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Post Ashley look alikes
I hate knockoffs
Screenshot 2022-12-14 2.18.38 PM.jpg
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Foreskin gamer just Mariah Carey'd my Ashley reference and I'm a little bit shook. I thought all mid castizas knew each other.
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First Sam Hyde, now this twitter user? How many people have no idea who Ashley Jones is? When will she finally be recognized?
Replies: >>3888
Do any of us really know who she is? She doesn't even know herself.
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Screenshot 2022-12-15 4.21.55 PM.png
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nice button, button reference.
Replies: >>3904
I don't know what button, button is?
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Taz 2.0 reminds me of Heather Mason from Silent Hill 3
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Heh that's actually why I bought that vest when I was 14-ish. I loved that game and tried to dress like her back then, makes me want to die with embarrassment because people probably knew. I had that vest, tall brown boots and a green skirt like hers and would wear that outfit sometimes.
Stop! My penis can only get so erect. Ngl, I'd cave and give you your fun money if you cosplayed Rebecca Chambers.

And no one signed your yearbooks?? I want to see your yearbooks. I want to see how much of a dweeb you actually were. Did you do one of those senior portraits? I want to know wtf was wrong with every guy in your school. Were they all like Don Moser? Were there a lot of girls like Summer Wheatley. I feel like Andra Plats is based off a girl you went to school with.

I'd really like to know what games you've played and enjoyed. Besides the ones you've mentioned in the past in your livestreams. There's been a rumor circulating for a long time that you liked Fallout: New Vegas. Is that true?
That's cool, SH3 is my favourite in the series. You should wear her outfit again for Halloween, that or Rebecca Chambers from Resident Evil.
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W-woah heheh that's so cringe. It would be funny if you still had that outfit and wore it for a video as a joke. T-that would be classic.
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pics or it didn't happen
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Awww, you'd look good even in a burka.
Silent Hill is great, they don't make them like they used to. The older ones completely built the series, you can replay them every few years and get the same enjoyment out of them. Great soundtrack, too.
There is a character named Ashley in Resident Evil 4.
In the game, there is a section where you take control of her and this one particular section you can get her to crawl under something, a table perhaps.
I would always try and position the camera to try and see up her skirt. In fact I do that lot in games where you can play as a girl with a skirt.
Always trying to get that sweet panty shot.
Its disappointing though, when you do get the right angle and they dont even have a crotch area, the legs just go straight up thru the dress.
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My man, you got to play those real Japanese games. Panty shots for DAYS.
Replies: >>4396 >>4405

Idk, I wanna work for my panty shots, have them be subtle. Like you know they are there, ya just got work a lil bit for em. I think the japs would have no subtlety to it, just stick them pantys right in ya face, no sophistication, just gratuitous.
Andra Plats is Swedish for second place.
We ALL do that, Ashley. Nothing to be ashamed of.
Yeah Japan gets it. Or rather, they are not being controlled by kosher globotrannies.
Ashley, do you still have the panties you had since you were ten?  https://youtube.com/shorts/AKFgwNRrJdU?feature=share
I’m sure they’re long gone. Dog food
basketball american.jpg
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Look what I found in Wesker's desk.
Gee wilikers guys! I can't wait for her OnlyFans!
No one is asking for an onlyfans, moralfag. Ash has no intention of doing one. Go finger your butt and cry because “it’s soo big though daddy” somewhere else.
Replies: >>4415 >>4417
>Ash has no intention of doing one
as long as soybees lives
>W-w-well not if [inserts a hypothetical based off an unfounded suspicion]
OK you've declared your butthurt. Step two is to leave and move on with your life.
Right or wrong, if that's how you feel there's no point in staying around to publicly shit your britches.
Maybe she'll do a FREE livestream of herself being ravaged by her bull dyke for us! That would be so funny and hardcore, maybe next time instead of cum tributes we could just cut our dicks off for princess Ashley!
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I thought the appeal of Ashley is that she isn't like every ethot. Why do you want her to do Onlyfans and cosplay like all the other ones do? That would ruin the appeal.
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Yup, her appeal is her uniqueness. Not to delve into her proclivity for gambling, real or imagined, but if she was only a pair not even a royal straight flush could beat her.
how dare you.gif
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I was with you until the part about cutting our dicks off. I don't think that's a sound idea at all!
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what appeal
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im not like the other girls im special - appealmaxxing.jpg
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the appeal is the internal anus hair
naked banana.jpg
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I prefer Ashley without a peel.
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I'm her 43 year old ex-boyfriend and if she doesn't get back together with me I'll post revenge porn. Here's a lewd to prove I got the goods.
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I want to pull on this sexy little goblina's whiskers like you wouldn't believe
>this is the last thing you see before derrick forces you to suck his clit
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Replies: >>6080 >>6081 >>6084

the only thing more shocking than elliot page shooting those kids, is that he got so kitted up first.
Now I think Ashley should remake her "Online School Shooting" video with Luna as the protagonist
Looks nothing like ash.
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Jovanna stfu stupid whore
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Like the song says, "Ain't nothing like the real thing, baby" but picrel has certain Ashley overtones.
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This chick looks like egg man
>>3827 (OP) 
its been over a year and this image still blows my mind.
Cant tell whats real and what isnt about it
I wonder what she’s been up to lately? Only fans?
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sorry fellas I'm on a roll tonight
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You're not the only one on a roll. Kaiser or dinner?
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Found a picture of ashley sunbathing nude.
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This chick has fake tits
Replies: >>16558 >>16563
i despise them, a friend of mine got them but she relly needed them, otherwise good looking girl, mediterranean slim with long legs and wide hips, spends a ton of € in clothes
they give me the ick upclose, you can feel the silicon edge
Replies: >>16612
Yeah but at least her dick is real
Replies: >>16572
Wait, her WHAT?
They contain toxic substances.
Replies: >>16613
Yeah, the dumb bitch who got them
Replies: >>16622
I heard those things can get infected or rot from inside. It’s really gross and unhealthy.
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Replies: >>16633
That’s also gross and unhealthy.
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But don't get any ideas about dying your hair, Ash, we love you just the way you are.
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Been there done that
Replies: >>16981
coomed to this many a time while also underage
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its a nice shot of her dfc :3
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I met this guy antiquing and he looks a lot like ashley
Replies: >>16993
Ive cum to this a many a time
Replies: >>16994
At the picture of a smoking baby? Yeah me too.
Replies: >>16996
Hey hey, I have one of those antique smoking baby pictures I can sell you if you're interested. Just name your price.
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>>3827 (OP) 
Replies: >>17078
When I bite into her head its red just like a tomato
Spoiler File
(76.4KB, 640x772)
Replies: >>17195
All I can say is that's fucking weird.
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I see many faces but one face that constantly remind me of Ash is Max Caulfied from the game "Life is Strange". Max is a homage to Holden Caulfied from the Novel, "Catcher in the Rye" by J.D. Salinger. If you want to read a good novel I suggest you check it out. Not only Max's petite and delicate appearance but also her knack for retro technology reminds me of Ashley.  Even her room is kinda like hers. I thought it was a pretty good game. Brought me down to tears so many times
Replies: >>17264
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I read Catcher In The Rye in high school  but still wonder where the ducks in Central Park go in the winter.

