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And thanks too for running Free Software like a PeerTube instance. 

You are a great example to womankind.

Also, you really are incredibly cute.
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>>9755 (OP) 
>And thanks too for running Free Software like a PeerTube instance. 
ash doesn't get nearly enough praise for this from the mouthbreathers that frequent this board. very nice post anon, I couldn't agree more
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I'm sure most of the posters on here have acknowledged her support for open-source software already and don't feel the need to make a whole thread praising her for it but whatever.
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>>9755 (OP) 
This board is using open source software too. If only her legs were open source...
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Which are your favourite Ashley Jones videos?

Why do you like them?
I think Ashley makes an exception for proprietary hardware in this case. She had/has a boyfriend a while ago.
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TikTok Tranny is obviously a masterpiece. I assume you've seen it?

Aside from that, my favorite might be antiques guy. The lines she delivers in that video as antiques guy are ridiculously funny. It takes a couple of watches/listens to absorb it all. I was walking around thinking "MY DAD AND I" for days after seeing it the first time.

we're all pretty sure the closest thing she has to a boyfriend is her horse cock dildo, and you're right, that's definitely a proprietary dong
Its Spooky Searchers for me which based on her views is her most underappreciated video. I dont get it? The editing is on point, the jokes are funny, and you can pause the video on TimToms ass for a wank.
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I hope that Ashley arranges a spicy video with RMS
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>tfw you realize ashley types just like stallman
I knew I recognized this autism somewhere
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'A Day In The Life Of A Gook' because it starts off comfy then gradually turns dark and ends with loud music startling the listener. I also deal with these parasites on a daily basis whilst driving which always reminds me of this video.
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I struggle with setting up the 2FA for this website. If only Ashley were here to help me! She would explain it in a kind way. I don't want to use the Qr Code, instead the secret password and use it with bitwarden...
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you mean for tubgurl? there's not really any point to making an account because she made it so you can't create new boards. we're stuck with ashleyj and horselovers unless ash allows anyone to make boards. but I hope she doesn't because then we'd just have a bunch of dead spammy boards
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It's too difficult for me to choose a favorite. I chose the original Barry and Linda made back in 3/23/15 not as a favorite but as her breakout video because of the camera cuts and videography work. It portends to the professional videography work presently being done by her. I remember telling her back in 2015 that the vid was very professionally done as far as camera cuts, videography etc. The vid resembles her present stuff so I guess you can say that she was ahead of her time back in the day.

OK, Ash and Ashlings have an enjoyable Independence Day and stay safe out there.
From her new ones, this is actually a hard question to answer and thats a testicle i mean testimony to the level of work she is producing,
I love her comedy videos but her more serious videos broach interesting topics to watch as well.
Spooky Searchers is def the most under viewed videos of hers tbh
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