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Generations of people have been, and continue to be, inspired by pervasive violence: namely anorectal violence. Many perpetrators of this violence against one or more others especially in public pornography have not faced severe criminal punishment despite both 1) the high likelihood of anorectal injury to a receptive person due to anorectal fragility, and 2) the significance and potential severity (even lethality) of resultant traumatic consequences. What should easily be considered incriminating evidence worldwide not only proliferates unchecked, but also serves as an example to be copied in far too many cases. This situation is both one of the greatest injustices and one of the greatest contributors to societal decadence in the modern era. Facilitating factors include prevalent (willful) ignorance, apathy, and misinformation about anorectal topics, which are enabling people with (self-)destructive tendencies to have a field day with anorectal violence and to spread disinformation quite effectively.
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Reference images #1
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Reference images #2
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Reference images #3
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Last one for now (there are two more Anorectal Risks images)
I'm glad I dont work in healthcare.
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But what should you do if you have an unremarkable anus?

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so should I stop my stretching practice in anticipation for being pegged by Ashley during the annual AshleyJ meetup in a few months?
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"Our data revealed that 89% of male Italian high school students and 39% of their female peers are exposed to pornographic materials; half of the exposed students, irrespective of gender, watch materials containing violent or degrading acts toward women. According to the exposed students, female actresses often appear to enjoy the subordination and the violence they are submitted to, a trend corresponding to the main script of pornography (see Bridges, 2010)."
"As demonstrated by experimental and nonexperimental studies, watching violent or demeaning pornographic material is associated with greater objectification of women, more tolerant attitudes toward sexual violence, and more aggressive behavior (Ybarra et al., 2011; see Allen, D’Alessio, & Brezgel, 1995; Bryant, 2009; Malamuth et al., 2000, for reviews and discussion). These results are coherent with the social cognitive theory (Bandura, 1977) and with cultivation theory (Gerbner et al., 1994). Especially during adolescence, exposure to sexually violent/ demeaning material can act as a norm setter, normalizing deviant sex and sexual violence, and may provide scripts that will guide sexual behavior in the future (American Psychological Association [APA], 2007; Gagnon & Simon, 2005; Flood, 2009 and 2010; Marston & Lewis, 2014; Martino et al., 2006). In this sample, 41.5% of male and 34% of female students answered they watch pornography to get information about sex."
"Most of the studies showing links between pornography exposure and an increase in negative attitudes and behavior toward women have concerned young men. Less is known about the impact of these materials on female viewers. In this study, among the young women exposed to violent/ degrading material, half said the porn actresses appear to enjoy both the violence and the subordination. It is possible that these female viewers learn to eroticize the sexual subordination and humiliation of women (Jeffreys, 1990) and to accept certain acts as ‘‘normal’’ in their sexual life. A study shows that sexual practices such as anal heterosexual sex, inspired by pornography, are now widespread among adolescents, although most female respondents did not like them at all (Marston & Lewis, 2014)."
"Factors Associated With Exposure to Violent or Degrading Pornography Among High School Students." The Journal of School Nursing. 2015 Aug; 31(4): 280-90. doi:10.1177/1059840514563313. (PMID 25563576) Epub 2015 Jan 6.
Hmm, it looks like the formatting will have to be adjusted here.
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Or not. In lieu of offering an irrelevant explanation, here's another quoteable study:

"Sexual aggression is now widely recognized as a public health crisis. Using the sexual script acquisition, activation, application model (3AM) as a guide, this paper reports findings on U.S. teenagers' exposure to pornography, motivation for viewing pornography, perceptions of pornography's realism, identification with pornographic actors, and sexual aggression risk from the National Survey of Porn Use, Relationships, and Sexual Socialization (NSPRSS), a U.S. population-based probability study. Sexual aggression was operationalized as pressuring another person into having sex despite their explicit declaration of nonconsent. Having been exposed to pornography and perceiving pornography as realistic were associated with increased sexual aggression risk. A stronger level of identification with pornographic actors was associated with an increased probability of sexual aggression for males, but not females. A motivation to learn about others' sexual expectations from pornography was unrelated to sexual aggression. Results interpretation and discussion focus on the need for additional theoretical nuance and measurement specificity in the media psychology literature on pornography and sexual aggression."
"Preliminary Insights from a U.S. Probability Sample on Adolescents' Pornography Exposure, Media Psychology, and Sexual Aggression." Journal of Health Communication. 2021 Jan 2; 26(1): 39-46. PMID 33625313. doi:10.1080/10810730.2021.1887980. Epub 2021 Feb 24.
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>>9343 (OP) 
Are you anal retentive? Do you wonder whether there should be a hyphen in 'anal retentive'? I know you like to think your shit don't stink. You're such a brown noser. Get your head out your ass. Smell the roses. Gather ye rosebuds while ye may. You're constipated. Live with incontinence. Don't be so butthurt. Blow it out your ass. Bugger off, you bloody sod.
Have you seen the other posts on this board, fag? There is no reason to be anal about it.
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pic related