The thing I disliked in required reading in high school is that the teacher would always over analyze  the stories to death. I always felt it was more enjoyable to read the stories on the first level and skip second level meanings of what the teacher thought the author was trying to say. But I guess if the teacher didn't do that there wouldn't be an English Lit class.
To me analyzing a story is like dissecting a bunny rabbit. You learn something but it’s somewhat unpleasant and complicated.
BTW the ducks fly to the address below during winter👇🏽:
14 Aspen Dr, Cedar Grove, NJ 07006
Replies: >>17266
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[Hide] (77KB, 600x418)
I couldn't resist Googling the address. Looks like those ducks are living high off the hog.
Replies: >>17267
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Scrooge McDuck ovah heah!
Replies: >>17271
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Speaking of Catcher In The Rye, apparently John Lennons killer was reading that book right after shooting John Lennon. There's a lot of weird things surrounding his death, and the killer has definite ties to CIA and mkultra. But I heard a theory that Stephen King killed John Lennon. Sounds crazy but I'd like to look into it some day.

And to keep this on topic, here is an ashley lookalike.
[Hide] (72KB, 566x511)
I was reading some of that website and wait a minute...
also ashton looks like the killer
Replies: >>17274
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There's just too many rabbit holes and dead ends and conspiracy theories for me to make an intelligent reply, gives me a headache, heh, heh.
Scrooge McDuck was always a favorite of mine, more so than Donald.
Also maybe one day universities will be teaching courses on Ashley studies where students will be learning to study Ashley's life and analyze her and write their thesis on her.
I think Chapman was just a schizo obsessed over Lennon, his music and his hypocrisy when he sang about socialist utopias while living like a millionaire in a fancy apartment in NYC with a psychedelic Rolls Royce. Chapman saw Lennon as a "phony": A term used by the Novel's protagonist for people who are not legit.
If Lennon was part of a conspiracy to be murdered, I think someone like Nixon would've done so at the height of the Vietnam War when he still held the office (1968-72). Although Lennon wasn't in Nixon's list of enemies, Nixon did try to get Lennon deported. I think that's probably the worst they would've done to him.
I fail to see why they would kill him in 1980 when he was too busy with his personal life and concerts. Lennon was murdered in Dec 8 1980, yet Reagan wouldn't be sworn into office until Jan, 20th 1981. Nixon and Reagan must've really been obsessed over Lennon that they decided to kill him after the former had resigned from the office six years earlier and the latter hadn't still been sworn into office. I also fail to see why the U.S. government would give Lennon a green card in 1975, when the Republican VP, Ford had become President, then in 1980, during the end of the Democratic Carter-era and the Iranian hostage crisis they were like "You know what we ought to do right now? We should kill Lennon!" Doesn't make any sense.
I think it's more likely for Stephen King to have taken part in a teenage gangbang then to have killed Lennon.
BTW, That girl's jawline sets me uneasy.

Always has been. Don't you ever think it's odd that Ashley doesn't look a day over 14 and is obsessed over archaic and outdated technology? She's clearly a vampire.
Replies: >>17275
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I don't think the Ash is a vampire. Her obsession with older technology and music (myself included) is her subconciously wishing to return to simpler and uncomplicated times, something that a lot of us wish to aspire to.
Replies: >>17276
Something else that keeps me sleepless at nights. Does she actually despise vampires and vampire fiction and think it's gay or is that just a joke she put in her videos?
Replies: >>17279 >>17281
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There's a reason she thinks vampires are gay.
[Hide] (39.6KB, 736x726)
>Does she actually despise vampires and vampire fiction and think it's gay
It's not gay? I mean I think vampires are a cool concept but you have to admit most books/shows/movies about them are pretty gay. I say this as someone who regularly beat off to Nina Dobrev from the vampire diaries. The CW used to be such a good wank resource (kinda like the disney channel was) if you were into hot 20-somethings pretending to be teenagers (this is a lot like me and ashley). Now from what I've seen it's all just gay/black/tranny infested, just like everything else.
Replies: >>17284 >>17296
[Hide] (2MB, 500x370)
I've never seen that show. And when I think of vampires I think of the Classic or Neo-Classic works: Dracula, Carmilla, Nosferatu, the Vampire Lestat; loner aristocratic creatures who seek the company of others as parasitic hosts or life partners, old castles, symphonic music and somewhat to deeply religious foes who try to hunt them down, like Van Helsing.
I like to see the vampire as a tormented soul bound for hell, not as a happy-go-lucky sex-crazed goofball who tries to act and look humane.
Replies: >>17293
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Buffy is the only vampire show I'll watch.
Replies: >>17295 >>17335
Classic vampires are dead. For whatever reason the concept attracts faggots who demand edgy romance novels and they're never going to stop. To ressurect Nosferatu it'd have to become something completely different. Also hyper religous vampire hunters can't be a thing because religion isn't "ccol" anymore.
[Hide] (17.4KB, 1019x767)
Wow I had completely forgotten what a dirty little slut vampire Willow was. Picrel is best girl though, all other opinions can be discarded.

