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Does anyone know what song Ashely used in her video 'Mother Undercover'? I used Shazam but it didn't work. Thanks
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Hit Me with Your Best Shot - Pat Benatar
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thanks kind anon
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Here is a challenge, Ive always wanted to know what this song playing in the background is. I really love the part towards the end at about 2:11 or so 

The video is "uninteresting rambling fears and pepsi cans"
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https://youtube.com/watch?v=zcskSIlS9pE [Embed]

Did anybody ever find the music video for "strawberry blond hair" from the ponyboy rambling video?
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What was the pic she was replicating here? Was it mordecai?
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Does anyone have the original picture of knows where it is from?
It's from Derrick's gridr account
It's from the video Undercover Mother but it's not on the video website.
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Goats are like mushrooms.png
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Igot you anon
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ashley 25.webm
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ashley 85.webm
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Why do you have pics and videos of a little boy saved to your computer?
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mother undercover 3-7-15.mp4
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one more
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Back in the day I saved everything that was posted.
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thank you very much anons
therapist helps pedro.webm
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Do you have the lost video "therapist helps pedro"?

Or the Tyrone Magnus video?
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Unfortunately I don't. I just have the same short clip that you showed.
Do you have the Apple CEO video? thats another one thats been lost in time
CEO of Apple Application.png
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Spoiler File
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Well, fuck me.
You actually got me to learn Audition.
After >9000 hours of tinkering, shazam could finally understand the song.
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now find the strawberry blonde hair music video pls
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The what now?
Got a link maybe? I'm a bit late to the party
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She mentions it in this video, not sure how anyone could find it though. Maybe if Ashley remembers some of the lyrics someone could search around the internet?
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>music video for strawberry blonde hair
>or some other fruit it was described with
>it was weird, funny and cheesy
>"a few years" before the video was originally posted (7 years ago)
Not much to go on here
Of the few actual music videos you find, none are exceptionally cheesy
Dude, thankyou!
Ive been wanting to know what this song was for years. I can finally recreate this scene in my trailer, wearing my piss stained yellow girls singlet

Now I have become Ashley, destroyer of cheap cookies from the Dollar Tree store
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I don't know if this is the somg she's referring to but Ron Sexsmith originally wrote and sang "Straeberry Blonde" back in 1997. The attached video is a more recent one of him singing it
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More like the "trollface meme" if you ask me
whats the Tyrone Magnus video?
no BBC jokes please
this is basically just yaht rock final countdown lol
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I don't know,I kinda like some yacht soft rock music like Seals and Croft, Bobby Caldwell, George Benson (really good smooth jazz if you're into smooth jazz)
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