they did
Happy Canada Day everyone

its just a coincidence that immediately after GAY pride month its Canada day
Substance found in White House confirmed to be cocaine.



Italian uproar over judge's 10-second groping rule

>Many young people in Italy are expressing outrage on social media, after a judge cleared a school caretaker of groping a teenager, because it did not last long enough.
>The case involves a 17-year-old student at a Rome high school.
>She described walking up a staircase to class with a friend, when she felt her trousers fall down, a hand touching her buttocks and grabbing her underwear.
>"Love, you know I was joking," the man told her when she turned around. 


I hope Ash goes to Italy so I can grope her for 10 seconds and not end up in jail.
Anyone feel free to tag along so I can grope you too.
Replies: >>10685 >>13723
Does this rule count if it's under 10 seconds and consecutive groping? Say, 9 second, stop. 9 seconds, stop. 9 seconds, stop. Am I in the clear? I mean it shouldn't matter anyways because the kids I'm groping can only count to 5.
[Hide] (240.2KB, 563x767)
>losing to a man in a woman's beauty pageant

Replies: >>10829
Sh*est must have been the judge.
[Hide] (3.9MB, 720x1080, 00:56)
I nominate the children of america
[Hide] (2.7MB, 1488x714, 00:24)
How about "the internet itself" as a nominee?
Replies: >>10912 >>10925
>please insert 999,999,997 bezos coins
Ublock origin + NoScript on Firefox can go a very long way way to avoid that.

anyways, what is up with Canada?
first the teacher fucking his dog.
Secondly, just being a fucking leaf
and now this poor dude...

>Toronto principal bullied over false charge of racism dies from suicide

>according to a lawsuit Bilkszto filed in court. His sin, in the eyes of facilitators at the KOJO Institute, was his questioning of their claim that Canada was a more racist place than the United States. Canada wasn’t perfect, he said, but it still offers a lot of good.
>For the rest of the training session, and throughout a follow-up training session the week after, facilitators repeatedly referred to Bilkszto’s comments as examples of white supremacy. 
>A day after the second training session, Bilkszto fell into a mental health crisis so bad that he had to spend more than a month away from work — for which he won a successful workers’ compensation claim for lost earnings. Shortly after his leave began, his association of education administrators asked the board to investigate the bullying incident, but the board refused. When Bilkszto returned to work, the TDSB further refused to reinstate him to the role he was in prior to taking leave; it also revoked a work contract he had been awarded for the upcoming year. Finally, the board disinvited him from attending a graduation ceremony.

Replies: >>10932 >>10964
>Secondly, just being a fucking leaf
[Hide] (138.8KB, 585x439)
>anyways, what is up with Canada?
first the teacher fucking his dog.
Secondly, just being a fucking leaf
and now this poor dude...

I forgot the teacher with the comically large fake breasts is also Canadian!
wtf are they putting in the Maple syrup over there?!?!?
Replies: >>10965
Poor guy. That would suck being a dude and your tits grow huge. I don't blame him, at that point I'd wear a wig just to blend in a little and to turn a little less heads. He could start a gofundme and get a breast reduction. Or start a temporary onlyfans, put those tits to work. and use the money for a breast reduction. Pop those babies down to a B cup.
Replies: >>10967
Im genuinely surprised a he didnt poop a titty on any of those power tools at shop class.
Man knows his way around tools very well, kudos.
>>4326 (OP) 
Star Wars actor defends race-swapping characters to be more 'inclusive' from people who get 'butthurt'

kek. maybe we should just nominate "modern star wars fans in general" for the cuckies
[Hide] (5.7KB, 251x199)
>fox news

really anon?
Replies: >>11160
Get your smug frog smile out of my face Kermit, you could say "really anon?" to any mainstream news source because they're all cringe and fake and gay
Replies: >>11162
[Hide] (15.3KB, 400x400)
really anon?
Replies: >>11163
[Hide] (13.8KB, 306x306)
Replies: >>11341
I've been seeing this story go around as some kind of "gotcha" against vegetarians, but this bitch was clearly mentally ill. She (supposedly) didn't even drink water for 6 years according to the story you linked. Big difference between this and someone who thinks it's clearly unethical to kill 300 million cows per year because cheeseburgers are yummy.
[Hide] (3.5KB, 55x55)
Protein is essential to maintain a healthy body. Non vegans and non vegetarians get most of their protein from meat and eggs. It's important for vegetarians and vegans to do their homework and learn alternate sources of protein such as lentils, seeds, nuts, oats, quinoa ad infinitum.
Replies: >>11345
I have plenty of nuts for Ashley. She will have all the protein she needs. It's ethically sourced and farm-to-table and it doubles as ant food.
Replies: >>11346
[Hide] (3.5KB, 55x55)
Yeah, but ants like to eat at the restaurANT. Anyway, all ants are girls otherwise they'd be uncles.
Probably she wants to kill herself.
Replies: >>11352 >>11355

[Hide] (59KB, 640x483)
The only projecting that's allowed here is astral from your third hole bb
Replies: >>11356
more like anal injection lmao
Replies: >>11361
This is a good submission. I have zero respect for these retards who kill themselves trying to get the equivalent of a cool selfie
Replies: >>11376
[Hide] (90.8KB, 1392x788)
I wonder if he really means it.
Can you guys believe it? World war III is happening I wonder what Jordan B. Peterson has to say about the bombs being dropped https://www.xvideos.com/video36814291/tv_news_girl_japanese_bukkake_download_full_https_1234567juuj.web.fc2.com_xxx_newsvid2.html totally credible news source by the way
Replies: >>11376
lel that headline alone 

u ever notice how similar the Xvideos logo is to the new twitter logo? really makes you think
Replies: >>11379 >>11380
I think there might be a dirty conspiracy theory to all of this.
SpaceX? More like gay nalrampagemkultrasissygoonerbimbocockslave sex amirite???
Elon is autismo with the letter X
he was fired from the board because he wanted to call paypal X.com but then he sued the board to remain on it
Then he has named Tesla's models S 3 X and Y
Replies: >>11395 >>11416
[Hide] (113.3KB, 1024x683)
[Hide] (794.2KB, 1024x768)
[Hide] (214.5KB, 800x600)
Yeah you're right it's probably just because he's a heckin autisterino just like us!!

>The many uses of ‘X’ symbolism in corporate logos, products, and in the movies is also part of the ‘magic spell’ being cast by forces (magicians) which I feel are working through darker aspects of Orion consciousness. The ‘X spell’ is being cast through warning symbols, through to icons of ‘desire’ and ‘fame’, all of which speak to the subconscious mind. Like I say, the X is used to draw our attention, to mesmerize us and to keep many of us busy ‘buying into’ the material world. Here are just a few:

>Max Factor, excel X, Halifax, Experian, Fed Ex, AXA, Disney XD, Television X, Netflix, Extra Strong Mints (XXX), the X factor, Optrex, Nexxt, Pepsi Max, Sony Xperia X10, Xbox, Xerox, Mascara X, Malcolm X, Planet X, Generation X, Brand X, and the X Files…

[Hide] (64.3KB, 860x869)
>X window system

X is a very common symbol in tech, maybe these psuedo intellectual faggot nerds thought occultism would be real life DnD?
Replies: >>11397 >>11403
[Hide] (3.5KB, 55x55)
Now feed the cum jar you disgusting pedogoons
[Hide] (1.2MB, 480x400)
no ur probably right, its more likely he is some spell casting wizard, rather than it being him really liking the letter X...
Replies: >>11404 >>11422
[Hide] (15.3KB, 480x431)
The examples in >>11395 specifically focus on the X though, whereas in your list many of them just happen to be part of the word. A lot of this stuff is about intention too. For example, the predecessor of the X window system was the W Window system (nothing to do with Microsoft Windows). X is the next letter in the alphabet after W. I doubt there was any esoteric motivation behind this alphabetical naming convention (but I'm open to evidence to the contrary).

Even if you have zero interest or belief in the esoteric motivations these people may or may not have, it would be an act of willful ignorance to discount the existence of subliminal messaging (word magick) in corporate logos and advertisements. Take for example the very well known subliminal messaging in the FedEx logo - it's an arrow, indicating that they'll get your package where it needs to go. Also the name itself is playing on your subconscious. People tend to associate the word "Federal" with authority, government, officiality, etc. Of course, there's nothing federal about FedEx (or the Federal Reserve).
Replies: >>11405 >>11410
You are cattle.
Replies: >>11405
and ur off your meds

The letter X is an attention grabbing letter, but if you think its used for anything other then getting peoples eyes on your product your out of your mind.

I actually never noticed that arrow before. Thats clever
Replies: >>11407
[Hide] (105.3KB, 1136x979)
>I actually never noticed that arrow before

Good fucking lord dude.

>doesn't know baby tier basic marketing and logo design stuff anyone with the slightest interest in this shit knows
>Thinks anything to do with the occult or esotericism is fake news 'cause Snopes and TV said so
>Can't spell (probably why the SPELLS work on him)
>Thinks Elon Musk is super cool autistic Iron Man
>triple vaxxed and gigaboosted

Pay attention everyone, this is what an NPC looks like
Replies: >>11408
heh I purposely spelt it like that to see if you would get mad about it. Looks like my plan worked.  Whoa, guess people can cast spells after all!

>Thinks anything to do with the occult or esotericism is fake news 'cause Snopes and TV said so
I don't know what Snopes is and I don't watch TV but go off king
Attacking peoples spelling and grammar on the internet is the lowest counter argument one can make. Very sad.
LOL (that means laughing out loud) and you top it off by throwing in the "muh vaccine" straight out of the "I'm so smart and you're all NPC's" dialogue tree.
Sounds like you're ur the NPC
Replies: >>11409
[Hide] (121KB, 790x1229)
Didn't know that about the X system, but let's look at UNIX(eunuchs)
>In 1970, the group coined the name Unics for Uniplexed Information and Computing Service as a pun on Multics, which stood for Multiplexed Information and Computer Services. Brian Kernighan takes credit for the idea, but adds that "no one can remember" the origin of the final spelling Unix

Now it could be possible that an X just "looks cooler" than a CS, but taking into account the possible occult meaning of the X, and the association of other people in tech with the occult, like Bill Gates, I think it's likely that the  X is being used in an occult way in tech. Same goes for "Daemons" and "Luciferase". Keep in mind anyone going to a high level university for computer science could join a fraternity like the Skull and Bones, or at least know someone in a fraternity, so they're capable of this.
Spoiler File
(53.4KB, 200x200)
bros what about the letter D

just think about it dude, what does the letter D look like? a person smiling. 
What do words that all start with D like Disney, Dancing, Dessert, D-Cup, Dick have in common? they all make us smile and feel good... smile like the letter D.
bro its all subliminal spellcasting by Them to get you to smile and think happy thoughts so you dont catch onto Their master plan...
Replies: >>11413
Whatever you say derrikdabeastxX...
Replies: >>11419
[Hide] (297.2KB, 300x441)
>X is derived from the Phoenician letter samekh, meaning “fish.” Originally used by the Phoenicians to represent the /s/ consonant (denoting a hard S sound), the Greeks borrowed the samekh around 900 BC and named it Chi. 