Buffy kinda goes downhill after the first couple of seasons if I'm being honest, which is a shame because it's such a comfy show. Joss Whedon really loves being a huge faggot though so I guess it came as no surprise.
Replies: >>17335
Replies: >>17335
I think I know where the problem stems from. These teenage melodrama vampire shows twist and turn the vampire lore. I think the real problem with these shows is the emphasis on a secular theme and a complete disregard or downplay of Christian motifs and devotion to Christ as a symbol of vigilance and purification against the creatures of the night.
Replies: >>17336 >>17340
I dunno I just like watching beautiful and sexy women fighting monsters.
Replies: >>17339
Fair point.
Yeah but Christ isn't a cute girl with perky tits so why write Christ into the show? Until Christ gets nice tits, don't mention him.
[Hide] (1.3MB, 800x450, 00:33)
speaking of cute girls with perky tits and monsters/vampires, remember when Ashley was reading this book and didnt know that said book apparently ended up being about vampires?
Is this the precise moment she took the vampire pill, which is actually a suppository, and is why, almost 10 years later, she still looks like a 15 year old. 
Really makes ME think, which tbh doesnt mean much at all since the doctors tell me Ive the intellectual capabilities of a 6 year old
Replies: >>17349 >>17360
Are we still all pedophiles if we like Ashley even though she looks 15?
Replies: >>17350 >>17352
im not a pedo i was underage then
Replies: >>17351
How much age gap is considered pedophilia?
Replies: >>17363
[Hide] (3.5KB, 55x55)
I remember. Ashley started reading it, didn't realize it was about vampires, found the book boring and stopped reading it and lamented how much money she spent for the book only to shit can it.
[Hide] (71.1KB, 765x695)
>How much age gap is considered pedophilia?
No such thing, pedophilia is a myth invented by angry roasties
Replies: >>17368
Lmfao Im amazed this 24 year old grandma even knew how to use social media
you cant convince me that this isnt Ashley
Replies: >>17630
My friend, you have Prosopagnosia
Replies: >>17632
first of all im not your friend pal, ok my guy?
secondly, what i do have is google so i can look up the word "Prosopagnosia" ok?

alright......... no i dont have face blindness, the condition where someone (not me) has difficulty recognizing people's faces and although there is no treatment, there are things those affected by it (again, not me) can do to help recognise people.

>similar frame
>similar cheekbones
>similar bust 
>similar jawline
>similar eyeshape 
>similar hair structure 
>similar alien like fingers 
>similar beer that her at the time soon to be alcoholic husband would drink 

heh looks like (You) are the one effected by "Prosopagnosia"
Replies: >>17635 >>17636
That was a joke. But I really do believe you are autistic.
Replies: >>17887
It's 100% not her. You guys are actually shocking with how dumb you can get with these pictures of completely different girls
Replies: >>17639 >>17887
[Hide] (297.9KB, 828x668)
Well, how bout that.
[Hide] (12.2KB, 320x480)
[Hide] (107.5KB, 680x850)
You can be Genghis Kahn ruling half of the world
You can be Elon Musk with wads of cash and mines of gold
You can be Bill Gates selling snake oil and fake meat
You can be Tim Cooke selling phones and chargers discrete
You can even be the Clintons, killing your best friend
You can be Ya, a rich nigger with no discernment

But will you be with Ashley on a boat on La Seine?
Will you take her to the Eiffel, and then the Notre-Dame?
Will you take this living work of art to Le Musée d’Orsay?
Will you walk by her side and share a kiss on Champs-Élysées?
And when the sun sets feel calm by her side?
And the next day witness the sunshine from inside?
Spoiler File
(574.3KB, 1050x683)
ooooh I bet u two were the kind of samefags that were like back in the day, oh picrel isnt Ashley at all!!!

Replies: >>17889 >>17893
[Hide] (454.3KB, 828x795)
[Hide] (3MB, 498x451)
This one does look like Ashley. If Ashley was a cross-eyed bimbo.
Replies: >>17890
[Hide] (235.8KB, 819x530)
>If Ashley was a cross-eyed bimbo.

ROFL hey, atleast you cant deny 1 of those 2!!
Replies: >>17891
You clearly have no angle sense, tard
Her head is slightly tilted and her face isn’t looking directly towards the camera.

She needs her panties ripped off and 3 BIG BLACK DICKS in ALL 3 holes at the same time!!! Way up her pussey and Way up her ass as far as they will go but even farther. And the thickest cock goes down her throat so it make her gag and convulse as those big black cocks pound away it feels like from the start she's being assaulted but it's made her cum nonstop. Just one continuous constant orgasm and just before she passes out those big black dicks squirt their loads of cum inside her! As she lays on her stomach the cum is coming out of all her holes, i'll turn her over and jack off all over her
Replies: >>17900
Glitta moment
[Hide] (18.9KB, 400x400)
Guys do i look like ash?
Do you actually look like Ashley? No.

Do you look enough like Ashley for me to rape you? Yes.
You look like Ciara Horan if she transitioned after scamming losers online for drug money and faking her death.
Replies: >>17917
no, but you look like Ashton without the glasses.
[Hide] (154.5KB, 472x512)

Ciara is dead. Plz, let her Rest In Peace.
Replies: >>17919 >>17994
Youre retarded if you think she's actually dead
Replies: >>17921
You look like you get picked on

Don’t be mean to her plz. Let her Rest In Peace.
Replies: >>17922
Why? She was a huge cunt to anybody who interacted with her. Her faking her death (which she's done before) is her get out of jail free card to wash away all her shitty behavior and to be remembered as "beautiful angel ciara".
Replies: >>17923 >>17924
[Hide] (57.9KB, 816x1024)
[Hide] (110.7KB, 1080x1079)

