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I think Ashley is the embodiment of Plebchan, the mascot for Plebbit.

Let me shill Plebbit a moment. I think Ashley might like it. Plebbit is a Free Software replacement for Reddit. It is a distributed platform aiming to support Free Speech and make Reddit the way it should have been.

Plebbit uses some cool tech:  
IPFS (Inter Planetary File System) https://ipfs.io

ENS (Ethereum Name System)  
The Plebbit protocol is about completed and Plebbit itself already has some clients (one that looks like Reddit, another like 4Chan) and a web interface.

It is still beta and hasn't yet officially launched, but you can try the Subs there. (Make sure the green light is on for the Sub you want to use.)

If anybody has questions, I would be happy to try and answer them, or better still, ask Esteban on Telegram.

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Telegram's client is Free Software, however it uses a centralized proprietary server.  A better tool is https://getsession.org
>>9786 (OP) 
Reddit is fundamentally unbased and pinkpilled it is unfixable
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>>9786 (OP) 
Ashley is also the embodiment of another mascot... the Subway mascot.
That sounds like a cool band name
>>9786 (OP) 
GNU, do you have a website or run any instances? The Reddit format isn't terrible, the people who use it are. There's probably more like minded people using things like Plebbit. Thanks for sharing it with us.
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I run a Plebbit node. It is frustrating at the moment as it is more alpha than beta and a successful posting is hit or miss.

Self-Hosting Free Software is the way forward. 

Pro Tip:
One-click deployment of web-facing applications like fora (discourse/NodeBB), image servers (Immich, Xbackbone), and other stuff like OpenVPN, Video streaming etc. You all here will love it.

Regarding Reddit, it is owned by the Chinese, and its weird vibe comes from the Authoritarian censorship. If that "control the users" is broken, or non-existent as it will be on Plebbit, then users can have a good time and Free Speech will reign. 

In the meanwhile, there is https://gab.com, which is great but centralized and therefore likely doomed.  There is also https://getaether.net, which few know.
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My autism enjoys getting angry and installing things the hard way, but cloudron is good for anyone who is newer or not so confident in their abilities. I'm glad something like that exists, it helps expand the pool of people self hosting.

Gab is just running forked Mastodon, so you might as well just use a Mastodon or Pleroma instance or set up your own. Since they disabled federation, it limits the ability to interact with others on other instances, which is lame. I'm not too interested in Pleroma or Mastodon since the Twitter style isn't really my speed, but with the continual dumpster fire that Twitter is, hopefully people jump ship to better options that aren't owned by WEF members.

Do you think platforms such as Mastodon, Peertube, Pixelfed etc. will ever get normie adoption? Federation helps glue the various different self-hosting services together, so even with everyone hosting their own, it's not like it's too sparsely divided.
Replies: >>9808 >>9844
GNU-anon, it's been very nice having you on the board lately, please hang out here more often. A lot of the usual crowd here are certified normalfags (no offense boyos) so when you try to discuss tech you get a lot of kinda stupid takes. It would be great to have more people around who understand why foss, self-hosting, privacy, etc. are all very important.

>I run a Plebbit node.
Post it if you're comfortable doing so, I'll check it out and post (if it works).
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>Do you think platforms such as Mastodon, Peertube, Pixelfed etc. will ever get normie adoption?
Not that anon, but no, I don't. I'm fairly blackpilled insofar as the technological literacy of normies goes. These are people who struggle with the most basic tasks. You summed it up pretty much perfectly in your boomer to zoomer video.
Of course it would be great if people started using federated, open source platforms. Centralized anything is generally bad (or at least has the capacity to become bad). If people actually adopted decentralized online services, there would be no need to use centralized social media like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Problem solved, overnight.
Search can be decentralized too, but I'm willing to bet nobody here has ever heard of Presearch (https://presearch.io/) and probably the first time a lot of the posters here heard heard about Searx was through Ashley.
Ash also advocates for Monero, which is really the only "true cryptocurrency". All problems with shady banking practices and financial privacy would be immediately solved. Forcible taxation would also become significantly harder for governments to conduct, so if everyone used Monero governments would be smaller (as they should be).
Most problems relating to modern technology and "big tech" overreach could be solved almost instantly if everyone started to use free-as-in-freedom alternatives.
But I just don't think your average person will ever realize this or, if they do, they certainly won't care or be willing to put in the (minimal) effort. It's too hard for them. If they can't jab at the "receive dopamine" button on their smartphone screens with one of their fat greasy fingers, it's not interesting or worthwhile to them.
I do however believe there will be an increasing number of "digital breakaway civilizations" where people who understand technology, both the good and the bad about it, will congregate, eschewing the usage of normie-tech and building their own internet islands.