>The Greek letter Chi, which is the first letter of the Greek word Christós (Greek: Χριστός, translit. Khristós, lit. "anointed, covered in oil"), which became Christ in English. The Greek letters for ichthus (meaning “fish”, pronounced “ICK-THOOS”) became an acronym: I=Jesus; X=Christ; O=God's; Y=Son; E=Savior. 

>Today, the person who displays the fish symbol has accepted the same New Testament teaching that these early Christians accepted: that Jesus Christ is their Lord and Savior. We're currently transitioning from the Age of Pisces to Age of Aquarius. While there is no firm consensus among astrologers upon exact dates for the end and beginning of these periods, some suggested Age of Aquarius began in December 2012 with the Mayan Calendar came to an end.

I think what this all means is that Elon Musk is the anti-Christ and Ashley is the Messiah.

"And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming:" - 2 Thessalonians 2:8

Holy Shit! I can't believe the Messiah bought me McDonald's!
Replies: >>11418 >>11421
[Hide] (31.3KB, 342x500)
Actually it was supposedly more to do with his reluctance to mitigate fraud, which was a major reason for PayPal's competitors folding. Also one of the guys that actually co-founded PayPal hated him because he wanted everyone to use Windows, lol.

>December 1988, Confinity Inc. (cute wording, con-infinity) is founded by Max Levchin, Peter Thiel, Luke Nosek
>Confinity creates PayPal
>The "coincidentally similar" X.com is co-founded in March 1999 by Elon Musk and three other guys history has forgotten
>Confinity and X.com merge
>Musk is CEO (for a few months)
>Musk spergs out over not using the X.com name, consumer surveys overwhelmingly indicate people think X.com has something to do with pornography. The adults at the company manage to continue calling the product PayPal as originally intended
>Musk spergs out because he wants the company to switch to Windows, for some reason they begrudgingly comply
>Max Levchin, the most outspoken about the switch to Windows being a terrible idea, tells people there's a huge problem with fraudulent transactions
>Musk tells him it's no big deal bro
>Levchin points out that all the other online payment platforms of the time are going out of business due to fraud issues
>It's fine bro
>While Musk is on vacation Levchin and the board give him the boot as CEO
>Musk sits on his hands while the non-retards fix the company
>Ebay buys it
>Walks away with a fuckton of money for doing nothing
>Buys out other companies like Tesla and tells everyone he founded them
>Gets hair plugs and cums inside a bunch of women
>Has a tranny son who hates him

Dude is a fraud selling himself as a genius techbro just like all the other megafaggots from silicon valley like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. And it sure doesn't hurt that his pals at the World Economic Forum prop him up (see his public opinions re electric vehicles, microchipping, carbon taxes, vaccines, and so on).
[Hide] (81.6KB, 952x475)
>Today, the person who displays the fish symbol has accepted the same New Testament teaching that these early Christians accepted: that Jesus Christ is their Lord and Savior.
ok fine GOSH! 
Im just bored and was being a faggot.

In all seriousness, even though I dont really believe most of it (there is probably some elements of truth to it, but maybe not to such eXtremes), it its at the very least pretty interesting to think about.
Fun fact: in the first 300 or so years of Christianity, the Jesus fish symbol was used as a callsign by Christians to avoid being brutally murdered by Romans and Jews.
>uses The Office reaction gif
>gif made by NBC to promote their streaming platform peacock
>literally watermarked with peacock
>yeah this gif looks good!
>actually saves it
>posts it
>thinks he can't be psyop'd
Replies: >>11425
[Hide] (3.5KB, 55x55)
In the olden days due to illiteracy many people couldn't write so if an illiterate had to sign a document he was asked to put his mark, an X which had to be witnessed. The X represented a Christian cross/Christ so by signing X the illiterate was saying that in Christ's name it's true.
Replies: >>11427
>NBC's logo has peacock feathers in it
>peacocks are birds
>birds are reptiles

dude wtf they are flaunting right in our faces!
>peecocks have rainbow feathers
>rainbow = gay
Replies: >>11429 >>11431
>When asked to sign the entry-forms with the customary "X", the Jewish immigrants would refuse, because they associated an X with the cross of Christianity. Instead, they drew a circle as the signature on the entry-forms. The Yiddish word for "circle" is kikel (pronounced KY - kel), and for "little circle", kikeleh.
Replies: >>11435
[Hide] (22.6KB, 430x484)
[Hide] (19.8KB, 376x376)

dude im scared! I think Im gonna do a spookie dookie
All I'm saying is when there's repeated, continually coincidence after coincidence that directly ties to esoteric practices and beliefs, you'll quickly find your answers that aren't as simple as "idk they just do it bcus xD".
Replies: >>11434
[Hide] (125.1KB, 750x500)
lol yea bro just some funnie birbs. look at this coooool statue of some birbs next to a big pinecone!!
if you like hard enough into something, eventually you'll see what you want to see as well...
Replies: >>11437
[Hide] (3.5KB, 55x55)
I always wondered why we call a Jew a "Kike" and now I know.
You can reason your way out of anything and hand wave it away as just a coincidence, especially if it's something far outside the realm of your everyday reality. These "people" don't live the same way 99.99% of the global population does. Is it really so hard to believe they're into weird shit? It doesn't matter if YOU think it's stupid, the point is that THEY don't.

Do you remember being a kid and having an inside joke with your friends? Maybe it was something dumb, like macaroni looks like a dick or something. Then every time someone mentioned having macaroni for dinner, you and your little buddies giggled over it.

This is the same shit, except for psychopathic adults. They're "in" on the joke and you aren't. Except the joke isn't some benign silly kids joke, it's a joke where the punchline is that you're a slave.
[Hide] (177.7KB, 828x856)
[Hide] (40.1KB, 744x496)
Barack Obama told ex, ‘I make love to men daily, but in the imagination,’ letter shows

>Former President Barack Obama wrote of his own “androgynous” mind and “mak[ing] love to men daily, but in the imagination,” according to the redacted portion of a now-notorious 1982 letter, obtained by The Post.

>The more than 40-year-old letter to an ex-girlfriend recently resurfaced after Obama biographer David Garrow gave a long and winding interview on the one-time commander-in-chief.

>“In regard to homosexuality, I must say that I believe this is an attempt to remove oneself from the present, a refusal perhaps to perpetuate the endless farce of earthly life. You see, I make love to men daily, but in the imagination,” Obama, then 21, wrote to Alex McNear in November 1982.

I knew there was something fruity about him, It wouldn't surprise me if Obama's been bummed at some point during his 8 year presidency.
Anti-natalists are gay, in fact.........maybe you could call them............  ANTI-ANALISTS *glass shatters* *war sirens* *earthquake* *minorities screaming* *garbage cans falling down* *car crash* *Black Dog guitar solo* *Reigning Blood guitar solo* *rolling thunder* *engine screeching* *flintstones theme* 
Replies: >>11594
but wouldn't an anti-natalist be quite pro anal? The only babies you get from buttsex are waterbabies
Replies: >>11595
Uhhh maybe their prolapse-analfisting????
Replies: >>11657
but my uncle Steve told me its only gay if the balls touch (imagining balls touching doesnt count right?)
[Hide] (26.2KB, 770x513)
she's won!
Replies: >>11706
[Hide] (105.6KB, 1200x872)
This sounds like one of those old marriage announcements with funny names. Will you be attending the Prolapse-Analfisting wedding?
[Hide] (65.2KB, 640x438)
[Hide] (44.3KB, 634x502)
[Hide] (108.5KB, 1200x540)
[Hide] (21.3KB, 236x366)
[Hide] (37.7KB, 600x399)
Replies: >>11660 >>11662
only if they have Dickens Cider on tap at the reception...


Wang Holder hehe
[Hide] (3.5KB, 55x55)
That's some funny shit. Jay Leno used to do these on the Tonight Show.
[Hide] (4.7KB, 278x181)
>jijo de buta
[Hide] (325.5KB, 2048x1280)
Super Karen killed babies for enjoyment.
Replies: >>11788
I remember reading conspiracies about this case saying it was hospital's faulty machines or whatever that killed so many babies and they needed somebody to blame to avoid a massive lawsuit so they chose a young nurse who was still fairly new to the job. But knowing how batshit crazy most nurses are it wouldn't surprise me if she was responsible.
Replies: >>11789 >>11790
She is responsible, they found her guilty.
Replies: >>11790
What types of machines? Were these babies near death that had to be on machines or something? Just curious.

Being "guilty" in the eyes of the law doesn't mean you've committed a crime. I don't know much about the case but I do know most nurses and doctors are weirdly incompassionate, to the point where you can pull up various different stories where nurses kill babies and olds on purpose. So if she's guilty then when do we start locking up women who've had abortions?
She was jealous of Ashley's bag of babies and wanted one for herself.
Respiratory machines or whatever faulty equipment they had lying around to use on patients.
Replies: >>11794
it would be kinda odd to only have the respiratory machines at one particular hospital to be faulty as I would image the same company/brand would have those machines elsewhere in other hospitals as well.

what I find weird is that no one noticed her name on the shift roster for each time a child died.
For each of those deaths, her name had to have been signed in on duty/shift every single time, right? 
my only guess is that they never fathomed it was one of their own that was doing such horrible acts.
>when do we start locking up women who've had abortions?
America's the great satan so never

