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Not enough fuel. They faked it to make the government popular with the citizens again, and the CIA murdered a bunch of people to keep it hushed up.
*Undeniable* proof in here, not debatable or a theory: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEm4oKdd4gs
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Louis Armstrong must be rolling in his grave right now.
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Based OP. They definitely didn't go.
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It's shocking how many people still believe the US government went to the moon. There's plenty of footage released by the US government in that era where it's so cheesy it's laughable, looking like it's straight out of a 50's science fiction film (vid related). And you're telling me that they made a call from the moon to Earth in the 1960's? Can operate camera equipment from Texas to the moon in the 1960's? I could barely get a cell connection in a Walmart in 2023.

They continue to pull this bullshit today, continue their propaganda campaign to con the public while stealing trillions of dollars from the American people. We call this "taxes" but it's just legalized theft to support the cushiony lives of the controller reptilians. I have my own ideas as to why they push moon propaganda. I'll post about it later.

What about the idea that the moon is a hologram? I haven't looked into it, if anyone knows good books, videos, etc. about this then please share.
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Interesting. The formation on the alien's head looks to form the Star of David. I think the retards who endlessly spout off about the Jews are being conned it's divide and conquer via race tactics. If they have you believing the controllers are Jews, you won't look a layer deeper and realize it's actually people pretending to be Jewish, they use being Jewish as a scapegoat, they WANT you to think it's Jews; in reality the major controllers operate in the astral, spiritual realm as well as physical, AKA reptilian, demonic, what have you., so this isn't me saying "looks its the jews". I wonder what other significance the Star of David has, because it's the reptilian's symbol used across different forms of power, such as sherrif's badges. Notice the swirly triangles in the sherrif' badge. You really can't make this shit up. For those who don't know, the swirly triangle is a symbol the pedophile elite reptilians use, it represents pedophilia love for young boys. This was revealed in leaked documents from the FBI themselves.
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Actually and now that I look closer, the eagle formation itself even forms the Star of David. The five point: left wing, head, right wing, right leg, tail, left leg = 5 points. Again, I don't think "the jews" are the controllers, it's a layer deeper. They pretend to be Jews. So what really is the meaning behind the Star of David?
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if I was President of America I would deport anyone who thinks the moon landing is fake.
youre just not a patriot and are unfit to stay in my country.
fuck off to canada or something if you dont believe in one of the single greatest achievements the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA has done.
The Star of David is also known as the Star of Remphan(pagan god/demon) or the Seal of Solomon, its a hexagram. A six sided polygon surrounded by six triangles with a sum totoal of six points. You're right about "jews", the real elites(regardless of their race) worship and actively commune with demons  AKA pagan gods, the Bohemian Grove statue is of Moloch, who demands child sacrifice  . I think this religion is a perversion of Judaism/desert paganism that goes back at least as far as the reign of Solomon, who had a salary of 666 gold talents (1 Kings 10:14, 2 Chronicles 9:13). As far as I know that's the only time the mark of the beast appears in the Old Testament. The builders of Solomon's temple are traditionally believed to be the first masonic lodge, though pagan/jewish demonic rituals go back a lot further.

As for the moon landing, if you believe it these days you probably like to take it down under if you catch my drift. You like believing whatever you're told because you're too cock hungry to figure anything out for yourself. You're just a submissive little NA$$A slut. You get the anal probe DAILY. Elon Musk is the majority shareholder of your colon. Ur anus is an Unclenchable Faggot Object.
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Regardless of what you think about the moon landing, you have to admit that the second video is BIZARRE.

Imagine that you've just accomplished something amazing that no other human being has EVER done before.

A feat so incredible that almost everyone who has ever lived before you thought it would be impossible.

You could have died during the endeavor, but you didn't.

Everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) on Earth was watching, and you succeeded.

You gave years of your life training, learning, anticipating that moment. And you did it.

Your name will be remembered by those who come after you, presumably for hundreds if not thousands of years.

You have shifted humanity's paradigm of what's possible... forever.

And yet... AND YET... during an interview about the experience just days after it happened, you look like you just got done sucking on a lemon.

You look and act miserable and fidgety. You look like you want to be anywhere else but there. You don't look the slightest bit happy about your accomplishment.

You look and act exactly like a liar would.

Ask yourself... is that how YOU would behave if you had accomplished what those men supposedly did?
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>I acted like a lemon one time so therefore discredit my achievements the whole world, literally, watched
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>everything I see on TV is real
>it's EXTRA real if the government says it's real
The whole world literally watched Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer in the 60's as well. Doesn't mean it's real. And if you made literally the biggest achievement in HUMAN HISTORY, why are all of them acting depressed? They look miserable and all act confrontational and angry anytime someone questions the official narrative.
anyone following this new UFO stuff?
The US has apparently retrieved some non-human made craft


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The powers that be are releasing this for some kind of profit. They are in full control of this narrative, probably has something to do with project blue beam
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