She’s not an angel.
She is just a human being.
She made mistakes and did crazy things as a teenager but she's not like that anymore. I have interacted with her a few times and I did not perceive her to be a monstrous and abominable being. Maybe she has a little malice from the bad influences of these forums. But, what anón does not have it?.
Have mercy anon, plz.
Enjoy your damaged goods
Anyone have the videos this chick made about Ashley?
Replies: >>17931
You look like child and pedophile at the same time
[Hide] (24.5KB, 736x414)
You kinda look like Anthony Jr.
[Hide] (9.9MB, 426x214, 03:31)
is this jersh?!
Replies: >>17934
Druggie thot, my vegan wexican queen Ash is better
Replies: >>17940
People actually coomed to this lisping wench? WTF.
I can smell her jealousy of ash through my screen
Ashley is shit. Soke Anshu Christa Jacobson will be Hokage someday. Believe it! 
shes got some nice funbags ya feel?
its a damn waste of tit meat because they are probably deflated by now, since, ya know... her being DEAD NOW AND ALL
GYAT the dump truck on the bottom left girl
[Hide] (352.1KB, 1600x1200)
a classic
[Hide] (59.7KB, 640x895)
Ashley Greene
[Hide] (235.6KB, 839x1200)
Charlotte Rampling in “The Night Porter”
[Hide] (249.2KB, 699x1024)
Isabelle Adjani
[Hide] (18KB, 466x466)
[Hide] (205.4KB, 540x500)
Anne Parillaud
[Hide] (417.1KB, 923x485)
Tina Weymouth
[Hide] (87.3KB, 800x1102)
Replies: >>18128
[Hide] (80.6KB, 800x600)
In the kitchen during bottomless night at Chuck's
Replies: >>18129
[Hide] (814KB, 614x1024)
Fuck yeah! Where a kid can be a kid.
Replies: >>18346
[Hide] (131.1KB, 650x275)
Audrey Tautou
[Hide] (28.6KB, 200x200)
Gen X Ashley
[Hide] (9.9KB, 118x212)
Replies: >>18446
[Hide] (42KB, 400x400)
This is my 9/11
I used to masturbate to her.
Spoiler File
(3.5MB, 640x480, 00:54)
[Hide] (1.1MB, 814x859)
If Ashton were enjoyer of soviet antiques.
Replies: >>19285 >>19288
heh the resemblance is uncanny and the setting is perfect
He smuggled all of that from his colon?
[Hide] (317KB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (3.9MB, 1080x1080, 00:49)
She's 17 years old you sick fuck
Replies: >>19435
[Hide] (790.8KB, 960x720)
too old
Replies: >>19437 >>19442
ok chester
was there ever an explanation behind this photo or is it normal for a man in his 40s to be lying around a group of preteen girls?
Replies: >>19443 >>19447
They found him along with his two chihuahuas severely dehydrated and sunburned out in the Nevada desert after his car broke down 20 miles away. They took him into his home and the photo you see is them checking his pulse via arm, his consciousness via eye test, his heart pulse via the feet-on-chest method, and checking his dog's heart rate. A very smart and powerful group of girls.
Replies: >>19456
[Hide] (3.5MB, 220x390)
I've got your explanation right here pal
[Hide] (990.8KB, 500x281)
Little girls or little lifesavers?
[Hide] (44.3KB, 414x620)
AI created of Violet Parr looks like ashley.
Replies: >>19766 >>19780
[Hide] (42.6KB, 448x449)
Replies: >>19751 >>19918
That’s a dude, right?
Replies: >>19752
That's not a real person.
Replies: >>19753
Yeah the b in the corner was a giveaway. Still the doggy collar and oversexualization made me think even as an ai image, it’s a tranny.
Replies: >>19756
The face does, the vagina definitely doesn't. I know innies are supposed to be all the rage, but I'm not much of a fan. I like seeing the goods, it looks incomplete with a little meat. Those are lyrics for my next hit, Roast Beef Song. I also mentally correlate innies with obese pussies, because obese women's fat hides their labia.
>it looks incomplete with a little meat
As a fat, meaty pussy appreciator, I couldn't agree more.
>Roast Beef Song
Hope this isn't a joke, would listen
>I like seeing the goods, it looks incomplete with a little meat. Those are lyrics for my next hit, Roast Beef Song

Her beef curtains so incomplete
she just need her some more meat

oh baby lookin she look so sweet but still
i got a 3 incher to make her axe wound more sex appeal

.......sorry :(
(this is why I dropped out of music class in grade 4 and had to repeat the year and also got arrested)
Replies: >>19777
>oh baby lookin she look so sweet but still

Really retard?!?!
I meant oh baby she lookin so sweet but still
i got a 3 incher to make her axe wound more sex appeal
Isn't Violet Parr 14 years old?
Replies: >>19783 >>19797
You can’t be 14 forever. Just ask the board’s owner. No wait scratch that. She still looks 14
[Hide] (25.4KB, 626x692)
based ashley
[Hide] (39.2KB, 650x432)
[Hide] (70.3KB, 483x619)
Not anymore. :p
Replies: >>19799
[Hide] (722KB, 480x480, 00:17)
Ashley on testosterone
[Hide] (140.8KB, 640x544, 00:04)
[Hide] (279KB, 576x767)
>>3827 (OP) 
a younger version of OP
Replies: >>19990
You could land a plane on those teeth
Spoiler File
(65.8KB, 415x618)
Replies: >>20169
Of who?
Replies: >>20170
Some dude.
[Hide] (27.3KB, 472x610)
Ashley looks like pre skelly ashley isaacs
Ashley is best. All these other bitches look like they were bought off temu.
[Hide] (796.2KB, 1170x1611)
[Hide] (184.2KB, 500x723)
Is she saving SNL?
Replies: >>20631
Replies: >>20635
[Hide] (459.3KB, 800x600)
She had one job. One job.
Never really found Chevy funny that much, loved the Vacation movies back in the day.
[Hide] (251.7KB, 1920x1080)
Replies: >>20646 >>20650
is this real???
Replies: >>20651
Barely any pubic hair :(
Replies: >>20656
fraid so..
Were you expecting a beard down there?
Replies: >>20663
Yes. Normal adult women have pubes.
Replies: >>20778
No, most adult woman don’t have beards. Beards are more common in men. I think you were expecting to see a “woman”.
Replies: >>20782
You make no sense
Replies: >>20790
Woman grow less hair than men.
[Hide] (78.6KB, 960x933)
I meant: 
hairless vulva = weird, and unnatural. pubes = normal. shaving genitals = weird, you are an adult, you should have hair down there. Plus, a shaved vulva is more prone to get diseases. Do you understand or do i have to write it in niggerbabble?
[Hide] (1.2MB, 3024x4032)
If you're one of these gaywads that looks at a big hairy muff and thinks "ewww gross" I have some bad news for you, son: you might be a faggot.