CAPTCHA: g6h6i6
>So if she's guilty then when do we start locking up women who've had abortions?
Her life was in no danger, the babies were no threat to her. Woman may have abortions if there life is in danger.
Replies: >>11799 >>11811
Opinion discarded.
Replies: >>11800
This isn’t an opinion, she’s guilty because they found evidence that she left and the babies were no threat to her, she acted with full intent. Anyone trying to defend her is insane and needs to be institutionalized or put in prison with her.
Replies: >>11801
If you had half a brain cell you would realize she's innocent
Replies: >>11803 >>12525
This is why we need the 2nd Amendment. Why were those babies unarmed? Were their moms on Thalidomide?
Your the one who doesn’t have half a brain cell, she’s guilty and she’s a demon. Why are you trying to defend her? Are you also a psychopath like her?
Replies: >>11804
>Are you also a psychopath like her?
No, I'm not a woman.
Replies: >>11805
You don’t have to be. Besides your the one who is defending her. Regardless of your gender, if you defend someone like her for what she did, it may mean that you are also as insane as her.
Replies: >>11806
I think she's a very attractive. She has the personality traits I look for in a woman. I want to write to her in prison. I wonder if she already has a husband?
Replies: >>11808 >>11813
Knew it, You should have just said that from the beginning, I should have asked. I’m not surprised you like her. No wonder you were defending her how sweet. I don’t know if she’s married but you go ahead and send her some love letters before she becomes a lesbian in prison.
>Woman may have abortions if there life is in danger.
Legally speaking? Sure. Morally though, the act of killing another human being is murder wether it's in self defense or not. It's like stomping on ground where you know there's seeds planted, you murdered those innocent baby potatoniggers and you will have to stand in judgement for that once you are released from this corporeal meat prison.
Replies: >>11812
There’s a huge difference between murder and self defense. Self defense is justified and murder unjustified.
Replies: >>11818
Listen, I have no problem with killing babies. But that woman? Attractive? You're out of your goddamn mind.
Replies: >>11815 >>11827
And you are also out of your mind for thinking murdering babies is okay.
Replies: >>11816
What if it was a lizard baby? That's what I thought check mate troon balloon
Replies: >>11821 >>11828
Wether something is justified or not is a matter of perspective, abortion is justified as determined by the government, just as a self defense or manslaughter case would be. Objectively speaking abortion is killing another human being, and there's a difference between killing a child and letting the mother die.
Replies: >>11820 >>11828
Self defense is moral and justified by all means. If you were armed or a police officer would you just let a criminal shoot at you?
Replies: >>11823
That’s different, lizards are animals. 🦎
Replies: >>11822
No shit that's my point you failed abortion
Replies: >>11825
Would you let a police officer shoot at you? You wouldn't want to go to prison would you?
Replies: >>11824
No, I would surrender and go to prison or not commit the crime in the first place.
You asked and I answered your question, so jokes on you.
[Hide] (3.5KB, 55x55)
There is no such thing as a femcel. Even Ashley, being a 4/11, still has all you simps. Sorry, but she is not the most beautiful woman in the world, no, that title belongs to Queen Latifah. I still come home and rub one out to Khadijah on Living Single like I did back when I was in middle school. She's like Oprah if Oprah was fuckable. I've gooned to Taxi so many times. There is no rule34 of Taxi. Why the fuck not? I so need to see Jimmy Fallon mount my chocolate mama during a Fake Taxi shoot.
do lizard babies come out of the vagina with their scales on? that would really hurt birthing one.
Ashley does it hurt when you birthed yours?

>Objectively speaking abortion is killing another human being,

let me preface by stating I dont know much about how babies grow in the mothers tum tum, but that would depend on when the abortion occurred?
because they are only collection of like cells and shit and they havent formed into a fetus yet.
>that would depend on when the abortion occurred?
Life begins at conception, when sperm meets egg. If you plant a seed in the ground, then destroy the cluster of cells or whatever that turns into, you killed the plant. Also, where's the vegan kathy flag?
Replies: >>11838 >>11865
[Hide] (380.4KB, 1600x1200)
>because they are only collection of like cells and shit and they havent formed into a fetus yet.
This is what planned parenthood employees tell the young women to convince them theyre not doing anything wrong. You and I are a collection of cells. My cats are a collection of cells. Stupid justification. At 4 weeks the "cells" are already a formed fetus. Most women cant tell theyre pregnant until they miss their period and they technically conceive 2 weeks before that on a 28 day cycle, meaning they can't tell theyre pregnant until 4 weeks at the absolute earliest.
Replies: >>11838 >>11844
I dont want to get into a big thing over this topic, but what are your guys thoughts if a girl gets raped and becomes pregnant. Should she have to carry through with the pregnancy?
Replies: >>11839 >>11840
Yes, maybe put up the child for adoption though. Rape is wrong but killing the kid doesn't fix anything
It's not the kid's fault he was created. It's wrong the child is killed because of something beyond his control. Pregnancy through rape is extremely rare, not only does a woman have to be ovulating (prime ovulation only lasts for about ~30 hours each month) but the man has to cum in her and the seed has to take and not end in a miscarriage, miscarriage is very common (~30%) to happen in pregnancies, especially when enduring stress. These "what about xyz" scenarios are redundant when the majority of abortions happen because people are too lazy to use a condom.
You can only kill kids if they will grow up to harm Jews.
Replies: >>11843
Yeah thats why they kill so many niggers. Melanin -> Aggression -> Rape -> Overpopulation
Stay woke cucks
This idea that human life is so valuable that you guys are splitting hairs over whether a fetus constitutes human life is totally absurd. I mean, call me a sociopath if you want, but does it even matter?
Replies: >>11845
If you don't think human life is valuable and it all doesn't matter, you can start by killing yourself and see how it feels.
Replies: >>11848
A Abortion is morally and legally justified if a woman’s life is threatened. They have the option if their life is threatened.
Replies: >>11850
This abortion debate here is meaningless because lets not kid ourselves here guys...
No one here is going to impregnate a girl and Ashley is sterile (at least thats what Ive heard...)
Replies: >>11852
This is retarded and you don't get my point because you are blinded by your own moralfaggery.
Replies: >>11851 >>11854
I was honestly just trolling people earlier fanning the flames siding with sociopath anon since it was dead/aborted in here. Being blase with abortion is sadly all too common. Some people claim ingorance like it's not preventing a life from being born into this world because it justifies their lack of responsibillity for their indulgence in casual sex. I understand that there are abortions that are needed though, speaking of which Seapee needs to stop impregnating little girls in the middle east whilst his army buddies turn a blind eye.
Replies: >>11853
[Hide] (654.3KB, 1280x720)
Is that why those babies weren't armed? Was there once an incident where a baby came out and held everyone hostage in a delivery room and it had to be aborted with a SWAT team? I don't trust babies one bit. Swee'pea causes Popeye all sorts of mischief. Not even the wiliest of babies will be able to get past me. To an unsuspecting baby, anything could become a weapon. For example, picrel.
Stop being a moralfag when it comes to yourself and stick to your guns. If you think human life is not so valuable to protect it then why bother protecting your own life? Probably because you like living and like your life. Seems contradictory. You want to live your life and youd be upset if someone tries to steal yours.
Replies: >>11873
Im just trying to save the thousands of lolis
Replies: >>11854
Lets change the topic to something less controversial. How about diet? 

Ashley, have you tried doing the carnal whore diet? You're only allowed to eat the sausage that comes with the Grand Slam from the waiter at Denny's. Afterwards, your pancakes will be a hot sticky mess.
Replies: >>11855
[Hide] (153KB, 1353x1066)
fucking retard, being against killing babies isn't "moralfaggery" it's what any non-brainwashed, non-NPC, non-psyopped person intrinsically knows to be right. You don't even have to be religious to know it, it's a matter of empathy for a life other than your own. Being pro-abortion is peak low IQ, because you're literally incapable of imagining yourself as being someone else.

this guy gets it
Replies: >>11873
>Lets change the topic to something less controversial.
There's nothing "controversial" about not wanting to kill babies, idiot.
Replies: >>11857
And you've never had popplers. Infanticide has never been tastier.
Replies: >>11861
Replies: >>11862 >>11863
>3 people
Replies: >>11863
Yeah wtf i said like 20 n words it should be more than that
Replies: >>11864
I really just TICKS me off whenever a news headline uses the word "several" when describing the number of deaths or injuries to make it sound worse than it actually is. They may as well throw in a thumbnail of the news reporter making a  shocked facial expression to go with that bullshit clickbait title like those YouTube videos.
Replies: >>11885
if pro lifers are so pro life, why arent they vegan?
I mean this dude >>11833 is all like planting a tree is the same as birthing as human, so we why cant they extend that same value towards life or gods creations as vegans do towards animal life?
After all meat IS murder
Replies: >>11868
[Hide] (2.8MB, 480x852, 00:29)
>if pro lifers are so pro life, why arent they vegan?
Unironically this. I'm pro-life (I prefer "anti baby murder") and I also don't support the murder and consumption of animals for similar ethical purposes. I love watching Ashley trigger all the red-faced, heavy-breathing meat eating faggots here.
This totally absurd. You seem to be unwilling to approach life without moralizing it according to some overarching moral system. There is nothing preventing me from valuing my own life while not valuing the lives of others. Even if you think that's irrational or evil, it happens all the time. Nobody's moral prejudices are absolute. 
If being disempathic is a matter of cognitive deficiency or mental retardation, then why are psychopaths not granted insanity pleas? You're wrong, of course. Empathy is something else than understanding. And that's something you have to be apart from it to see.
[Hide] (1.8MB, 270x188)
imagine actually arguing IN FAVOR of baby killing lmao
Replies: >>11876
And how else are we to summon the dark lord, mr. smarty pants? The only other way is lots of butt sex. Do you like Thai lady boys or something?
Empathy as an emotion and empathy as a function of reason are two seperate things. Just becuase you dont feel sorry for someone doesn't mean you havent done something wrong in a logical sense. For exanple: let's say I've backtraced your IP, and now I'm going to break into your house and murder you at 3 AM next thursday. In my eyes I will be perfectly justified in this since I believe you're a baby raping blood drinking satanist faggot, I'm making the world a better place and from past experience I know I can get away with this. You can not escape me and this makes me feel good.
Replies: >>11878
But in this sceanario I've presented it would still be wrong of me to actually kill you, neither of us want to die and even if we did that still wouldn't be my decision to make. As a human being you have free will, it is wrong to be subject to the will of others.
Replies: >>11888
I'd like to abort half the people on this board.
I like how expressive the blonde lady is with her eyes by opening them wide the second she hears the word "nigger" while everyone else (besides the negress) is calm and nuetral during the press conference.
Replies: >>11894
do i get to be in your womb when it happens? I can squeeze myself into pretty tight places if that helps
Why? Were not here to harm you. Did we offend you? should we leave?
Lol, he was a national socialist who was out to get niggaz.
My spacehey account was aborted. I have a quick question - if we're ever shopping at a Dollar Tree together and one of the late-term abortions from this board walks in with an assault weapon from Walmart to hunt Harambe, we'll be safe, right? I mean like, I'm sure he will just ignore us because we're white but what if he has to make sure? What if he asks us to lift our shirts and show him our nipples? You're good, right? Maybe you could alleviate any concerns I might have. I'd much rather see a tiddie flash than a muzzle flash.
Replies: >>11896
I aborted that meme back in twenty17 lul you fuckin try hard boom boom kys muah
Replies: >>11897 >>11900
This is cyberbullying
Replies: >>11903
[Hide] (222.3KB, 1080x1080)
Replies: >>11904
yeah fuck you nigger
Replies: >>11905 >>11908
Replies: >>11907
[Hide] (306.4KB, 1013x1290)
Replies: >>11909
This nigga >>11908 never seen Planet of the Apes.
Florida man kills baby dolphin by posting a selfie with it.