>peeing in the shower is bad
I do this most of the time, I aim for the drain, its not like Im just peeing wildly all over the place.
I save for that for the special place
>says TikTok Doctor
oh never mind, I shall continue my shower pissing habits
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But where is your pic??
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aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck!
I got too distracted thinking about pissing in the shower i forgot it :(

h-here it is
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"Women in the UK are suffering injuries and other health problems as a result of the growing popularity of anal sex among straight couples, two NHS [British National Health Service] surgeons have warned. The consequences include [fecal] incontinence and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) as well as pain and bleeding because they have experienced bodily trauma while engaging in the practice, the doctors write in an article in the British Medical Journal. Tabitha Gana and Lesley Hunt also argued that doctors’ reluctance to discuss the risks associated with anal sex was leading to women being harmed by the practice and letting down a generation of women who are not aware of the potential problems."
... "National Survey of Sexual Attitudes research undertaken in Britain has found that the proportion of 16- to 24-year-olds engaging in heterosexual anal intercourse has risen from 12.5% to 28.5% over recent decades. Similarly, in the US 30% to 45% of both sexes have experienced it. “It is no longer considered an extreme behaviour but increasingly portrayed as a prized and pleasurable experience,” wrote Hunt, a surgeon in Sheffield, and Gana, a trainee colorectal surgeon in Yorkshire."
"Many doctors, though, especially GPs and hospital doctors, are reluctant to talk to women about the risks involved, partly because they do not want to seem judgmental or homophobic, they add. “However, with such a high proportion of young women now having anal sex, failure to discuss it when they present with anorectal symptoms exposes women to missed diagnoses, futile treatments and further harm arising from a lack of medical advice,” the surgeons said. NHS patient information about the risks of anal sex is incomplete because it only cites STIs, and makes “no mention of anal trauma, [fecal] incontinence or the psychological aftermath of the coercion young women report in relation to this activity”. Health professionals’ disinclination to discuss the practice openly with patients “may be failing a generation of young women, who are unaware of the risks”."
[The article text was edited slightly to condense what was quoted into fewer lines.]
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Please pay attention, people.

>>9343 (OP) 
> Logically-fallacious diversionary tactics:
> • A red herring is a tangential topic introduced intentionally as a distraction or inadvertently. Trying to create an unrelated discussion about a messenger or claimant (e.g. by introducing alleged personal attributes or asking about unstated opinions) is one _very_ common example.
"A red herring is a smelly fish that would distract even a bloodhound. It is also a digression that leads the reasoner off the track of considering only relevant information."
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>>9343 (OP) 
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imagine what it would be like to rub your hand all over ashley's asscrack and then have her willingly, joyfully sniff your hand. she'd probably never do that though
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I think she did mention something about dying her hair...

do girls like the smell of their own crotch area the same way guys like the smell of their own crotch?
Replies: >>9481
I love when unsuspecting people do things like this. They look so normal, but they're into it. Golly, where can I find a butt sniffing whoer like this besides my mother?
WRONG. In fact just the other day out of pure curiosity I wiped my, what I thought was clean, asshole with a baby wipe. I typically just use baby wipes to take off my eyeliner, but here I was using it for it's true purpose, sans babies. The results? A surprisingly dirty asshole. I laughed and enjoyed the experience, but also wondered if I don't wipe enough. I always wipe until there's nothing (feces) left. I repeated this experiment and found that I cannot replicate my findings, I must have just not wiped enough that one day. But that aside, I do enjoy a nice smelly fart or other smells. I don't enjoy the smell of direct feces.

I think I'm going to grow my hair out to wear in a bun or ponytail, something out of my face, because I keep getting confused for an actual child with my Austin Powers haircut. I wanted to make an effort to look more feminine, but I fail at that almost daily. I want to try wearing more skirts to look older/feminine, since I look like a 12 year old boy. I realized that everyday I wear huge XXL shirts and loose gym shorts, I figured these shirts are so huge that I might as well just wear a dress. I wore a dress/skirt for about 2 days out of my 2 week attempt. I can't really convince myself to look good when I'm not going anywhere. But I was surprised at how good I am capable of making myself look, I just don't have the drive to do so because being comfy takes no effort.