I'm not even kidding. When a real man looks at a big hairy pussy like this, he gets an erection. His rock-solid boner is ready to dominate and impregnate his victim. The feel of those fat meaty lips hiding under a blanket of hair, the intoxicating musky scent, the undeniable conclusion that all of these are markers indicating the female is ready to breed... *breathes heavily* I can barely contain myself.
ashley pls
Spoiler File
(342.6KB, 1280x1704)
Replies: >>20809
[Hide] (56.4KB, 160x120)
I wanna nut on that happy trail
Only fags fetishize genitals
umm sweetie, that looks like a gay dads blown out asshole fr. You somehow think thats hot but have the audacity to post that image and call others who disagree gay?!?!

look at that messy swamp of pubes, laziness and low self-esteem. why is it so angry looking? is it because its that ugly, its that desperate, screaming out loud to be fucked by the nearest person that will hear it? Bill Gates would be rolling in his grave because i can hear this .jpg file angrily yelling, demanding me to go down on it or fuck it. And Worse of all? its so masculine looking its like some dude has had enough of life, got out the ole wood splitter and hacked his junk into a DIY MtF surgery job. Absolutely disgusting.

...no ty, the best pussy out there, is the one that has hair but has also been trimmed. 

whys that you didnt ask? well because firstly, like mentioned, having pubic hair is a sign that, why yes, Im a pussy that is both very fuckable AND breedable right here, right now. Im not some kids meal, ho no, Im the full course meal.
Thats not all. There is also this touch of class and well, lets be frank (Hi frank!), self respect, because anyone who does not trim their sex gym has given up on both their life and the hope of creating a life. Same thing applies to a dudes device. 
Do you really want to pass on your genes thru such a low level PVE zone? no. You dont want to stick your dick or piledrive our pussy on that kind of mess and have your offspring spawn with such bad stats...
No, we Tubbies deserve (only slightly) better.
Replies: >>20820
You seem to spend more time looking at hairy men's assholes rather than natural women's assholes.
Absolutely vile. I have never seen a Woman's vagina irl but if I ever do I pray to God it looks nothong like this. I can practically smell it through my screen. Disgusting. Is it so freakin hard to go to the Dollar Store and buy a pack of razors? You can barely see her her butthole. How does she shit? I bet it's dingleberry city down there. I feel sorry for the poor bastard who has to have sex with hwr and ends up getting  a dingleberry in his dickhole and then gets a staph infection and has to be hospitalized and do you think she cares. Of course not. She'll probably be at starbucks buying a grande carmel frappuccino with extra foam while he's fighting for his freakin life.
Replies: >>20824 >>20825
[Hide] (2.6MB, 640x480, 00:27)
Its amazing how much a woman in her natural state disgusts so called straight men. That's what women look like. It's gay to require women to strip their natural features in order to find them attractive. I genuinely don't see how you fags have a problem with that picture, it's not even an extreme example. She looks fine. You're used to the fictionalized idea of females bodies sold to you by companies trying to make a profit. You're been convinced that a natural amount of hair is disgusted through marketing campaigns and modern porn. It's nothing short of brainwashing. Your ancestors would be disgusted with you, they would happily fuck your naturally hairy female peers while you're busy in the corner crying about her pubes.

>I can practically smell it through my screen
Are you really that sensitive? You can tell she's clean in the picture, but perhaps you can't look at the picture too long without wanting to vomit, queer. But even if there is slight musk, it's going to be filled with pheromones which turn on males. Well, males that aren't you.
>I have never seen a Woman's vagina irl
[Hide] (315.7KB, 828x788)
>Your ancestors would be disgusted with you, they would happily fuck your naturally hairy female peers while you're busy in the corner crying about her pubes.
Replies: >>20827 >>20834
>linking a website that's incentive is getting people to book laser body hair removal
It all links back to that urge to make money. This might as well be a propaganda website since any link you click that should be a source is just more propaganda trying to sell a laser hair removal service that's totally unrelated to what the article is talking about. But with that flaw aside, pop history. The most reliable of the everyday man's experience. Because the women who were tending to their children, spending their days cooking multiple meals a day, teaching their multiple children, maintaining a vegetable garden, taking care of their 3 chickens, cleaning up after everyone everyday, also had the time to sit around and pluck 500 pubes every two weeks. Using that same paragraph you linked it goes on to say
>Facial hair has viewed as a sign of lower class
The lower class, AKA your ancestors. Unless you're a descendant of a wealthy family who had plenty of time and resources on their hands, chances are your ancestors were normal people, the "lower class", who had better things to do than sit and pluck at their pubes.
Replies: >>20828
[Hide] (75.1KB, 828x300)
[Hide] (219KB, 828x855)
You wanna live like an ape go ahead. Don’t drag me into your bullshit.
Replies: >>20830 >>20834
[Hide] (3.9MB, 800x450, 01:08)
>being natural bad because... it just is ok!
>buy product!
>buy product!
>buy product!
>you bad if not buy product >:(
Who's really the ape?

>“Cleanliness and style were status symbols for the [Roman] ancients, a fact that differentiated them from many other cultural groups in Europe,”
So once again, status, done among the wealthy and not common folk. It even states that this was not common in Europe. You're picking a very short period of time among a very specific culture in which only the wealthy participated in. Which by the way, wasn't your ancestors, as I've been saying.

>To achieve the look, hair-removal was often performed by enslaved individuals, who made up a sizable portion of the population, per the Times.
Ah yes, let me just get my slave to remove my asshole hair. Because the common man had a pube slave. If anything, your ancestors were pube slaves kek.

>Ovid, a famous Roman writer (who lived between 43BC and 18AD) describes the best beauty routine advice to Roman women
So we have a male poet writing about what women should do, not what women in the time actually did do. But we'll proceed with the article,
>Ovid recommended to have a full body bath once a week, but to wash legs and arms everyday, as they would get dirty during work. Consider that only a few lucky ones had a bath and water at home at the time. So very few could afford to have a daily bath.
We have women who can barely bathe, so logically they also have the ability to have access to tweezers, tar, oil or resin, and the time and vanity to pluck their hundreds of leg hairs and pubes, right? Now are you going to keep linking articles about what the wealthy Roman population may or may not have done in 705-784 or are you going to accept that most regular people in time's past had more important matters at hand than plucking their asshole hairs?