Replies: >>11913
>Florida man

his punishment should be being raped by a pack of dolphins, though being a Florida man and some of the weird shit they do, theres a chance he might actually like that. 
Maybe throw in a random alligator at one point to keep him on his toes.
I think Mitch might need a diaper change.
He just realized he wasn't going to be around in 2026.
>gets only half the vaccine
[Hide] (50.9KB, 946x630)
>A British man (25) was caught having sex with a calf after activating an alarm set up by farmers who suspected their animals were being abused.

[Hide] (873.9KB, 849x1089)
Replies: >>12020
Oh fuck someone else posted it first, guess I should have checked first

Great minds think alike
>not naming the photo "me on my way to fuck a lamb"

looks like the Canadian dog fuckers got some competition.
btw since lambs are underage sheep, does this count as pedophilia? 
This might give him the edge to bring home the Cuckie
Cowabunga, dudes!
I always wonder if articles like these are clickbait and not true. I always wonder if people like this are being extorted.
Replies: >>12027
the person is photographed in both articles, would you volunteer to be paid off and have your photo published in a fake articles about fucking animals?
Not to mention both articles mention a court case by name as well, I dont think news sites would have the balls to name a Magistrates court if it werent true 

You think thats more likely then a horny dude with a zoophilia fetish?

I wonder what this guys post nut clarity was like!
Replies: >>12036 >>12039
[Hide] (344.9KB, 960x1280)
>this guy is a deranged sexual deviant but it's 100% legal and socially acceptable to lust over picrel
Yeahhhh OK

>I wonder what this guys post nut clarity was like!
He was probably too overwhelmed by the afterglow of one of the most amazing orgasms of his life. The pure taboo of it, the fear of being caught, the subtle aroma of fresh-baled hay and the needy moos of his bovine partner, the unbelievable feeling of finally releasing his load deep inside that warm, quivering calf pussy, it all must have coalesced into what could only be described as a transcendent experience.

This guy didn't really do anything that wrong. If you were a cow you'd probably rather have a young farmhand make passionate love to you behind the barn a few times a week in favor of the shaft of a captive bolt gun exploding your brains out the back of your skull because some fat fuck loves the taste of your flesh.
Replies: >>12038
>The pure taboo of it, the fear of being caught, the subtle aroma of fresh-baled hay and the needy moos of his bovine partner, the unbelievable feeling of finally releasing his load deep inside that warm, quivering calf pussy, it all must have coalesced into what could only be described as a transcendent experience.

bro stop i cant...

jfc where is the nearest farm... no ICANNOT
oh god, i need warm glass of milk asap....

>This guy didn't really do anything that wrong. If you were a cow you'd probably rather have a young farmhand make passionate love to you behind the barn a few times a week in favor of the shaft of a captive bolt gun exploding your brains out the back of your skull because some fat fuck loves the taste of your flesh.

speaking of pic related...
dont forget the gassing of pigs, its not as messy (hence why the do it) but its still a slow and suffering way for them to die and they are shown to perform behaviors consistent with pain and distress, such as attempting to escape, gasping, head shaking, and high-pitched vocalisations
>the person is photographed in both articles, would you volunteer to be paid off and have your photo published in a fake articles about fucking animals?
If I own a network of media conglomerates, why would I pay the people who's reputation I destroy? I'll make sure to give them a 10% tip and the rest of mine while I'm FUCKING THEM IN THE ASS.

Not saying this story is fake, but it's important to site sources. Both articles don't list any actual sources. Websites like these are copy paste articles designed to get attention for Barrys like yourself.
Replies: >>12042
Nah dudes fuck animals all the time if youve never thought about porking a piggy up the bussy your just low test
Replies: >>12043 >>12088
[Hide] (32.1KB, 552x517)
>Nah dudes fuck animals all the time if youve never thought about porking a piggy up the bussy your just low test
Of couse they do! Heck I've thought about goin ham in your mom's clam jam. Really goin oinkers in that pig pen if you know what I'm sayin. If I can't find the video on a some obscure porn website with viruses, did it REALLY happen? I want evidence for research. The only sheep getting fucked are the boomers with these god awful news articles.
Replies: >>12044
The article is about cows getting fucked retard
>Nah dudes fuck animals all the time
You have no idea how true this statement is

[Hide] (182.8KB, 1080x1018)
goon of the year
Replies: >>12092 >>12114
[Hide] (10.1KB, 500x281)
homosexual psychopath behavior
Imagine the smell. 
[Hide] (188.2KB, 120x120)
Children's snack recalled after its website caught serving porn

>Supermarket chain Lidl has been recalling four types of PAW Patrol-themed snacks across the UK.

>Except, the reason for the recall has got nothing to do with food contents, but the website listed on the snack's packaging serving porn.

>At the time of writing, the domain appykidsco.com can be seen serving Chinese adult content but only on mobile devices.


gif related is on the site
Replies: >>12127 >>13723
[Hide] (19.8KB, 100x100)
Also this gem which I would actually like to nominate as a flag please
[Hide] (63.9KB, 459x660)
[Hide] (64.8KB, 660x498)
[Hide] (46.4KB, 660x441)
[Hide] (33.3KB, 660x310)
Thoughts on the latest happenings at Drowning Man?

'Mudpocalypse' Hits Burning Man, 73,000 Trapped In 'Toxic' Lake Bed In Nevada Desert

>Food and fuel are running low for the tens of thousands of attendees (and tech bros) trapped at the Burning Man festival located in one of the harshest environments on earth (high desert, on a dried-up alkaline lake bed) in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada.


>play in mud
>uh oh I've got chemical burns all over my body

>PLAYA FOOT is a malady unique to the Black Rock Desert caused by the alkali dust that makes up the desert. It is, in essence, a chemical burn. The most common cause of playa foot is exposure of your feet to the desert floor by not wearing socks and closed shoes. While this malady is not serious, it is uncomfortable. The good news is that you may easily care for this yourself.
[Hide] (3.5KB, 55x55)
I bet the festival goers now wish that the cops didn't crash through the "Just Stop Oil" protesters and opening up the road so they could get to the Burning Man festival.
Pls stop posting pics of Ashley's scat fetish...
Spoiler File
(378.3KB, 480x368, 00:09)
>It is, in essence, a chemical burn.

I guess you could say this festival truly is.... Burning Man.
Replies: >>12177
[Hide] (3.5KB, 55x55)
[Hide] (119KB, 512x512, 00:02)
>Food and fuel are running low for the tens of thousands of attendees
Simpsons predict the future once again https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bv4a7ZtDZhI
[Hide] (78.2KB, 1125x527)
there should really be a rule where no one over 80 can be in politics
>A Delta flight from Atlanta to Barcelona was forced to turn around and make an emergency landing after a passenger “had diarrhea all the way through the plane.”

[Hide] (3.5KB, 55x55)
[Hide] (7.6KB, 235x214)
Guy probably ate the in flight meal. Either that or there was a party on the plane and he was the party pooper.
Replies: >>12340
How was your labor day cookout?
Replies: >>12353
[Hide] (3.5KB, 55x55)
The cookout was great. Spent a few hours with 3 of my friends talking about politics among other things. I love it when people agree with my point of view, heh, heh.
Replies: >>12363
hey a free slip n slide down the aisle to keep the children occupied!
drinking + politics??? did you guys get into a punch up?
Replies: >>12408
[Hide] (3.5KB, 55x55)
Surprisingly none of us drink so our discussions were cogent, lucid and articulate.
[Hide] (1.1MB, 964x844)
World renowned pedophile and former YouTuber EDP445 caught trying to meet up with a minor AGAIN. May be facing imprisonment, hopefully. Full video of the encounter to be released soon. 

We're approaching the fourth-quarter of 2023, could this finally be the winner of the Cuckies?

Quick Rundown:

EDP445's Response:

EDP445 Victim's Statement:

Footage of EDP445's First Encounter:

PM Transcript Between EDP445 & Decoy:
Replies: >>12438 >>13416
[Hide] (12.2KB, 472x383)
>Quick Rundown
>20 minutes

The real story here is that there isn't a story. Who gives a flying fuck that this washed up fatass is talking to teenagers on the internet? If parents don't want their sexy teen daughters getting banged out by popular online personalities, maybe they should try... gosh I don't know... PARENTING.

All these "pedo vigilante" channels are ran by grifters who're only in the game for views and money, not some sense of social justice. The cops do absolutely fuckall with the "evidence" the claim to turn over to them. There's even an argument to be made that they make things worse, because unlike the actual police, they can't arrest their "sting operation" targets, giving them plenty of time to run home and wipe their hard drives.

Oh, and whether you like it or not, if the "victim" has hit puberty, it's factually incorrect to call the "aggressor" a pedophile. If there's grass on the field, play ball.
Replies: >>12441
>If parents don't want their sexy teen daughters getting banged out by popular online personalities, maybe they should try... gosh I don't know... PARENTING.

So you were banged out by multiple men when you were 14, Ashley? Explains a lot. Why haven't you done porn yet?
told you so
Replies: >>12526 >>12527
She's actually innocent still. It's so obvious this is hawt lizard pussies making the masses scared. I mean have you even met this person? This has been pure fabrication to get you to have at home births where your baby and wife will most likely die without the aid of Phizer and doctor bad touch.
[Hide] (208.3KB, 1170x1992)

>A Brazilian lawyer was killed after his gun was fired by an MRI scanner and shot him in the stomach.

>The lawyer, 40, reportedly neglected to inform hospital staff about his concealed weapon, despite being instructed to remove all metal objects before entering the MRI room. 

gun bros, why wouldnt he just take off his gun?
Replies: >>12792 >>12796
>gun bros, why wouldnt he just take off his gun?
Because he wouldn’t listen or think.
People who take an anit-gun stance will likely gloss over the fact that this took place in Brazil. I think there's an inscentive to take away guns from American people and play to a narrative that highlights how guns are bad and the people that advocate for them are retarded.
Replies: >>13190
[Hide] (85.8KB, 540x960)
[Hide] (199.8KB, 1200x1600)
Pic related is my anti-gun stance. Guns are for guys who have wives with boyfriends. Real men don't even have wives. Real men hang out with little boys in dojos at shopping malls and teach them how to man handle other men. You pull a gun on me, you better be insured because I'm gonna blow you away before you even get the chance to shoot your shot at me, homo. These hands are registered weapons. Once you get on my level, you'll be registered as a class IV weapon. It's amazing what a man can do with his bare hands when he has an rpg-7 in them. Allahu Akbar!