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based lmao yeah technology is soooo gay lol might as well just use windows cuz its all gay...................... I can't wait to send that youtube video to the lads on discord!!!!!!!
I love when you guys talk shop on technology. I devour any crumbs of information you guys drop on privacy tools and open source stuff. I never chime in because I am still a retard, but I've been huge privacy advocate long before I knew Ash was too. Truthfully, I was dissapointed when I found out that Ashley's fanbase is full of fags that don't share the same values when it comes to privacy and tech. We need more mudda fuggas like you around here.
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That is mighty kind of you to make me feel welcome.

I would like to stay more and shall post some content. The people here are cool.
Why would you clone the shitty new layout of reddit? Nah this ain’t it.
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>>9786 (OP) 
Thoughts on Lemmy?

Certainly looks better

You may find the above relevant
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That.....doesn't look so bad..........
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Plebbit is going to have loads of GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces) from which you can choose.

There are already three. One looks like Reddit (because people like familiar things) another looks like 4Chan, and there is a text one, too.
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Lemmy is a Federated system. People are being censored there by de-Federation. The vital nodes are defederating people and isolating them.

"lemmy has instances that block each other, it's even more censorious than reddit, it's not an alternative. also blocking is literally the only way to stop malicious instances. on plebbit each community sets the own challenges to prevent spam, there's no need to block entire instances."


(https://teddit.net is an alternative, privacy respecting, front-end for Twitter, which you can self-host.)
Replies: >>9853

It is amazing to find a girl like Ashley keen on Open Source hardware / Free Software.

It is becoming a lot easier to use.
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Yeah man, she's like that poo you don't even have to wipe your ass for because it came out perfectly
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I have been in a few edgy communities. Even in such places, the people have a herd mentality. These are the key things which, in my view, will determine uptake of new tech:

It doesn't matter how bad or good something is. As long as it is the convenient option, people will do it. Our adversaries know this and ensure that their own platforms are convenient. It is like a funnel system. Part of the funnelling is decreasing friction.

First Mover
People just follow where everybody else is or is going. It is a powerful phenomenon. For the vast majority, people want to consume content rather than create it. Also, where the people are is a signal of quality.

Some content creators want to be paid and live off their videos of holidays in exotic locations, for example. Anti-White platforms ban our content and exclude us from the economy. Also, developers do the disgusting "fauxpen source" / "Open Core", where the Free Software is exploited and the "must have/ killer features" are all proprietary add-ons. This is happening in e.g. Odoo, or Open Street Maps.

Anyway, I do think distributed platforms using p2p (peer-to-peer) tech have a good future. We can become the CDN (Content Delivery Network) and share our bandwidth on eg. PeerTube.
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Replies: >>9851
Heh I'll admit I sometimes don't bother talking about technology, FOSS, privacy, etc. because I think most people have "yeah buts" or get weirdly aggressive if you mention how proprietary software, services, etc. are harmful for the consumers. It can be tiresome to talk about when you're just trying to have a conversation, most people don't get it. I'm glad that there's more people here who care about FOSS. Never feel ashamed or embarrassed to ask questions, it's how we learn. I might ask for some help with something I'm trying to do, specifically with trying to make a screensaver. I'm a little retarded but maybe we can learn together, do a project together or something.
Very cool to have different GUIs to pick from, comparing the two, I'm far more drawn to the imageboard style, for some reason conversation seems to flow better on it. But I think having the Reddit layout is beneficial for Plebbit, the IB style might bleed too much into the million dead IBs we have already on the internet.

>"lemmy has instances that block each other, it's even more censorious than reddit, it's not an alternative. also blocking is literally the only way to stop malicious instances. on plebbit each community sets the own challenges to prevent spam, there's no need to block entire instances."
When it comes to federation, this is a "problem" on any service. I actually don't think this is necessarily a bad thing. One is still able to access an instance, it is not completely wiped from the internet. I notice some instances on things like Mastodon or Pleroma are rampant with "nigger nigger nigger xDDD" and discussing 6 year old's vaginas in great detail; so if you're running a mild instance, it doesn't seem too far out of line to block an instance that doesn't align with your audience. As I said, the instance is still able to be found, whereas on a centralized platform, you're completely banished. I don't think it's fair to say that Lemmy censors more than Reddit, it's dependent on who's running each instance. It's not like blocking an instance completely erases the instance's existence, which is what Reddit would do.
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