Tell me what to do, I am easily convinced. Do I continue the effort of being feminine, or do I continue the no-effort look of resembling a 12 year old boy with tits?
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>a 12 year old boy with tits
I think you should wear my huge XXL shirts.
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>I think I'm going to grow my hair out to wear in a bun or ponytail
Yess! I really like your hair in this style

>Tell me what to do, I am easily convinced
Being comfy is based in my opinion but you should do whatever you want
Replies: >>9509
I'd be lying if I said I wasn't curious to see a real feminine dress wearing Ashley, so just for chance to see that I'd say give it a real try.
But I'd a total hypocrite because I would never go to the trouble and always go for minimal effort myself.
I walked around with a full beard last year just because I couldn't be arsed shaving.
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Like Ricky Nelson once sang in his song Garden Party  "You can't please everyone so you got to please yourself."
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>Do I continue the effort of being feminine, or do I continue the no-effort look of resembling a 12 year old boy with tits?
Don't put in too much effort into being "feminine", you're female so you look feminine by default. That being said I like the ponytail and that seems to be less effort than short hair since less hair cuts and you would look like less of a little boy
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>baby wipes
You didn't flush them down the toilet I hope...
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[Hide] (1.1MB, 819x1229)
here's some inspiration
Replies: >>9509
Don't worry, just be feminine and be you.
[Hide] (314.3KB, 751x1063)
In your case that would be XXXXL shirts or a KFC uniform i cant wait to suck on those fatboy tits

I'm going to try and go for comfy casual. Something that looks decent while being comfy. Anyone remember the Snuggie? I feel like having a blanket that's not fully wrapped around you in the back would drive me insane, only soulless freaks are okay with such intense discomfort.

That's true, I please myself all the time. Also that song is in my 70's playlist, I'm on the fence about that song and didn't even know it was Ricky Nelson.

Actually popular to contrary belief, the ponytail takes 500 hair pins to stay in place, but that's only until it gets long enough to not need the hair pins. But I do hate constantly thinking about needing to give myself another Elliot Page haircut.

No, I reuse the baby wipes to take off my eyeliner afterwards. Unrelated, but I keep getting pink eye.

That little guy in the last picture is wearing heels. Weird choice for a man. But in any event, the anime picture looks fairly similar to what I was wearing. Since we think in anime, I drew over the picture to show what the outfit/hair looked like on that day. Boots, long skirt, black shirt, I forgot what color panties, and hair in a bun with a bow.

Also did we forgot what June 19th was? It was Garfield day and not-a-one of you mentioned it. It's such a big deal that even the government gives the wagies a day off just to watch Garfield cartoons :3
500 pins? Too much work, do the least amount of work possible. Let the hair grow on its own. Also stop using shampoo.
Replies: >>9512
Mexicans dont use shampoo
Replies: >>9526
>Also did we forgot what June 19th was? It was Garfield day and not-a-one of you mentioned it.
We were hoping you would make a thread dedicated to Garfield Day but you were too busy masturbating.
Replies: >>9520
Is it weird that i think that's wholesome?
just imagine finding someone in life that you both are so comfortable and happy around each other, that you can do weird shit like this together.
Good for them.

I dont particularly care what clothes you choose to wear, being comfy in your clothes is more important tbh tbh but I want to see some shoulder length hair. Never really seen that look. 
Oh and we never really seen your forehead either... what are ye hiding arrr?

>It was Garfield day and not-a-one of you mentioned it
god damn it, I called you guys out on this just earlier but I hadnt read these posts yet
Now I feel like an ass....
Replies: >>9536
Yes they do, I have plenty.
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>No, I reuse the baby wipes to take off my eye liner afterwards. Unrelated, but I keep getting pink eye.

You didn't learn your lesson from your UTI?
>thread derailed
I guess that's what I get for posting on a site named after what was originally a fairly well-known scat image.


Ah well. Shitpost (poop-post) on.
Replies: >>9535 >>9536
Tbh I didn't really get what the thread was about since it was 2,000 words long in images. Something about assholes?

Here I'll help it stay on topic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JF5R0S0Fgrc
>I dont particularly care what clothes you choose to wear
Ive changed my mind, I went to see you wear a  nice summer dress. No more baggy clothes.

all our assholes are clean and well looked after, dont worry 
see >>95635
I couldn't figure out who the last pic was so I reverse image searched it and Google said it's British actor Burn Gorman.
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