Virginia's 'porn passport' law takes effect Saturday
>Some adult websites are blocked for Virginia residents as a new age verification law takes effect Saturday. 
>Virginia residents will have to provide a government-issued ID to access websites with adult content.
>Gov. Glenn Youngkin signed SB1515 into law in May. It requires online pornography websites to do more to verify a person is 18 years old before gaining access to the site. 
>The new law requires adult sites to take further steps beyond entering a date of birth, such as making users submit copies of government-issued IDs, to access websites with pornographic content.


I know there is a lot of VIRGINS on this board but are there any Virginians to clarify do you really need to submit an government approved Id just to wank to some porn???
They'll slowly roll things out like this then start applying it to more than just porn. Soon you'll need to enter in a government ID to access regular websites to "combat spam and prove you're a human". Just more Orwellian spying on the population. A VPN or tor solves this issue for any porn using virginians.
[Hide] (3.5KB, 55x55)
[Hide] (25KB, 540x373)
Unfortunately we got a whole lot of tyranny going on.
Doesn't make sense if I can't get a whore liscense
The government wants more control, the more control you give the government the more corrupt it becomes. That's why its important to fight the government, in particular tyrannical governments like the Biden administration.
This all the way. They always play sides against each other for more control. This is playing to conservatives the same way censorship of "hate speech" plays to liberals. No matter who you vote for the leviathan encroaches further upon your freedom. That being said, Virginia is basically a police state since D.C. is nearby.
Replies: >>13209
[Hide] (3.5KB, 55x55)
>no matter who you vote for

Yea, even when I was a teenager I always wondered to myself how come no matter who gets elected, Republican or Democrat, nothing changes, it's like there is a silent hidden dictator with one agenda pulling the strings of government
Replies: >>13215
Almost all politicians are corrupt and hungry for power weather it be democrat or republican. A lot of these politicians don't care about the people they care more about their own agendas. We can see this with previous governments starting wars with other countries that are not even bothering us and don't represent a treat. Its more about them and there agenda, the people are the ones who pay the price. They would rather tell other countries what to do even though they cant even manage this country properly either.
Replies: >>13216
[Hide] (3.5KB, 55x55)
>We can see this with previous governments starting wars......

The US has started and ended wars that chronologically has started or ended anywhere from approximately a few to approxlmately 21 years.

Spanish- American War 1898
WW1 1914-1918
WW2 1941-1945
Vietnam1959- 1975
Gulf War 1990-1991
Iraq War 2003-2011
Afghan War 2001- 2021

Accordingly we are due for another one any where from 2025 to 2040 We must keep the military industrial complex busy making money or whatever agenda the elite deem necessary.
Replies: >>13218
[Hide] (3.5KB, 55x55)
Shit, I forgot Korea 1950-1953.


>Full video of the encounter to be released soon. 
video dropped recently and it's not even worth posting. EDP445 was only in it for 30 seconds of the 30 minute footage and nothing happened. These niggers basically overhyped it and scammed a bunch of people into paying $70 to watch a lame confrontation video.
Replies: >>13417
[Hide] (22.7KB, 475x416)
PA-PA-PAYING FOR A DRAMA VIDEO? Ladies and gents, we've hit a new low on the internet. I don't care if some brotha wants to pop a nut in a 15-going-on-30 fish whore. What ever happened to don't talk to strangers? If this nigga was about to rape you, all you gotta do is toss a Twinkie and he'll be distracted for a good 13 seconds. But let's be real. This purp isn't a rapist. The only thing this nigga rapes is the 2 for 1 deal at Tarl's Jr.
Replies: >>13428
Have you ever had a hot dog from Tarl's Jr.? It looks like a dick covered in shit and it smells like dog food. I only ever see purps and grannies order them.
Replies: >>13434
[Hide] (3.5KB, 55x55)
[Hide] (86.7KB, 683x1024)
This is why the purps go there
Replies: >>13439
[Hide] (769.9KB, 3024x4032)
That's a black cookout hot dog, Seabee. Tarl's Jr, hot dogs look like this.
Replies: >>13440
[Hide] (3.5KB, 55x55)
Instead of napkins it looks like you have to use diapers,heh, heh.
[Hide] (1.3MB, 773x966)
[Hide] (88.8KB, 519x466)

>An investigation has been launched after a congressman in the US House of Representatives triggered a fire alarm as his party was trying to delay a crucial budget vote on Saturday.

Replies: >>13524 >>13616
Replies: >>13617
I guarantee he will pull the race card if penalized for his actions.
Replies: >>13619
heh penal
[Hide] (258.9KB, 662x654)
I updated my website, finally. It's Halloween themed with more on my news page about the updates. https://icum.to/horsecock
You may proceed to discuss website updates now.

Also, I REBRANDED the "cuckies" since the name is stupid. It's now, The Ashley Awards. Please continue dumping the most obscene and insane news stories you can find, they don't even have to be from this year. I only got a handful of worthy news stories from this thread. If you can find anymore, link them. Preferably just awful news stories, bizarre, etc. Nothing political like "check out this retarded lib!11!!" because politics quickly become dated and irrelevant and generally is stupid. Just post weird bizarre insane stories like:
>Nothing political like "check out this retarded lib!11!!
Does that mean we can’t even make fun of Joe Biden?
Love the new page for Antiques Guy, looks just like a cheap ebay knockoff!
It would just probably end up getting spam, but it would be funny if visitors could leave reviews for Antiques Guys stuff. Like their would be a list of items that you could pick that you bought from him and you could write a review and post it on the page.

I know derrick, barry and Taz have theirs available to reach thru aids ads but how do you get to Antiques Guys without going to the news page?
It would be cool to see it expanded to more of your characters.

Good idea expanding the cuckies (i still like that name but whatever) to more than just events from this year.
I will look around for some news stories, here is one...
Replies: >>13749
[Hide] (803KB, 1296x933)
Drunk dental receptionist who groped schoolboy, 13, and told him she wanted to 'ride him till morning' before exposing herself and waking up 'remembering nothing' after a white wine binge is spared jail

>Jade Berry, 27, was staggering through Rivacre Valley Country Park in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, at 9pm when she accosted the child as he sat on a woodland bench talking with a friend about his forthcoming 14th birthday.
>Berry sat between the two boys and began stroking the 13-year-old's genitals over his clothing before offering him sex and saying she would 'ride you till morning'
>As the shocked youngster and his friend got up to leave, she pulled down her trousers and exposed herself before passing out in a drunken stupor.
>When interviewed by police, Berry exclaimed: 'Oh My God, I do not recall anything' - but was later picked out by the boy at an identity parade.
>The 13-year-old, who has ADHD, said he was so traumatised by the encounter that he tried to take his own life.


(the hot dentist lady exposing herself part, not the tried to take own life part...)
what a lovely update, are the buy now links on the anitques guy page suppose to lead somewhere? Cuz my cpu just asks to open an app when I click on them
Replies: >>13735 >>13738
>he was so traumatised by the encounter that he tried to take his own life.
To be fair she looks wrecked in the other pictures of her in the article. But holy shit. I would have pounded her ass like you wouldn't believe when I was 13. for about 35 seconds. Men are so weak

Those are email links zoom zoom
Just in time for Halloween. I swear Colorado sits on a hellmouth.

Replies: >>13741 >>13749
>he doesn't know about the mailto linkz
Last edited by admin
Sounds like a serious health hazard too, all those deadly diseases that could be spreading due to such poor sanitation.
So that's where Ashley's been gone all these years...
who's that for?
[Hide] (7KB, 120x120)
Say bye bye to Stoneman Willie

Replies: >>13749
115 bodies! imagine the smell...

TIL: Body composting is a thing.
In Colorado and probably other states, instead of traditional burial or cremation, you can have your body decompose and turn into compost/soil that can be used to grow things like trees, plants, flowers, etc

Replies: >>13748 >>13749
YAAAAS Throw your corpse to rot into the ground with shit and cum for mother Gaia!
Replies: >>13752
[Hide] (343.2KB, 531x502)
I would allow people to submit entries on my website, but it requires more than just HTML. I try to keep my things as barebones and simple as possible. Maybe someday. Also, I didn't say where Antiques Guy's advertisement is because that would ruin the fun - much like how Barry's colon is ruined after a day of antiquing.

Amazing entry. I'll nominate this entry under the "Gayest Kid" category. Any other gay loser kids wanna be a nomiee? Zach?

Looks good, except for me to respond back to you with PGP I will need your "public key". Don't mix up "private key" and "public key". The private key acts like a password to decrypt all the messages to you. Never post that. Only post your public key. I have a PGP tutorial written up, I need to post it on my website soon.

God dammit, I guess my wife has undergone a sex change and lives in Pennsylvania now. I thought trannies lived in Transylvania. (picrel)

>instead of traditional burial or cremation, you can have your body decompose and turn into compost/soil that can be used to grow things like trees, plants, flowers, etc
The Japanese do it all the time in their suicide forests (•‿•)
Replies: >>13752
i know it sounds like gay hippie shit, but its kinda cool that your body can decompose its nutrients to be used to give life to something like a tree.

listen buddy, I know youve worn out the K switch on your keyboard from typing KKK all the time from your online klan calls over Zoom you racist fuck, but its Zack with a K. so since Im such a nice guy Im gonna help you and that other loser Semenbee out with another PRO TIP

Seebee: press the NumLock key to toggle it on, then hold the Alt key and type 107 on the numeric keypad and bobs your uncle its the lowercase k

or if youre FUCKING LOSER TURBO NERD and use Linux press ctrl+shift+U then type 006b and hit Enter, to do the same thing but more complicated because Linux is for gay trannies who want to feel special.
[Hide] (36.5KB, 400x320)
>i know it sounds like gay hippie shit, but its kinda cool that your body can decompose its nutrients to be used to give life to something like a tree.
Not to be pedantic but your body doesn't "decompose its nutrients", microorganisms like bacteria and fungi do that. In environments where microorganisms are less prevalent, the preservation of the body after death can be remarkable. Picture related is the hand of a person who died 500+ years ago in a high altitude environment. Not trying to be a smarty pants, just thought you'd find this information interesting.
Replies: >>13774
>Linux is for gay trannies who want to feel special.
How come you're not using it then? Sounds perfect for you.
Replies: >>13774
no youre not being pedantic, I genuinely  appreciate you correcting me, because no shot did i truly know what the actual process was and I was just trying to illustrate the article in question.
It makes more sense that its bacteria and fungi of your victims that decompose and allow that process rather than nutrients, 

of course you would know whats perfect for trannies.... lmao rekt
btw ur not special

[Hide] (380.1KB, 1000x500)
Las Vegas pharmacy gives expectant mother abortion pills instead of IVF medication, she loses both babies

>A Las Vegas woman undergoing invitro fertilization was mistakenly given abortion-inducing pills instead of medication that would help encourage pregnancy.