Here's your homework. Go ask your grandpa what your grandma's prime pussy looked like. Because it's what you'd consider manly and gross, and what he considered woman and sexy.
Replies: >>20834
I still remember walking in my Aunt changing and being eye to eye with her pubes. I was relatively young and wasn't sure what I was looking at but now thanks to her I am a public hair aficionado.
Replies: >>20887
[Hide] (68.9KB, 998x767)
The only thing you're proving here is that wealthy people in one culture within the past 2,000 years shared a similar opinion to you - "naturally occurring hair on women is icky."

When >>20824 was talking about ancestors, I don't think he necessarily meant the neurotic grooming practices of the near-past Romans. He was probably talking about the really old caveman type shit that should be baked into your DNA.

As a man, the female genitalia in its natural state should be attractive to you. If it isn't, you're either brainwashed (by the society you live in, and in particular the corporate profiteers within it), or you just might be a homosexual, or maybe you have low testosterone. Either way, it's not normal to only find a woman attractive if she's spending hours every week shaving and plucking.

Don't get me wrong, I understand the appeal of a shaved pussy. I like 'em too. But the difference is that I like pussy generally. I'm an equal opportunity pussy appreciator. But if I'm being honest, my first love is the natural, unadorned, unchanged appearance of a woman - and that involves hair on their pussies and assholes.

Does picrel actually disgust you? Be honest. And please for the love of god, don't just take smartphone screenshots of the Google results for whatever confirmation bias query you entered. I don't want to have a conversation with a search engine, I want to talk to a real person.

>If anything, your ancestors were pube slaves kek.
top kek
First of all if you expect every woman's vagina will and should look like the ones you see on KikeHub you should just come out of the closet already, every whore you watch on KikeHub has had vaginal surgery to reduce the labia size (aka mutilating a perfectly normal genital) and you love it.

Second off all : "Brazilian waxes, shaving and other forms of pubic hair removal may increase the risk of developing viral skin infections, particularly a pox virus known as Molluscum contagiosum."

"Hair removal, especially shaving, can lead to small cuts or openings on the genital skin.3 Waxing can also inflame hair follicles. This could increase susceptibility to certain infections.
Disturbing bumps or sores caused by an STI could increase the transmission of the infection on your own skin and transmission to your partner. For example, scratching a molluscum contagiosum infection can transmit it. 
Shaving is an even more efficient way of opening up the bumps and transmitting the virus.
Hair removal removes the cushioning distance between two bodies provided by pubic hair. This means that there is both more friction and more skin-to-skin contact. This could increase the risk of infections that are transmitted in that manner." 

Research shit, you ape, you want these diseases in your mouth and dick, fag. Seeing a grown adult and fertile woman without a bush or completely zero body hair just makes me umconfortable, bc i am not a faggot like you. Remember boys, body hair is a sign of fertility and you want that, dont let thoughts like that turn you into a faggot, body hair is normal on anyone, an entire sex shouldnt be expected to do something so valueless and pointless like that while the other side is fine and perfect the way they are with hair or not. Also, pornography is satanic and should be destroyed.
Replies: >>20851
Do you work for Big Pube-bacco?
Shop shoving your pro pube propaganda in our face.
[Hide] (5.6MB, 720x1280, 00:48)
It's true.
Replies: >>20844
[Hide] (3.5KB, 55x55)
[Hide] (121.5KB, 1536x864)
Pubic hair keeps the skin of the vulva warm and moisturized. It keeps dirt and germs away from the vagina to prevent infection. It also protects the skin around the genital area from chafing during sex, more cushion for the pushin' so to speak.
Replies: >>20845
wtf is that bitch watching
We know ashleys vagina wont get an infection, but will her vagina get affection?
Replies: >>20849
[Hide] (1.7MB, 3024x4032)
This is the ideal female vagina. You may not like it, but this is what peak pussy looks like.
[Hide] (3.5KB, 55x55)
Her vagina may receive affection but from whom is pure speculation
Replies: >>20850
[Hide] (6.5KB, 252x200)
When you think about it dont you think its weird how much fakery is created in porn videos. The guys are cut because its 'gross and unhygienic' to be natural (sound familiar) the girls are waxed or lasered all their pubic, leg, and armpit hair off, and the men also shave their pubes now, women get their labias sliced up, bleach their assholes, get implants, and worse of all they fake their orgasms. That wouldnt be so bad because who the fuck watches jew porn videos like brazzers? but the problem is when it leaks into amateur videos and in real life where they follow what the mainstream porn videos show. Im really convinced only npcs watch jew brazzers bangbus blacked porn.
fyi Im a female whos experienced both the hairless and hairy lifestyle its weird how being shaved makes the vagina smell more. Tmi but I have way more leakage on my panties when Im shaved and theres a constant odor. Its gross but its like having a runny nose all the time. The pubes absorb or prevent the odor. When I have pubes it doesnt smell and no runny nose vagina. maybe if I went two weeks without a shower itd be smelly like my armpits.
Replies: >>20855
Spoiler File
(1MB, 2134x1989)
>>3827 (OP) 
Any guys here shave off their pubes. I usually do it every now and again just for the hell of it. Last time I shaved was a day or so before Valentines and as you cab tell it's growing back nicely.
Look who we got our Hanes on now
Replies: >>20871
[Hide] (3.5KB, 55x55)
[Hide] (52.1KB, 480x206)
Ok. This is the ash lookalikes thread. Make a thread about private parts/porn discussion, or not, there are no jannies here punish us, only Ash and shes probably reading all of this and thinking how retarded the shaved pussy lovers are.
Replies: >>20859 >>20865
post cock

It's a tubgurl tradition for all threads to eventually devolve into a highly opinionated and detailed discussion of genitals. It's usually dicks though, so imo this is a step in the right direction
Replies: >>20882
Post dick (only if you are uncircuncised)
[Hide] (76.7KB, 526x376)
[Hide] (177.2KB, 1536x1152)
Gross bro I can see your toe.

What are you talking about? Hairy vaginas fit perfectly in the ashley lookalike thread. And you're correct with your assumption. Not only do I think hair haters are to some degree homosexual by the fact that a vagina in its natural state is repulsive to them, but I've also personally participated in the derailment of this thread by voicing my factually correct opinion (•‿•) On another note, you'd think with me being Mexican and all that I'd be better at trimming my hedges.

