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Post Ashley look alikes
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I hate knockoffs
Screenshot 2022-12-14 2.18.38 PM.jpg
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Foreskin gamer just Mariah Carey'd my Ashley reference and I'm a little bit shook. I thought all mid castizas knew each other.
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First Sam Hyde, now this twitter user? How many people have no idea who Ashley Jones is? When will she finally be recognized?
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Do any of us really know who she is? She doesn't even know herself.
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Screenshot 2022-12-15 4.21.55 PM.png
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nice button, button reference.
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I don't know what button, button is?
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Taz 2.0 reminds me of Heather Mason from Silent Hill 3
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Heh that's actually why I bought that vest when I was 14-ish. I loved that game and tried to dress like her back then, makes me want to die with embarrassment because people probably knew. I had that vest, tall brown boots and a green skirt like hers and would wear that outfit sometimes.
Stop! My penis can only get so erect. Ngl, I'd cave and give you your fun money if you cosplayed Rebecca Chambers.

And no one signed your yearbooks?? I want to see your yearbooks. I want to see how much of a dweeb you actually were. Did you do one of those senior portraits? I want to know wtf was wrong with every guy in your school. Were they all like Don Moser? Were there a lot of girls like Summer Wheatley. I feel like Andra Plats is based off a girl you went to school with.

I'd really like to know what games you've played and enjoyed. Besides the ones you've mentioned in the past in your livestreams. There's been a rumor circulating for a long time that you liked Fallout: New Vegas. Is that true?
That's cool, SH3 is my favourite in the series. You should wear her outfit again for Halloween, that or Rebecca Chambers from Resident Evil.
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W-woah heheh that's so cringe. It would be funny if you still had that outfit and wore it for a video as a joke. T-that would be classic.
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pics or it didn't happen
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Awww, you'd look good even in a burka.
Silent Hill is great, they don't make them like they used to. The older ones completely built the series, you can replay them every few years and get the same enjoyment out of them. Great soundtrack, too.
There is a character named Ashley in Resident Evil 4.
In the game, there is a section where you take control of her and this one particular section you can get her to crawl under something, a table perhaps.
I would always try and position the camera to try and see up her skirt. In fact I do that lot in games where you can play as a girl with a skirt.
Always trying to get that sweet panty shot.
Its disappointing though, when you do get the right angle and they dont even have a crotch area, the legs just go straight up thru the dress.
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My man, you got to play those real Japanese games. Panty shots for DAYS.
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Idk, I wanna work for my panty shots, have them be subtle. Like you know they are there, ya just got work a lil bit for em. I think the japs would have no subtlety to it, just stick them pantys right in ya face, no sophistication, just gratuitous.
Andra Plats is Swedish for second place.
We ALL do that, Ashley. Nothing to be ashamed of.
Yeah Japan gets it. Or rather, they are not being controlled by kosher globotrannies.
Ashley, do you still have the panties you had since you were ten?  https://youtube.com/shorts/AKFgwNRrJdU?feature=share
I’m sure they’re long gone. Dog food
basketball american.jpg
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Look what I found in Wesker's desk.
Gee wilikers guys! I can't wait for her OnlyFans!
No one is asking for an onlyfans, moralfag. Ash has no intention of doing one. Go finger your butt and cry because “it’s soo big though daddy” somewhere else.
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>Ash has no intention of doing one
as long as soybees lives
>W-w-well not if [inserts a hypothetical based off an unfounded suspicion]
OK you've declared your butthurt. Step two is to leave and move on with your life.
Right or wrong, if that's how you feel there's no point in staying around to publicly shit your britches.
Maybe she'll do a FREE livestream of herself being ravaged by her bull dyke for us! That would be so funny and hardcore, maybe next time instead of cum tributes we could just cut our dicks off for princess Ashley!
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I thought the appeal of Ashley is that she isn't like every ethot. Why do you want her to do Onlyfans and cosplay like all the other ones do? That would ruin the appeal.
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Yup, her appeal is her uniqueness. Not to delve into her proclivity for gambling, real or imagined, but if she was only a pair not even a royal straight flush could beat her.
how dare you.gif
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I was with you until the part about cutting our dicks off. I don't think that's a sound idea at all!
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what appeal
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im not like the other girls im special - appealmaxxing.jpg
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the appeal is the internal anus hair
naked banana.jpg
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I prefer Ashley without a peel.
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I'm her 43 year old ex-boyfriend and if she doesn't get back together with me I'll post revenge porn. Here's a lewd to prove I got the goods.
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I want to pull on this sexy little goblina's whiskers like you wouldn't believe
>this is the last thing you see before derrick forces you to suck his clit
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the only thing more shocking than elliot page shooting those kids, is that he got so kitted up first.
Now I think Ashley should remake her "Online School Shooting" video with Luna as the protagonist
Looks nothing like ash.
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Jovanna stfu stupid whore
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Like the song says, "Ain't nothing like the real thing, baby" but picrel has certain Ashley overtones.
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This chick looks like egg man
>>3827 (OP) 
its been over a year and this image still blows my mind.
Cant tell whats real and what isnt about it
I wonder what she’s been up to lately? Only fans?
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sorry fellas I'm on a roll tonight
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You're not the only one on a roll. Kaiser or dinner?
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