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raiding ashley jones even though she is a shining glistening gemerald thoughbeit
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>glistening gemerald even albeit she doesn't make amateur BWC porn
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tranny coomers really do say this
>>9658 (OP) 
Why she not delete the spam?????????Is Ashley......gone????????????????.......
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Yea, it looks like it. I hate to admit it, but we need a janny here for such occasions. We are lucky that this faggot shited on the board with just a vojaks, and not some cp or gore.
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>or gore
Oh My Cob, look at the time! It's TND O'Clock!
CP is far worse than seeing someone getting a boo boo but regardless this isn't the place for either of those. This is a Christian board after all.
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How i can get a Job here jannitor?
Plz ash contráct me.
she got stuck talking to an old lady at a yard sale and is too polite to say she needs to leave.

Happens from time to time Im afraid. Many such cases. Sad.
Her websites are gone too.
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She's finally gone forever and we didn't get to see the Cuckies Award Show on top of that. Time to die...
Oops forgot to pay them again :3
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Wait, the board is up since I'm on it right now. Only one website is offline, icum.to.
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phew crisis averted, I can put my rope away.
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>Only one website is offline, icum.to.

thats cumming back to ...r-r-right?!?!  ヽ(゜ロ゜ ;)ノ"
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Yeah, I forgot to renew the domain (it's been a year since I got it already, a couple months before officially coming back). I renewed it today and for some reason the DNS is taking forever to propagate. It should likely be up within 24 hours, I have a support ticket open because it typically doesn't take this long.

It's weird to think I've been back longer now than when I first made videos. But if I'm not around for a week, a few weeks, etc. I just don't spend too much time on my computer. "She's gone" isn't really a worry you guys need to have, I have too much fun here. I actually have a whole new long video I worked on the past week and it's ready to upload once my site is accessible.
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Nice, thats great to hear. Hopefully they get it back up soon. 
thanks for letting us know Chines- uhh, I mean, Ash.

>"She's gone" isn't really a worry you guys need to have, I have too much fun here. I actually have a whole new long video I worked on the past week and it's ready to upload once my site is accessible.
Great news x3, looking forward to it!

How much you Pay for both sites?
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>How much you Pay for both sites?
define "Pay"...
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give something in exchange for something.
a thing, money or a service, etc.
Server owners are greedy harpies. so you must pay them in some monetary unit, right?
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This >>9722 wasn't me, but it's around $50-$60 per month. The price can vary if I need to buy other things for videos, but just the virtual stuff is at around $50+ a month. 

I had to buy a bunch of specific converters for my 7 different monitors I need to use for the live show. All my equipment for the show (camcorder, analog editing devices, VCRs) use RCA cables, and I need converters to convert RCA to VGA to use on my monitors. I have two small TVs I've found, which obviously have RCA input, but it's hard to find those, so I'm just using monitors. This wasn't cheap, and perhaps that's why not so many people do things the way I do them. It's taxing in terms of learning and money. For most it's easier to use a monetarily free service but get F'd in the A by Google or Facebook/Meta. Making my videos and having my website gives me an excuse to utilize the things I'm interested in.
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>ashley has spent $600+ just so we can shitpost
thank u mommy
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