Can we think of something we're all passionate about that isn't genitalia related? I'm fine with it if the answer is no, I'm just curious if we hypothetically even could. I'll start. One of my passions is giving my dog a butter tub when it's empty so he can lick the inside and get his head stuck in the tub, and when he pulls his face out he's got butter on his nose.
I am but I have too much self respect to do that. I also don't want to make everyone jealous. 
Heh. Whoops.
micropenis vibes
Show penis
To do what?? It's a jingle from a TV commercial? Is this some sort of gay thing?
I bet you are circuncised.
Post penis post penis post penis
Make me jealous, post cock
[Hide] (23.7KB, 609x503)
>ashley asks us what non sexual interests we have
>everyone ignores and keep begging for some guy to show his dick
We want to see your penis
We want to see your penis
We want to see your penis
We want to see your penis
We want to see your penis
We want to see your penis
We want to see your penis
We want to see your penis
We want to see your penis
We want to see your penis
We want to see your penis
We want to see your penis
We want to see your penis
We want to see your penis
We want to see your penis
We want to see your penis
We want to see your penis
We want to see your penis
We want to see your penis
We want to see your penis
We want to see your penis
Our only passions are incest, genitals and masturbation.
One of my passions is arts and crafts, i want to learn how to knit when i have the time, thoughts on knitting?
We won't rest until you show cock
Replies: >>20917
>I'm just curious if we hypothetically even could.
the people have spoken faggot get that schlong out
Damn walking IN your aunt must been painful, did the pubic hair puncture your eyeballs? 

What's with childhood experiences related to aunts generating fetishes? 

I've heard a substantial amount of people identify the cause of some of their sexual kinks with specific events related to their aunt. 

I remember one guy talking about developing a footsucking fetish after seeing his aunt's feet sporting some kind of nail polish that, for some reason, really caught his attention as a kid. 

Do any of you autists relate? If so, is the induced fethish you currently find yourself with a "standalone" thing or is your aunt specifically included as well? Any auntfuckers out there? It's your time to speak about that c(a)unt

Share your exxxperiences
[Hide] (83.2KB, 600x1131)
Kind of weird how all the pubes and big labia defenders seem to think that "natural" should equal "attractive".
That doesn't make any sense, how do you think evolution works?
Replies: >>20889 >>20892
>Kind of weird how all the pubes and big labia defenders seem to think that "natural" should equal "attractive".
Stupid argument. Of course "natural" doesn't always equal attractive. Nobody has suggested that. For example, I took a fat shit earlier today. It was totally natural, but believe you me, it definitely wasn't attractive.
>That doesn't make any sense
Your premise is inherently flawed so yeah
>how do you think evolution works?
Evolution isn't real
checkmate atheists
Replies: >>20891
[Hide] (918.5KB, 2320x3088)
[Hide] (604.8KB, 1619x2302)
[Hide] (1.6MB, 3024x4032)
[Hide] (903.4KB, 2319x2856)
[Hide] (815.6KB, 1619x2302)
just posting these real quick to upset the gays and low T guys

I'm sure the real men and lesbians will enjoy. keep it 💯 niggas
Replies: >>20893 >>20896
>how do you think evolution works?
If we evolved from monkeys then you should be allowed to have sex with a monkey.
checkmate racists
You are a homosexual
[Hide] (239.8KB, 1169x1495)
This is why the west is falling
You people don't realize that by being accepting of natural hairy monkey holes now, you are denying your descendants natural pink girl slits in the future.
Wait, are you saying your image is more attractive than >>20890?

Not a rhetorical question, I actually don't understand what you're getting at
Replies: >>20897
If you are a straight guy and genuinely cannot tell what the more attractive one is, I give up.

My point was that reality can be shaped. Hairy monkey holes might be natural now, but it doesn't have to be that way forever.

There is more than heterosexual and homosexual. There is having a vision and fighting for it and so on..
Replies: >>20899
>This is why the west is falling
nah its bitches postin they pussey online
Wait, so you're saying you prefer the ultra-shaved pussy, buttplug, BDSM gear, and foot fetish stuff, plus the chinese watermarks? You prefer that to a natural hairy pussy?

You're the one with the problem here, not the people who are basically saying women are beautiful just as they are, no modifications needed. Internet pornography has clearly ruined your idea of eroticism and women. I sort of feel sorry for you.
Replies: >>20900
>women are beautiful just as they are
Exactly this mindset is why the west is falling. Why the west has stopped dreaming. Why the west has stopped fighting.
>You're the one with the problem here
Typical femcel response, just like the gay calling. Whatever ugly hag. I am done here.
Replies: >>20902 >>20903
>Typical femcel response, just like the gay calling. Whatever ugly hag. I am done here.
Kek I'm male pal, and apparently more of a man than you because seeing a vagina doesn't trigger me
>the west is falling. Why the west has stopped dreaming. Why the west has stopped fighting.
Yeah because the pinnacle of fighting for the west is jacking off to degenerate chinese BDSM buttplug porno like >>20893. Youre part of the problem. If you like the west so much then why are you jacking off TO THE GOD DAMN CHINESE. LETS GO BRABDON
Replies: >>20905
[Hide] (52.6KB, 828x811)
this is a lot like me and every post on this board
[Hide] (8.4KB, 224x225)
I hate niggers
You twisted my arm. I will show my cock and will sweeten the deal by stroking it on video. Hope you're ready to see me stroke my hard cock. This isn't a joke. I'm going to do it.
Stop talking start stroking, faggot
Show us 
Show us
Show us
Show us
Show us
Show us
Your penis
better make it a tribute so it's only 90% gay
He's going to try and make a joke and show a chicken toy since he kept saying hard cock.
[Hide] (3.5KB, 55x55)
[Hide] (851.8KB, 2304x1728)
[Hide] (693KB, 2304x1728)
>Can we think of something we're passionate about that isn't genitalia related

Far be it from me to deviate in a thread, Ashley, but since you asked, here's my passion. I love muscle cars, especially Mopars(Dodge and Plymouth). I like working on them and I like driving them, rowing through the gears on my Hemi Dodge Challenger 6 speed manual transmission.

  I like gauges, I recently installed an oil pressure gauge and a volt meter gauge.I removed the factory oil pressure sending unit from the engine which only showed a red warning light if the oil pressure went below normal. I installed a T fitting and on one side I reinstalled the factory sending unit and on the other end of the T I installed the sending unit for the oil pressure gauge  and ran the wire to the console.

