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Where were you when the gover-uh-terrorists blew up the World Trade Center?
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i was up in it
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What kind of fish is that? The weirdest fish always wash ashore after a heavy storm.
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That's a gorilla you fucking retard
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>>12711 (OP) 
I was in the grade school bathroom, teacher told me to wipe with my hand but i didnt do that. When i got out the planes had already hit
I was on the wing, the wall, a bit of my torso stuck to the ceiling, one of my arms went thru office window. 
I think my legs got melted into the floor. I dont know where my head was.

so yeah, bit a here, a bit there really.
Quite the day
It all makes sense now...
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I wonder if Seabee has any top secret info about 9/11 he could leak
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What I want to know is, where was Ashley Jones on this day?

No videos of hers released on that day...
No posts from her on that day...
Where was she? 
What was she doing?

nothing but radio silence.
Then this photo, rumoured to be her...

look im just asking questions bro
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That beard....... no way.....
I was reciting the Quran under my breath while my schoolmates panicked
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Ashley Names
Bandit Bandit 2 Bandit 3
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I was asleep, the neighbors woke me up to the commotion they were making as they commented heatedly on the event. A bit rude since it was only noon.
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I don't "believe" this
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today is like Christmas for Jewish people
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9/11 nostalgia is kinda comfy. I always think that right here, right now in this current moment I'll eventually have a sense of nostalgia for, but right now I don't... I'll look back and think how silly I was for posting things on an obscure message board. Time changes and so do we. Until then, I gotta say I love you to my fellow Tubbies (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) and thank you Ashley for making us laugh.
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Don't they celebrate Hanukkah?
Well, oobee doo. I bet it wanna be like you
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I should have probably responded to the attack right away but I had to finish reading aloud the book adaptation of the 2009 cult classic film "Sex Pot" to a bunch kindergarten kids.
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I don't remember Ferris Bueller being president or having such beautiful eyes.
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I celebrated 9/11 by sleeping in until 3pm, cooked breakfast, finished my coffee while browsing the interwebz, grabbed some groceries, ordered a pizza, watched The Shield, slipped into a food coma, ate a bowl of neapolitan ice cream and played video games.
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>I don't remember......

It was probably your day off
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heh this is great.

other than ash has anyone actually watched sex pot? any good?
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Its alright. There is a certain amateur charm to these kinds of movies.
I think it drags a bit after a particular event though, but there is still lots of nudity.

its on Tubi TV
>other than ash has anyone actually watched sex pot? any good?
I put it on and my little nephew walked in right when the tits were on and he said, "anon what are you doing? Why are you watching this?". I ignored him and kept beating off hoping he'd go away. I could only last 10 minutes before I realized Ash's movie taste has ascended mine and I wasn't worthy of watching such a hidden gem.
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God I wanna sniff between Taz's legs (no homo)
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The fifth annual Frasier Crane Day would be a day they would never forget. The world would be different place now if only the barista at the Starbucks had not made Niles' latte incorrectly so they would have arrived at the Jedi Temple in time to warn the council. "I said double decaf non-fat latte, medium foam, dusted with just the faintest whisper of cinnamon. I very clearly asked for a whisper of cinnamon and he's given me a full-throated shout! There are countries in this world where they would lop off his sprinkling hand!"
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