>Doctors prescribed her a prescription that would help trick her body into producing hormones to kickstart pregnancy, one of which was a vaginal suppository taken in place of shots Thomas had been taking in the buttocks.

>“You have to make yourself think it’s pregnant,” Thomas told 8 News Now. “We’re taking a lot of supplements to make our bodies think it’s pregnant.”
>Thomas immediately knew something was wrong: "I started cramping really bad". Thomas said her cramping went "beyond" what she was expecting with IVF, adding that it was "extreme. It was painful."

>She checked the bottle, looked up the name of the prescription listed, and discovered that she had been given an abortion-inducing drug. "The first thing I read is it’s used for abortions," Thomas said.

>Documents obtained by the outlet revealed the series of mistakes that took place for Thomas to be given the wrong medication. One technician had incorrectly believed she knew the generic name for the brand prescribed, and typed the wrong name onto the prescription. This mistake was not caught by one pharmacist, and another failed to counsel Thomas when she came to pick it up.

>In a statement to the outlet, CVS said, "We’ve apologized to our patient for the prescription incident that occurred in 2019 and have cooperated with the Nevada Board of Pharmacy in this matter. The health and well-being of our patients is our number one priority and we have comprehensive policies and procedures in place to support prescription safety.  Prescription errors are very rare, but if one does occur, we take steps to learn from it in order to continuously improve quality and patient safety."

>CVS was fined the maximum amount allowed in the state by the pharmacy board, $10,000, for vicarious liability of its pharmacists.

[Hide] (7KB, 120x120)
I haven't heard that expression "and Bob's your uncle" since I hung out with a couple of Ausie troopers in Afghanistan. But usually most of the time they were busy Waltzing Matilda which was kinda hard to do without a Billabong in site but as the military says, overcome, adapt, improvise.

Someone stole my NumLock key so I'll take your advice with a grain of salt.
Even the democrats are getting fed up with Joe Biden, they can’t stand him anymore.
[Hide] (89.9KB, 1600x900)
[Hide] (104.1KB, 1023x477)
Genetics firm 23andMe says user data stolen in credential stuffing attack

>23andMe has confirmed to BleepingComputer that it is aware of user data from its platform circulating on hacker forums and attributes the leak to a credential-stuffing attack.

>23andMe is a U.S. biotechnology and genomics firm offering genetic testing services to customers who send a saliva sample to its labs and get back an ancestry and genetic predispositions report.

>Recently, a threat actor leaked samples of data that was allegedly stolen from a genetics firm and, a few days later, offered to sell data packs belonging to 23andMe customers.

[Hide] (7KB, 120x120)
I'd like to nominate this girl for the Ashley Awards. I don't care what she says about herself, she's living the dream.

[Hide] (287.9KB, 1908x1146)
Meanwhile this lil chad was busy busting fat nuts inside his fourth grade teacher and pregging her up

>Teacher Charged With Raping Child Under 13 Breaks No Contact Order to Tell Victim She Is Pregnant: Police
Replies: >>13873 >>13884
[Hide] (145KB, 867x1300)
>McCommon does not say who the father of the baby is, and remains married to her husband, who is employed as an officer in the same court she appeared in on Tuesday.
Replies: >>13884

mate thats gotta be a hella awkward day at work
like imigange going into ur job and all ur coworkers no ur wife is is mid and a ho that bangs underage  kids.......... omega L
[Hide] (106.2KB, 634x636)
[Hide] (106.1KB, 634x952)
Payton Shires, 24, accused of having a relationship with a 13-year-old boy she was counseling

>Payton Shires, 24, of Mount Sterling, Ohio, has been charged with unlawful sexual conduct with a minor after they found footage of them having intercourse
>She allegedly admitted to having sex on multiple occasions with the 13-year-old boy during a three-way call with his mother and Columbus cops 


What is it about 13 year old dick that makes these hot bitches go crazy? Kids these days must really know how to lay some pipe. Bro even filmed it to show the boys in social studies class.
this is a lot like me and ashley and ashleyj
[Hide] (103.2KB, 900x636)

Maybe it's the idea of being with someone pure or something and having some of that youthfulness rub off on you.
when i was 17. i had a teacher about 23 or 24 who liked me. she never told me but i could tell (you notice those things, those little gestures). i would have liked to have had sex with her but i was brought up in a totally virgin way, so i missed my chance.
if my 14 year old son had sex with his hot teacher I wouldn't be mad.
If it was my daughter, I'd beat the guy to a pulp.
Replies: >>13896 >>13898
I'm so pure I dont even know what a vagina looks like  ashley pls rape me 
Replies: >>13900
>if my 14 year old son had sex with his hot teacher I wouldn't be mad. If it was my daughter, I'd beat the guy to a pulp.

That's stupid. Teenage girls are horny as hell and giggle about wanting to fuck the young male teachers. If boys are allowed to fuck the hot teachers and get away with it (that is when their roastie moms dont find out and turn the women into the police) then girls should get the same treatment.
At least you've touched your mother's vagina on the way out! I was C Sectioned, am virgin, and still have never layed with a lady. I've never even heard a queef ;_;  rape me Ashley
Replies: >>13902 >>13904
I'm also C sectioned AND I'm an incubator baby with mommy issues! That's right Ashley, not a single moment of affection, I'm practically a fucking serial killer! I will never leave you, RAPE ME
>I've never even heard a queef
Dude you're missing out, queefs are hilarious
[Hide] (59.4KB, 500x500)
No, rape me
[Hide] (397.9KB, 862x923)
At least 6 female teachers arrested for sexual misconduct with students over two days across US 

>Ellen Shell, 38, of Danville, was arraigned in Garrard County District Court on Thursday after prosecutors said she had sex with the teens on two separate occasions in July and August of last year.

>Arkansas educator Heather Hare, 32, was expected to turn herself in Friday for an alleged sexual relationship with a teen student and is now facing a first-degree felony assault rap, the Arkansas Times reported.

>Oklahoma teacher Emily Hancock, 26, was also arrested Thursday after local police were tipped off to her alleged relationship with a student. A former substitute with Wellston Public Schools, Hancock allegedly began communicating with the teen last October and eventually began sending the 15-year-old nude photos, according to KOCO. The pair eventually had illicit relations on school property, the outlet reported.

>Kristen Gantt, 36, an English teacher at a Catholic high school in Des Moines, Iowa, was added to the tally Friday for allegedly having sex with a teen student five times inside and outside her school, according to local reports.

>In Virginia, Allieh Kheradmand, 33, a teacher at James Madison High School, was also nabbed for allegedly sex with a student over the course of several months, according to FFXNow.

>Finally, a Pennsylvania javelin coach allegedly had sex with a 17-year-old boy she coached, according to prosecutors. The 26-year-old sent the teen a text in May 2021 and invited him to her home, where the two allegedly had sex, the Northampton district attorney said in a news release.

[Hide] (89.7KB, 1052x615)
AOC-Backed Starbucks Union Cheers for Hamas Terror Attacks

[Hide] (138KB, 1200x627)
Ever taken a wedgie so hard it causes your bowels to protrude through your abdominal wall?

>Emma McGuinness was at the Typhoon Lagoon water park — part of Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida — in October 2019 to celebrate her 30th birthday, according to a lawsuit filed Wednesday. While at the park, she decided to take the “Humunga Kowabunga” waterslide. According to Disney, riders take “enclosed body slides” down a 214-foot drop in the dark and then “spray [their] way to a surprise ending!”

>As Ms. McGuinness neared the end of The Slide, her body lifted up, she became airborne, and she was slammed downward against The Slide — which increased the likelihood of her legs becoming uncrossed or otherwise exposing herself to injury in using The Slide,” the complaint says. “The impact of The Slide and her impact into the standing water at the bottom of The Slide caused Ms. McGuinness’ clothing to be painfully forced between her legs and for water to be violently forced inside her. She experienced immediate and severe pain internally and, as she stood up, blood began rushing from between her legs.”

>McGuinness was taken by ambulance to a local hospital and eventually moved to a different hospital “for the repair of her gynecologic injuries by a specialist,” the lawsuit says. She ultimately suffered “severe and permanent bodily injury including severe vaginal lacerations, a full thickness laceration causing Plaintiff’s bowel to protrude through her abdominal wall, and damage to her internal organs,” according to the complaint.

Replies: >>14039
[Hide] (1MB, 998x645)
Ever taken a wedgie so hard it causes you to fucking DIE?

>An Oklahoma man has pleaded guilty to manslaughter for killing his stepfather with an “atomic wedgie,” pulling the man’s own underwear over his head and causing him to suffocate.

Replies: >>14058
ok you win
Well not the guy in prison.
Imagine explaining yourself to other inmates

Cellmate: Ay yo, why do bin here for white boi?
Wedgie guy: *trying to sound tough* I killed a man...
Cellmate: oh shiiiiiiet fo real? how don gun done it?
Wedgie man: I... gave him a w-wedgie
Cellmate: *laughing hysterically* AYE YO DESHAWN, DIS WHITE BOI KILLED SUMONE WIT A WEDGIE!!!
[Hide] (52.6KB, 921x667)
Arkansas man faces drug and sexual indecency charges after he was found having sex with a stuffed animal

>A 55-year-old Midway man faces drug and sexual indecency charges after a deputy said he spotted him having sex with a stuffed animal.

>According to court documents, at 12:45 a.m. on Oct. 8, a Baxter County sheriff’s deputy observed a vehicle at the Midway Store and Lock.
>“He stated that he observed that the vehicle was ‘rocking,’” the affidavit stated.

>When the deputy looked inside the vehicle, he reported observing Morgavan “having sex with a stuffed animal.”

>Upon learning that Morgavan had a search waiver on file from the Arkansas Department of Community Correction, the deputy searched the vehicle and found a purse containing “two marijuana pipes and one syringe,” the documents stated.
>While being booked into the Baxter County Detention Center, the affidavit stated another deputy found approximately 3 grams of methamphetamine in the purse.


smh smh cant even pull over and have your van a rockin dont cum a knockin with a stuffed animal whilst possibly high on methamphetamine, fucking Joe Biden...
Replies: >>14134
[Hide] (7KB, 120x120)
[Hide] (4.9KB, 188x268)
stuffed animals can't consent
They have some ridiculous laws in Arkansas.🤡
Replies: >>14140
[Hide] (7KB, 120x120)
In Arkansas you may legally beat your wife but not more than once a month.
Replies: >>14193
[Hide] (251.4KB, 736x512)
alright! time to move to Arkansas! 

anyways, speaking of me and my wife...