  I fabricated a metal plate to fit over the cup holders on the console, (I never use the cup holders anyway). I covered the metal plate with carbon fiber and drilled the large holes to set the gauges in. I located a 12 volt source and wired the gauges, the before and after is shown and Bob's your Uncle.
Nice. It kinda looks like a cartoon frog's face. heh.
Replies: >>20938
[Hide] (3.5KB, 55x55)
Now that you mention it, heh,heh.
I like how you put your flaming skull shift knob just out of frame.
Replies: >>20982
At first I thought that was a cake pan

My dad was right, I'll never be a real man
Replies: >>20982
Thats so cool Seabee.
btw have you ever made anything with wood?
I did have a small hand in making my desk that i use. Just some sanding to smooth out the edges and drilling in the metal legs of it. Since then Ive wanted to learn how to make stuff life tables, cabinets, draws etc 

Who knows, maybe when Im older I might learn how to do that as a hobby and just donate them or something.
Replies: >>20982
Possibly blackpillola: there are no Ashley looks alike, that's why you are here forever
He still hasn't showed us his penis, we won't forget it, faggot
[Hide] (3.5KB, 55x55)
[Hide] (945.3KB, 2304x1728)
No flaming skull shift knob, factory stock pistol grip shifter. Makes it impossible for your hand to slip off when speed shifting. My next project is installing a shift light, a good to have when speed shifting.

You don't have to be a real man to drive a muscle car, Anon. Cheer up, look at the little cutie Danika Patrick who went from open wheel race cars(like Indy 500 cars) to NASCAR or Erica Enders and Shirley Muldowney, both famous drag racing girls.

I work as a contractor so I work with wood all day. I used to make things for friends and relatives, small stuff like spice racks and small chests and boxes which I would decoupage. Woodworking is an enjoyable rewarding hobby. There's nothing like making something with your own hands, gives you a sense of pride. Stick with it. The more you do the better you get.
Replies: >>20984 >>20988
Danica Patrick lost her looks along time ago. Woof. She hit the wall big time.
Replies: >>20985
[Hide] (3.5KB, 55x55)
Yes, you're right. she did hit the wall.

>I work as a contractor so I work with wood all day

I work with wood all day too....
Replies: >>20989 >>21014
wait that sounded gay, I MEANT I FAP ALL DAY!!!
[Hide] (3.5KB, 55x55)
[Hide] (47.1KB, 526x526)
[Hide] (465.5KB, 909x993)
Replies: >>21229 >>21242
Looks like a 30 year-old Ashley.
Replies: >>21230
maybe 30 and on meth
That bitch look like E.T when he was sick
Spoiler File
(26.8KB, 548x658)
I wasn't aware Ashley had an attractive, racially ambiguous Sister. She NEEDS to appear in the next video.
Replies: >>21271 >>21272
more like gender ambiguous
60% sure that's a dude
Spoiler File
(485.5KB, 1248x710)
Replies: >>21277
That's a man
Replies: >>21280 >>21281
A hole is a hole
Replies: >>21281
A tomboy man's man.
It's just brotherly blowjob love.
[Hide] (83.3KB, 763x507)
[Hide] (1MB, 750x1200)
[Hide] (1.1MB, 750x1200)
Replies: >>22125
The Ed Hardy of Ashley lookalikes. I dunno what's with reddit faggots putting steampunk and noir versions of everything on a pedestal ITS FUCKIN CRINGE
Replies: >>22130
Replies: >>22131
No he's 100% right. I thought this steampunk 1940's shit died out in 2012. It's peak reddit garbage. Remember electro swing? I knew kids who liked that shit. It was required to be paired with atheism, steampunk, and hot pockets.
Replies: >>22133 >>22134
no idea what any of that shit meas but i'm sure you like cocks
Replies: >>22135
Zoomer newfag
Replies: >>22135
FUCK that was meant for >>22133. I was shaking with rage so I misclicked.
Replies: >>22136
[Hide] (1.1MB, 751x1200)
typical fag behavior
Replies: >>22137
Still ugly
[Hide] (42.2KB, 720x695)
Iconic Spanish Civil War photograph taken by Juan Guzmán of 17-year-old Marina Ginestà with an M1916 Spanish Mauser rifle overlooking Barcelona on July 21st, 1936 during the 1936 military uprising in Barcelona. Credit: @julius.colorization
Replies: >>22250
[Hide] (63.3KB, 474x570)
>Nazi regalia is the same as reddit steampunk inside the zoomer brain
Going to sleep, gn and gl
Replies: >>22249
Yup, both equally as cringe.
Replies: >>22337
is that Dune?! wow
Desperate reply zoomer, immagine this being triggered by a film reference
Btw policyng on other's taste outs you as an under socialized dork, this has been known for millennia, maybe read a book if you are inept at socializing? fag
Replies: >>22349 >>22355
I triggered you pretty good. You will never be an Aryan.
Replies: >>22355
[Hide] (2.3MB, 720x1034, 00:21)
Looks like Ashley.
Replies: >>22354
If you think that looks like Ashley your name must be Ray Charles or Stevie Wonder.
Yep, both equally faggots.
[Hide] (75.2KB, 752x594)
alright what about this then?
That just looks like every girl's room I've ever been in.
Replies: >>22400
wow so that's what your mom's bedroom looks like?

she is ash?
naaaah, ash is a changed man now
[Hide] (86.4KB, 444x671)
Spoiler File
(149.8KB, 1110x619)
We really shouldn't let Ashley take the train.
>Ashley when CL lady cant drive her to the dollar tree
I like how that woman is staring directly at her asshole, I'm envious of her.
Replies: >>22750
I think that's a lesbian, lesbians are sexually aggressive and aren't afraid to take what they want. That, or maybe she spotted her car keys in that lady's asshole and is trying to figure out how to take them out.
This reminds of this time I was walking my dogs and this naked woman ran up to me and asked she use my shower. I tried to ignore her and kept walking and she started trying to follow me. She was asking where I lived, said I was cute and asked if i wanted to "fuck" I politely declined and she called me a faggot tured around and walked away. Pretty sure she was on drugs but wasn't bad looking. I wonder what happened to her.
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>she called me a faggot
lmao based homeless lady
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Le-Ley Jones
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This is what ashley looks like when she tries to be cool
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Madonna naked. Thoughts?
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