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>no you don't get it dude, the web design is shitty and eyecancer ON PURPOSE, it's like a heckin' throwback to le web1.0 geocities! So epic and based!
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>>12532 (OP) 
You, sir, are a nigger.
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G-d i hate soijacks so much
>>12532 (OP) 
That's not why Ashley's web design looks like this. It's because she's retarded. Like she might actually have some kind of mental problem. Fucking newfag.
Do NOT knife your local soijacomo
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weak man ruined a lot of woman
i do not forgive weak traitors
pls have the balls to good Father
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tl;dr: be a sugar daddy, and dont get old or weak. She WILL rob you of half your possessions, and she WILL cuck you as soon as she gets bored.  It's just human nature.
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U a wise man tahiti the vacation man
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Jk, good woman are out there, just go to your local grocery store in the morning
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More precisely, Anon, frequent the frozen food aisle of said grocery store. I have to pass the frozen food aisle on my way to checkout. Girls hang out there using it as bait because they know most guys can't cook (present company excluded) and there'll be some guys there. They stand around there like night time street walking hookers eyeing potential customers and holding cartons of frozen lazagna and asking the guys if they want a good time.
Yeah? And what the do I say to get her to be my gf? "Oh nice! You also cook and eat food to live? Crazy me too!!!" I need help
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Nah I need help talking to females you already know how to formulate your problems to others you probably still have both parents
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Answer my question
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First, you gotta smell like candy apple. Then you say, "I'm dat gorilla dick nigga. I make dyke pussy wet. You got about ten seconds to show me that hole 'cuz this gorilla dick daddy's hungry and if you don't blow me right, I might kill you."
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Thanks alls I needed was an answer. Even if it was a non answer shitpost of Samuel Hyde. I'll try this on a girl tomorrow morning and keep you posted if she calls the cops
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I don't know about good women, but if I were trying to make Ashley my gf, I'd use some cringey pick up lines to make her horny like, "Did you fart because you just blew me away." or "My love for you is like diarrhea and I can't hold it in any longer." or "If you were a vegetable... you'd be a lot easier to rape in a coma ward."
im so high right now i dont even know where i am. :(
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Pretty sure you just closed your eyes anon. Don't worry I called the cops. Help is on the way.
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