Nebraska Mortuary Worker Accused of Having Sex with Life-Sized Sex Doll at Deceased Person's Home

>Authorities allege that on October 6, Ryan Smith was removing a dead body from a residence at Rock Creek Apartments in Papillion when he came across the human-sized sex doll inside the unit.

>the 41-year-old Smith reportedly contacted the apartment's property manager and said the Sarpy County Sheriff's Office requested that he retrieve the sex doll for "a biopsy," according to court records obtained by WOWT-TV.

>The manager declined the request, but he reported to authorities that he later heard noises emanating from the deceased person's unit, which had been secured with a deadbolt and chain. The manager says he saw Smith exiting the unit appearing "disheveled."

>Smith at some point told the property manager he would return with a warrant to take the doll, prompting the manager to call police. Authorities examined the deceased person's apartment and, based on photographs that had been taken previously of the scene, determined that objects inside the unit had been moved.

>Justin Dalton, who owns Mid America First Call, Smith's employer, issued a statement that Dalton was off the clock during the alleged incident and that he has been fired.

[Hide] (149.6KB, 960x540)
[Hide] (40.6KB, 148x204)
Mother finds her sons severed head in a bucket, after her sons gf strangled him during rough sex while high on crystal meth, then proceeded to continue to have sex with his now dead body, but later she would cut him up into pieces...

>On Feb. 23, at about 3:25 A.M., police were called to the home by a person living there who reported finding her son’s severed head in a bucket. The woman told police she heard a door slam between 2 and 3 A.M., waking her. She went to check on a light left on downstairs and made the gruesome discovery.

>Officers found a severed head in a bucket at a home on Green Bay’s west side and body parts in other locations in scenes reminiscent of a gory horror movie.

>Police learned that Taylor Schabusiness may have been the last person to be seen with the victim, identified only as a 25-year-old man. Police searched Schabusiness’s van and on the rear passenger seat. They found a crock pot box with “additional human body parts including legs,” Police obtained a search warrant for the home on Stony Brook Lane, which belonged to the victim’s mother. In addition to the human head, they found a “male organ” in the bucket. They found “body fluid” and knives. In a storage tote, they found an upper torso.

>Police interviewed Schabusiness and asked her what happened. She replied, “That is a good question.” Schabusiness said she and the victim were together all day Tuesday and had been smoking meth. After they arrived at the Stony Brook home, they were having sex and incorporated chains. Schabusiness said she blacked out during part of it but just went “crazy” and started strangling the victim.

>Schabusiness told investigators she did not mean to kill the victim but she enjoyed choking him and continued to do it. Prosecutors say the sexual assault charge is for acts that happened after the victim died. 

>Prosecutors say the sexual assault charge is for acts that happened after the victim died. Schabusiness responded that the police were going to have fun trying to find all of the organs as she dismembered the body. Schabusiness stated all of the body parts should be in the basement. Schabusiness stated there should be a foot or a leg in the minivan. Detective Graf asked Schabusiness what she did with the head, and Schabusiness stated she had put the Victim’s head in a black bucket and put a blanket over it,” reads the criminal complaint.

>Schabusiness stated the plan was for her to bring all of the body parts with her but she got lazy and only ended up putting the leg/foot in the van and she forgot the head,” reads the complaint.

>Taylor D. Schabusiness, 24, is charged with 1st Degree Intentional Homicide, Mutilating a Corpse and 3rd Degree Sexual Assault. A court commissioner set her bond at $2 million cash

Replies: >>14259
women: not even once
[Hide] (25KB, 540x337)
>German man arrested for trying to steal male students’ underwear from dorm

Replies: >>14266
Are Germans really that poor that they need to steal underwear or is this guy just gay like some Germans?
Replies: >>14267 >>14287
The latter.
no they just have good taste and always make sure to steal undies that are used

and not the fake ones those japs sell in their vending machines
Replies: >>14288
Shake it, Mr. Caterpillar.
lol shooped. But cum buckets. :p
Replies: >>14372
[Hide] (33.8KB, 786x438)
excuse me what
Replies: >>14376
>>came buckets

lol fixed, im confuse
Replies: >>14377
>im confuse
Replies: >>14385
Tsingtao beer loses its fizz in South Korea after video of worker appearing to urinate into tank
Replies: >>14387
< C U M  F U S E
Into the labor camp he goes
13-year-old boy dies as suicide prank on blind mother turned tragic

>A 13-year-old boy’s dangerous “prank” took a tragic turn when he accidentally hung himself while pretending to commit suicide, in front of his blind mother who despite trying couldn’t save him. 

>Sangita, a 50-year-old woman who has been blind since birth, was devastated by her son’s death. She lamented the fact that her blindness prevented her from saving her child. The heartbreaking incident occurred at their home in Orai town on Sunday.

>Jas, a fifth-grade student, had been playing with his younger siblings – Yash (9), Mehak (7), and Astha (5) – in their home in Kanshiram Colony, Orai. While Sangita’s husband, Khem Chandra (54), was away at work, Jas attempted a dangerous prank that went terribly wrong. The stool he was standing on slipped, leading to a fatal outcome.

>Yash, Mehak, and Astha initially thought Jas was still playing until they saw blood coming from his mouth and nose, and his lifeless body hanging from a rope tied to a window bar. The children screamed in panic, waking up Sangita from her nap. She rushed to help her son, but her blindness made it impossible for her to act quickly. She desperately searched for a knife or a sickle to cut the noose but couldn’t find one.

>By the time Sangita managed to alert her neighbors, precious minutes had passed. They arrived, untied the knot, and rushed Jas to a nearby hospital, but it was too late. The doctors pronounced him dead upon arrival.

[Hide] (147.6KB, 640x345)
'Anti-Racist' Tech CEO 'Beaten to Death by Black Male Career Criminal Who Was Released Early From Prison by Soros-Funded D.A. on Good-Time Credits'

>EcoMap Technologies CEO Pava Marie LaPere, a self-described "anti-racist" and Black Lives Matter supporter who spoke out against the "criminalization of Black bodies," was allegedly beaten to death in her own home in Baltimore on Monday by a black male who was released early from prison under the criminal justice reform policies she championed. 

>A murder suspect labeled by police as willing to "do anything he can to cause harm" is the target of an all-out search after a 26-year-old software development company founder was found slain at her Baltimore apartment.
>Authorities announced an arrest warrant at a news conference Tuesday afternoon for Jason Dean Billingsley, 32. He is charged with first-degree murder in LaPere's killing.

>LaPere touted her anti-racist bonafides on her Instagram. 
>"EcoMap Technologies stand against systemic racism, bigotry, and a police state that criminalizes Black bodies," LaPere wrote. "We stand in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, now and always. We commit to being anti-racist in all aspects of what we do ... We encourage all other startups to speak out and do the same." 
>According to the Baltimore Banner, "[Delali Dzirasa, founder and CEO of Fearless] said LaPere had recently hit a personal milestone in her company: hiring 50% people of color and 50% women."

Replies: >>14478
She wanted to protect violent criminals from criminalization. Let her have a taste of her own medicine. I wouldn’t be too surprised if they let him out again. Will they let him out again? Who knows, only time will tell, considering how messed up Baltimore is it wouldn’t be too surprising.
[Hide] (7KB, 120x120)
[Hide] (57.4KB, 400x225)
[Hide] (799KB, 200x189)

[Hide] (117KB, 650x366)
buying smelly fart jars from youre favourite e-girl?
what about jars of their filthy bath water?

Thats old news.

Time to buy a beer made from youre favourite e-girl's vaginal yeast...

>Twitch and OnlyFans star may have just started the next big trend. Step aside, fart jars, because Amouranth is now offering a unique product—vaginal yeast for a new beer!

>"There’s a beer company. They’re European. They want me to send in my vaginal yeast. Like basically like pap smear myself. They want to make beer using my vaginal yeast…"
>"The gynecologist collects a vaginal smear from the models. These smears are taken to a laboratory where bacteria are isolated, cleaned, then analysed and multiplied. At the end of the process, the bacteria are used to produce the pure lactic acid that goes into Yoni beer. "

>When it comes to the product's sales potential, Amouranth is confident it will be a lucrative venture. She continued: "It’s hilarious. People will buy it for sure. I don’t know if they’ll actually drink it, I mean, they’ll probably drink it."


So Ashlings/Tubbies... would you buy a beer made from the Ash's vaginal yeast?

if not

what about.........

A small jar with her poop, PLUS bonus video of her making it?!
Replies: >>14517
but is it ethically sourced?
Replies: >>14530
yeah but unfortunately it may contain traces of BBC
The Midnight Release of the Playstation 2 in 2000
Replies: >>14560 >>14596
boy the reppies have done a number on the society in less than 25 years
I still remember witnessing the PS2 for the first time at a friend's house and being blown away by the visuals in NHL 2001. Then Metal Gear Solid 2 came out later that year and blew me away even further. I'm still using my original console to this day.
[Hide] (89.8KB, 600x400)
>>4326 (OP) 
>Examples from 2022:
>Anyone who invested in LUNA or thought it was a good idea to trust a centralized exchange ran by a curly haired jew sex pervert
He got found guilty today.
The trail took 5 weeks but the jury only needed four hours to come to a verdict.
Probably didnt help that he allegedly had a group chat on the encrypted platform Signal called "Wirefraud"*
also his name is BANKMAN-FRIED lmao

Sam Bankman-Fried found guilty on all seven counts

>Sam Bankman-Fried, the co-founder and former CEO of crypto exchange FTX and trading firm Alameda Research, has been found guilty on all seven counts related to fraud and money laundering.

>The decision was handed down on Thursday, following a five-week trial that dug deep into how one of the biggest crypto exchanges and its sister trading company collapsed about a year ago. The U.S. Department of Justice charged 31-year-old Bankman-Fried about 11 months ago.
>The jury took about four hours to come to a verdict on six counts relating to fraud and one count relating to money laundering.

>The DOJ’s December 2022 indictment stated Bankman-Fried knowingly defrauded FTX customers by misusing their deposits to invest in other companies and pay off lenders and expenses. After mounds of evidence and a verdict, that statement has been deemed true by the court and jury.

>The seven charges bring a total possible sentence of 115 years in prison for the defendant.

