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Ash, as promised, an erotic short story about you.

            THE ENCOUNTER

I came home and took a shower and dried myself off. It was warm in the house so I didn't bother getting dressed.I laid down on the bed. A short time later I heard a cute little voice say, "Hi". I recognized the voice and looked up and it was her. I reached for a blanket to cover myself but she said, "Don't cover yourself on my account." She sat on the edge of the bed and removed her black ankle length boots.

She stood up and removed her tee shirt revealing the most impecably small perfect breasts that emphasized her perfect little pink nipples. I began to feel a tingle you know where. She turned away from me. She began to slowly remove her jeans and gave a few wiggles with her cute little butt. She turned facing me revealing the most faultless camel toe pushing against her white cotton panties. She began to remove her panties but I told her to cease and desist since I wanted to savor the view of that enchanting little camel toe. She gave me that look, the patented smirk that only she can pull off. After about a half minute I relinquished and she slowly removed her panties revealing her "happy trail" as she called it which started at her mons veneris and ended at a perfectly manicured vulva. I became hard as dimonds. 

She threw her panties at me and I caught them and pressed it close to my face. Her panties were warm from her body heat as if the panties were just ironed. The scent was a treat for my olfactory glands. The scent was like fresh strawberries with just the slightest hint of musk. 

She walked towards me with the over exagerated walk and facial glare of an anorexic runway model. She was toying with me and I was willing to play.

She got on the bed looking at me seductively and sat on my stiff horizontal member. She began sliding her little butt back and forth and sometimes bending forward to stimulate her clitoris all the time staring at me like the seductive little imp that she is. Involuntarily my seed sprayed over my face and chest while she and I gave out a mutual orgasmic moan.

She bent forward to lick and clean my chest and face and I noticed a cute little blue hair ribbon that she was wearing to tie  tie up her little pony tail that she is famous for.

As she licked my face clean her lips pressed against mine. I could feel her tongue demanding to enter my mouth to search for its equivalent. I felt her wet, warm, sensuous tongue probing mine. My hands moved over her little breathtaking butt. I became conflicted wondering how could that perfect little butt feel so smooth and soft and yet so firm and tight. She has to be a natural wonder I thought.

Her alluring far set eyes were only a few inches from mine. I could see my reflection in her eyes that reminded me of the purity of an uncut diamond. I could feel her warm breath that had the scent of a grassy field after a spring rain on my face. She moaned softly as she licked my face and I retaliated.

All of a sudden I heard an alarm in the distance. She began to fade away. The louder and closer the alarm the more she faded away. Finally I awoke and shut off the alarm clock waking up alone as usual.

I swung myself to the edge of the bed sitting up thinking that I'd never had such a dream in my life. As I stood up to get dressed something caught my eye. On the foot of the bed lay a cute little blue hair ribbon. I picked it up to confirm that it wasn't imaginery, it wasn't. Smiling, I said to myself, "Oh well, time for work."
>>8308 (OP) 
Wait so was there still seed on your fece when you woke up?
>>8308 (OP) 
Good effort! I can't get hard without your war flash backs included "D-"

>On the foot of the bed lay a cute little blue hair ribbon. I picked it up to confirm that it wasn't imaganery, it wasn't.
Unchain the missing children Seabee, you're not in Afghanistan anymore.
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>>8308 (OP) 
Wow! Seabee OCbee. Welcome to the OC club fren. I never took creative writing but I say not bad. Good job.
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>>8308 (OP) 
>Involuntarily my seed sprayed over my face and chest
Did you just prematurely ejaculate on your own face in a fantasy where anything is possible?

Cum swapping your own nut with Ashley is not what I expected when I started reading this, so 10/10 for originality and shock factor.
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>control+f: little
>11 results found
Call the cops
Thank you for your service and for making me nut.
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>>8308 (OP) 
nicely written Seaman, nicely written.
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>>8308 (OP) 
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I just noticed that if you go to the catalog and sit upside down, this thread besides the 2 adjacent threads kinda looks like an erect penis with 2 testicles.

rather fitting for this post. Since it gave us all erections. 

It could also look like Seabee is giving us the finger, but Im trying to be more positive in my outlook on life

I attached an img so you dont have to sit on your chair upside down to see it, though sometimes that can be fun as well. 

Have a wonderful day
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I'd like to purchase the movie rights for this phenomenal story. Kevin Sorbo has already agreed to play the role of Seabee (as long as we get a stunt double for the cum swapping scene - anyone interested?).
Spoiler File
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>>8308 (OP) 
Thanks to the wonders of TECHNOLOGY we now have Seabee's erotic short story in audio book form. 
Replies: >>9356 >>9363
holy fuck lmao
music was a nice touch
creepy shit nigga
Replies: >>9381
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Kudos, Anon, your tech has added a 3rd dimention to my erotic story. Out f**king standing. The music is the frosting on the cake. Well done, sir, well done, I salute you.
Replies: >>9381
and ty Seabee for your service.
the music took a little while to find something that I liked.
The voice over was just an Ai, so that was the easiest part

I might do your other one at some stage.
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>>8308 (OP) 
I wish my encounter story was as good as this.
Replies: >>9397 >>9409 >>9431
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Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.
Replies: >>9409
maybe thats what alien anons encounter was like when they took him.
Lots of probing, poking and prodding.
Replies: >>9553
>So are you guys just gonna stand there or are you gonna help me continue humping the shit out of my mom's pillow?
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Like in the case of Whitley Strieber?

>>8308 (OP) 
BTW, SeaBee, I didn't know you wrote stories before. Nice! I'm new in this neck of the woods and I stumbled upon your stories by chance. Good job, sir.
Replies: >>17017
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Yeah, I've written a few stories about Ashley and I. I'm glad you enjoyed them. I haven't written one in a while the latest being Casablanca. I enjoyed your story about Ashley being the singer and I'm looking forward to part 2 of your latest story.

I figured you were new here by the name you're using. Welcome aboard.
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