[Hide] (127.4KB, 1536x924)
[Hide] (316.5KB, 446x480)
Mayor Commits Suicide After Conservative Website Publishes Photos of Him in Women’s Clothing

>An Alabama mayor and pastor committed suicide days after a conservative news outlet published photos of him wearing women’s clothing.

>“However, during this time, he also had a secret life playing out online on social media and Reddit,” said the piece, written by Craig Monger. “Smiths Station’s mayor operated social media accounts as a transgender woman under the pseudonym Brittini Blaire Summerlin.”

>The article contains several racy photos from Copeland’s social media accounts where he posted under the pseudonym. Monger interviewed Copeland, who said the posts were ways of “getting rid of stress.”

>“After the interview, Copeland promptly deleted the accounts and asked them not to be made public due to his family and position as a pastor,” the reporter wrote.

>Copeland addressed his Baptist congregation on Wednesday night, stating he was the victim of an “internet attack.”

>“Yes, I have taken pictures with my wife in the privacy of our home in an attempt of humor because I know I’m not a handsome man nor a beautiful woman either,” he said. “I apologize for any embarrassment caused by my private, personal life that has come publicly.”

>On Friday evening, police said they receive a request for a welfare check on the married father of three. After locating him, a “slow pursuit was initiated with the mayor’s vehicle.” Eventually, Copeland pulled over.

>“He exited the vehicle, produced a handgun and took his own life,” the sheriff’s office stated.

Replies: >>14637 >>14641
[Hide] (317.3KB, 640x546)
Once I saw this article, I of course scoured Reddit for beat off mater- I mean, for research. I then saw this post, which I've taken the liberty of editing for added effect. This made me realize, why not include internet posts in the Ashley Awards? The awards show should be for anything awful, beyond the scope of news articles.

Post anything worthy of being in the awards show, be it news articles, posts, images, etc.
[Hide] (219.3KB, 650x366)
The tits on that thing, how?


Somerset man banned from wearing gimp suit and writhing on ground

>A man has been banned for five years from wearing a mask and dressing in an all-black suit in public at night and “crawling, wriggling or writhing on the ground” after police linked him to 25 incidents committed by the so-called “Somerset gimp”.
>Joshua Hunt, 32, has been given a sexual risk order after police argued there was a sexual motivation to the incidents.

>Among the restrictions, Hunt, a gardener from north Somerset, is banned from:
 >Wearing any type of mask or face covering, including improvised mask or face coverings that cover all or part of the face, in any public place, including while in a vehicle in a public place, unless officially required for medical purposes or by law.
 >Being in possession of any type of mask or face covering, including improvised masks or face coverings that cover all or part of the face, in a public place, including while in a vehicle in a public place, between the hours of 9pm and 6am unless officially required for medical purposes or by law.
 >Wearing or being in possession of black all-in-one garments or any combination of full-length black-coloured top and black-coloured bottom clothing which has the appearance of an all-in-one garment, in a public place, including in a vehicle in a public place between the hours of 9pm and 6am.
 >Crawling, wriggling or writhing on the ground in a public place while wearing a full-body covering, clothing that appears like a full-body covering and/or mask/full-face covering.


Giant phallus-shaped iceberg floating in Conception Bay surprises residents of Dildo, Canada

>A photographer from the Newfoundland town of Dildo has captured images of a penis-shaped iceberg off the Canadian coast. 

>The suggestive 'berg consists of a column with a domed head protruding up from two oval rafts of ice. Photographer Ken Pretty captured a shot of the ice formation by drone near the town of Harbour Grace, which sits along — the puns keep adding up — Conception Bay. 

Since posts are also allowed (good idea btw, lots more options to pick from) here are 2 from /askgaybros

Wife wants a divorce because her husbands son came out as gay

>16 year old Son confesses he is in a gay relationship
>father is accepting of him
>his wife threatens to divorce him because of it
>claims their son being gay is reflection of bad parenting on his part and that he should have done more to prevent it like forcing him to play more sports


This one might be a shitpost idk

gay mans dog no longer listens or respects owner after the dog caught him taking it up the backhole

>gay man taking it up the ass, forgets to close door
>his dog wanders in during the act
>notices his owner being a submissive slutty bottom
>later on dog will no longer listen to him. respect him or spend time with him

Replies: >>14708
He should rape his dog to reeastablish dominance he's a sodomite so he already thinks in doggy style AKA slave mentality
>Hello everyone, thanks for all the support and advice so far. However can people please stop sending me inappropriate adult private messages, I am not interested in those kinds of messages so please stop.
[Hide] (542.1KB, 678x682)
>NJ elementary school janitor arrested after allegedly filming himself contaminating kids’ food with feces, bleach

>Elementary school janitor Giovanni Impellizzari, 25, was arrested this week for a series of bizarre and disgusting alleged acts, including wearing eyeliner, rubbing his anus and genitals on kitchen utensils and bread in the school cafeteria.

Replies: >>14757 >>14766

>a series of bizarre and disgusting alleged acts, including wearing eyeliner, rubbing his anus and genitals on kitchen utensils and bread in the school cafeteria.
I get the anus and genitals on the kitchen utensils thing, I mean we've all been there, but eyeliner? What a fucking freak.
I hope they dont allow him to work in the prison cafeteria. That food already tastes like asshole.
[Hide] (12.1KB, 269x244)
It was the scandal that rocked the chess world. The game's foremost player, Magnus Carlsen, was unbeaten in 53 games before self-taught grandmaster Hans Niemann, 20, shattered his run in September 2022. But the outcome would snatch headlines for different reasons. Niemann had cheated, Carlsen claimed - and promptly withdrew from the $500,000 Sinquefield Cup.

Rumours spread quickly, prompting absurd suggestions on how a player could cheat at such a high level. Among the most ludicrous, the suggestion Niemann could have used a vibrating set of anal beads to communicate in a kind of Morse code with others watching the match remotely.

Niemann denied the allegations he cheated and, this September, directly addressed the claims in an interview with Piers Morgan. Asked, 'on the specific allegation – have you ever used anal beads while playing chess', Niemann said resolutely: 'Your curiosity is a bit concerning, you know – maybe you're personally interested, but I can tell you, no.'

Niemann ultimately sued his opponent for defamation in a lawsuit seeking $100mn. 'Do any fair play checking you want, I don’t care because I know that I’m clean,' he said furiously in an interview after his win.

Now, two YouTubers have bitten the proverbial bullet to test the one of the wildest theories in chess, that a remote-controlled vibrating suppository could be used to beat a top player at his own game. MailOnline spoke to Josh & Archie about how they did it.


Replies: >>14981
Now thats what I call.......... thinking with your ass!
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Do any of you guys suffer from pussy insecurity? I don't.

>Pussy insecurity is the lack of access to free or affordable quality pussy which is necessary for the active and healthy life of a man. Several studies confirm that the lack of this absolutely necessary resource creates trauma that causes serious mental, emotional and physical health problems. In this dystopian day and age, many millions of sexually oppressed men are traumatized and in fact, completely mentally and physically crippled as a result of their pussy insecurity. Since you are on this website, chances are that you are probably very familiar with this exact type of trauma. 

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Replies: >>15178 >>15179
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Replies: >>15179
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Ooohhh thisu mai oji-san!!! How yuu no him??

To travel is to take a journey into yourself.
Who You?: I am Tahiti. I rove vacation! 🗿🍹
<Ristening to: YUI『Good-bye days ~2012 ver.~』
<Rink: https://vid.puffyan.us/watch?v=S8cnuIuw5SY 🎵🕺
>Location: Antigua and Barbuda 🌏✈️
Replies: >>15198
[Hide] (111.1KB, 857x1200)

Hahaha no.
I think Is a fun character. I like that movie.
I would have liked to have had a martial arts teacher since childhood. Desu.
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People Can’t Access Their AI Girlfriend Because the Service Went Down After CEO Jailed for Setting His Apartment on Fire

>Forever Voices, an artificial intelligence company that launched a myriad of celebrity AI “virtual girlfriend” chatbots via Telegram earlier this year, went offline on Oct. 23 after the company founder and CEO was arrested, News Nation reported.

>Before the service went dark and Meyer was arrested, the Forever Voices account posted a series of bizarre conspiracy theories about the FBI, former President Donald Trump and “rogue CIA terrorists” on X (formerly Twitter).

>The company offered users the chance to “chat” with an assortment of influencers and adult stars on Telegram through apparent AI technology. One popular account was for Snapchat influencer Caryn Marjorie, 23, who charged $1 per minute for fans to have conversations with her CarynAI chatbot.

>According to tech website 404Media, users have not been able to access CarynAI, or the company’s other chatbots, since Meyer’s arrest in October.

>It is not clear if Forever Voices is expected to return to operation.

It is a very serious disorder.  Not a joking matter.  I've had several near death experiences over the past few years as a result.  Plus, it takes it's toll on your stamina, so even if you do find something reasonable, you almost end up fucking yourself to death.  I'm still operating on a severe deficit, and I'm stuck in a holding pattern for the moment.  Not to mention that quality is a major concern.
Whoreslike ashley are to blame for this, they won't stop if you stop simping but you'll be better off for it. Let us leave this place, my brother, go and be free.
Replies: >>15262 >>15272
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Nah it's comfy here
[Hide] (3.5KB, 55x55)
What's so good about goodbye
All it does is make you cry
And another thing 'd like to clarify
How can farewell be fair
Won't you please tell me why
What's so good abou goodbye
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I'm assuming the submission deadline is December 1st, since Ashley mentioned the ceremony will be sometime early that month. Here's a fresh article to add to the list before Ash gets busy.

>Woman Caught Masturbating Using A Vibrator At Georgia Beach In Front of Families.

[Hide] (275.4KB, 628x836)
the real cucks are the ones defending her online

I'm also seeing some articles saying she's committed suicide from embarrassment, but none of the sources are reputable. Obviously this is very embarrassing for her but what she did was wrong.

>Commenters express SYMPATHY for woman filmed admitting to Georgia beach masturbation to cops on bodycam and slam officers for arresting her

She was probably filming a video for her OnlyFans, and I'm not joking.
Replies: >>15445
entirely possible, though I've had a hard time finding her online.
>Revels-Glick claimed it only took her 20 seconds to finish the raunchy act.

god damn, i thought i was fast, but 20 seconds?
is that normal for a woman?
Can Ashley beat that time?
Apparently she committed suicide shortly after the arrest footage went viral.

Damn this bitch talked her way into being arrested. Had she just kept her mouth shut, she probably would have been able to walk away.
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>An electrician who had sex with more than 100 corpses over a 15-year period was able to do so without being detected due to serious failures of "management, governance, regulation and processes, and a persistent lack of curiosity," a new 300-plus page inquiry report found.

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